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3, St. Peters Quarter, St Peter's Rd, Bournemouth BH1 2AD

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This place has deteriorated beyond belief.It went from.a decent place to restaurant from hell in just 2 years.Initially I visited with friends in 2013 and it was great at that time.Then in 2014 I went again and it did not seem as good.But this year we had such a nasty experience with the food and service that we will never return.we arrived at 9.30 and first thing we were made to pay,then most of the food was being packed away for storage I expect even though it contained warmed up meat and fish.The sushi containing sea food had a nasty stench and tasted fizzy.Most of the meat dishes were excessively salty and had a stale gone off taste.The staff inconsiderately placed a rubbish trolley where they were emptying plates,right by our table .When i asked them politely to move it away because it was very unpleasant, they did not understand a word of english.The manager, a Mr Jason,was very dismissive and rude when I told him about this and about the gone off sushi.The choice of food was scarce and we felt we were eating leftovers. In the end we left without finishing our food because I feared we will get food poisoning from the gone off meat and sea food.The place was dirty and floor covered in spilled sticky drinks and food.It was like a nasty canteen experience.Will never return ever.Oh,and when I told Mr Jason that I will post a review about our dreadful experience at Day's he said 'go ahead do it',so I did.

1 by Cori C Review source

As all you can eat restaurants go, this place is pretty good. The food is fresh and tasty and there is a good variety. The available dishes are pan-Asian in origin, so Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian and so on are all covered here. For the less adventurous in your party, there's also omelette and chips, so nobody should really have any trouble finding something to eat (Allergies and intolerances aside, I'm not qualified to comment on those!). Having said that, the vegetarian selection is a little underwhelming. But that's the price you pay for being a fussy eater! Seriously though, if you're looking to try lots of different things, you really need to be omnivorous. There's an amazing selection of meat and fish, cooked in a variety of ways. But for the vegetarians among us, you really need to be going for volume. I tend to find a few things that I really like and I'm happy to keep going back for more. There's still more than enough to ensure that your appetite fails before boredom kicks in.

Make sure you check out the desserts before you start on the savoury stuff so you can decide how much space you're likely to want to save! There's a good selection of sweet stuff, definitely more British in nature, but you're going to want to try it all anyway!

4 by Richard Awbery Review source

My friends were celebrating a birthday meal and due to personal commitments I wasn't able to make it for the start of the meal. I arrived whilst my friends were having their desserts so I asked if I could buy a drink and sit with them for the remainder of their meal. I was told by a very rude manager that their policy is that I have to buy a meal if I was to sit down with them, however he said he would allow me 2 or 3 minutes to quickly chat with them but then I'd have to leave. I explained that I wasn't able to eat their food due to my sport, competitive bodybuilding where I have my own very regulated diet, plus my friends would only be in the restaurant for not much longer, however he ignored the circumstances and promptly told me I should leave. I would understand if I had arrived at the beginning, however for the sake of 15 minutes he should have made an exception, I even offered to buy a drink. I ate once at day's, wasn't impressed with the food anyway, so certainly won't ever be going back. Nice customer service.... Not.

1 by Review source

We have been coming to Days ever since it opened. Slowly but surely we have watched it go down hill.Days have a good selection of food that is for sure. There is a BIG problem with your duck with pancakes the pancakes are always cold now and when you ask the assistant he says sorry that's the best we can do it takes long time to warm up. It is a very popular dish and I hear many people complain. Your food all along the side of many varied dishes always has the lids open so the food gets cold. When you first opened the food was always hot. Last week we came on a Sunday afternoon and so many dishes on the main meal and the sweets were empty we could not believe it. I called the assistant and he told me they are on break and eating their meal and it would be topped up in time.It is a shame as Days was the place we chose to eat most times we go out but now we are going to try other placed and reading the other reviews I am not alone in my points.BIG SHAME but it is the usual thing with places they get busy and standards drop.

