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Literally stumbled upon this cavern during a long walk around the local area, had no idea this is a great place for caves!

Treak Cliff Cavern is an active mine/cave/cavern which is mostly used as a tourist attraction. Most of the excavations were done in the distant past but the staff here (apparently) still occasionally dig out bits of colourful rock to craft into trinkets.

The tour costs (as of May 2018) £9.95 for adults. You can only visit the cavern through a tour. It lasts around 45 minutes and you start off by walking through extremely narrow passages, you soon reach a network of larger caves. If you're claustrophobic then don't come here because you're very much deep underground and surrounded by rock! I've been 'real' caving once before and to be honest, the start of this tour isn't that far off how it is in hardcore mode.

5 by A K Review source

Fantastic cavern. I don't want to share many pictures of this cavern as the beauty inside does not come out too well on camera plus it's the reason you are going anyway.

The cavern operates tours which last between 30 and 40 minutes and take you deep inside them mine workings and natural caverns. The cavern entrance is quite a steep climb up ramp and steps and the cavern itself it's steep in places as well as very confined. (As you'd expect)

The tour guides are very knowledgeable and great presenters making the tour really interesting.

Well stocked shop (mostly blue john/gem stone related obviously) and what I think is bargain of the week, you can buy a rough piece of blue john from £2.50 and then they will help you polish it up using polishing paper and then electric buffers. Ok, it takes all of 5 minutes, but the kids loved it.

5 by Jonathan Mason Review source

Well worth a visit - some fascinating caverns with stalactites, blue john stone and flowstone. Well thought out tour, with the guide having spotlights to switch to show various points in the cavern, which works really well.
Our guide was a bit flat - he went through his tour without really engaging with the group, sounded like he was reading a script. For all that, the tour information was well thought out and interesting, just I think the guide had done it too many times!

Cup of tea made with rainwater captured within the caverns was a novelty, though I couldn't tell any taste difference.
Tour was about 40 minutes, and left every 30 minutes or so (with two guides working). No hard hats required, though tall people could use them if not paying attention!

4 by Tristan Scott Review source

Not as well known as the other caverns (Speedwell & Peak) but I would recommend it over the others. A bit of a trek to get up to the entrance and shop but it's well worth it for the views. Once inside the staff couldn't be friendlier. The tour guides are really knowledgeable and can answer all your questions along with adding many interesting facts. Inside the caverns are spectacular although there are a few low spaces where you will have to stoop a bit. As a naturally forming cavern system it is quite uneven however grippy steps and handrails have been fitted throughout. I would highly recommend visiting.

5 by Andy Battley Review source

I enjoyed the experience, the guide was really clear explaining. Everything is handrailed and lighten up. If you ask guid you can see cavern on total darkness (in one place and if everybody is agree)

The stalagmites and stalactitrs are protected against vandalism (robbery) or even touch, guide says if we touch lil bit we can stop the growing of them (maybe 4 million years growth stopped for touching 1 second Because of grease on our hands)

I Highly recommend to taste a cup a soup in the gastro made with 100% mineral water take from the cave

5 by Daniel Kirilov Review source

A very big thank you to Katy who showed us the cavern. She blended enthusiasm, knowledge with a very cheerful disposition. The tour is detailed enough for those with an interest in geology and yet she manages to add amusing asides and observations that children would enjoy. Even our dog Scally enjoyed the wander underground. I highly recommend Treak Cliff Cavern to any combination of visitors.

We also enjoyed the feeding of Harley Davidson, her bird of prey. An added bonus.

All the staff were most welcoming.

5 by Review source

Really impressive caves and a reasonable entrance fee. Parking is free, don't make the mistake I did and pay for parking in the Speedwell Cavern car park. There is also access to Mam Tor behind the caves which is well worth a visit for a walk and impressive view. The guide was very knowledgeable and relaxed, you got a lot of time to inspect the caves and it was made really fun. In the second to last cave, the guide spoke by candlelight and then blows out the candle, you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.

5 by thomas coombs Review source

Fabulous caves with plenty of Blue John to see. Very knowledgeable guide able to answer every question thrown at him. Gift shop with some lovely pieces including samples of Blue John plus jewellery and items made from the stone. Also some items made from other semi precious stones. Access to the caves is via some very steep steps which does make these caves inaccessible to wheelchair users and the infirm I would recommend these caves and would definitely visit again.

5 by Vanessa Buckley Review source

We had a very friendly, informative guide who was very good with children in the party. The shop was also a good experience: nice variety and reasonably priced. We spent a fair amount, so they gifted us a small piece. We also visited Blue John Cavern: not as spectacular, and, though we spent nearly 5 (we went there first-shame), the packaging was worse and we were offered nothing. If you only want to visit one cave in this area, my vote is for Treak!

5 by Bolo txus Review source

Astonishing, wonderful place, will have a special place in our heart. Spectacular ores can be discovered and the wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites adored. Our guide was marvellous, very friendly, made the tour a memorable experience. Kids can polish Blue John Stone and the gift shop is a treasure trove of minerals. The cavern lies below the magnificent Mam Tor with a view over the beautiful Hope Valley.

