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Ermin St, Blunsdon, Broad Blunsdon, Swindon SN26 8DJ

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I decided to treat my parents to a meal in the Cold Harbour, Swindon as I had received a promotional A5 through the door offering a 20% off voucher for our next visit.
I checked them out online and was impressed with the Menu. I even asked around friends and colleagues to see if anyone else rated the place.

Seemed positive enough and to sweeten the deal I opted in to a Fathers Day Special which was advertised through the site as a chain wide promotion. Having read the terms and conditions it was made clear to partake in the deal all I needed to do was to specifically book a table through their website and we were to be seated after 6.30PM. Seemed perfect 3 courses for the price of 2... Perfect. I received the confirmation email and off we went.

We all headed down to the restaurant for our allocated time with 15 mins to spare as we imagined this place to be quite busy being Fathers day and all...

No one greeted us and 75% of the tables were empty.
So we approached the bar and thought we'd query there whilst getting a pre meal round in.
The individual at the bar quite happily got us our drinks which we subsequently needed to take a loan out for, they were so dear.
Whilst we stood at the bar we got asked to move as we were blocking the 'runway through' or whatever - at least this got us noticed. (not that it was intentional)
So the most irritated woman finally found us a table as the reservation and name was on the lone standing reservation book, however no one seemed to know actually which way was up.
Still. Gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Overall It took the restaurant and there circus of staff close to 3 hours to deliver the 3 courses.

We had noted another couple and toddler (came in as we were seated) who had actually been told that they couldn't have the promoted steak deal of the day as they had run out. By the time we had finished our starter and gotten half way through our main they had just received their incorrect starters! I don't recall them staying for the main and leaving their half drunk drinks on the table...

Clearly it wasn't just us lucky lot.
Before we requested the bill I raised the fact that I had opted in for the 3 for 2 promotion which was clearly reserved as required online. The lovely man had not first heard of the promotion and decided to take 30 min's about querying this with his senor member of staff. Having done the rounds he returned and decided that this was not the case. To which I showed him the email and he still insisted that not only was it not a valid deal that they could not honour it.
He continued to argue with me which I'm fairly sure other surrounding customers were really enjoying much to my discomfort. He took a further 20 mins to go and 'work out the best corse of action'.
Finally, after insisting it was not a valid deal he'd obviously been enlightened as apparently they could do the deal but only if I had a piece of paper with me which apparently I should have received and printed out. I simply advised the man that the email with my confirmation of both the deal and the reservation did not include a form. Surely this would be solved simply by him issuing a blank one so that I could give the chain the info the required. This was not possible either.

Basically the restaurant delivered lovely food. The reasonable price for good food was clearly compensated by the sky high prices for drinks and the absurdly appalling service.

They did agree eventually to honour the deal. But I was so shocked that an establishment could behave collectively in this way, that I will never eat at a Chef and Brewer again. Specifically The Cold Harbour. Save your money, time and sanity and go somewhere else with a respectable level of customer service.

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I had a very disappointing & uncomfortable dining experience in this Restaurant whilst staying at the Premier Inn next door.

After reading such good reviews about the food quality, atmosphere & friendly service, I was excited to book a table & dine in this Restaurant alone, but I really wish I hadn't now as the service was terrible & the food & wine disgraceful for the price paid.

I was made to feel uncomfortable for being alone once I arrived by the person who seated me, I ordered a large Chardonnay, which was warm & more like Sauvingnon Blanc when it arrived, it then took almost an hour to order my food, when my starter finally came of bubble & squeak cake, it was cold mush, the bacon was like uncooked jelly, the egg yolk hard & the hollandaise sauce stone cold, I was too scared to send it back in case I had to wait another hour, I was starving!

I then had to wait for my main meal to arrive before I got some bodies attention to order another wine as I was drinking it to stop me from feeling so uncomfortable & to fill me, my meal was a shock to say the least after such a long wait, the skinny fish was so thin, it had curled up, the heavy batter resembled bland Yorkshire pudding, the chips I was upset with the most as everyone else's that I saw leaving the kitchen were thick & cooked to perfection, mine were all the odds & end scalpings with a tiny spoon of mushy peas & thin sour tartare sauce, unbelievable quality & an utter waste of money!

1 by TRACEY ARMSTRONG Review source

We came here for a family lunch in June 2017 and, sad to say, everyone in our group of 4 was disappointed. We arrived towards the end of the lunch service and the pub was very quiet.

