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Super cool neighborhood! If there is a special place in London, is this! You start to walk from the bottom of the street and there is a lot of restaurants from all around the world. Art is also present since the beginnig, art on the walls, art gallerys, art shops... So many different places to enjoy and discover just walking up the street. On sundays there is a Big street market full of food, clothes, art and second hands things also! No Matter if It rains, there are inside and outside places. Is a modern cool place to enjoy by day or night. At the end of the street you Will found night pubs, bars and discotheques...the neighborhood is Shoredich, also full of party places! So far the best neighborhood un London!! LOVE It! If you are a vegetarian food lover, then thats your área. With vegan and vegetarian options in so many places. We went to Mooshied restaurant and there we found one of the bests vegan burgers. Was the first time that we ate Jack fruit burger. The taste was so good, and the portions satisfying. Perfect before party night...! I Will recomend also a little library in brick Lane, with alternative books, full of interesante things... LOVE It!!

5 by Ines Lazaro Review source

Personally, I don't like this street and this market. There are a lot of interesting shops and cafés around Brick Lane, good lunch food offers on this street market but quality of clothes & goods sold here on street market is very low. Brick Lane became some sort of tourist attraction and Asian restaurants there are tourists orientated fast food. There are a few good cafés around and interesting art galleries. Good location, close to centre of London and City. Some Asian cafés there serve very low quality food and curry though. I have been really disappointed during my last visit as the quality of food there used to be better. The famous bagel cafe was very dirty and badly overcrowded.

4 by Coach Health Review source

Lovely and creative market. Lots of art graffittis and everything painted on the wall is so politically meaningful and attitude-opening. Although some are totally presented in a negative sense but still powerful and touching. People cam sense a high level of grievance from those graffitti.

Brick Lane is one of the best tourist destinations in London where no-one could neglect to visit and buy some exotic food and souvenirs for their friends and families (or at least to stop by and taking pictures of the arts and graffittis on the wall.

Many street food lying here really satisfied me and my friends' picky tongues.

4 by Pol.sciblue Pol.sciblue Review source

Brick Lane Market is a London market centred on Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets in east London. It is located at the northern end of Brick Lane and along Cheshire Street, in the heart of east London's Bangladeshi community. It operates every Sunday from around 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Almost anything can be found on Brick Lane, from antique books to eight-track cartridge decks (for many years it hosted a stall selling nothing but rusty cog wheels). There is a possibility of such strange discoveries and it has always been popular with and much photographed by art students. Bargain hunters from across London also value it greatly

4 by mpampis antoniadis Review source

Great place to go to enjoy a great cultural atmosphere, market, coffee, street art, music and food.

This street in the Tower Hamlets district of London has all these things all in a very small area.

The Jewish influence is still visible today and the buildings reflect all the different cultures that have been in this area over the decades. The Baigel Shop still serves traditional food and is well priced and very popular. The salt beef just melts in your mouth.

The street art is fabulous. I think there was a Banksy in the area but I believe it's not there now.

5 by Angie Beaumont Review source

Lived nearby for more than a year, it was a go to place for weekend lunch (World Food Market in the Truman Brewery). Still go back from time to time.

Big selection of restaurants on the street. Most look upscale and pricy, but they're not that bad. Pick one that's moderately occupied, the empty ones may be empty for a reason.

As a tourist, don't get enticed in by the guys trying to get you in the first restaurant you walk past. They're used to rejection. There's a huge selection, choose yours!

5 by Róbert Papp Review source

A vibrant busy and a fun place to be. Great food especially Asian as theres a lot here. There are some good places for different types food and some cosy coffee bars too. Sunday's are good for vintage and similar stalls, but beware it can get very busy. There are on occasions some great buskers around if you like a bit of music. There's lots of street Art and graffiti around this area if that's your thing make sure you bring your camera.

5 by Mike Peckett Review source

This should be an item on 'things to check in London' list. The whole thing is an experience here: cool shops, vintage stores and restaurants, rubbish on the street, the way people dress and amazing graffiti everywhere. I personally find it a bit messy and dirty, but always take friends visiting here and they love it.

Best day to go is Sunday when the Flower Market in Columbia Road is also open because is a short walk away.

4 by Luciana de Morais Review source

It's obviously legendary & pretty famous. If you should go here all depends on two things.....

1. Are you after a great curry!?

2. Do you like the Shoreditch/Hoxton (or LC market - if you're there on a weekend) vibe?

The south side is all about the curry houses, with the North all about bars, clubs & retro shops etc...

Not for me, but it's without doubt worth a visit.

4 by James Grant Review source

Another classic London street market ruined forever by the influx of tourists and associated generic 'authentic' bland food stalls (and rapid exit of everything that made it unique in the first place). If you can get your hands on a time machine set the dials for anytime pre-2005. Otherwise stick to Camden Lock for your fix of identikit novelty merchandise. And whatever you do... Do Not Eat The Curry!

1 by Sam Hurt Review source

Fantastic selection of street food. Many varieties of Asian, European and Carribean food. Also great cake and brownie selections, including gluten free from some stalls. There are also plenty of specialist soft drink stalls. A few more benches would be welcome - however this is a minor criticism of what is a really great street food venue. For a few pounds you can experience some really good food on the hoof.

5 by Paul Tinker Review source

Visit on Sundays to feel this east London vibe. You can buy all kind of kitch which you never imagined could still exist. Try the food stalls along the road and in the old warehouses. Near the north end of the market, the famous bagels are a must either with salt beef or just simple cheese. Take your time to check out the graffiti near by (you can take guided tours too if you want).

