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We have arranged a birthday party for our daughter's 5th Birthday in Jolly Rogers on 16 th January from 4pm - 6pm. But it was very very poorly managed by Jolly Rogers. Please find the following evidences of mismanagement:
1. Through out the party we have never received shoe bucket and all guest carried their own shoes.
2. Cleaner took so long to clean that we got access to our designated room 2 much after 5pm to start the party.
3. Even after cleaning there were lots of spillage so we had ask every now and then.
4. After reading this list you might think this is so bad then please wait for the worst and most severe of the nature. We have booked and paid for 15 kids. One kid didn't get even get his preferred food which is Fish and Chips. Finally they served him sandwiches.
5. They have given one less Good bag and of course we have distributed those to guests first and then found there was nothing left for our daughter but JR were quick enough to sort that out.
6. Through the party we didn't see party representative in our room so we had to reach out them.

But most embarrassing and shameful experience that one kid didn't even get his food at the time when others were enjoying their food.

1 by Review source

Very big soft play. Has lots to do for both my 3.5 and 1 year old. Staff have always been friendly and I think it's great value for money compared to other places. The equipment is a bit worn in places but it's to be expected from the oldest soft play in town. It's always clean and have often seen staff cleaning. The cakes are great but the hot food isn't the best but then again, it's not a restaurant! My only criticism would be that the baby change pull down table doesn't feel very secure.

4 by Review source

Good place to take the kids, it is a safe place for the kids to gain a bit of independence and meeting new friends. I go quite a lot as my 3 and 6 yr old love it... It gets very busy at peak times and the last time i went there was not enough seating, long queues for the cafe and long waiting time for the food but it has wifi and you generally never have to wait for the toilets which is a must for potty training age!

4 by Lee Cain Review source

Absolutely awful. The place is massively understaffed, we ordered food that took 90 minutes to be made (2 panini’s and fries) and they were dumped on the counter next to another order and someone nearly took ours.

The cost of the food is way over priced, £3.75 a very small amount of cheese, a couple of cherry tomatoes.

Not impressed at all...

1 by Review source

Its cleaner then used to be. Needs a revamp though and party rooms need to be re done as the same since i was 10 that was 13 years ago. The staff need to be happier and not glare at you!. But all in all a good play area. Best for babies as well as big kids.

4 by Danielle Midwinter Review source

Very old and dated inside. Food was very limited in choice and very poor quality when it arrived. For some reason the kids enjoyed themselves so I fear I will endure it again but won't eat or drink next time.

1 by Review source

Nice sized area for the bigger kids and a under 5 enclosed area as well! There's a cafe that serves food and drinks and plenty of tables about too. Overall the kids really enjoyed themselves

4 by Review source

My 2 children love this place we go a few times a month. Lots to do I like that they have a separate play area for toddlers food is not badly priced Adults get in for free. Good day all round.

5 by Beth Woodwards Review source

Kids absolutely love this place, but it does look tired and isn't great for adults watching! Cannot knock the children's enjoyment though, it has everything you could want for them

4 by Andrew Phipps Review source

Car park can get full if u come during peak times. For the price there is loada of stuff for the kids to do. Food is overpriced but that is to be expected.
Clean and safe equipment

5 by Bilal Yaqub Review source

It's ok! Great for kids but my children are always unwell following a visit here. Can be very busy half term (no seating etc) but I enjoy quiet rainy days just something todo.

3 by Amie Major Review source

Even one star is to much staff are nether happy they just look like someone has died it stinks the play is dirty toilets are disgusting stinks avoid at all cost

1 by Mark Mayhew Review source

For the kids it’s great however the manager is an absolute t**t... not allowed to bring you’re own food or DRINKS?! Just a con to get more money out of you...

1 by Review source

Good place for kids. May look a little run down but is clean and tidy, staff are constantly cleaning tables/ floor. Unlike Kids About which is caked in dust.

4 by Andrew Trybus Review source

been few times now...bit boring overall as not much to do for kids...definitely needs an upgrade..staff is nice and polite and food is reasonable and nice..

3 by Review source

Always take my daughter there,she thoroughly enjoys and food not up to much but you are there for the kids NOT your own enjoyment!

4 by Review source

Food takes way too long to come employees ignore you if your younger and try to buy something the place is not good but its suitable for children

3 by Blade warrior280 Review source

Disgusting and very rude staff. No help at all. Would stay away and go somewhere which is clean tidy and the staff care about there custom.

1 by Shaun Yandell Review source

Incredibly dirty. Old food found over a lot of the equipment. Filthy plastic balls in the ball pit. Prices have just been put up as well.

2 by Charlotte Reed Review source

Hugely entertaining for our two children. Plenty to keep them occupied. The service for food is sadly not so good. Be prepared to wait!

4 by Julianna Harris Review source

I went there with my friend and had to wait 1 and a half hours for some chips!
I'm not going there again!!!

1 by Review source

A wonderful soft play centre, the best we've found in the Marlborough/Swindon area. Not so good for 18 months or younger.

4 by Review source

Kids love it. Been to better but also been to worse. Great value for money. Travelled from Gloucester to here. 3rd visit

4 by david sanderson Review source

It's a very cold and a little bitt dirty place!Stuff isn't happy and oki...don't like it at all...sorry

2 by Review source

Met my grandson there very good play centre good nice friendly staff and the food was good would definitely go back to

4 by normskiimi Review source

In my humble opinion it's the best play area in Swindon. It has a fair size car park too - which is helpful.

5 by Maciej Socha Review source

My friends dinner was knocked out of her hand and the manager made her pay for them again and was very rude

2 by Review source

Kids enjoyed a lot. They provide very good security.

The place is very crowded due to this.

3 by Fazil Abdul Lathif Review source

Had a great time would love to know if it's possible to get a season ticket and cost many thanks

5 by Review source

Looking for how much they charge the place need a some big upgreats by years nothing is changing.

3 by Natalia Gwizdalska Review source

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