We were given two menus, the regular pub menu and the lunch menu, which offered lower priced, smaller dishes. While three of our group ordered from the lunch menu, one was a little hungrier and went for something off the regular menu. For some reason this seemed to cause confusion at the till, with the server unsure of how to put the order through and having to wait for the manager's assistance. Despite the lack of other customers, it took almost 20 minutes just to order our food as a result!

Having finally ordered, we sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. For around 40 minutes, meaning we'd been in the pub for an hour before we actually ate.

Once the food eventually turned up, it was average at best, I'd say comparable to Wetherspoons in quality and mostly ok, but not really worth the gastropub prices we were charged.

All in all, this pub was quite a letdown. The menu looks inviting and exciting, but unfortunately the kitchen didn't seem to be able to deliver and the slow service meant that even if the food had been better, we'd have been disappointed.

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Really disappointed, booked a table for 6 o clock took over an hour for our meals to come out, one of our party had the whole back bone in the battered cod! Had to ask them to remove plates from our table and took a long time for the waitress to come back and take a dessert order, had to then go up after a long wait and ask if they could quicken the desserts as I had a two year old that I needed to get home to bed (not expecting to be out as long as this meal had taken) after dessert we wanted to pay, waitress brought the card machine over, because we were paying separately she asked us to pay at the bar individually. All in all took two and a half hours. Tonight was booked for a special occasion and to be honest we were very disappointed. I don't think I would like to go back there again which is a shame because when I last went a year ago it was lovely.

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The only reason I actually gave a star at all was because the food was actually really nice, it's such a shame the service was diabolical !!! came in tonight(28th Aug) was 10 of us eventually seated to our table had to find someone to take our starters, then again to order our main & again with the desserts!!!! No-one came at all to ask if we wanted drinks so we had to keep going to the bar, it didn't even seem busy. The older lady (not sure if she was the landlady just seemed dame right rude when she eventually brought the kids desserts to the table.
We asked for the bill !!! Again no-one came so we had to pay at the bar.
Think again people if you want any sort of waitress service because your out of luck.

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Table booked for 7.15pm for 4. Drinks took a long time to arrive and main meals took even longer. Large table served before us even though they arrived much later. Only 2 meals arrived and there was a delay in the other 2. The first 2 meals had to be returned due to potatoes being raw and not cooked. (2 complimentary glasses of wine given) Medium rare steak was just rare and chips not crisp. 2 coffees arrived and another long wait for 1 dessert. This took nearly 3 hours! Not sure what happened tonight as previous meals and service have been fantastic.

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Excellent, I ate here a couple of months ago and again today 18/08 /2017, both times my food has been delicious as was the rest of the meals for my fellow guests. The waitress today, I think her name was Michelle, she was attentive without being pushy and when she learnt that we were there for a birthday she brought over a little cake with a candle, it was very well received by the birthday girl. Would highly recommend and will definitely be returning

5 by Review source

Not shown to a table, even I though made it clear we were there for dinner.. just shoved off to the end of the bar.. sat there with my hungry 6 year old for about 30 minutes and no one even approached our table to ask if we wanted a drink. Not even a peak time (4pm) we ended up walking out and going somewhere else. Awful, would never visit again. This is the first one star review I have ever given.

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went with my best friend and my 3year old daughter. and as usual the food was fantastic my only problem was there were too many options on the menu! took me ages to decide what to have! my daughter enjoyed her meal as did we and our servers were very friendly and attentive. its my 3rd visit here and will definitely be back again
p.s the prosecco sorbet with the summer pudding is amazing!

5 by Review source

Ok; the food is lovely.
The issue is the Bar; waiting times are ridiculous.
Advice - they know when they are going to be busy - a pub is a pub - it sells beer!
If I hadn't booked a meal; I would have walked - it happens too many times here to the point I have bought 2 rounds in 1 to avoid the wait!
Very disappointed from this point!
Beer \\u003d food...

3 by Review source

Used upgraded Tesco vouchers for meal off main menu. Cannot use them with deals. (See below re rump steak deal). Booked table easily online. Arrived to a very warm welcome. Ordered Rib eye and rump steaks. Medium rare. Beautifully cooked. Great portions. Too full for deserts. Left happy. Fully recommend. Great meal deals too. 9oz Rump Thursdays £8. Brilliant.