5 by Review source

our last visit to the caves in the castleton area, we had done the other 3 so had to see if Treak was any good.

have to say it was well worth the visit. nicest stalactites in the area.
we where on the tour with a group of school kids so the guide was giving his schoolkid version of the tour. plenty of jokes and giggles. made a change from some of the drier tours i have been on.

5 by Mini Mansell Review source

This is great. A reasonable price (cheaper than the nearby caves). Really friendly staff (the nicest I've met in a long time, anywhere). Not suitable for disabled. Pushchairs also. (There are hundreds of steps) perfectly safe walking around the caves though. Young children managed fine. Toilets have no running tap. They make a lovely cuppa though. Highly recommend this visit.

5 by Review source

Interesting cave system containing the very rare blue john stone, presented with an informative guided tour. Our guide Luke pointed out some important facts, was very friendly and helpful in answering questions and very knowledgeable about the caves and associated area. Overall a great visit and highly recommended for all.

5 by Stuart Keeler Review source

You´ll see lots of Blue John jewellery shops in Castleton and it´s good to see where this semi-precious stone comes from and to find out why the gem is called Blue John. Of course there are other cavern tours locally to see similar. Note that this is not accessible location for wheelchairs.

4 by Review source

The tours of the cavern are really interesting. It's the only place in the world where you can find Bouejohn crystals. The entrance tunnel is quite low though, so possibly not good for the clustrophobic! Once through the tunnel, the caverns are very large. The flowstone is amazing!

4 by Chris Bunney Review source

We visited for the Carol Service. Included in tbe price was a very interesting tour of the cavern. Our guide was entertaining and knowledgeable. The singng was led by an accordion player who created a lively atmosphere! Also included was mulled wine and mince pies. Wear sturdy shoes!

5 by Lin H Review source

Fantastic tour. The guide was great, (I don't remember his name though). One of the young girls working in the shop was extremely pleasant, the other one not so much. She was very abrupt and really quite rude. Bar her it was a great experience and I would recommend it.

5 by Review source

Largest column of Blue John in the UK, excellent guide who provided the history of the mine and local area and just three people on the tour, free parking , rest area outside and a nice shop. All the guides have a good banter which makes the tours educational and funny.

5 by Terry Jacksonxg Review source

The cavern was lovely when we went, and we did the 'polish your own blue john' which was good fun, and great value for the experience, and the fact that many of the chunks looked very pretty, despite the low price. A good activity for both kids and adults.

4 by Review source

Really enjoyable experience provided by a very good tour guide. We explored the last cave just with candles and then in total darkness. Met some great people visiting from Canada. Highly recommended. Of the caverns in the area this is the one I highly recommend.

5 by Raza Shah Review source

Excellent cavern containing mine workings for the famous blue John crystal and an excellent natural cave system with stalactites and stalactites and great examples of flow stone. It is the guides that make the experience worthwhile and ours was excellent.

5 by Peter Gibson Review source

Best cave in Castleton. Bit of a walk up to the entrance (not wheelchair friendly), but the cave is amazing as are the guides (Ben, in particular, is very knowledgeable and don’t forget to try out his beer in Ye Olde Nags Head!). Well worth a visit

5 by Review source

A great visit, decent tour taking about 40 minutes altogether. Several caverns both natural and man-made from mining for blue John stone. The staff were friendly and the shop well stocked. Facilities on site including cafe and toilets.

5 by Judah Eastwell Review source

Brilliant day out. Visit during school holidays for a chance to polish your own piece of blue john mines from the cavern. Purchase jewellery and ornaments made on site by craftspeople and get tours from the enthusiastic guides.

5 by Review source

Splendid and engaging tour done by tour guide Gareth! Amazing natural formations. Saw the ocean fossils as well! If not for the rude and unfriendly young lady with thick spectacles by the counter we would have given 5 stars.

4 by Review source

Fantastic Blue John cavern. Best one for stalactites. Great shop, guided tour, and chance to polish your own blue john stone (OK you probably need a kid to justify doing this but I enjoyed it more than they did) :-)

5 by MJ E Review source

A short tour (£9.50) through some very interesting and amazing caverns. Worth a visit for some history of the past and great pictures. Guides were more than happy to answer our questions and were friendly :)

5 by Andrew Wong Review source

Awesome guides, beautiful place (two different kinds of caves with a nice story behind) and nice store with good prices.
Not to mention the wonderful view from up the hill.
Highly recommended!

5 by Oz Davidi Review source

Lovely little visit. The original Blue John mine. Tour and guide was very good. Graham I think?
Short but sweet trip around the mine with a few areas of interest. Recommended to all in the area.

4 by adam wyatt Review source

Interesting place, from the beginning family business till now. One of the biggest mine in the world of 'bleujeune ' called by locals 'blue John' ;) fantastic tour guide!

5 by Rafal G Review source

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