The Riding House Café - Fitzrovia, London

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43-51 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 7PQ

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The Riding House Cafe seems to be the type of place you could drop by at any time of the day. Which is handy, because it’s very very pretty indeed. It’s the type of place where thought has been put into every single inch of the decor – from the tumblers and bar stools that complement the wall tiles to the bathroom that strikes the line between shabby and luxurious. I’ve heard mixed things about the food, but I can confirm that the desserts are pretty special. At least the gingerbread with poached pears and ice cream was. My friend went for the cheese board, which she claimed was one of the best she’d had. They had some pretty unusual teas on the menu too (I went for an infusion of ginger, lemon peel, black pepper and liquorice) and they were as beautifully presented as the rest of the restaurant. As lovely as The Riding House Cafe is, the service could have been a bit sharper. We were there at the hardly peak time of Thursday afternoon, but we had long waits in between getting menus and waiting for our bill. That’s pretty much my only complaint though.

4 by Alexandra Sheppard Review source

I had high hopes for this place based on the reviews and feedback from others however unfortunately I was left target disappointed. The food was nice enough but the service was terrible for an establishment of this nature. 25 minutes for a flat white seemed a little excessive to me considering it wasn't even that full. When it eventually came there was no apology from the waiter just a sour look on his face like he didn't want us there. I really wanted to love this place but service makes a place and to say I felt under valued as a customer from both the service staff we had would be an understatement. I hope others get happier and better service than I did!

UPDATED 20th MAY - Since writing my review, I'm happy to say I have been in contact with the manager who clearly wants to make a difference and provide a positive experience for all guests. The fact that the manager reached out to understand the issue and do something about it speaks volumes. Thank you Terje.

2 by Review source

What a shame about today. This was my third time here and this one definitely not successful. We were a group of 9, although the table was booked only for 6. We asked to change a table to a bigger one, as an empty one was next to us and only set for 4 people, but the hostess made it really awkward. Finally after 3rd person asked to move, we finally were allowed to go to the bigger area. We were not looked after consistently. Some people had two coffees in them by the time others only managed to get their first. We waited for food for 55 minutes, and it was clear the food was snot cooked at the same time. My shakshuka had hard boiled eggs in them, so did two of my friends’ Eggs Bennies. The bacon was lukewarm and soggy in the bowl - it was waiting for so long on the pass. The waitress deducted £30 off the final bill, but the damage was done. I think they really struggle with bigger groups, if you go in 2 or 3s, you’ll be fine.

1 by Kaika Szybinska Review source

Went with two friends (one 9 months pregnant) and my baby son in a small buggy and the stuff would not stop complaining about the space the buggy was taking (it's the smaller in the market), how we would need to leave in less than an hour despite half the restaurant was empty on a Tuesday afternoon, how the high chair was on their way to serve other tables that were empty (we were 3 on a table big enough for 6 or more), then they decided, without asking us, to change us to a different table on the front, and for us to find out they were also kicking us out in now 40min (they were so slow that by then we still did not have any drinks nor a high chair). When we decided to leave, the stuff still kept giving us the same comments.
Absolutely terrible service, I would be surprised if that hasn't happened to other people...
And to do this to mothers and expecting ones too... Still cannot believe it.

1 by Helena Rodriguez Review source

Versatile cafe to meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drinks.
Great location away from the tourist hotspots around W1, this cafe has a lovely vibe during the week with the work/business community in this area using it for meetings and client brunch.
The decor and interior is cool and quirky, the atmosphere is relaxed with a city buzz.

We visited as a couple early evening on Saturday, the service was excellent - we started with an aperitivo and then ordered a mix of sharing sides and a main course.
The menu has a lot of choice to suit taste and budget, we had a few Maldon oysters £2.50 each, poached trout £6, crab £8 and lobster lasagne at £27. We're heading back to try the salads and macaroni cheese.

Downstairs there is a fab private dining room called 'The Stables' made out to look like horse stables! We will certainly try to plan a birthday event here.

4 by James Mountfield Review source

'I recommend the full English'. Which is true almost everywhere, but even moreso here. The philosophy seems to be 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' (to use an expression from the American South. What I mean is that you just get a proper full English breakfast, with no surprises. Sometimes, that's just what you want. Oh, and you can get a good, strong cup of coffee as well. I know that puts the whole traditionalism thing on its head, but it's what I like.

We always beat a path to this place when passing through London, but have only been for breakfast, so can't say anything about the dinner menu. The room is very smart, with a current industrial chic look, and big windows facing the street so it's bright, even on a gray day.

We'll be back, for sure.

5 by Doug B Review source

Over hyped. Poor food and service in a noisy environment. Booked a table in the restaurant for a business lunch for 6. They crammed us onto a tiny table, in a major walkway, and refused to move us to a better spot when asked (making it into an unnecessarily awkward exchange in front of our guests). They forgot to bring some of our starters and didn't notice. There was a long thick hair in my food and my friend was given a limp piece of fatty bacon on his burger after ordering it 'extra crispy'. Staff were the special mix of being both incompetent and rude. Couldn't get out of there fast enough but had to wait an age for our coats at the weird cupboard system they have in the main thoroughfare. Avoid. Businesses like this act like they don't need your money so don't spend it with them.

