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I was a little dubious about the Tramshed, which was booked by my daughter for her pre-wedding dinner for a party of 12 with Dad (me) footing the bill. Looked a bit young and trendy to me!

We drifted into the tall bustling airy room in twos and threes, a mixed bag of young and not so young carnivores, carbivores and veggies. Once assembled at our table our waiter approached and the joy of the evening started. He was stylish, knowledgeable, sensitive, intelligent, friendly but not overfamiliar, He judged our party’s needs to a T. Cocktails were offered and ordered. Just brilliant. Spanish style G&T’s with juniper berries and cucumber. A Black Cow vodka martini, straight up with a twist, beautifully dry with the unpoured remainder of the miniature bottle bedded into a tumbler of crushed ice like a mini ice bucket (I had two of those!). Nibbles were suggested and we left it to him to choose what we had. Beautifully done and so so tasty.

Innovative starters followed, gazpacho shooters, whipped broad beans, the best tasting smoked salmon ever, rich, thick dark and oily. Next beautiful, huge ribs of beef on and off the bone, cooked exactly as required, whole chickens; asparagus tarts and salads for the veggies. The meats were perfect and of the highest quality and tasted fantastic. The veggie stuff was made of the finest ingredients, beautifully cooked, assembled and dressed.

With a buzzing party atmosphere, a good natured and very sociable ambiance, the magnums of excellent wine kept us jolly throughout and the evening went too quickly. The bill was entirely reasonable and our party broke up with genuine joy in our hearts. Thanks to Hix for an outstanding style, menu and setting, the kitchen team for brilliant cooking and to the front of house team for their great skill and charm in making our evening a faultless two hour interval of unalloyed pleasure.

5 by Jonathan Hood Review source

There is two distinctive elements to Tramshed which gets its name as a former East End tram-generator building in Shoreditch. The first feature is the interior boasting the famous Cock ‘n’ Bull installation by Damien Hirst which sits suspended above the middle of the restaurant. Tramshed also features a large mezzanine offering a great view for semi-private dining and events. While the space is large and the ceiling endless it feels warm and well appointed in a modern style.

The second feature is the simple focus on beef and chicken. You choose either a beef cut or the chicken, ordering sides given the dishes do not include any extras. Having ordered the Porterhouse to share we where treated to a one kilo cut of meat that was carved in front of us. My suggestion would be to order side and skip the starters. The meatballs and Pang Bang chicken we ordered where average. The meat was tender and juicy - perfectly cooked as we asked the waitress to cook the meat as the chef would have it. Tramshed also features a kids menu - the calves menu - featuring a choice of chicken and chips, a small burger, fish fingers and mushy peas.

Tramshed's prices are in line with upscale steak houses in the West End with the Porterhouse costing GBP £80, side dishes GBP £6 and desserts GBP £8. Tramshed is a good spot for a business lunch or a large group dinner in Shoreditch for those looking for some well cooked beef and chicken.

3 by alain portmann Review source

Distinctly average food, the steak burger was overcooked despite asking for medium rare and the patty did not hold together just crumbled apart. Looking at the whole & half chickens that other tables were ordering they looked extremely dry.

My biggest gripe is the continuing trend of London restaurants to stick a 12.5% service charge on your bill which the staff seem to take for granted as a given. We were left waiting a fair time to order drinks and food despite the place being fairly quiet. 3 of the 4 drinks turned up only minutes before the food arrived and we had to chase the last drink twice. Once we'd finished the meal, the empty plates were left at the table too long, and when we finally got the bill we again had to wait a considerable time for someone to come and take payment. Others at the table also felt the service was very lacking.

I noticed at the entrance a sign saying 'Battery Farmed Chicken' with a cross through it, yet their menu states the chickens are barn bred, there is no mention of RSPCA welfare standards or free range and I just felt like they were trying to suggest it was a better standard than it is.

Shame as the setting itself is a very beautiful old building.