3 by Review source

Great space,in a very good location and that is all!
Do not think eat here if its less than 2 hours to close..Had 100 times better service at MacDonald or Burguer king at closing/busy times..Arrived at 8:50PM was adviced for a person that needs training in ALL ASPECTS that was nearly closing first I was a bit confused because 3 seconds before I saw closing time AT THE DOOR and clearly it's 10:30PM,anyway decided to pay and go in as my partner wanted to eat..low quality,low quantity,mainly dry leftovers..honestly it is what you pay for..feel sorry for 2 or 3 staff there that are good (too good to work in a place like this!) All the rest of the staff needs training and common sense and HYGIENE practices..9:45PM we had a 'gentle reminder' for someone (chef or something like that..) taking all the leftovers in a extremely noisy way and with a very negativity/angry attitude..

1 by Review source

Great food, incredible service. Very polite and professional staff.

I have been to days many times and it is my preffered place to dine, amazing variety of foods to chose from and all of them good quality. The only thing I can mark down is that the chips can go stale sometimes, this is understandable as they are not cooked to order and Days does very well at keeping the rest of the foods to a decent temperature and not stale.

Be aware, due to the variety, eating at days is very addictive and whilst it is okey price wise every so often, it's very easy to start going a couple of times a week and it adds up.

The final thing that I could say is possibly a negative is that drinks are quite expensive, it would blue nice if there was some cheap juice/soft drink that was included in the all you can eat instead of spending half the meal cost or more on drinks.

5 by Review source

Days is good for several reasons, but it's not QUITE good enough for 4 stars...
The price is quite expensive, but it IS all-you-can-eat. If you only have a small appetite though, you would probably feel a bit cheated.
However, the range of dishes available is impressive, Chinese, Indian and some standard American-style fast food (pizza etc).
In my opinion though, the best part of Days is the Teriyaki grill, where you can select from a number of choices (squid, steak etc) and the chef will prepare it to your liking in front of you, on the hot plate.
One of the reasons I DON'T like going all that often is actually because the other customers depress me! There are so many different choices of dish... Tempura veg, Thai green curry... And people still just pile their plate high with chicken balls and chips.

3 by Dan Balderson Review source

It was my daughter s 21st . OK it was tomorrow because of work commitments we had the birthday celebration the day before because it was a Sunday. There were 8 family members but because it was a day early she didn't get a free birthday meal I was told abruptly by the asian man at the door ... OK I guess rules are rules so I suggested to the waitress that she maybe could stamp twice on her loyalty card ! She refused .. we ordered a cocktail and asked for a straw or umbrella in my daughters cocktail...that was refused and we bought our own cake in and sang happy birthday to her with no acknowledgments from any member of staff..
Food good ........
Staff and attitudes terrible..
Will never come here for a family celebration again ..

1 by Review source

All you can eat buffet, all day. The food is what it is...huge selection of chinese, Thai and Indian dishes. With accompanying sides. Little cooking areas for chefs to prepare a variety of cuisies from sushi to waffles...depending on the time of day you choose to eat...I wouldn't say this us the most high quality of places to eat, however, it's no worse than local Chinese takeaway for food quality, but if you want quick and large portions this is the place for you. Very reasonably priced for both the buffet and accompanying drinks...water is free which is a bonus for children. So don't go expecting food that is award worthy, but with a huge appetite

4 by Sue Taylor Review source

Day's Restaurant at 3 St. Peters Quarter, Bournemouth BH1 2AD is a
South East Asian cuisine, and modern buffet restaurant, with over 200
dishes for a set price.

If you are planing to spend 1-2 hours, there is enough dishes in the
menu to keep you going, from Thailand, Malaysia, to chinese with Sushi thrown in for good measure, but you wont have time to sample all of them. The food is all you can eat buffet variety, don't go expecting
a gourmet experience, but its great for sampling everything on offer.

If you want to avoid the busy weekend crowd, would recommend Wednesdays, which is relatively quite.