1 by Review source

The decor here is lovely, and the atmosphere at lunchtimes is relaxed and calm and elegant. I made a reservation for a weekday lunch - even if they are sometimes able to accommodate walk-ins it's usually busy so booking is a good idea.

On the down side - the food is just average and is very expensive. For those prices and with all the buzz I'd expected something brilliant and I was disappointed. In Fitzrovia there are so many amazing food options and you could eat for a lot less if you didn't want the kudos of being at Riding House!

When I was there a member of One Direction was sitting on the table next to me, less than a metre away, so that definitely made for some excitement. No one let on that they'd noticed though!

3 by Review source

Very average breakfast today (3rd May '18) - 4 of us, 3 issues - Kedgeree was like sloppy porridge with very little haddock - to be honest it tasted OK, but not that pleasant to eat texture wise. The American pancakes were a little hard, not butter soft, and the bacon was rather underdone.
It's not cheap, and the attention to detail was missing - One of our party asked for another pot of tea and the waitress disappeared before anyone could add to the order - missed opportunity, and didn't improve our breakfast experience.
Menu is expansive, but when they are busy (as they were today), the attention to detail drops. Maybe cut the menu and deliver an excellent breakfast?!
A shame, I'd heard good things.

3 by Séan Donnellan Review source

Was admittedly 10 mins late for our table, but nothing was explained about when the kitchen would be ‘closing’, just a persistent waiter not leaving the table until we’d picked something despite saying we weren’t ready. The food itself was ok. Beetroot starter was really delicious as was the mac n cheese. Mushroom ragu on polenta’s texture got disturbing about a third in. My partners’ beef Wellington had raw pastry, actual raw butter. Cocktails were very nice. Obviously a shift change meant we were left/ignored, no dessert/digestif menu offered and request for bill was ignored twice. Had to go to leave to be noticed.
Poor service and food and drink not great value.

2 by Review source

I like the decor of the restaurant, it's very cosy and lovely. However, the food is very average, and with such price, you would expect something better. The staff member who served our table on that night was friendly, but seemed absent-minded. She missed putting in the order for my wine till I inquired as had been waiting for 10-15 mins. She also forgot to give us the dessert menu (despite we asked when they cleared our plates of the mains). It's only when another lady (probably the manager) found that we've been sitting there for quite some time and asked her what our table was waiting for.... She then quickly grabbed the menu and handed over to us.

3 by Kelly Sze Review source

Good quality breakfast options in a marvelous environment. Staff are clearly at the upper end of the customer service spectrum, quietly attentive and professional. There's a great busy chic vibe here, frequented by those effortlessly well-groomed people who seem to keep London coffee shops fed with cash. The food is not cheap but is not excessively priced. They make a decent flat white but Kiwis might find it weaker than they're used to. The pork and beans is a bit dull but the eggs Benedict is perfectly proportioned. Make a booking, even for breakfast. The staff will try and fit you in if they can, but it gets busy!

5 by Tom Power Review source

Went here for breakfast after seeing some good reviews, don’t bother there are much better places. Staff were rude, nearly all of the fresh juices were sold out by 10:45 so could not order any. Initially we asked to be seated in a booth and were told we could when one became free, then told we couldn’t when one became available. After 10 minutes our tea and coffee had still not arrived so we left. The response from staff “that’s a shame”. Unless you care more about thinly veiled pretentiousness than food and service avoid this place! If I could rate 0 stars I would.

1 by Review source

Had a nice time here as a table of ten. Waiter was really delightful, and food was pretty good. Prices were overall reasonable but that's because cocktails were all five quid. Decor was fun and hipster but nothing wildly special. My salad (superfoods) was really good. Wings were good, too, but didn't blow me away. Took a pretty long time to get a drink even though the place was dead. Atmosphere left a little something to be desired, particularly as it was very loud, which is never something I complain about in a restaurant.

4 by Jay Solomon Review source

Quite how this place was so busy is beyond me. Every member of staff looked and sounded like they were working there under duress. Not a smile to be seen! The decor is formulaic hipster. The food was mediocre and cold. Even after I sent it back and asked for hot food, it came back fresh, and just as cold as the one I sent back. Service was very poor, so all in all, not a particularly pleasant experience. With so many wonderful places to choose from in London, I see no reason to spend any more time or money in this place.

2 by Review source

Visiting from Canada. Had a decent experience here. My wife and I shared a shakshukah and the pancakes. Shakshukah was good. Pancake was ok but a little heavy and the floated cream is too much. Maybe just a bit of whipped cream would be better. Also there wasn't enough syrup and it was a bit busy so yeh service was a bit time to give a request for any extras like extra syrup etc.

Overall it was decent. But for what it was I think the price was too steep for breakfast.

