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Shop 5, Brixton Underground Station, Brixton, London, SW9 8HE

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Very bad experience

On my way to work this morning I was late but decided to pop in and have a frappucino coffee caramel in the brixton Starbucks
I paid and had to wait for them to do it.
First the so called barista didn't even know what is a frappuccino and was asking her colleague what it is made of.
Instead of focusing on her duty she was chatting and wasting more time.
I really precised to the cashier that I wanted less ice and more caramel but she did the contrary and didn't even put the caramel at all. When I ask she angrily replies to me that the caramel is inside. Pff
Really bad experience
I ended up wasting my time and wasting my money because I couldn't have it. that's not what I ordered.

Guys please if you donnot know how to prepare something do not put it on the menu and just stop selling it.
It's not the first time that this happens

1 by Review source

I am not saying this is an easy shop, both in terms of layout or customers to serve in often crazy stampede rush hour, but truth told, most people do not go there as the service is so poor. I sometimes would love to be a drill sergeant with a big massive whip to whack these people in shape! Too much staff turnover and some clueless people and those who seemingly hate to deal with people. No pride in their work! Just anger and frustration oozing out of their every pore! There is this Chica Latina who is so slow in every of her moves, like thick molasses; my garden snails creep faster!!

1 by Thomas Farmer Review source

It takes complete idiots and abysmal staff to get a cup of tea wrong!!!!
Tea was overfilled to the top ! Cold milk being poured and was overall undrinkable!!!!! On top of that the staff kept good g in and out with big trolley bins - health and safety hazard!! And kept the door open while doing this on a day that was freezing!! If u want to waste your money do go there!! McDonald’s would certainly have a much better service than these chumps!!!!

1 by Sumiti Bhamra Review source

Good place to have breakfast if you are staying in Brixton. Besides there are also a couple of supermarkets, a pharmacy and a metro station, as well as many other shops. The staff is quite friendly though as we know, the people in these places change quickly.

I take 2 stars though because the wi-fi poor.

3 by Marco Salvadori Review source

No hi or a smile from Genet.. forgot to mention things that nearly every reviewer mentioned: door is always open and it feels quite cold- jacket is a must. Floor and tables are dirty so are the tables. There’s a lot of homeless people constantly coming in begging.. quite uncomfortable..

2 by Review source

For a Starbucks in one of the busiest areas of London and not the most salubrious this is a really calm and pleasant Starbucks which is a great place to wait to meet someone or catch up on emails. Friendly staff and you can watch the tube station below as it overhangs the tube entrance.

4 by Sam Jones Review source

Standard Starbucks Coffee experience in a busier than usual environment.

This place, as it's situated right next to the underground station, is bustling. Good for coffee on the go, but look elsewhere if you are after a prolonged relaxed coffee stop.

3 by Robert Wallis Review source

Best Starbucks in London !!! Thank you to all the staff for being so wonderful. I’m already looking forward to having my next coffee. Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Thank you Manal especially for making my experience a great one :) see you all soon :)

5 by Thomas Yaman Review source

An above average cappuccino , nice seating areas, nice Internet connection, unfortunately there is no toilet anymore. Overall a nice place to chill out and have a very nice coffee and watch the world go by.

4 by Review source

Piccolino, I found it a bit 'uncomfortable sincerely .. then you want me to tell you? It's the usual Starbucks as there are a thousand others

3 by Giacomo Del Lungo Review source

very uncomfortable, cold uninviting, the door which stays constantly open, letting the col air in, needs to be fixed. It makes it hard to sit and read.

1 by Osato Osa-Edoh Review source

Good attention from the staff, they attend from very early to the side of the Brixton station. Recommended to revisit, to have breakfast before work.

5 by Christian Culqui Review source

Busy, small starbucks. Not much to say. Not really a great place to go for a sit down but fine to get a coffee to take away before/after tube.

4 by Mitch Smith Review source

Staff was friendly. I like the atsmosphere there but was a bit too noisy with door open all the time. Also lack of sitting

4 by Van Thu Pham Review source

nice staff and fast service. doesn't have any vegan cake or cookies or granola... it's a shame!

3 by valentina melis Review source

Always good. No toilet. Good staff. Prepare to be harassed to beggars and drug addicts.

3 by B Bando Review source

This place is a good meeting place if you are meeting someone coming out of the tube

4 by Larry Osei-Kwaku Review source

The best thing of this Starbucks is probably the proximity to Brixton station.

4 by Rob Vivancos Review source

I love my coffee, perfectly done, when I'm going to work at 7 am.

5 by Anna Bibrowska Review source

Staff were a bit all over the place but the coffee was good

3 by Review source

Small coffee mean Tall size, so its short call Tiny?

1 by Review source

Best Chai tea latte I've had in a long time.

5 by Review source

Good atmosphere with a nice christmas vibe.

4 by Review source

Not really a nice place to enjoy a coffee

2 by Antonio Freitas Review source

Slow service everyday at any time -_-

1 by Review source

A little messy, but up to standard

4 by 0 Review source

Great service typical Starbucks.

4 by mirko malavolta Review source

A very average Starbucks outlet.

3 by Matthew Stimpson Review source

Horrible service, great coffee.

4 by Review source

Small shop, but good location.

3 by Mat DeLong Review source

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