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34 - 35 The Guildhall Shop Centre, Exeter, EX4 3NJ

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To the manager of WHSmith Guildhall, Exeter
I would just like to take an opportunity to thank a staff member of yours for his kindness to my two children on Sunday 10th April.
My daughter had a transaction issue with her Osper card, when I was trying to get it sorted for her via phone calls my sons phone battery ran out. Mark kindly kept my son there and made sure his phone was charged up for him before sorting out the transaction query and refunding the relevant money.
My son Is autistic and can sometimes be a little difficult to explain situations to but Mark dealt with both of my children in a very caring manner
I would hope from this letter he will gain some praise and recognition for what he has done, its people like Mark who deserve it!
Thank you again

5 by Review source

The shop, although big with a lot of products, seems a bit chaotic. Books didn't seem to have any particular order to their placement and staffing seemed a little sparse. Tills were also oddly difficult to place at first as well. one thing I do like (and the only reason for my visit) is that you can pick up cheap/free products with o2 Priority. A good way to draw in customers.

3 by Robert Redding Review source

What's not to like about smiths. Sum good book offers. Vast selection of greeting cards and stationery. First port of call, even better now with Costa coffee shop and restroom

3 by Cynthia Hicks Review source

Large branch with a huge array of books, magazines, birthday cards, stationary and office supplies. There is also a small Costa Coffee branch in store.

4 by Jack Dryden Review source

Bargains that aren't bargains. Sugary snacks piled all over the place. No flow to anything. Went in for some cards, came out with nothing.

1 by Catherine Courtney Review source

Fantastic newsagent. You can go there for books, music, pens, folders, newspapers etc etc. Usually large stores and everywhere present.

4 by Frans van den Bosch Review source

WH Smith with a very good stock range!
Great size store, helpful staff, less common items found.
Useful store!

4 by Paul Sparkone Review source

Went in looking for a recommended dieting book and found it WHS. Was half the RRP so I was very happy with Smith's

5 by Peter FROST Review source

Great improvements, easier access, suitable for all, nicely laid out restaurant, reasonable prices

5 by david honeywill Review source

Good shop well stocked knowledgeable staff. Just a shame it's not in a more central position

4 by Marie potter Review source

Sally Stubbs
Was have been shopping in this shops in wh Smith in Exeter. Most days

5 by Sally Stubbs Review source

Very brief visit, fast till service good veried stock, good service Costa coffee. Clean loos.

4 by Keith Hilder Review source

Big WHS smith, be careful last time I checked they did not sell Brother ink cartridges

4 by Dimitrios Andriopoulos Review source

Really odd store layout with the tills in the middle bit some great items on offer!

4 by Jamie Barrington Review source

What can I say but BIG there a Lot in here. So come on in and find what you want.

5 by Stephen Little Review source

I usually buy my acrylic paper and paints here and sometimes a magazine.

5 by Alex Robson Review source

Largest store I've visited, has everything a WHSmith would offer

5 by Ben Dodd Review source

Looking really tired inside but usual good stuff. Great Costa.

3 by Wendy Wedgery Review source

Try to avoid if I can. Bad PR as far as I'm concerned

1 by Paul Millman Review source

Large shop with excellent selection of books. Good service

4 by David Carthew Review source

One of the only stockists in town of Terrorizer magazine

4 by Matt Jackson Review source

Large, easy to find everything you need though

5 by Review source

Great for all your magazines and stationery items.

5 by Colin Glover Review source

Good size store with lots on offer

4 by Michael Gane Review source

Good venue to browse for books

3 by Mark Scourfield Review source

Very helpful & informative

3 by Review source

Great selection of books

4 by Michelle Kelly Review source

Good selection of books

5 by david lamerton Review source

Wide range of equipment

4 by Glenn Foreman Review source

Plenty to choose from.

5 by Mark Bellamy Review source

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