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3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ

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The perfect sanctuary to relax and unwind. An artist’s dream re-imagined as a café-cum-courtyard.

Tucked away down a little alleyway off Torrens Street, you’ll encounter a café like no other. Creative types flock to this charming café; it’s the kind of perfect spot for reading a book or writing your first novel.

Up several unassuming stairs, inside an old brick building brimming with character, lies hidden this eccentric cafe. You’ll be greeted by a long room overflowing with bohemian Kool-Aid. Rich red walls, a saucy painting at the end, rustic wooden tables, velvet sofas and wax-dripping candlesticks all play their part. Outside, the Candid Courtyard is open during the summer months for al fresco refreshment. Another heavenly oasis, filled with green plants.

5 by Great Little Place Review source

New fav in Angel.
I reluctantly leave this review cause this place is so great I don't want people running it! But truth is they do deserve a very good review, so here it is.
Nice ambience, nice staff, nice tea, nice crowd, nice place. There's nothing not to like about Candid if you're the right kind of person for this place. Love its artsy deco, the paintings on the walls, the Rococó-reminiscent sofas, the raw wood tables and the laid back, familiar touch of the whole place. You won't probably like it if you're a fan of café chains, posho venues and the likes of it, but if you have an indie in you, an artist, an alternative soul... well, you'll simply love it!

5 by Anna Morgana Alabau Review source

Very lovely place near Angel Tube Station. Weitresses were really lovely and outgoing, though they weren't really focused on the attention. They didn't even realised I arrived, though I didn't mind because when I went to ask for a coffee they were really nice.
Decoration is weird, which is cool if you like weird (like fantastic fairy paintings or plastic flower vases) and eclectic. Atmosphere is warm and inviting, and people seemed comfortable and happy. It's not fancy at all, chairs might be a little old, tables a little broken, but overall lovely place.
Coffee was a little watery for me, but OK.

3 by Review source

Loved the atmosphere, decor and use of old furniture in this relaxing cafe. It reminded me of a 'junk art shop'... but in a good way. I enjoyed my lunch time conversation with a friend here, while listening to a good playlist on the background. My cappuccino could've been a lot better though ;)
I had a vegetable pasta bake for lunch, which was all right. The prices were a little high.
If felt like people didn't care very passionately about giving a good service.
It's on the 2nd floor, with no elevator.
No WiFi :(
I am not in a hurry to go back again.

3 by Irena Savchenko Review source

Down an alleyway just outside Angel station lies a cafe, Candid Cafe to be precise, that will give any TSLer a fleet of glee upon first discovery. Why? Well, once going up three flights of stairs post locating the co-ordinates of a specific inconspicuous doorway, you’ll find a quirky cafe on the top of Candid Arts Trust...

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5 by Twenty Something London Review source

Really disappointed. Went for dinner which I think might have been a mistake. Very slow service, school lunch style food and generally underwhelming food.

I think as a daytime Cafe this place would be great. The vibe was lovely, as were the staff. But for dinner I don't think it makes the cut.

I only feel this is required to be added as I was recommended based on the food, and the current reviews are only good.

2 by George Whitelaw Review source

I love this place, one of my favourites! What I love most is all the healthy vegan options it offers, that is the main reason I visit so often. I bring friends there all the time and everyone enjoys it and I also hold meetings there, and Candid is the perfect place for them. Quiet and intimate atmosphere with lovely staff, and the best food! Thank you Candid and lovely chefs for providing such quality vegan food, see you again soon ;)

5 by Review source

I used to love coming here, when they had a nice vegan selection. Now there are usually no vegan options, or they offer you a salad (which is admittedly quite nice). I'd love to see this place offer a nice selection of vegan goodies again. At least a main course and a few cakes. There are not many vegan options in Angel, and I think the Candid cafe would look much better as a vegan version of itself.

3 by Miriam A. Review source

This place was listed as 'board-games friendly' but as soon as we placed a board game in the table we were greeted with grunts: 'are you planning to have a gaming session? ... well, if you are going to have a meal... (just coffee: no no face) ... ' After saying would also buy dessert: 'mmm well, but I would ask you to leave if other customers arrive'. We left.

1 by David Gavilan Review source

Went there for the first time today and found it to be the perfect place to do some good writing. Peaceful with a bit of character.
The service could offer you drinks from the table, you know, after you've finished your light meal and first drink. They would sell more. There music system is a bit poor but I put my own ear plugs in anyway.
Nice well priced food to.

