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We visited so many farms and safaris throughout the UK. With confidence, I can say that if a contest was held for the worst farm, this place would have won with a big advantage, and in all possible nominations. Everything is equally bad here: the whole idea of the park, territory, parking, animals, entertainment, playgrounds, toilets. Everything is equally tasteless, boring, old and very very dirty.
Dirt is the fetish of this farm, it is everywhere. Immediately dipped into it in the parking and it accompanies you everywhere, even in the kitchen of the restaurant. By the way, about the restaurant. People who are upset by the farm are trying to at least to have a lunch. Well, here everything is terrible. The restaurant is small and uncomfortable, we and many other people could not find a place and we had to sit in a nearby, of course, dirty and cold room. We waited for kids hot dogs for 50 minutes. 50 MINUTES IN A COLD DIRTY ROOM!!! In the end, they were brought from the kitchen by a man in the uniform of a farmer. Not a waiter, not a cook, a farmer in huge dirty boots. And a few minutes later, we saw how exactly this farmer is engaged on the street with a tractor. That's the attitude to hygiene.
The result, spent more than 70 pounds, spoiled the day off, not a single photo (really nothing worthy of a photo, except dirt). But there is a plus. Children promised to lead themselves very well, so that they were not taken to this farm again.

1 by Владимир Селезнев Review source

This is a fantastic day out for animal lovers of any age! As well as being able to walk around and interact with all of the animals, events are held fairly regularly throughout the day allowing you to get really hands on with some of the smaller animals, as well as some opportunities to get close to the deer.

The only negative was the wait time for food. The food was a high standard but took about 35 minutes to arrive. Staff were helpful and friendly, and had a great attitude towards the animals. Overall, a great day out and I'm looking forward to my next visit!

4 by Michael Howard-Sorrell Review source

Lovely place to go for a family day.

Don't rush things if you've got time. If you zoom round then you could have seen most things within a couple of hours.

However, there are feedings, collectings, rides etc. that can all be done over a longer period of time.

The food at the café was a good quality and quickly made to order. Gluten free options were available although staff may have to check.

The play area for the children is enjoyable and the jumping pillow looked great fun.

Worth taking your time over.

5 by P Webb Review source

A decent morning or afternoon visit, but rather overpriced I feel. Great talk given on the deer species on site - very informative, enjoyable. Pricing model of pretty much the same for anyone over 2 is great in principle as all visitors will enjoy - just at too high a level.
Maybe, when the tractor rides don't run (a main attraction for the kids), they should consider say a 20% discount off 'next' or even 'this' visit?

Traditional zoos in the main, offer greater diversity and rather better value - for a great FULL day out.

3 by David Knight Review source

Small place that you could do at leisure in two hours (including a stop in the coffee shop). Unobtrusive staff, easy to get close to the very friendly animals, and very reasonable prices for everything.

You'll see sheep, goats, donkeys, ducks, geese, pigs, Shetland ponies, rabbits, and a variety of other handheld furry creatures. You will also see a variety, three I think, of deer in the attached park.

There is a big play area for kids to go crazy and give parents a break.

Overall a very worthwhile.plave to visit.

5 by Ray Creamer Review source

Will not be returning - the animals at Buckleberry Farm today seemed far from looked after and content, I'd go as far as to say aggressive. For the same price you can visit Beale Park, although you may not be able to pet the animals the environment is much more pleasurable. Buckleberry Farm itself felt like it needed some attention, upgrading or just letting those poor animals have plenty of room to roam. 4 Cows were crammed in a pen smaller than my living room where they were charging at each other, the guinea pigs had more room!

1 by Review source

Took my daughters aged 5 & 3. We had a great time feeding the animals, holding the rabbit and guinea pigs and playing in the park. My only suggestions would be more animals (horses, dairy cows, chicks) WiFi, even more play stuff! Other than that the prices are reasonable, (£3.50 for kids fish n chips, 60p for animal food) I would maybe question the size of facilities if it rained but would expect lower amount of visitors anyway.
UPDATE The sales staff at the Newbury dealer were very helpful as I suspected.

4 by Roony Golf Review source

We visited Bucklebury Farm over the Easter holidays with our toddler, and all in all it was a nice day out despite the rain. There is a small indoor play area, but most activities are outside so we were did get rained on quite a bit. Our daughter loved seeing all the animals, and feeding the lambs was the definite highlight for her. The restaurant got very busy at lunch time and it took us 30 minutes to just order our food, which isn’t ideal with little kids.

4 by Anna Khambata Review source

Was pleasantly surprised by this farm park. The attractions are fairly similar to what you would expect from similar farms. The animal section was very good as you can get very close to the animals. The soft play bus is a bit old and tatty but my son absolutely loved it. The paths are a bit bumpy and it can be a bit hard to push a pushchair round in places. The price was quite reasonable it is about 11 pound for an adult and 5 for a child.