5 by Review source

Good food for Country Restaurant, I go annually for one reason or another. Service is always a little strained, getting things right or charging for every little extra is annoying (£3 for pigs-in-blankets x2 option on my Christmas dinner silly charge and didn't arrive latest example) but we'll cooked country grub in good surroundings.

4 by Mirek Slobodzian Review source

The foods great, reasonably priced and the waiting staff are really pleasant, helpful and informed. However it's let down by really...slow...service. Everyone seems under pressure and it feels like there's a bit of an atmosphere brewing.
Will probably avoid next week, even though I'm staying at the hotel next door.

3 by Steve Fairhead Review source

I eat here infrequently when I visit relatives, and the menu seems to change every time. They used to have a great menu that had 3 mini pies or 3 mini burgers on it so that you got to try all they had to offer. They don't do that anymore and I wish they'd bring it back. Good food at a decent price in an odd location.

4 by Christopher Winterborn Review source

This is my local and I'm a huge fan. Better than basic food, but not super complex, consistently well prepared at a very reasonable price. Booking is necessary at peak times. Sharon and her team are often run off their feet, but keep a positive and professional attitude and deserve a patient and polite clientele.

5 by Mark Williams Review source

we were staying at the prem next door during the bad snow on Friday and the old harbor staff were so accommodating to use we were able to get a meal and relax with drinks even though they needed to close at 8 pm for the staff to get home safely in the atrocious weather,cant praise them enough well done all of you.

5 by Review source

It is an odd one this. Awesome food, try the beef rib roast, but the staff do not seem to be that bothered about your service. 30 minutes for a starter but not being told that, and then the waitress getting annoyed when you ask why it is taking too long. Great food, poor service

3 by Surfing Turtle Review source

Food was good but it took a long time from placing the order too eventually it arrived.
The staff were OK but I would think twice before going there again.
The place wasn't busy .So I wonder how much longer we would have had to wait if it was.

4 by John Carlyon Review source

Very nice meal but slow service. The restaurant has been very nicely refurbished and is a lot lighter then it used to be. One waiter was superb but the other one was dealt slow and got the order wrong the made excuses. It won't put us off though and will go again.

4 by Review source

Food - very nice: 5 stars. Time taken for it to arrive - very long indeed. 40 minutes with finished plates sat on table from first course. Second course arriving approx 1hr 20mins after the first, following an enquiry as to how much longer it would be: 1 star.

3 by Review source

For a chain pub, this place is pretty good. Even though it has a premier Inn next to it it is quite well used by locals too. The people there are generally very friendly and the food is usually to good pub standard. Our grown up kids like it there too.

5 by Andy Eastham Review source

Disappointed today. Booked a meal for roast pork...which is what two of us wanted. So had turkey instead....but no cranberry sauce!!. Dinner was a little on the dry side. Wanted blackberry and apple pie. ..guess what....none left!!

3 by Review source

Great place for a meal or just a drink. Friendly staff, plenty of parking and food always good. Always a range of drinks including a changing range of featured beers. Some great evenings with live music on Fridays this year too.

5 by Review source

Food was average for the money but what let's this place down is the slow service. A meal that should've taken 1h30 at most took well over 3 hours... We waited at least 15 minutes just for the dessert menus!

2 by Thomas Mitchell Review source

Perfect date night. Friendly cheerful staff. Drink and food order taken promptly. There was a bit of a wait for the meals but not excessive and well worth it.
Food and menu is far better than some pub chains.

5 by Wendy Milne Review source

Arrived on Burns Night, only 1 table free. Despite this we were seated promptly, drinks arrived quickly as did the food which was excellent.
Staff were fantastic despite being full a fabulous evening

5 by Review source

My lasagna tasted and looked like it came out of the microwave and brought from Iceland’s and my chips tasted like they were cooked an hour ago and kept under a heat lamp. Very poor food.

1 by Review source

September 17.2016 Had a meal tonight the service was terrible four tables that arrived after us had their meal and had eaten it before we had are meal, lots of staff but no system .

1 by Review source

Good food. Menu choice varied, slight wait for service, but every table was full. Obviously the reputation for good food is known. Would definitely recommend.

4 by Vivian Hall Review source

Good place for a drink and serves good. Service can be slow at times but very friendly and efficient staff. Large beer garden for those occasional summer days!

4 by Sid Withey Review source

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