Shepherds Tavern - Mayfair, London

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50 Hertford St, Mayfair, London, W1J 7ST

+44 20 7499 3017




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Left my phone charger here yesterday after a lovely afternoon with food and drinks. Called last night and the young lady was very nice and said I could pick it up this evening. However, I've just called now to double check and the lady behind the bar (different one) told me that this wasn't possible as she had a private function. She was then rather rude to me and basically hung up the phone whilst I was mid sentence telling her I needed it and couldn't make it tomorrow! Charming! Lovely pub but the staff need to brush up their manners.

Saying that, £1.79 to upgrade your salad to chips... 1) this is a bit of a rip off 2) I literally was given 9 paltry chips. Ridiculous..

4 by Linzi Brechin Review source

At first glance this is an aesthetically appealing pub, but by the time you have finally pitched-up, expecting to have your thirst slaked and your weary legs seated, it will often have already drawn a large group of customers whom are spilling onto the pavement like blood from a murder victim.

Regretably, on my visits, this effluvium has also contained an unusual and disproportionately large percentage of rugby enthusiasts and / or lower-management level bores. The bar, if you can get to it at all, feels a little ersatz.

Upstairs may be a different story altogether: but I wouldn't know.

3 by Gary Worden Review source

You could want for nothing with the staff at this Greene king pub. They are always willing to go the extra mile, I suppose loyalty is not in the job description but may as well be based on how hard working they are. The food is sublime and the speed in which you are served is incredible. The pub Itself is so well stocked and well managed that you feel as though you could ask for anything, and get it!.

Looking forward to my return.

Last visited 10/09/2017

5 by Paul Browning Review source

This place would probably suit the stuck up, arrogant and ireful folk who live (or like to think they live) in Mayfair. Unfortunately my friend and I hail from further east. We were treated with sheer contempt. About 97 seconds after the bell rang we were literally shooed out of the building. My friend had to leave her warm and finger-printed pint on the table and nearly left her hat behind as we were exiled into the street.

1 by Jake Horslen Review source

This is a good after work pub in Mayfair, it gets fairly, scratch that, very busy on a Friday night. Good range of drinks available, from guest ales to your standard beers and lagers. Decent selection of wines and spirits, nothing too far outside the normal for a London pub. Good outside standing space on a relatively quiet street.

4 by Jared Evans Review source

Fairly standard Taylor Walker pub on a corner - the default food menu, piped music, a fruit machine, and screens showing sports. All turn offs for me, but on the plus side they had Timothy Taylor's Landlord on tap, and on a very quiet Sunday afternoon in February it was pleasant enough.

3 by John Hawkins Review source

Online reservation does not work, irrespective of the E-Mails you receive telling you they are looking forward to seeing you. It's seems the online system doesn't communicate with the pub. Pubs quite nice, food is standard pub fare and not too pricey. My fish was quite dry though.

3 by James Dubben Review source

Went here for dinner last night and enjoyed the bangers and mash. Great example of a London pub. They have 4 cask engines with very good local ales and several other draught options. It was so good I went back tonight. Excellent service was provided once again.

5 by Rod Rodeman Review source

Was a little annoyed that there wasn't a seperate area for ordering meals but the meal was awesome. Could have wait staff upstairs as finding a table upstairs then going downstairs to order seems a bit backward.otherwise the staff were always proffessional.

4 by Steven Thompson Review source

Maria was a great waitress, but it's a bit unsettling for a pub to be that empty on a Saturday evening. The beer selection is not bad, although I typically just get Guinness when I'm not in America since it's better in the UK.

4 by Jon Block Review source

If you go there expecting fine dining you will be disappointed. Having said that, this place offers good food that is basic but wholesome and a good selection of beers in a old setting. For That, in this part if London, I applaud it

4 by Andrew Delamare Review source

Excellent neighborhood pub in Mayfair. We visited him for dinner, the food was fast, the portions were very big and delicious. I especially recommend burgers. This is one of the few pubs in the neighborhood that work on Sunday.

5 by Ognian Dimitrov Review source

Nice pub aesthetically. Nicely decorated which keeps it looking stylish. Decent selection of drinks. Does get a bit busy but there is a fair amount of seating. Good place to drink in central london

4 by Michael Shemeld Review source

Lovely friendly pub with great staff. Will definitely visit again and recommend to friends. Good for a night out with friends or a quiet afternoon drink with your partner

5 by Emma B Review source

Roman Holiday Accommodation was here: great pub near Green Park. Beer and nice food (Sausages worth to try). As a plus: football matches shown (included AS Roma). Best!

5 by Paolo Marroccu Review source

Decent pub in a nice part of town. People criticising the food, go to a restaurant. There's plenty to choose from around here.. Literally metres away..

3 by David Becks Review source

Burgers in the UK can be difficult (please read “horrendous”) . This place won the lemon price. And attention is... let’s say distracted

1 by Carlos Sanchez Review source

A nice, traditional London pub. Several people reviewing it seem to be expecting it to be a restaurant. Ignore them.

5 by Peter Claydon Review source

It's a nice Taylor Walker pub, nothing special. They do serve Sharp's Doom Bar which is always a pleasure.

3 by Or BZ Review source

Probably the best Tav I have set foot in. Great beer, great people, this place is making Tavs great again.

5 by Jamie Review source

Nice pub with friendly staff and reasonably priced. Has a nice area to sit upstairs that has another bar

4 by Jennifer Clifford Review source

Lovely little pub tucked behind The Hilton. A proper pub and nice and cosy and unpretentious

5 by Alastair Hilton Review source

Usually less busy than the other pubs in shepherds market. Decent beer choice and good service

4 by Sunil Mistry Review source

Nice pub but face-blind staff - you can be standing there for ages waiting to get served

3 by Ben Campbell Review source

Great atmosphere, good for food and great for drinks, although often crowded post 5pm

5 by Bonnie W Review source

Great pub. Decent beers. Good food... hospitable, warm, friendly customer service.

5 by Alex Rushent Review source

Can be quieter than the rest of Shepherds Market if everything else is rammed

3 by chris ratcliffe Review source

Nice food, nice staff, quiet for a Friday lunch if you go to the first floor

5 by Joana David Review source

Nice little boozer. Choice of draught and keg beers. Bar snacks. Free wifi.

3 by Gaijin Review source

Average London pub playing popular music, with fruit machine and TVs

3 by Duncan Brian Review source

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