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133 Hythe Rd, Romney Marsh, TN29 0JX

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I booked a last minute get away and was pleased to find accommodation as most of the parks were already heavily booked. On arrival there was a long queue of holiday makers checking in and service reasonably fair. Checked into my accommodation and was disappointed with the facilities and its location. Parking was a nightmare. Hit and miss as the car park was literally overcrowded and you took your chances to find a spot. Returned to reception to try and arrange an upgrade from Silver plus package to Gold plus package, but had to wait over 30 minutes to get any service. It appears that the attendant went out for a cigarette. However, on return she stated that there was nothing else available and I was stuck with what had been already allocated to us. On return to
our accommodation, we tried to make the most of it and take a closer look. Overall very dirty, smears on the walls and curtains and you can feel the dirt under your feet! Mattress in one of the double bedrooms had stains from a previous occupant. After complaining, was reassured the cleaning services will be provided, but even after they had visited, there was no apparent difference to the cleaning standard, except for around the toilet area and the mattress was flipped over. Requested for the management, however she never contacted us despite several messages being left over the duration of the three days we were there.
Generally, the park is a bit tired and could benefit from an overall upgrade and some attention to facilities management is required in relation to cleaning equipment, games machines etc. The bar staff were friendly and welcoming. Entertainment generally okay, but could have more creativity for the kids. Cash machine was out of order for the duration of the time I was on site.
The park is also located opposite the coastal front, but don't be fooled as the area is covered with massive boulders to stop the sea water at high tide. If you are looking for a golden sandy beach, you will have to go into the town centre and park, before taking a short walk to the beach, but it is rewarding to see the children's faces. Packed up earlier than planned, spoke to the Duty Manager about our concerns and she arranged a refund of 50% of the charge. I was very disappointed with the facilities and lack of customer service. Management need to undertake a review of the cleaning services in the park. The park was full with families with young children looking for value for money. If you are accepting money for a service we expect that you would do your best to provide an excellent service.
Photos posted are of brand new accommodation on sale and what it should look like.

1 by gillian hudson Review source

1) booked holiday 18/07/16 for £229, 3 hours later it is now £199. We contacted but email but there was no response at all.
2) was told on the phone we would get confirmation of holiday through the post. Never turned up.
3) arrived on site, once again surprise surprise, we now have to walk 500 yards with all our food, suitcases and bedding. My daughter has scoliosis, my son has ADHD, and I'm a one parent family, I am 60 years old. We were not informed of this before purchasing the holiday.
4) to name just a few things; the shower either scolds you to death or freezes you to death.
5) we would have been more suited booking our holiday on the m25 as the amount of trucks going past the 5mph speed limit and ignoring the signs that are up around your sight. It was unsafe to let my 7 year old go out and play for fear of him being run over.
6) car parking spaces nowhere near enough spaces to park our car without worrying about what would happen if it was to get damaged because we could not see our car. We are 5-600 yards away from it.
7) the lack of signs on sight needs to be seriously addressed.
8)we did see one sign that says 'If you're not happy with something come and see us and we'll sort it out.' I don't think so! Every Time we asked a member of staff for information the answer given was 'I don't know/ the person who deals with that is not here/ sick/ not available/ or on their break.' Absolutely no consideration for us and by the looks of it, anyone else. You would probably be better off with robots.
And finally...
9) you're arcade machines do not work as they should. We did find a man filling up the ticket machine with tickets, we pointed this out to him, his reply; 'Yes, I know, they never do work properly, they're always getting stuck!'
And with that he got out his key, pulled the ball from the claw on the arcade machine, as if it were a regular occurrence. No apology. No machine out of order sign put in. Just left for some other poor unfortunate person to put their money in, and lose it. So I hope to get an reply from this letter, this is not a threat. If I do not receive an explanation I will put this in every single reviewing website I can get, your head office so that people are aware of what they're letting themselves in for. Oh ps. Just seen two of your trucks whizzing past again, full of gas tanks, smoking on cigarettes. This isn't a holiday camp, it's more like a prison camp.

1 by lillie boyce Review source

Lovely flat caravan holiday park that has a beach across the road & that is in a prime location to explore the whole of the Kent area either by car or by bus, as there are two bus stops outside the park going in both directions regularly throughout the day.