5 by Adam Knauz Review source

A real weekend delight for the foodies in your life. Dotted with food stalls selling everything from juices and coffees to crepes and curries. Interspersed with warehouses full of vendors selling second hand hipster wear that makes you wonder what clothing donation bin was broken into the previous night. A fun spot to hang out on the weekend. Get in before the afternoon crowds.

4 by Timothy Ho Review source

There's something for everyone here, from vintage clothes to hipster-ware, second hand books, chocolatiers and gourmet coffee. Markets, street food and street art from Banksey to anonymous graffiti. This is a feast for all senses and generally a hip place to hang out. Much different by day and night, so at any time you go, you'll get a different sense of the place.

4 by Matt Oz Review source

Still one if my favorite weekend markets! Lots of street food, great coffees, vintage clothes, music on the street, great young lively vibe...Everyone is super fashionable and feels great just being there! The smoothie stand offers so many types of smoothies with an amazing price of £2-2.50! Fresh juice is only £1! Close to 17h, they start selling stuff a bit cheaper!

5 by Gabriela Vachkova Review source

Very very big and famous market, at every Sunday. You can find everything here...bycicle,watches, postcards, matchbox, porcelain, vintage knife, food, spoon-fork, cd's,washing powder, tissue,clothes,used-new things as well.. etc... Can to drink tea,coke,alcohol, can to eat lots of foods, sweeties from a different countries. Recommened very well! Must to go there!

5 by brodyjanos Review source

I'd say that this is the street market that your inner hipster hoped to visit. Definitely a good place to find find street art, walk aimlessly and just enjoy the atmosphere of this place.

The only food that we decided to try was the buffalo wings from 'The Orange Buffalo'. Wasn't as spicy as we thought it would be; but still enjoyable!

5 by Mei Xi Tan Review source

A great mix of vendors at this market. Selection of street food from around the world (particularly love the Poutinerie). Nice to still see interesting independent shops as well selling a wide variety of goods. Interesting clothing, furniture, etc. Seems to be an active street art scene in this area too, so while wandering around there is plenty to look at.

5 by David Thomas Review source

Sunday is the busiest day as all the food stalls are open. It's one of the most vibrant and enthralling parts of the city, for real Londoners and our visitors. Traditionally you ventured to Brick Lane for South East Asian cuisine but with the markets, art houses, pop up shops and restaurants you have your pick. Spitalfields is also a 5 min walk.

5 by SRT Review source

This is an amazing spot that is filled with life, color and great food. The vintage stores are worth the time to check out but the food galore is some of the best in the city for really good prices. I’d highly recommend the Rib Sandwich from The Rib Man (with their spicy sauce) and the Argentinian Steak from Prieto’s Grill. So good.

5 by Rovik Robert Review source

Loved this surprise visit recommended by a friend!!!
Needed MUCH more time 2 peruse.
Lots of shopping... even fr local vendors at indoor shopping buildings. But several national & international shopping vendors.

Lots of local eateries & street-side vendors.
Such a great place 2 checkout!

5 by Marketing Leader Review source

Brick Lane is currently one of the best places to head in London if you're looking for culture in general. Things you will find here in abundance are vintage clothes stores, great street food from all over the world, arts and crafts stalls and antiques stalls. Definitely a highlight of London for me.

5 by Chris Welburn Review source

Now a hipster market, long evolved from dodgy goods that at best might have been 'grey'. Superb street food options, a mass of entertainment and some great hipster bars, in what used to be strip joints. Tremendously busy but with pockets of quiet once you know it. Borders on spitalfields market.

4 by Ingo Pless Arena Projects Review source

Not as big as I expected, but you can find good food here for a small amount of money (also, you get a lot). Other than that there are some nice stalls which sell a diversity of things. I managed to get a cool woodblock print here. There's also music all around and other regular shops.

4 by Bono de Visser Review source

Street food market in an interesting old building with all stalls under the roof so eating as normal despite a bad weather. Lot of worldwide for me unknown cuisines i.e. Burmese or Ethiopian. More sitting space is required so everybody can enjoy a great experience of international dishes.

4 by Kubo Review source

Nice place with lots of options for buying Nice things.

There are independent Artists selling their crafts sharing space with nice brands as MAC, Chanel and Benefit.

There is also a good variety of cafés and food stops.

Shops on different styles are here.

5 by Katia Schoenaker Review source

It's definitely interesting and worth to visit, especially if you are a tourist. The atmosphere is very nice and you can get some great and cheap food here!. However, if you are looking for a vintage clothing, there are loads but quite expensive as for a second handed product.

4 by Rad Did Review source

The best market I've been to so far! Loved the fact that you can almost find anything on this small road: from vintage branded clothes to home supplies. There were a lot of good cafes and small restaurants along the road in case you need a pick-me-up or a small bite.

5 by Gama Aprilian Review source

If you are looking for an alternative side of London, then you must pay a visit to this place where street art and vintage fashion are overwhelming. I would recommend a visit during the weekend, when this street becomes an open market, with street food and good bargains.

5 by pepze pepze Review source

Brick lane market is a must for art and food lovers.
The place is full of eating places, one can easily find any cuisine at cheap prices. The range of normal food box is 5-7£.

There are people playing live music.

Must visit on a sunny day

5 by Megrisoft Legal Review source

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