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Chelsea Cloisters, Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3DW

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Barts is a well and truly hidden cocktail den, nestled within the portered Chelsea Cloisters apartments. It may be hidden, but it certainly isn't shy. Uncle Barts, as he likes to call himself, (your cool uncle, not the one who works for the council) is a late night West London speakeasy bar that injects a bit of joi de vivre into a part of town that has been known to take itself a little seriously.

A short trot from Sloane Avenue, and in through the apartment block doors; entrance is made via ringing a door bell. You wait for the little hatch to open up and a pair of inviting eyes suddenly appear to see if there's space to accommodate. Regulars and members, however, are rewarded with their own keys so they can pretty much call Barts their second home if they wish.

You walk in and can't help but notice (and steal a knowing smirk at) the quirky selections of antique ornaments. Vintage Mickey Mouse wallpaper meets a Thunderbirds graffiti mural and retro televisions show classic films such as ET and The Goonies to bring that nostalgia feeling to the punters who grew up in the seventies, eighties and early nineties. Old paintings, tin signs, stuffed animal heads and cuckoo clocks are merrily cluttered all over the walls.

The cocktail menu at Barts is as eccentric as the decor, without seeming to try too hard. Guests can opt to have their cocktails served in cigar boxes, vintage teapots and teacups. If you're a sharer then a must is to try their plethora of tipples for two or more, served in top hat vessels. The range is extensive, punctuated by the odd oddity like tobacco and herbs. In the food department, the Welsh rarebit and seasoned 'Jenga Jenga chips' are guaranteed to soak things up whilst you prepare for another round.

They keep things fresh with music, performances every week, and - of course - an old fashioned trunk filled with an array of costumes, wigs and hats. On the whole Bart's is a wonderful concept and offers something a little weird and a little different to the sometimes serious SW3 postcode. It flies the flag for the prohibition era, was doing it before everyone else was, and it's pretty clear why it is indeed 'London's Worst Kept Secret'.

5 by Great Little Place Review source

This is another of London's little hidden Gems. Situated in the hotel where you have to walk through the main reception know one would blame you for not knowing it is there. As you walk through the reception you come to a black door. Walk through and you are met with a lovely little room with pre prohibition style wall paper. Quick knock on a further black door and out of no where a person will open a small slide and ask why you are coming to see them.

Once in side it is fantastic. Quite small but all the menus are located in classic books such as Hemmingway and all the staff and decor is very 19:20's. Excellent feel to the room and a great array of cocktails on offer.

It is on the small side but it adds to the feel of a real speak easy. I would advise booking for large parties in advance. Cocktails are delicious but can be on the pricey side. Great experience and if you love your speak easy place it would be hard pressed to find another bar that sticks to the theme as well as Bart's.

4 by Review source

It was confusingly unclear if the doorman's off-handish manner was an act. He didn't ask for the passcode I was given and instead wondered if I had a reservation (I did) but then said he had to speak to his manager, before sitting us at one table and then moving us. Despite the below review and the policy mentioned in the reservation email, I (fortunately) wasn't kicked out for being with a male friend. The drinks were exceptionally cool, and the waitress was delightful, but overall the feel of the venue isn't as strong as its sister, Cahoots. two problems in particular with the live music: it was too loud to speak, and it included Wonderwall. This is a 1920s Chicago prohibition speakeasy. I don't think they knew about Oasis.

2 by Jacob Williamson Review source

Called about a table for five. I was told they could accommodate us. Upon arrival, we were asked if we had a reservation. We explained that we called and arranged a table. The doorman said he didn't have record of the call. He said he would inquire for us. He returned and stated we could have a table if we paid 200 pounds which would entitle us to a bottle of either champagne or vodka. He said it was 'Chelsea' I have been to the greatest bars in the world but have never been insulted like that. Go to the American Bar at The Savoy and forget this snooty joint. Don't waste your time or money on places that jerk you over.

2 by M K Review source

The other reviewers weren't kidding when they said this place was hard to find! Go to the Chelsea Cloisters hotel and ask them at the front desk, they'll point to a hallway with a black door. In through the black door, you'll be greeted by another door with a viewing latch. Inside you'll find an extremely opulent/chic-tacky bar with amazing wallpaper and hanging pictures. The drinks here are fantastic and the outdoor area is a breath of fresh air. Definitely worth a visit but don't do what I did and go on the Tuesday else it will completely empty....

4 by Zameer Hassam Review source

They kick you out if you with male mates.

I bought a drink for my friends, the bouncer then tried to kick me out because I was with my mates instead of hot girls.

I paid for 5 drinks then one of the bounces comes to the table and asks me and my friends to leave because we have no girls with us. I explain to the bouncer I am waiting for my drinks and he still wants to kick me and my friends out.

Considering i spent a bit of money on their premixed cocktails, they could have provided a better service

1 by Review source

Trendy speak-easy found in the Chelsea Cloisters hotel. Asked at reception and was guided to the unmarked door. Didn’t know the password, didn’t have a reservation but got in without issue. It was early though so if possible I’d recommend you reserve, then you’ll get the password and look cool to your friends. Inside decor is fun and old-school and there is an outside area with a hole in the roof for when it’s not raining. Great cocktail menu and beers available, good service. Nice vibes, fun times.

4 by David Richardson Review source

Despite making a booking over 2 months ago for a friend's 40th birthday, we were told when we arrived that there was no guarantee of a table and refused entry unless we guaranteed we would spend a minimum of £200.
Very disappointed as we had made the trip especially.
While we were stood outside another group were told they would have to spend £300. They also walked away.
Had I known that Barts would be such an elitist venue I would not have bothered making the trip.