We decided to visit Kent for the first time spontaneously & as I love Park Holidays caravan parks, we decided to book a pet free 2 bedroom Gold plus caravan on this site, I was concerned about my pet allergies & contacted them prior to arrival to confirm it would be a completely pet free model, a lovely lady named Helen assured me it would be & gave us a brand new caravan with a parking space, I can't thank her enough as we had an amazing holiday thanks to her kindness.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of noise during our stay as the seagulls were very loud on the roof from 5am, then from 8am til late the Hythe Rangers were constantly firing rifles that sounded like an explosion on occasions, plus due to the entertainment complex & children's play area directly behind us, that got very loud also making it impossible to use the bedroom until after midnight.

The entertainment complex is newly built after a previous fire that is combined with the Restaurant/dining area, there is a small onsite shop selling a limited range of food & drink for your stay, an arcade, plus swimming pool further along the site & near the Neptune bar & carvery that I'm unsure if it's part of Park Holidays or not, I found the staff we encountered to be nice with the exception of a blonde lady behind the bar who was very miserable & rude towards me when I ordered our meals on our first evening there which stopped me using the free £30 money off food & drink vouchers we were kindly given upon check in as she would of made me feel like a pauper, overall a great comfortable stay in an exceptional high quality caravan on a lovely park that we can't wait to go back to.

4 by TRACEY ARMSTRONG Review source

We arrived at this campsite at roughly 19.30, to find that we only had an hour of daylight left, this was our first disappointment of the weekend, how can a park that facilitates camping trips in the British summer allow this to happen? shocking.

I decided not to let it ruin my weekend, and so continued with putting up my tent and inflating my airbed, only to discover that the pump for my airbed was barely effective, one disappointment after another followed this.

I woke up on the first night to find that I was cold, already sadly disappointed with the camp, this was the final straw for me and i decided that I would complain to the management the very next day. I woke up and tried to ask to speak to a manager but the staff member simply avoided me and ran away, which leads to another point, all the staff at this camp were in desperate need of haircuts! every time I began to converse with them they simply moved away and replied with 'Baaaa' but they all just seemed to be milling around in an empty field doing nothing in particular but eating grass.

Well sadly the day continued in much the same fashion, I lost a game of rounders to a team of girls, and a game of volleyball later in the day. The very last negative point I would like to make is that my BBQ caught fire at one point, this is simply not acceptable in any means.

I have several positive points I would like to add, which do not redeem the camp, but simply lessen the degree of distaste I feel, firstly; there was a cute three legged cat, that was kinda cool. Also the freedom that was offered in the bathroom facilities. I have been to many camps where wiping your feces on the wall was discouraged or simply not tolerated, at best it was cleaned off the very next day, I am glad this park did not have such a policy and allowed my 'art' to remain for several days in the heat, which added to the aroma.

2 by Jake Dove Review source

I visited this park with family for a 4-day break. The caravans stank of dogs and looked like they hadn't been cleaned prior to our arrival. Duvets were stained (and like the rest of the van stank of dog). No parking next to the caravans - you had to drive round and round the park until you were lucky enough to find a parking space then lug your belongings to your caravan. Fine if its a nice day - not so good when its pelting it down with rain like it was for us! The grounds were dirty - rubbish littered everywhere and dog muck everywhere. Whilst i realise that the dog muck is down to irresponsible owners I feel the park should be doing something about it - there were lots of children about and not very pleasant or hygienic when they end up running through it! Saturday evening we took the children over to the kids mini-disco. On every other camp holiday we have been to the kids disco is the entertainment team getting the kids up and doing party dances with them. Not this one - not one member of the entertainment team in sight just music playing (not even music that would appeal to children). Sunday morning at 10 we went to the club house for the toddler entertainment - entertainment it wasnt - 4 hula hoops, a mini bouncy castle and some lego out - the only interaction the entertainment team had was when they looked at your passes to make sure you had paid! All in all this was a really disappointing break. Dirty caravans that stank of dog - no real entertainment for the children - run down and filthy site. If i could have given it 0 on here i would have done. First time staying at a Park Holidays site and definitely the last - if they were giving the holidays away free I still wouldn't go!