3 by Luke Review source

We attended as a group of just over twenty.
We chose the set menu costing £60 a head.
The starters were good, tasty and provided in quantity. Unfortunately the quality did not extend to the main course. For that we were to share four chickens and four steaks, between 22 people. Twenty two.
I must mention the pitiful offering we did receive was of good quality, just a shame it lasted two bites before being over.
Considering the portion sizing and pricing of individual main meals this was an atrocious offering and did not meet out expectations.
Desert was nice, although the staff seemed to forget to serve the second of our tables.
Not only was the main meal sparse but the service poor. We felt unwanted. To add insult to injury, as a large party, we were required to pay a 12.5% gratuity (£200).

As a group, we said we wouldn't go back. However, I would return as a couple or small group.

2 by Richard Sedgley Review source

By far one of the best meals I've had in a long time. I came for lunch and went for one of their £10 specials, the cock n' bull sandwich. I also ended getting the pork crackling and apple sauce nibble/starter, which was amazing but make sure you've got teeth made out of steel as it was pretty hard to eat.

The sandwich was made up of half chicken and half beef. Beef is cooked perfectly but you're aren't asked your preference of rare, medium/rare when you order, so could be an issue for a fussy eater. The chicken had to be the star, it had an amazing herbed crust and I wished the whole sandwich was chicken. You also get a huge bowl fries with it and some onion rings. So big I wish I hadn't had got the crackling.

Atmosphere is great and I could see this place being a great venue to bring large groups. (Visit - 18/06/2015 Lunch)

5 by Shaun DeSena Review source

One of the best steak experiences in Shoreditch. I have even heard things like 'better thank H-moor' which is a statement I cannot disagree or agree with.

I would say, different with a serious and mature approach to stake.

Undeniable upsides to Tramshed: the decour ( I won't get into it, you'll see it once you get in ), the choice of chicken on the menu, the good wines at equally good prices, the service which is all friendly and welcoming and zero corporate and high brow.

For dinner: the location of Tramshed leads you through some colourful and busy Shoreditch backstreets that you can enjoy even if you don't partake.

Lastly price, you will struggle to do better for the quality, location, feel and overall experience anywhere else in London.

Not a 'hidden' gem, but a gem nonetheless.

5 by Petruţ Iordăchescu Review source

This was our second time to Tramshed. Yasmin, the front of house, was absolutely great. She had such fantastic energy and settled us into the restaurant extremely well. Very cool. The waiters, on the other hand, were terrible. They looked and sounded like they didn’t want to be there or serve us. It’s a Sunday night, granted, but they made us feel very uncomfortable. After our order, the same waiter came over and told us one of the mains was no longer being served. This was fine, and we changed our order and cancelled the wine seeing as it was no longer needed. The waiter told another staff member of the order change, and then rolled his eyes. We saw this clearly and decided not to give HIX or Tramshed our money after being treated so rudely, and promptly left. This would be a one star rating if it wasn’t for Yasmin. She’d get five stars - the rest of the staff, minus one.

2 by Thom James Carter Review source

Ill start this with the fact that i love steak. Ive grown up overseas eating excellent steak most my life, so I am always keen to try a steak restaurant. Had heard a lot about this place and am severely disappointed. For a place selling itself as a steak place, it's one of the worst steaks I have ever had. On more than one occasion we have been here with colleagues for dinner, and each time the steak has been incredibly poor. Steak is dry, cooked incorrectly and lacking in flavour. I could have cooked a better tasting tesco steak at home.

The cocktails are great, starters are good and the salted caramel fondue is incredible. Avoid the steak at all costs. Staff were friendly and great so can't fault them either.

Edit (03/05/2016) as per manager response below, we emailed them. Never got a reply back.

2 by Matt Muzerie Review source

I like the space. The bricks look original and the art work, especially the David Hicks cow and chicken in the centre of the room are eye catching and show great effort.

The service was friendly and efficient, it was just short of being too efficient.

The food was very good. The chicken was so soft and tender, full of aroma and best of all came with stuffing and yummy fries that we replaced with onion rings as there was enough fries with our steaks. The steaks also got an all around nod of approval from our table of four. We had the Tramshed Chateau and Rib cut.

