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If you want a collection of very low quality ingredients clumsily assembled into disgraceful slop of disappointment whilst burning a huge hole in your pocket, by all means ruin your day and go to Chiquito.

-The guacamole has a 'factory' cream like texture, with a complete lack of taste, ruining one of the most important binding ingredients of Mexican cuisine.
-The Fajitas come with a low quality grated cheese of unknown origin, most likely a combination of Cheese Strings and milk. It flaccidly crumbles in your hand into a soft wet paste and has a bland and unexciting flavour.
-Instead of using real Salsa like Pico De Gallo, Salsa Verde and Chipotle, you are given a generic mixture akin to tomato ketchup with a token chunk thrown in to complete its pathetic offering.

Our service was slow, the staff impersonal and unaccommodating and provided us with dirty glasses and warm tap water when asked. I implore you, do not even remotely consider dining at this cynical bastardisation of Mexican food. The fine principles of fresh, quality ingredients so important to Mexican food have been utterly molested by Chiquito, and for that it deserves no less than irreconcilable contempt.


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I went with some friends to celebrate a birthday. Since the first moment the waitress was extremely unfriendly with us. We ordered some beers and she ask for the ID to some of them. They showed her their driving licenses but for two of them it wasn't enough, they were not English, so she asked for an UK driving license or an ID. They went home to bring their IDs and after 10 minutes waiting for them, she checked the Italian ID like if my friend where a criminal, even asking to another waiter if it was a fake one or not.

The waitress told my 28 years old Italian friend that she couldn't have a beer without her passport!!! We asked to speak to the manager and he said the same. No passport no drinks.

After this embarrassing moment we left the local. Rude staff, racist behaviour and disappointing management.

1 by Juanma Muñoz Review source

FORGOT US - We went to the restaurant for the first time and we're seated and got drinks quickly and our orders taken. 40 minutes later nothing had arrived and the server was no where to be seen. Eventually we got her attention. She went to check and came back to say that they were missing an ingredient and could we choose something else. We asked if she had forgotten and she couldn't respond.

What makes the situation worst is the fact I've never eaten at chiquito's and this was my first and now only experience of your food establishment.

A lapse in concentration from one of your colleagues has unfortunately provided you with negative feedback, which as we know, spreads quicker than positive feedback.

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The waiter we had was absolutely amazing, sadly that's the only good thing I have to say about this Chiquitos. There were 4 of us for a meal and the bill was £100. I don't mind paying for good food, but, the food was average at best. The chimichanga had only piece of meat in it which is really bad considering that I ordered half and half beef and pork! I have included a picture of this. The starters were pretty decent, but not one of the main meals were enjoyed.
The meals turned up at separate times, and the was 15 minutes between the first dish arriving and the last one arriving.
We have never dined at a Chiquitos restaurant before and based on this experience will never dine in one again!

1 by Grim Reaper Review source

Great Mexican food. Cool vibe to the place - all kitted out in rustic Mexican attire - and the food lives well up to it. Some delicious things on the menu but the best, for me, has to be the fajita set. Plenty of wraps, cheese, guacamole, salsa, sizzling meat and veg; all on one big board for you to make your own fajitas. Staff are lovely; we've been there lots of times and only twice has there been any sort of issue - both times the staff were on it straight away. Highly recommend it if you're into this sort of food - even if you aren't usually, it's a great menu with lots of choice. Just don't sit near the front door in winter..

4 by Josh Murphy Review source

We were very disappointed with the quality of the food we were served. No flavour, food started as if it had been reheated by chef mike (microwave). My coconut chicken was served with no chicken. Paella was definitely not as advertised or like the picture, the chicken and chorizo tacos were half filled with had sweet pink onion and were so soggy to pick up and eat. The habernero table sauce tasted like a watered down mild tabasco. Just a truly unpleasant meal. The manager did not charge us for our mains after we expressed our dissatisfaction, which was good of him but sadly i doubt we will ever be back....

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Staff on the door were very friendly, but waitress not so good my food was cold and some how chicken was burnt, because we're were in rush for cinema I didn't have to complain and we had to wait so long for our food. This place really needs to up there game other Chiquito's we have had better meals.
Also found the restaurant very cold not what you want this time of year. At the end of the day you want food well cooked and at least hot. Not something that is luke warm .

2 by Tony Field Review source

4 of us went into Chiquito's last night, ordered a bottle of wine, which we were later told they had run out of. The manager [that's who he said he was] wasn't the nicest of people, spoke to us with absolutely no respect at all. As it was early doors we didn't think they would have run out of wine so early. We asked for another and as before manager? very rude. We got up and walked out. We went over to Frankie and Bennys, FAB service. NEVER AGAIN.!!!

1 by Sheila Wakeman Review source

The service was efficient with very polite staff and a relaxed atmosphere. The food, however, wasn't great. The tacos were wet and had mostly disintegrated before arriving at the table, and because of this we had to spoon the fillings onto a spare plate. The peri peri chicken fajitas had a great kick to them, but the peppers were sparse and cut too thinly to enjoy. Overall a disappointing experience for our rumbling tummies.