1 by Review source

Been here a few years on the trot and for the price and location it cant be beaten.
ALthough this year our 2 weeks there was spoilt by foul weather, the staff were always pleasent and nothing was to much trouble.

Site was very clean and tidy.

Entertainment could of been better but then you get what you pay for. Butlins and other sites are nearly twice the cost.

Bar prices could be better or have some kind of happy hour but still!

Good reports on staff .... Ray - amusements......
Hazel - amusements nice smile!
Rob - DJ
Trish - reception.... how would you manager with out her!?
Dan - always polite and curteous and genuinely interested in talking to you. Also always smartly turned up for work despite his tortureous shifts!
Security - Im not to sure on the new lot. Although very polite. Roy was far better at making sure children were not allowed in and out of the complex alone. Something me and my partner thought was very good last year. They seem very relaxed. Obviously we didnt experiance any trouble so that might be where they shine!??
Didnt get any of there names but the swimming pool staff are brilliant and always have there eye on the all for any youngsters in trouble.

I think perhaps the entertainment could be reshuffled or something as the kids love doing the party dances and were the keenest ones there. By the time the disco starts at 11.30 ish the places is half empty ...

Bingo was also good especially the link up one.

If i can scrape the money together we are going in october brrrrrrrrrrrr to see derek acorah

5 by Gavin Prosser Review source

very disappointed with the site, caravan was supposed to be ready at 16.00 and when we got there we had to wait 20 mins, then after being told it was ready, we went over to the caravan and the cleaners had not even started the cleaning, it was nearly 17.00 before we could settle in and unpack. the first receptionist wasn't even very apologetic about it either but admittedly the cleaners did say sorry for the inconvenience. the caravan we stayed in was basic and we accepted this but the window locks were broken and the weather was extremely holt and the windows would not stay open. the tv was also rubbish , it was quite a small one and the sound was quite low and we kept losing the channels and had to retune. the carpet also smelt very damp and I had to spray carpet freshener to get rid of the smell. the state of the site was not good either, leading from our caravan to the car park , there was rubbish and cigarette ends and the bins were overflowing when we go there on the Monday , including an old mattress by the sid of it. the bins did npt get emptied until Wednesday. we have stayed at park holiday sites before and this is the worse ever, I complained and was told I would get a reply within 14 days, it has now been nearly three weeks, I know we paid for a bargain week but if we liked it there we would go back again , but due to the conditions and the service we will not be going there

1 by kay holt Review source

Booked for Gold plus pet free caravan. Arrived to a smelly flooded caravan. Complained and was told it was just mopped and needed to dry out. Ended up using 2 of our towels to dry up the WATER on the floor. Caravan was definitely not of GOLD PLUS standard compared to other parks. Dirty and grubby inside. Cramped space inside no room to put away our stuff.Reception staff not helpful, bar staff so slow, be prepared to wait half an hour or more to be served. Dining area unclean tables wobbly and chairs most of them the upholstery are stained and torn. Be prepared to clean your own table.The closest child friendly clean sandy beach is 1.6mls away but really nice and bus fare return for 2 adults and a child is £9.80 if you don't drive. The beach opposite the park is dirty and smelly with people walking their dogs and not cleaning up after them.. The shop inside the park is like walking into an oven...... don't know why.Honestly I will never be coming here again and would advise anyone to steer clear of this park.Worst experience ever and to think I paid for this.......

1 by Review source

My 8yr old in tears declared it the worst holiday she had ever had. I have to agree, do not waste your money, I would have loved a refund and left early. On arrival no plugs and 2 lights out (are people not paid to check these before new guests arrive?). Minimal activities for children, told sorry coming to end of season,. Turned away from the swimming pool by life guard as there was only one there, come on this is half term are you not expecting families? Pool filthy! Kids evening entertainment is pound coin rolling, let's teach them to gamble, yes you might be offering £17 worth of prizes, but you got 40+ kids there, oh and whilst on entertainment, the superman song, does and don't forget to kick really need to be added? Final night my contactless card is refused, use my app to check bank and it has been taken. Fair play to barman, he did say he had seen manager and it would be refunded, let's see if it is.