1 by Review source

A great little hideaway in West London, serving both classic and signature cocktails, perfect for that special date night. Although it can be tricky to find, it's well worth the visit. The artwork is kooky and this place is small, but it all adds to the charm of the place. There's also a small outside area for those of you who want to pop out for a smoke. The staff are welcoming and know their stuff, so don't be afraid to ask away!

5 by Gabriella Giles Review source

Nice cocktails and fun atmosphere.
The bouncer is very rude. We had a private area and spent a fortune, but when we sat in what looked like a heated smoking area with heaters and blankets (all switched on) we were pounced upon by an irate bouncer very directly ordering us back 'outside' and implying we had been devious to use this area.
Needless to say we left and won't be coming back.

2 by Review source

This is a great little bar, especially if you want to surprise someone. Walking randomly into a block of flats, then you end up in a bar. The cocktails are tasty, service is friendly and attentive. There is a fun dressing up box. Only downsides are the difficulty in getting in really, booking in advance is highly advisable and later in the evening there are far too many people for you to get a drink in a reasonable time.

4 by William Rogers Review source

It plays the part of a speakeasy, so there's little or no hint that it's there from the street. It's hidden in Chelsea Cloisters, go past reception and look for a black door and try a secret knock... Down the road places are charging almost as much, but the cocktails here are perfect. It's the first time a barman has given me his card with a drink but they are artists (and also very friendly).

4 by Paul Andrews Review source

I went to this venue as there was a specific drink wanted to order that was advertised on their instagram. I phoned before to ensure they actually served the specified drink and was told that they did and to ask when i attended. Upon arrival we were told that we would be given water to refresh ourselves which took 30 mins to arrive and tbe drink i wanted wasnt even on their menu. Not impressed at all.

3 by Review source

Arrived with a group of friends to be greater by a doorman who unless you were a stone cold 10/10 would not permit entry. It is worth however noting this doorman was in fact using his rather simplistic qualification as a basis for entry. The actions of one member of staff ruining what it is an excellent venue, which I have frequent many times

1 by Review source

A secret late night spot. Must 'be in the know' to find this location off the beaten path. But once you're in (if you can get in), it's a gem. Amazing drinks, bartender makes terrific sugggestions, and even fun ways to drink your beverages such as out of large teacups. Also the apps are very generous and good.

5 by Emily Leeton Review source

Always a bit cramped and crazy, but worth it for the funny, rolicking crowd. Music skews pretty heavy to pop and this side of Bon Jovi and other similar sing-along anthems--not good if you want anything contemporary, but makes for laughs. Not the cheapest place, but most all drinks are good.

4 by Review source

Great 20s atmosphere, inventive cocktails and generally is a fun place to be. Can get a little overcrowded but it increases that Gatsby roaring 20s feeling. Only catch is, you need to know the password to get in... So you need to get lucky to get in or know someone that has been before...

4 by Edoardo Tassistro Review source

Cocktails are yummy. The G&T Time in a teacup is one of my favs. It's a quirky place to meet up with friends. It does take a while to get your drinks since it's cocktails. Also, rest of the building can be a bit sketchy with dodgy types going in and out of the flats...

4 by Sandra Kusano Review source

Even a star is too much for a place we did not get into. I had booked a month in advance (with 40£ deposit in case you don't show up), organised a night out with friends, to be told when we arrived that the bar was full up because of a birthday party. Very disapointed.

1 by Raphaële Crano Thompson Review source

Amazing range of cocktails and staff who are very welcoming.
Great date spot earlier in the week and then like a house party on the weekend.
Cocktails are really exceptional and the decor is great.
Worth a visit.

5 by Simon Allison Review source

Might be a good place but we just stopped by and folks at the door looked at us up and down and told us we couldn't get in because it was fully booked unless we paid for a table. Guess we didn't fit the profile.

1 by Review source

Had my wife's 40th there and the staff were fantastic! Really great atmosphere and fun props to cater for the speak easy theme of the place. Cocktails are fab and planty to select from - try the tea pot one for fun!

5 by Omar Al-Douri Review source

Wonderful fun place with amazing cocktails. Booking a must and so so so worth it. Can't wait to return. I love the fact that you have to be 'in the know' to find it and think the location is perfect

5 by jenny greenhalgh Review source

Would've definitely enjoyed this placed if I and my friends weren't looked up and down before telling us we couldn't go inside unless we paid for a table. Didn't fit their profile I guess.

1 by Review source

Great little speakeasy in Chelsea. Fantastic cocktail list with a few very interesting drinks. Good music and decor. Staff are hit and miss. One tried to overcharge me which didn't impress me.

4 by Jonathan Mickiewicz Review source

Quirky place and cool location, was absolutely packed however beyond comfortable!! Did go on a Saturday night so somewhat expected. Definitely book in advanced as they won't take walk ins

3 by H P Review source

Full marks if you manage to find this place - bonus points for drinking enough cocktails whilst you're there that you end up wearing something from their dressing up box... ;)

4 by Katie Glass Review source

It is a weird speakeasy pub with average age of 45 years of man and 30 years of woman. And again another cocktail bar 'forgets' to put enough alcohol into the cocktails.

2 by Engin Iyidogan Review source

Pretty cool bar with an interesting menu. The doorman is a bit weird as is the entire entry procedure. But once you're in enjoy the drinks and the slightly too loud music!

4 by Anthony Wong Review source

In town from America and was told it was a private event. Saw him give the 'No' gesture from the side of my eye. Figured he was lying when he said it.

1 by Review source

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