5 by George Carter Review source

I took the family for a day out to the farm and was really impressed by the
facilities. We were blessed with a sunny day, which no doubt added to the
overall experience, but the farm was the perfect backdrop for the family to
have a picnic. My little ones loved seeing the deers up close... Next time
ill be sure to bring the camera to get some nice photos for the family

4 by Review source

Great place to spend a day with friends or family! Get there nice and early as they have a variety of hands on events which run hourly. Staff were very patient and knowledgeable, especially Luke who ran our 'Pat a Pet' session. Food bags are only 60p and you get a chance to feed a variety of animals. Cafe is minimal and quite expensive but we didn't use it. Can't wait to go back!

5 by HappinessBug Review source

An excellent experience, especially for the kids & I might add even the adults. Many adorable, tame animals willing to be touched & stroke. The tractor ride is a big plus for the younger kids too.
The indoor barn area features the big slides that prove very popular with parents and kids alike.
Fabulous food & service from the cafe and staffs and all at a reasonable price!

5 by Shaikhah Luna Alsagoff Review source

I have to say how very very disappointed we were, hardly any Animals not much for the kids to do , except a play park and bouncing pillow. Far far too expensive for what is there , we've been to other places for less money and far more on offer .We were charged a fortune for a coffee and it was gone in 3 mouthfuls . Over all very very poor. We will never go again

3 by Review source

I love this place, I come here about once a year and I like to go on the giant slides. There are great activities for children but it is very smelly. You can buy food from the counter and go round the park feeding animals, or you can go on a tractor ride and feed the deer or let the children play in the play area. I recommend Bucklebury farm park for all people

4 by Jaxboy Review source

We visited 1st week in November.
Awesome! Best Day out for little ones, o.k. for moms and dads too!
our 6 year old Ella said ' my experience was fun, I was a farmer, I did lots of work, there were lots of baby pigs, Thank you farmer Catherine for a great day! '

5 by Review source

A small local zoo like a farm, some pets and birds have a large lake and a play area and a good restaurant suitable for children up to 12 years, the entry price is approximately 10 pounds, detailed data are available on the farm site The road has an agricultural near the Redding area

4 by ابو بدر محمد Review source

This place is fantastic, took my 8 and 10 year olds and they loved it. Spent around 2 hours just playing in all the various areas before we even visited the animals. The animals, and feeding them, just added even more joy to the day. The cafe is excellent too.

5 by Review source

Of all the farm parks visited, this ranks among the best! All inclusive ticket though animal feed and cafe food and drinks are extra. Lots of timed activities to do throughout the day making it a fun day out for children and adults. Highly recommended!

5 by James Salkeld Review source

So much to do for kids and grown ups. It was great feeding the big deer and then the farmyard animals. Good playground for the kids. I went when the weather was bad but I can see how it would be even better on a sunny day.

5 by Mike Hawthorne Review source

Was OK, there was only goats and a couple donkeys when we went plus they were very boisterous and some children were put off. Play areas are OK but needs a lot more. Take your own food as restaurant prices are ridiculous!!

3 by Paige Nancarrow Review source

Best place to go and spend your time with the familly. Staff is friendly and they have a wide variety of animals. The deer safari is quite a nice but short experience. But overall is a cracking place to spend your day.

5 by Cosmin Cosmin Review source

This is a lovely little animal adventure park for children of the younger years and for adults too!

It is definitely worth a visit, though do expect a little walking to ensure that you see all the animals!

5 by Review source

It's ok. Family friendly, but the play areas are quite run down - especialyl the bus, which smells like stinky feet. The ticket prices are way too high and they don't offer a family anual ticket either.

3 by Maja Geeves Review source

Lovely farm. Great big play area and play bus. The children loved feeding the reindeer. Only negative was the price of the food in the cafe. Not much on offer at 5 pound for a bacon sandwich is too much.

4 by Nichola Leon Pastrana Review source

Lovely experience even with older children.
Car park is free which is always a bonus.
Really nice grounds and love the woods.
Adaquate selection of animals.
Will visit again.

5 by Veronika Cintra Review source

We went for a kids party and it was great, the food was slow to arrive even though it had been ordered in advance which meant the party overran the time allocated. Thankfully no one was after us.

5 by Cassandra Davis Review source

Fab for the kids. A touch too expensive which deters locals from going more a than once or twice a year. Great place for Dad`s to read papers (provided free) while kids play. Kids favourite.

5 by Sebastian Sheppard Review source

Me & my sister in-law and niece didnt like it the animals had escaped nothing to do. The food was disgusting the drinks were also disgusting. I would NOT recommend this park to anyone

1 by Review source

Loads of animals to see and pet, indoor and outdoor play areas, trikes, soft play bus and great cafe. We've been with kids from as young as 8 months. Love it here!

5 by Steve Mason Review source

Great place to take the kids. There are lots of animals to see and feed and a play ground for the kids. Also a fun tractor ride and a chance to feed the deer.

4 by Lee Hutchings Review source

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