2 by Review source

Place is really run down, there is not enough parking spaces so cars are park whenever people can stop.
We have book plus type caravan but when get there we have been given smaller one very dated and dirty, there was no bed lining and no bed was made up witch we paid extra for. After complain the beds was done, but we where refuse to change to caravan we had book, women at the reception was not nice and ask what I complain about is it about that extra 2 foot space??? Well I have paid more and book newer and bigger caravan then the one been given. What was most annoying later we found out that we where book to other caravan no. 172 but someone has cross that over and give us old and smelly no.85. Dishes where dirty on arrival ,van has smelly, dirty carpets. Litter was flying everywhere and no one was cleaning it, I have been to many parks before and this is definitely worst one. Don't go and waist your money and time.

1 by Review source

Wasn't happy with guests smoking in lobby area of games room nobody enforcing smoking ban not good when your children have asthma.reception young girl was talking on her private mobile for 20 minutes while a que of 5 people waited with queries not interested at all.had two games machine not working but still took money after searching for an employee for ten minutes promised to come back with my child's £3.never returned.. Change machine constantly broken.protruding 4 inch nail in twin bedroom had to remove panel to ensure my children's safety.loutish youths swearing an being abusive at night outside main building one and only security man watched an never intervened..eating area constantly had table with food mess uncleared entertainment room had litter plastic bottles on floor.general attitude of staff was very poor uninterested.the one shining light was the staff at the communal pool professional and polite.

1 by Review source

Idea is great. I had a good holiday however not because of where I stayed lol. Bad struggle for parking spaces even though I paid for my stay. The caravan was rather dirty on arrival so I had to spend whole evening cleaning it so it's ok for my family to stay in. Bedding was not ready on arrival. I had to go to reception try to sort it out multiple times. There was no one there later and still not bedding. Had to put my kids to bed but still no one bothered to come and bring the bloody bedding. Very poor service. Lots of people had issues of all sorts like no water no electricity ect but no one was attending those people as well. All in all I might consider staying there again as the price was low comparing to other places but will shop around heavily and think a lot about it in the future. Not recommended unless you want cheap stay and you are ready for inconvenience and a bit of work on your own.

1 by Theriion Review source

While I was aware dogs are allowed in bronze plus caravans I did expect it to be clean but it was filthy. I booked 3 caravans for a family treat the switch on electric fire didn’t work in one caravan in fact it was dangerous mattresses were dirty . They were all damp we all came home ill. The entertainment was a lot to be desired the blues brothers certainly made me blue..
In house singer were ok shame the mascots in kids club didn’t put in an appearance on Saturday night. .
The food was OK for 'microwave'standards
The grass was knee high intermittent with patches of mud .
On the plus side security staff were on it
I didn’t meet any other except reception! Don't be fooled by the photos on Web site! All though the club house is much improved I hope the new manager manages to pick the place up it used to be really good

1 by Review source

Nice holiday caravan park, its basic compared to other big holiday caravan parks like Coombe Haven or Camber Sands but its definetley value for money. The entertainment is brilliant as the kids show starts at 6 in the evening till 8 then its family friendly entertanimnet. Would definetley recommend for anyone looking for a basic and relaxing Holiday Park. In my own opinion New Beach doesnt seem fake, what you see is what u get which makes it better because they dont claim to be the best out there they even say that they are a basic holiday park. The only downside is the pool opening times which requires families to spend a day in the park as its 10-12 (or 9 for adults) and then 2 untill 5. However apart from that brilliant park with excellent transports links with buses every 15 minutes to folkestone and dover and lydd to hastings every 15 minutes by bus.

5 by kainan harrison Review source


The management at this park clearly don't know how to run a campsite or just simply don't care...

On check in we were given a pitch number. Went to the pitch and found a tent there already. Went back to reception and was told to camp anywhere. This was fine but reception kept on give people pitch numbers and throughout the weekend people kept on being given pitch numbers which were already taken and as it was full, it caused a few problems.

The shower block. They was disgusting, They got cleaned only once in the morning. No toilet paper and leaky toilets which flooded the floor. I can't see why the management can't orgianse them to be cleaned more often. By 6pm they where so dirty...

The entertainment was good for the kids and the swimming pool is a fair size.