4 by Review source

Me and my friends my friends mum and are children 15 in total went to days today to be met by cold food vile manager and service people and a leaking pipe on top off where are children were sat eating when we made the complaint we was told by a server he didnt understand so he walked away so I went to the manager who said because we brought are own drinks for one a baby and she didn't complain she didnt think it was fair for us to complain! And she stomped off the pipe could off ha anything leaking from it for all we knew then I went to change my daughters nappy who fell over I'm the toilet in to god only knows what the place is disgusting

1 by Review source

Day's have a really large selection of a variety of foods from Chinese to Indian, seafood, Pizza, and chef's stations where they will make you your own dishes on request.
It's an all you can eat, and there is something for pretty much everyone, so you can go as a large group and even picky people should be able to find something...
We do enjoy going here, and the kids love it. Especially the large selection of deserts, sweets and the self serve ice cream machine.
The reason that I have only given Day's a 3 star review is the quality of the food (especially the deserts) is not that high and could be better.

3 by Philip Reeves Review source

Decent (but not incredible) quality of food, but its enjoyable and there is a huge selection of different dishes (chinese, thai, indian, japanese and pizza). There is a wide range of desserts too - ice-cream, jelly, cakes, fruit and a bar where you can order a freshly made pancakes or waffle (with as many toppings as you want). Drinks are expensive (and are not included when you enter the restaurant - you pay a fixed price on entry and then help yourself to food, with a separate bar where you order and pay drinks). Recommended if you're hungry and are on a budget or want to know that there won't be any surprises with the bill.

3 by Stuart Morgan Review source

I'm not sure what I enjoyed more. The idea of all you can eat or the look in my son's eyes when he realised how much choice he had. We sat at one end of the restaurant and he couldn't see the end of the buffet selection. Even when you thought you knew where it finished you were wrong as the choices continued along the back wall and almost back round the farside and not just Chinese, there was Indian, pizza, Teppenyaki,sushi, seafood, English roasts and a mountain of desserts. This is not your first date kind of a place but great for families, especially when your kids see all you can eat as a full on gloves off challenge.

4 by kristian young Review source

Bad service.. says that closes at 23pm and they stop cooking before 22pm so food starts feeling like rubber and not to say they took all the food out at 22.30pm . Went to eat some ice cream for desert and I asked if they had anymore and they said they would put tomorrow so basically paid 30£ to eat rubber and don't even be able to eat peacefully.. Not to say that is 22.35pm and people trying to eat and they are cleaning the floor and spraying tables next to people. TOTAL RUBBISH!!! So go steal somebody else whit these prices and low quality food/staff!! ONCE AGAIN TOTAL RUBBISH DON'T LET THEM STEAL U TOO!!

1 by Review source

Went in at 8pm to book table for 8.30.
Came back at 8.30, got table. Great food, staff polite and pleasant.
Unfortunately at 9.45 (bearing in mind that the restaurant was supposed to be open until 10.30) we were told that all of the food (including deserts) would be closed and taken away in ten minutes.
Felt really rushed at the end and it spoiled would would have been a lovely meal. Such a shame.
If you want to go there, don't leave it until too late.
Very disappointed, could have Neen so much better.

3 by Review source

Had an awful meal here on the 13/8/17 we booked a table at 20.30 we started to eat after an hour they started clearing the food away so we felt rushed now there closing time states 22.30 so I and the family I was with presumed the food would be there till that time but no they came to us and said all food would be taken away at 21.50 that's 40 min before they state they closed so we feel our journey down from reading to come to this restaurant was ruined so we will not be coming to this restaurant ever again

1 by Review source

I love Day's but only in the evening. The lunchtime buffet is so poor in comparison to it's late night brother. The price is not too much different now either. The food is very obviously recycled from the previous nights service. Dry chicken, chips that may actually be made of sponge, and a feeling of being a bit of a cheapskate when you could spend a bit more per person and get fresh food. Evening buffet though is exceptional and the teppinyaki squid with chilli and garlic is heavenly.

3 by Surfing Turtle Review source

Good range of food, some cooked to order, such as fresh seafood and pancakes and waffles, they also have a very large range of dessert options. I would highly doubt that there isn't a bit of something for everyone in this place. The food itself is in a buffet style, this is great for options however sometimes the food is space or starting to turn cold as there is so much it must be difficult to keep everything turning over and hot and fresh consistently, overall good quality food.