3 by AK G Review source

Terrible service. Got told 3/4 into dinner that the table had to be vacated for other customers and the manager practically demanded we get off immediately. This place tries to be fine dining, and the food and wine were great, as well as the actual waitress. But the time taken for the food to arrive, the missing orders of items as simple as a leaf salad, and the rude manager put a massive blemish on this restaurant. The manager needs to be fired, plain and simple. No skills.

1 by Review source

Nice looking lively place and friendly service. We went for lunch and ordered a burger and burrata with fries. Food was served almost immediately, which would have been good but for the burger being cold. Maybe it had already been waiting on the kitchen counter for a bit I don't know. They replaced it with another burger and all good with that one. Big fan of burrata but this one was slightly disappointing: portion was really small and too much balsamico used for my taste.

3 by astrid van essen Review source

Like some of the other reviews we enjoyed drinks here with a good drink selection - i've only just noticed its shown as a cafe whereas we'd always assumed it was a bar with some food choices!

We've been on several occasions with friends and have always made a booking and found staff, atmosphere and the food eaten as good.

Crowd during weekdays tends to be more people from the surrounding area. Weekends can be rather quieter....

3 by Noe Review source

Been here a few times now for breakfast/brunch. Impressed with quality of the food and the range of options for every diet and food preference. Reservations highly recommended, particularly at weekends where it is very busy. To this end service can be slow, even taking into account that they freshly prepare most food, it can take a while for a waiter to take your order or bring you the bill etc. Moderately expensive, but mostly worth the money.

4 by Hannah Pymont Review source

Had breakfast here twice on a trip from Nashville. The Full English Breakfast and Eggs Benedict are really delicious. The English breakfast tea is a must. The smoothies were not cold enough or thick enough for my taste, but they did grow on me as I drank them. The staff is really friendly and the place is so cool and trendy. This will now be a staple for me every time I go to London. Also a very romantic spot, my gf loved it.

5 by Benny Meza Review source

Can be a little expensive, but the food is great. I love sitting in the bar area and doing some work on my laptop, it's a nice atmosphere to work in, and they have great smoothies.

Better yet, if you're after a little inspiration you can get the alcoholic version of your smoothies! Genius.

Great place. Often busy, so book the restaurant if you want a table, or enjoy the bustle of the bar.

4 by Marc Roberts Review source

Excellent weekend brunch options around Oxford Circus. Was a bit skeptical of this place at first but would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty start to the day.
Came at around 10:30 on a Saturday, no reservations but got a quick seat at the bar. Started getting quite busy with a line outside the door at 11:30.
Definitely try the pancakes; some of the best I've had in London!

5 by Sasha Grigorik Review source

It’s not a cafe, it’s a restaurant. You will need to make a reservation to have a table and you only have 1.5 hours meal time for each table.
People recommend it as a work cafe but it’s not. If you are looking some place for work and coffee, it’s not a good place to go. The website didn’t state that there is 1.5 hours limitation for the table unless you make a booking through their online page.

1 by Review source

Lovely food, had a really nice full English breakfast here friday morning. Mmmmmmm the sausage's are the best ive ever tasted.
Coffee is superb but in a small cup.
The staff are very friendly and helpful. Full english was about £14 . quite expensive but ok for a little treat now and then.
Also you get free water which they keep topping up.
Quirky place.
Very clean

5 by a harby Review source

Not good ! As group we for breakfast, it took them more than one hour to actually serve the food and the eggs came hard ;( we had to eat it as it is ... as we couldn’t wait for another hour !

Also in my personal opinion I didn’t feel that the waitress were happy to take my order, as I had few questions with regards the menu, she rushed me.

Surely we won’t came again.

1 by Muhammed Salim Review source

Very popular brunch place. We had to queue as we didn’t book ahead but it was professionally organised via reception and they made sure that my friend and I got seating by the bar soon after we arrived. The interior is modern and a bit fancy whereas the food was pretty average. I wouldn’t come here for the food but more for the buzzing atmosphere. Great for a catch-up with a friend.

4 by Eva Burgschwaiger Review source

Delicious brunch had here. While the prices are fairly high... The food is of a decent quality. Most of the brunch menu is egg based; so if you're not that way inclined then options are more limited. Pancakes were filling and delicious. My sister had the Bircher muesli which looked good. The chorizo hash looked different to those shown on Google images... Very good albeit £13!

4 by Daniel McNaughton Review source

Really nice atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty food. Has the shakshuka and the scrambled eggs with salmon and french toast. French toast is amazing, the shakshuka is considerably large in portion but the salmon next to my scrambled eggs was so tiny that as a salmon&eggs lover I was a little bit dissappointed. Other than that overall was a good experience and will be going back.

4 by Liana Saranga Review source

This place has a lot of potential, great vibe, cool decor but the service has been less than impressive 10/10 (I’m sure I’ve been there 20+ times as Ive worked around the corner for two years). The food looks good per the menu but disappoints in reality. A glass of wine at the bar is perfect. Business meets also ok. I’ve dreamt of restructuring their management and staff services.

2 by Review source

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