We shared the signature desert which was the salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and donuts. It was too rich but I appreciated that it was something different.

Overall a good dining experience. I would go back.

4 by Van Pham Review source

Went yesterday on a Sunday, relatively quiet. Interior is great but not matched by the food or service. Menu is unimaginative, we were all disappointed by our dishes (burger/chicken/steak), not bad, but overpriced and poorly presented. Service was terrible. Waiters kept kicking our chairs as they went past. As the final server was clearing our plates, he started scraping the bones from one to another,while holding it next to my head. He ended up knocking chicken bones over me and my jeans leaving greasy smears over me and the floor. Oh, and without apologising! Avoid and go to any of the other great places to eat nearby. Little effort or attention has gone into any aspect of the customer experience in this place.

2 by Alex Flowers Review source

Went here on my birthday and it was my first time trying out this restaurant. The front of house staff Kysha and (cannot remember the other front of house member's name sorry) these 2 ladies were so lovely and accommodating. The server we had called Jess was one of the best we've had, she was pleasant, answered any (more like every) question we had (even about the Damien Hirst cow), gave us food options, and brought out my cake with candles and spelt my name right! The atmosphere and ambience was exquisite, I'd definitely go back again. Thanks to the staff at Tramshed for a relaxing and fun birthday meal x

5 by Janay Bailey Review source

Pretty disappointing. They forgot to bring the starter to begin with. Then they cooked my sirloin well past the medium rare I requested, and also managed to not cook it well, no nice charr on the outside, just a greyish slab. Very poor. My partner requested the fillet well done and without onions. Low and behold steak pinker than mine, and lots of onions. Add two small bowls of semi cold fries (one costing £5) and it's all very poor. Expensive and poorly cooked. Lots of better places than this to get a steak.

2 by Jonny Sanger Review source

Booked a table for 10 people a week or so ago. Food OK. Service from the initial waitresses good until they changed and we got a different waiter who was extremely rude.

Overcharged us by £100 and I had to go back afterwards to get the issue resolved. Ladies in the front very apologetic but the same waiter/person didnt even blink an eye or apologise as he then had to refund the money.

Based on the attitude shown to us and our guests I would not recommend it.

1 by Leon de Jager Review source

Restaurant or fast food? I say that because we asked for the chicken meat to be taken off the bone in the kitchen instead of at the table as we had 3 vegetarians at the table and they said it was impossible. Errrr, you understand that you are a restaurant, right? For a bill of £1800 we expect to get whatever we want and we didn't exactly ask for something complicated!! I would suggest you avoid at all costs - plenty of better places nearby. Try Hawkesmoore maybe?

1 by Eve Eden Review source

Had the chicken burger which was actually really good. More chicken fingers than big slab of breast. Their fries also quite amazing. Service was a little slow with long wait for your meal although it wasn't busy. Interesting decor and art inside with lots of space. Very meat intensive and not for the faint of heart especially when it comes to their whole chicken. Soft drinks options quite £££ but average price for meal and drink will be just around £20 for lunch.

3 by S C Review source

The food was unexpectedly overpriced. The presentation on the image does not match the reality. The wine was too expensive to buy so we had beer instead. A T steak was presented as half kg of meat, which I think it wasn't. We basically paid for a T steak 40 pound. Absolutely not honest between price, quantity and quality. I do not recommend. Moreover the service was imprecise as many times food was delivered to our table that we had not requested.

1 by Salvo Review source

The Tramshed is a carnivore's paradise even though they also have a vegetarian menu (the latter I have not tried). The interior is spacious and creatively designed and the staff is prompt and polite. I spent almost 4 hours here today working away, even though this is more of a Brasserie than a coffeeshop. Staff raised no issues with this. They also have some affordable lunch deals that are well worth trying. Would certainly recommend.

5 by David Jagtman Review source

Ordered the porterhouse medium rare and a bunch of sides and apps to share between 4pp. Had high expectations given how busy this place is but the steak was definitely overcooked with the core 30% of the steak being medium and the rest was well done and very chewy. Apps, sides and drinks were all fine. Highlight for everyone were the fries. Service was friendly but incredibly slow. For the price , I would rather find another place to try.

