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Lidl automatically gets 5 stars from me, fantastic value. Especially on meat, which surprisingly has never disappointed me despite the low prices.

The feta stuffed peppers are delicious, definitely worth bringing to small social events.

They could potentially improve the speed of self checkouts by having more than one person available to override endless user error. But in my eyes the delays on self checkouts have almost always been because of shoppers trying to process their weekly shop for an entire family on a self scan.

The staff here are fantastic, I had an issue with a receipt once and Vicki and a manager did their best to assist me as quickly as they could despite various external issues requiring their attention.

5 by Jonathan Dalton Review source

Nice ,helpful staff ,good choice but I would love to see their bakery products covered up!!In Germany,where I visited the local Lidls,is so much more hygienic with the bread,rolls all under plastic cover,you choose what you want,(with the plastic tongs)your chosen product ,slides down in chute straight into your paper bag.I've been off buying their bakery,as I've noticed countless times,people,kids,rubbing their noses,(not using the plastic tongs)and then picking up the rolls etc!.Yuck

2 by Bea Giovanna Review source

Lidl is full of cheap foods that are really good and they also range from different meats to a variety of school stuff. They have cool things and also helpful things. The members are calm and collected and are very nice. Lidl has 6 tills plus 8 self checkouts. Even though all of the tills aren't open they still have people who come and go.
Lidl is the place to go

5 by Review source

This was my mum favourite place to shop.
However she said 'i won't be going back', after her experience. She had to use the self service machine, she has no idea how to use it. Someone had to help her. she is a woman is her 70'es. There was no one on the checkout. She couldn't find sfuff that use to be in the store before it got refurbished.

2 by Review source

It's strange that I like this place compared to other supermarkets but I don't shop here nearly enough. They don't stock most of the popular brands but still have some very interesting products from the continent here. They have weekly or monthly (I cannot remember) deals on types of products from cycling to household. Speedy check out too!

4 by Raymond Yau Review source

Probably the best Lidl I have ever visited. Modern, clean and with the most extensive range I have ever found in a Lidl. Purpose built only a couple of years ago with in store bakery. Nice place to shop and seems to be staffed like a mainstream supermarket or at least to a higher volume than most Lidl stores. 'Flagship Store?'

3 by Review source

Good products and good prices. The only downside is that - when compared to a couple of years ago - There is less staff on the tills, meaning you have to wait longer to pay. There's always a cue st the self service tills, too, and if you have a lot of products there is s good chance the process will be slowed down.

4 by Pippi Gar Review source

Great affordable supermarket. The reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it doesn't have in stock not even few items from the offers they advertise. You have to travel half of the city to get to another Lidl and find books/baby stuff. Otherwise, great prices and, amazingly, quite good quality for the price!

4 by Soricutza Zambeste Review source

Yet another store that simply does not have enough floor staff. I have never come across a rude Lidl staff member but they do seem over worked due to their lack of colleagues to assist them. I have noticed in all Lidl stores in are rarely out with their team on the floor assisting or leading.

3 by Time Teller Review source

Good produce... Appalling service a lot of the time. Assistant's mostly unhelpful if that is, you can see one! I've experienced NO open tills at all, just self serve with enormous queues. Some of the assistants would rather faff about whilst ignoring utterly the fact that NO tills are open at all!

2 by Review source

Recently refurbished. Good location, good selection of groceries. Service is quite slow though, so the new addition of self-checkout tills has really helped with this. However, this can still prove problematic when you need a member of staff to approve an item and no one's around to help.

5 by Charné Tromp-Ahmed Review source

Nice clean shop. But I had hoped that Lidl would never go down the road of self service tills. I hate those fekkin things with a passion. 'Unexpected item in bagging area' Really? What were you expecting? An elephant? But not the packet of frozen peas I just scanned a second ago?

4 by Andrew Curran Review source

This store is good but the choice is a little limited compared to other Lidl's because of it's size. That said, it all at great prices and the staff couldn't be more helpful and friendly. For a quick shop it's great, for a big shop, maybe try the Lid at West Croydon.

4 by David Wright Review source

It's fine, doesn't have the selection some other stores have but it's a town centre store designed for people shopping by foot. The queues are okay for Lidl standards and for a basic grocery shop in central Croydon you do pretty well, especially when the value is so good.

4 by Joe Erber Review source

Food is good and staff friendly but management's lack of organisation off staff is poor. Always long lines at the check out. Iften they open a new lane. Make you wait and then just close it. If you have larger shopping and children with you. It is not fun at all. Very annoyed.

1 by Ruta Lipace Review source

This Lidl is conveniently placed around other shops including the market, butchers, fishmonger, Argos etc. with Church Street Tram stop link to Wimbledon, West Croydon and Beckenham Junction. Also several bus routes nearby making easily accessible to all areas.

5 by Carol Bailey Review source

This is a handy Lidl if you like to grab some groceries when you are in Croydon town centre. It is next to Church Street tram stop which makes it handy if you are using public transport. There are self service checkouts in this Lidl store.

4 by A Niyaz Review source

Used to shopping in Aldi so it made a change to shop in Lidil. . Although it was a Saturday didn't have to wait long in the queue to exit the shop. Good choice of produce. Also fresh bread counter which Aldi doesn't have.

3 by ros flowerr Review source

Great lidls only issue I ever have with it is that it can get way too busy at times. Which I dont know weather ita down to an influx in customers or lack of staff. But other than that great produce, generally helpful staff.

4 by Kai Langley Review source

I use this store most weekends now to do my weekly shop.what i like most is the self-service checkouts.staff are friendly.prices are great.a good choice of everything.i dont shop no where else at weekends.

5 by Anthony Kelly Review source

One of the best supermarkets in Croydon. Even though most of the times the shop is busy and there is a long que it’s still faster than some supermarkets. Great products for reasonable and valuable prices.

5 by Sabina Sabinka Review source

Very good range and price just like every other Lidl. Only negative is sometimes they only have the self checkout aisles open and I prefer being served by a human, especially when doing a big Shop.

4 by Gerard Regan Review source

It's a convenient place for a quick shopping. I have always used it for a quick pit stop. No hassles. Sometimes the queue at the counter could be long. But apart from that it's all good.

5 by A J Review source

The shopping experience is definitely no frills.
The place is kind of depressing to shop in. The food is very cheap though. But I don't think I will be returning there any time soon

3 by Jamal Smith-Graham Review source

Great bakery items if you get tjere at midday. Be careful of the flies by the end of the day (not a surpirse with the doors constantly opening and closing). Great produce for the r low prices.

5 by Sarah Lynch Review source

Decent size lidl with most options available and self checkouts but I think they need more checkouts like all the other lidl stores. Checkout takes longer than weekly shopping itself

4 by Yuksel Kurtbas Review source

There are flies on pastries. There fruit and vegetables are not very fresh...probably due to the conditions there kept in. No Refrigeration etc. Come on Lidl. Pull your finger out

1 by Review source

Excellent.. With bakery, self check out and near tram stop.. No parking so 'big shop' difficult. Also too many checkouts closed regardless of how busy the store is. ..

4 by Review source

Shop here everyday. Easy to know the layout when your used to it, staff are very helpful but they need to staff the checkouts & not be so reliant on 'self-scan'.

5 by Review source

More of a convenience store than a big supermarket although they have crammed a lot of products into a small store. Doesn't have all the items the bigger Lidl stores do.

3 by Patrick Homolka Review source

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