3 by Eloise Rosa Review source

Food is reasonable as well as wide variety. Couldn't understand staff taking plates before finishing food. When I stood up to fill up my kid's plate, I returned to find my plate had been cleared away. And that is one of examples,unfortunately.
All this experience makes you feel unwelcome as restaurant seems to want customers in an out quickly.
If you care to fill in as much as you can in two hours without caring of general customer service,that is place for you.

3 by Review source

Our kryptonite! Quite a few things to avoid tbh, but so many others that make up for it. Make sure you go in peak hours to ensure the freshest food, or you risk things tasting funny and your stomach hating you. WE like the (mostly deep fried) starters section, the vegetable sides in the chinese section, the teppanyaki - the only thing guaranteed cooked to order, the dim sum and (sometimes) the sushi. Deserts are mostly disappointing but the Eton mess and profiteroles are spot on!

4 by esseltefi Review source

An all you can eat buffet. There's so much food and it's so moreish. Don't go in expecting super high quality or a gourmet experience. You are here to eat everything you possibly can and it will taste fairly nice.
There's quite a large range of food, but you won't get much out of it if you're vegetarian unfortunately.
More expensive on the weekend, I recommend going on a weekday if possible, as the price doesn't feel as bad then.

4 by Steven Ryan Umanee Review source

Amazing value for money. You could have chinese, Thai, Indian, pizza or roast. Or a bit of everything if you wanted. Lovely deserts, ice creams and even sweets. The chocolate gateaux was amazing, as was the apple in wine, so surprisingly sweet and tasty! The off putting thing is the size of the venue and all the long tables lined up, but they all have table cloths and there are lots of staff who are very quick to clear your plates and refresh the food at the counters.

5 by Maria Lacey Review source

A slight guilty pleasure of mine and I've only been once. But I'll be back when my pancreas has recovered from the unavoidable gorging that ensues, as soon as you walk through the doors and take in the site of somewhere in the region of 50 linear meters of freshly prepared, Asian, Indian and European starters, mains and deserts. Family's and friends never need to argue about whether you meet for pizza, omelette, curry or crispy beef ever again.

4 by Phill Elston Review source

Day's offer a friendly and prompt service, which is hard to fault. There's room for many customers as well, so queuing for a table during lunch periods shouldn't ever be an issue. The lack of vegetarian options is a little disappointing, however. I know we're a small group of eaters, but only having half a dozen items to choose from is a little lacking - I couldn't see a single curry dish, for example.

3 by Dan Cross Review source

Never gone wrong going here.
Sushi is amazing!
Food is always great and a good selection.
Staff are quick to take your dirty plates away! Good for kids as they've got a separate family section and some English food for fussy eaters
Lunch is always best to go as its a bit cheaper.
If others are going to moan about the quality of the food I wonder what they are expecting for the price!

5 by Review source

Pleasant and helpful staff. Varied food selection, and quality, from savoury to sweet eg Chinese, Thai, Italian and Indian. Huge canteen style, seaside-themed restaurant in need of refurbishment and thorough clean. Eg. Sticky flooring, greasy tables and menus. For these reasons, I definitely won't be returning, but can see why it's popular with some people, at 16 pounds per person for EAMAYL!

2 by Review source

Often these sort of buffets can be rather underwhelming however with a huge selection and some really tasty food, this is not you average buffet. While not all the dishes are amazing there's plenty of choice a for the most part the food is good. Drinks are a little expensive and as the place is so large it has a slightly odd vibe. Overall would recommend for this who like Asian foods.

4 by James Booth Review source

Food is decent and the selection vast. However, tried to sit us in a basement room as it was busy, that was painted intended for children with loud awful music. We complained and refused to sit down there and were told we would have to wait 30 mins for a table then. Suddenly, after causing a fuss there was a table free straight away... Bit over priced at dinner time at £18.50 a head!

2 by Gideon Oswald Review source

Was there on sunday with wife and kids. Saw the signs on the door £8.99 all you can eat. Went in and they charged me £14.99 per person. I ask them why and the guy on the till said £8.99 is monday to friday only. But dont say that on the sign and why the sign is on the door. He was rude and offer no explanation. About the food? Was average and alot of things was empty

1 by Spoon Review source

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