Cineworld Cinema - Witney

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Marriotts Walk, Witney, OX28 6GW

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Steve the manager and his team are always happy, helpful and fun especially Connor and Lottie, apologies for anyone else not mentioned you are all fab. They have endless patience with my ridiculous requests such as can I have an extra cherry. Recently went with a girlfriend to celebrate her birthday and they posted on my wall offering her a complimentary popcorn. Only downside is they don't always show the more artsy films that I also like and end up having to go the Shaw ridge for this. My fiancee and I go most weeks as we have the unlimited card, which makes it much more economical to go to the cinema, it means there is always something to do on date night and great resulting discussions on the film and the acting etc. Good Job Witney

5 by Mary Anne McGinn Review source

I would have given 5 stars for our visit yesterday,but for one thing. And that was the sound level. I don't understand why cinemas have to make it so loud. It was bordering on uncomfortable and I've got a hearing problem. It was so loud that at times some of the speech got distorted. If it wasn't a film I was so keen to see, I would have walked out. We shall be reluctant to visit again. The film was Dunkirk, just for the record.

3 by Review source

We come here a few times a year, but while the ticket prices (getting ridiculous), and food and beverage prices (worse than the tickets), are horrendous, the size of the place and the staff make it seem more of a personal experience. Definitely worth a visit, but wear a big coat and sneak your own sweets in.

4 by Surfing Turtle Review source

Great, modern cinema. Good central location with good parking access. It's a shame there's not more screens for increased film choice. Screen 5 is the biggest screen (and best IMO). You can order tix online and collect in the lobby. Good choice of nearby eateries too.

4 by Tim Rose Review source

Took ages to find, location not correct on an updated feb 2018 sat nav. tried to other sat nav still same result, web site not much better, its not sign posted. and then when i get there they dont have contactless payments option, then i seen the prices glad id walked out.

1 by Review source

The cinema and staff are good but the website is dreadful. Tried to put phone number in this morning and nothing worked !!!!! Very frustrating then timed out! Three attempts later and it let me bypass the phone numbers! Need to get this sorted......

3 by Review source

Possibly the best cinema in the world! The staff will go beyond expectations to accommodate you and are the sweetest people on earth....and the popcorn is out of this world! Become a regular customer and this place will be your second home :)

5 by Review source

Great cinema, remembered when I first opened in 2011, its my local cinema and all the screens are great with good sound quality, snacks and drinks are expensive but their good, Screen 5 is the largest.

5 by Review source

Farily modern cinema with good seating however the lobby area could do with an upgrade. There isn't anywhere to sit down if you're waiting as most of the benches are always occupied

4 by Rowan Thomas Review source

Not that impressed.Booked our tickets on line when we got there somebody was in our seats.There tickets said they were in the right seats which were also ours.

2 by Catrina Harrison Review source

Bog standard cinema that serves grossly over priced snacks, but just pop to pound stretcher first for all you snack needs if it's open that is

5 by Review source

Nice cinema average size screens and expensive food as usual. Staff all friendly though and would recommend. Also has restaurants near by

3 by Aaron Moseley Review source

Great cinema, comfy seats plenty of leg room. Just across from free car park and 2 restaurants next to cinema if you want to eat first.

5 by Denise Povey Review source

The staff are always welcoming and friendly, more than happy to help. The cinema is always kept lovely and clean. Highly recommended.

5 by Review source

Very Nice cinema. Great sound and Pic quality, very clean good parking. Expensive just like all the rest of cinema's.

5 by Review source

Nice comfortable seating. Food and drink overpriced because they know if you want it you have to bite the bullet and pay.

5 by Andy Dix Review source

A conveniently located multiplex cinema offering all you would expect of a modern cinema with the usual prices to match

4 by Tom Baynton Review source

The screens aren't too big and you almost feel as if you're in your own living room, only with a big screen.

5 by Isabel Johnstone Review source

Friendly staff and had a great experience each time . There's nearby parking for free so that's even better

5 by Review source

Staff could be a little more attentive of customers, both trying to buy things and who there selling tickets too.

5 by Michael Grant Review source

Far too many trailers before each film ,seats uncomfortable when sat in a long film,leg space is limited

3 by Hazel Roberts Review source

Favourite escape at the weekend with my son. Friendly, helpful staff, clean facilities, and comfy seats.

5 by Jacqueline Carthew Review source

5 screens varying in size. Expensive food and drink in the foyer, but that's only to be expected

4 by Hugo Pickering Review source

I've never had a bad experience. The staff are always superb, especially Steve. Well done guys

5 by Review source

Ok, a bit dated and I did not think it had been cleaned that well. Everything was a bit sticky!

3 by Ian Towle Review source

A good cinema in Witney. May not be popular but it has better screens than Odeon in Oxford.

5 by Vivian Lobo Review source

Good cinema. Not helpful screening timings though, for those that work or those with kids.

4 by Victoria Wright Review source

Good cinema with free parking right next door. Expensive though (as all cinemas are now!)

4 by Luke Rand Review source

Shows a good selection of films but does tend to pander to the older generation too much.

4 by Cynder The Fallen Review source

Nice cinema, very clean. Not enough staff serving food and drinks prior to the screening

4 by Alexander Devonald Review source

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