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Arrived there and waited to be seated. Instead a waitress gleefully said to as while passing that there was a two hour wait and just walked off. We were a bit taken a back as the waitress seemed to be joking but apparently she wasn’t. A rather rude greeting and we would have preferred to be told so in a more apologetic manner rather than be quickly shooed off. (Also it was a Tuesday night and it didn’t look that busy)

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It was a great night out! All of the staff were outstanding and made sure we were happy with our food. There were six of us that night, which is very difficult to hand with, especially seeing as 3 of them were teenagers. They were extremely happy to help and serve us.
The food was incredible and so was the service.

In conclusion the restaurant is the best Mexican that I have been in a long time.

5 by Review source

The atmosphere is nice and the food is acceptable, however the service is some of the worst I have ever had in any restaurant. Additionally, it wasn't a one-off experience. Since I did like the food and atmosphere I gave them multiple opportunities, but each time I went it actually got worst.
If you like the mexican feel, but don't care about the horrible service, then go for it...

1 by Review source

We visited few times long time ago and liked it but it was so disappointing this time, we won't be back. We had 2 children with us and we were sat next to toilets even though it was not busy at all. They just wanted us out of the way. Food was mediocre at best, my daughter burger (kids menu) was so hard I couldn't bite it! Overall not worth the money

2 by Joanna Kethelyi Review source

Excellent waiters, however, the quality of the food overshadowed their quality of service pretty quickly after we received our meals , the overpriced steaks we paid for were unbelievably chewy and rubbery, clearly not marinated either despite saying so on the menu. now, the fries are a different story, soggy and probably been in the vat for some time. shame

2 by Review source

Slow, tasteless and soggy. Friendly, but slow service despite it being quiet. Food tasted of nothing. Chimichanga was soggy and bland, the worst I have had. My partners coconut chicken was vaguely palatable. Peri peri prawns were chewy, Jalapeno poppers were very cook from frozen. Manager kindly refunded my Chimichanga, but will not be returning.

1 by Christopher Blake Review source

I organised for a big group of us to go here on lunch recently. We get the standard 1hr lunch so was pleasently surprised that as we pre ordered the food came out 10 minutes after we arrived. Really good food and really good service. The two guys who served us were very polite. Would definitely book here again. Santa Fe wrap all the way.

5 by Emma Timbrell Review source

Waited 5 minutes for someone to come to desk and acknowledge us and seat us... once seated it took another 15 minutes for someone to come and take out order. about 15 minutes later after not getting our drinks we nearly left, but the food turned up (before the drinks) - not sure if they were short staffed, but wouldn't go again

1 by Kieron Moore Review source

The Good - The staff were friendly and efficient.
The Bad - They ran out of sweet potato fries, forgot the thimble full of side salad with the kids meal and one of the dishes was one fajita short (very important if you get less than your sister!). The dishes were quite small which is heart breaking when it tastes so good!

4 by Review source

Enjoyable enough food, but there's usually been something wrong with one meal in the order when i've eaten here with my family. Food has come out cold, halloumi has come out barely cooked. A vegetarian order has been served as meat Fortunately my own meals have never been the problem and i quite like the menu.

3 by Suraj Boyal Review source

If you like the Mexican genre you will like chiquitos. Service was really good and the waiting staff friendly. Unfortunately the chili margarita was disgusting. Other cocktails were good though and price isn't too bad. It's not a place I would rush back to but neither would I avoid.

4 by Jemma X Review source

The waiter was lovely. He was efficient, polite and friendly. We had nachos to start which could have done with more cheese but otherwise really nice. I had veggie fajitas for main which were great... Awesome amount and really tasty! All round would definitely go again

4 by Rakhee Shah Review source

First chicken dish that came out wouldn't fill a goldfish and waiter agreed. Waited several minutes for a chicken breast so rest of meal was cold. They forgot to add the sauce I asked for. Poor poor service. They like their phones a lot!

1 by Review source

Was OK staff were busy and it was early, then there was espresso gate, 'yes madam two eXpressos' we had to ask twice, then they arrived looking like an americano split into expresso cups, my wife, a coffee lover was disenchanted...

3 by Alexander Lawson Review source

Place was empty. Food was ok. Got really annoyed when the waitress kept asking us if we were ready to order every few mins despite asking her to give 5 mins. Wouldn't go again unless I have no choice bit disappointed to be honest.

3 by Harry Patel Review source

Great mexican food, great atmosphere. Facilities are clean. Only problem we had was the bar running a bit slow so our drinks didn't arrive until after our starter. Can be a bit pricey but usually discount vouchers around.

4 by Steph Review source

This is usually our favourite place to eat out but recently it's gone terrible. The service is really really slow. Usually we get offered popcorn to nibble but both times our table was forgotten whennother tables had some

3 by Review source

2 hours for a below average burger, don't waste your time go to the McDonald's down the road and get a better tasting burger in a 10th of the time. If I could just put 0 out of 5 I would, maybe a 0.1 for pity.

1 by Review source

Food was tasty, steak was excellent. The service can sometimes be a little hit or miss. We have had to wait for drinks, dishes once ordered, despite not being very busy. However other times service has been excellent.

4 by Nik Harding Review source

Love Chiquito's and the staff here are great but this branch has some major management failings; never enough staff on, leading to ridiculous waits for food even when the restaurant isn't busy.

2 by Thom Dee Review source

I am sitting outside restaurant we have sent the meal back twice. First time meal was cold 2nd time plate boiling hot eggs a now rubbery chips still cold tried to microwave. Leaving now.

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