2 by Julie Oey Review source

The restaurant is very impressive, because of the huge space and of course Damien Hirst's 'cock and bull'. The staff was nice and friendly too, but we were very disappointed with the food. We had a steak and buttermilk chicken burger. The chicken was too crunchy and there was so little of it in the burger, while the steak upset the stomach later on. We were very excited to visit the place but ended up disappointed.

2 by Marija Stoliarova Review source

Such a nice place. Amazing atmosphere, friendly staff. I ordered the 1885 cocktail, a fruity drink that's more Citrus than sweet. For dinner we had the meatballs and croquettes which where crunchy and delicious. And we went on to order chateau steak, which is the fillet mignon, as well as the rib eye, and sirloins as we were six people. The chips, mushrooms, and green salad were good sides too.

5 by Dara Dajani Review source

Awful. Made a reservation, arrived and shown to our table. Only when we went to order was it revealed that half the menu was unavailable. By this time it was too late to book elsewhere. The staff are arrogant and communicate poorly. They should not be taking reservations if unable fulfil them. If you feel like going to bed hungry then book here, all other sensible humans should avoid this place.

1 by Alan Colegate Review source

I went to the Tramshed on a works dinner so I wasn't paying and we had a set menu so I can't comment on the value for money or the amount of choice on offer but the quality of the three courses I had were excellent and the surroundings were certainly distinctive. The art on the gents toilet was a little off-putting but I guess that is all part of the appeal.

5 by Andrew Burrows Review source

In a place like this for the price you pay you would expect much more. Really nothing special, average steak, poorly presented on a plate and thin chips which are not even hand cut - looked like they were from a freezer. This is not how you serve a steak. The space itself is quite cool though - spacious and with a character - worth going to see the Damien Hirst piece

3 by Milena Fabicka Review source

Good choice of food. Burgers, steak and chicken options all looked very good. We also had a vegetarian in our group who was well looked after. The building is pretty cool and the 'cock and bull' art installation is striking in the middle of the large dining space. The atmosphere was very good and the staff friendly and attentive when required.

5 by Andrew King Review source

Great atmosphere, Although a day out on business. Myself and colleagues,3 out of 5 of us were vegetarians and out on the town to get a bite too eat, food was not all that great! a little overpriced for something that you could have got from a chain restaurant. If I were to come back again vegetarian menu needs to be expanded and a bit more exciting!

1 by Jacky Lee Review source

Beautiful food and actually fairly reasonably priced for London. Staff were very friendly and attentive. The half chicken was absolutely delicious and onion rings were very good. Plenty of choice for drinks so all round, a good spot for dinner. Only slight negative was that we were charged for water that was brought before we asked for it.

5 by Luke Holmes Review source

This was our second visit. Tried the steak the first time and the meat and sauces where fantastic. Delicious chicken and steak in shoreditch. A great stop after a long afternoon of viewing street art in the area. The chicken was moist and tasty, served with farce , gravy and french fries. The gallery downstairs always has surprising art.

5 by Isabelle Lessraa Review source

The environment is very nice. Big with a high ceiling, cool decoration. The food was excellent. We had a steak and it was very well made and tasty. Dessert was also great (ice cream with chocolate). I am giving them a 4 because I thought the place was a bit too noisy (there were kids screaming a lot) and the service was not great.

4 by Marina Lemos Review source

Service was great, staff all friendly and very apologetic about a small mistake with our order. The atmosphere was lovely and the decor works perfectly for this part of London. The food was delicious with an extensive selection of wines to choose from to compliment the menu. We will be going back again soon for sure.

5 by Ross Barnes Review source

Good service, cool setting, poor food. I'd come back here in a big group (we were 11 people) but not when good food is a priority. I had a prawn cocktail and then the vege curry - the rice had so much cumin in it was virtually inedible! The curry had a wierd overpowering flavour as did the prawn cocktail

3 by Tom Hazeldine Review source

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