5 by Peter Robinson Review source

Candid Cafe is beautiful little coffee shop, nestled in a snug part of Angel. The staff are very friendly and greet you on arrival and offer you a refreshing glass of lemon infused water. The food and drink are delicious and fresh! You can find plenty of seating in a cozy homely atmosphere, and the toilets are on two levels. Highly recommended visit!

5 by Rikesh Mistry Review source

I love this cafe and its lusty bohemian decor. It's a great place to take friends as it's so different from the chains in Angel. You can also browse art first before the climb up to the cafe. Lots of healthy meal options and naughty cakes. It's a shame they don't have iced coffee.

4 by Sarny Gonzales Review source

Having done life drawing for nearly 5 years with Candid Art (Anne Noble Partridge is a great tutor btw who runs the class), going to the cafe after the sessions was a nice and to revive. Very parisien feeling like you are Gene Kelly in that movie and the food is great too! Highly recommend!!!!!

5 by Review source

A warm and welcoming place, with friendly and qualified staff. Located on a side street, to access it must climb two flights of stairs, through which you access a local suspended from the time in which pleasantly spend your time sipping the selection of tea or a coffee (or espresso).

4 by Aureliano Verità Review source

Cute and kitch gem hidden just off Angel High Street. The pleasant atmosphere for casual meet ups and lazy Sundays. Can get bit warm in there when windows/doors are shut. Attracts a nice group/clientele. Staff are lovely and polite. Angel tune station is literally 5 mins away.

4 by Alan Review source

Cozy hidden cafe with quirky vintage interior. Quiet and relaxing place perfect for catching up with friends or reading a book! Great location and affordable prices. Unfortunately, not suitable for working with pc as there is no WiFi.

4 by Gabriela Vachkova Review source

Cake here is amazing. Wide selection of teas!

Their lunch options are also great.

Note: toilets are not exactly luxurious and the entrance is 3 flights of stairs up. Not good for wheelchairs or buggies

5 by Kia Stanford Review source

This is the sort of simple, hidden cafe you expect to find in Peckham or Shoreditch, but much less pretentious. The food is always delicious. It's a great place to relax with friends, or just a good book.

5 by mark glanville Review source

I was excited to discover this cafe with its hidden entrance, comfortable alternative feel and picturesque views. But the staff seemed uninterested and the coffee undrinkable, so I won't be rushing back.

2 by Review source

Latte and lemon cheesecake was average. Cash only. Unique vibe with retro furniture and sofas but second floor seating area was a little too dark and stuffy to my taste when I visited on a warm evening.

4 by Eric Makmur Review source

Delightfully quirky cafe with used furniture and Simon and Garfunkel playing in the background. The coffee was good though not great, but you come here for the pleasant understated vibe, not the coffee.

5 by Adam Connors Review source

Really nice atmosphere , very good place for the mind ! A fab place to go & unwind in . Amazing selection of teas & very attentive , friendly staff . The only downside is the loo situation .

4 by Harmonie Faerielove Review source

One of the last oasis of peace and sanity in an otherwise coffee-chain dominated Angel. The food quality/price ratio could be better but the place is great, nice staff and artsy laid-back décor

4 by Riccardo Fumagalli Review source

Fascinating place with a very comfortable and bohemian atmosphere; but the fact they deliberately have no wifi available compels me to give a much lower rating than I would have given.

2 by Review source

Remember to bring cash as you can't pay by card. Really nice food and chilled out atmosphere, ideal for a hot brunch on a cold winter day. The cheesecake is delicious!

4 by Sophie RIVET Review source

Wouldn't allow my friend to sit down while the café was empty, because she didn't order a drink. Bit illiberal for an Arts café I'd say.

1 by Review source

The rustic café is brilliant and refreshingly without WI-FI. Get there (some stair climbing to do), plot yourself on the couch and just take it all in

5 by Komeil Karimi Review source

Lovely atmosphere cafe, very comfy furnishings, but slightly irritating rule about only being able to buy alcohol if you also buy food

4 by Tom Allen Review source

Really nice decor, location, and outside seating. Good food, if a tiny bit pricey. Great place to pop into if you're in Angel :)

4 by Seth Kruger Review source

Love this place. Very quirky and chilled vibe - perfect Sunday afternoon spent here with lots of tea, reading and great veggie food.

5 by Review source

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