2 by ROSS BROWN Review source

This is our second year running here only because we had a bad experience the first time and they offered us to come back for the same cost with an upgrade. Well I would say the same happened again very dirty caravan.very uncomfortable mattresses. We were upgraded from a bronze plus which had a verandah to a gold plus which had no verandah and really couldn't tell the difference between bronze and gold? Also it seemed very rough this year. With the locals smashing the park fence to pieces and throwing 2p coins in the air. The staff which work on the entertainment side are great very helpful and know how to keep the kids entertained. Sadly won't be returning to new beach. But love dymchurch so will be looking to stay else where next year.

2 by Ben Raby Review source

This is a fun place a great for a holiday. There is evening entertainment, a swimming pool and an arcade. There is a caravan,camper van and tent pitches. There is also a play park for kids attached to the touring pitches area. This is a great place to bring young kids. On this site there is a bar and a night club for kids. There is adult only swims and general swims throught the day. There is holiday home rental and you can buy them. There is a shop and a lot of staff around on site. The parkstars are people who are in charge of the evening entertainment in the club they are very fun and enjoyable to speak to they always have a big smiles on their faces. In the touring pitches their is toilets and showers for the people who are staying there.

5 by Review source

The camping field is as far away from the entertainment as you could possibly get and the pitch sizes are very small particularly as most modern tents are quite large these days and many people bring a gazebo, so you're all crammed together listening to your neighbours on every side of you farting and snoring. Absolutely no personal space between you and the next tent. Unlike its sister site Marlie, New Beach do not have permanent traveller families living on the camping pitch, which is a good thing as there simply wouldn't be any room. Entertainment was good and plenty of things for the kids to do and swimming pool is a good size but usually so busy you have to wait for a time slot.

3 by Natasha Kingham Review source

Just booked in and got to the caravan. Despite telling them that I'm mobility impaired we've been given a caravan a long way from everything and we cannot park anywhere near. That's the best bit, the caravan itself is filthy, the floor in the washroom is black which is the same colour as the mould around the all of the 'skirting'. I could go on about the cleanliness of the place but it's making me feel ill just thinking about it. I cannot bring myself to touch anything in the caravan so I'm writing this review standing outside which is cleaner but not by much. Worst holiday ever.

1 by Maria Dobinson-Dines Review source

Stayed in a gold caravan for four nights last week and it was great. The caravan was spotless and very comfortable, the food in the bar was amazing and the children's evening entertainment was the best I have ever seen (our five year old daughter loved it).
The only complaints would be the swimming pool was very cold and the changing rooms were filthy and the site shop needs more variety of products (they don't even sell ham).
On the whole though it was a great little holiday and we will definitely be going back.

4 by Review source

Been here one night dont like it theres no were to park u have to park half mile from ur caravan whn got in the caravan i found dirty baby wipes and tissus my kids.window was broken ask for fix it they never came out my kids were cold the sofa is sticky i had to clean the caravan again as it was not that clean . We got an 8 berth and they only gave me 3 pillows and 3 duvets so had ro sort that out i will never come bk here again dont like it wish i book were we norm go witch is combe hasting :(

2 by Katie Upton Review source

From a campers perspective its a decent site and Dog Friendly too!
A mixture of well spaced pitches with and without electric hookup.
A fair number of toilets and showers that are regularly cleaned.
Clothes washing facilities available but only 2 sinks for doing the dishes.

Small arcade, shop, clubhouse & swimming pool on site and there is also a small children's playground.

No sandy beach here though... its a short hop along the coast from here.

3 by Lee Jacques Review source

Its a nice place, its very close to the sea. Its got smooth pavements which is good for skateboarding and they have nice staff within the bars. However in our spare room we had ants so my freind had to sleep on the sofa we went to reception and they said they bring round house keeping to deal with it. We waited all day and they didn't come the second day we asked again and there still never came so on the third day we just went to buy ant killer ourself ... Very disappointed

2 by Review source

Been going here for many years although the original clubhouse is being torn down cleanliness shouldn't stop.
Uniforms throughout the park very much need to be smarter and tidier quite rough looking members of bar staff didn't feel they was approachable piercings and tattoos should be of a minimum not an entire mouth filled with piercings it's just not customer friendly
Eve entertainment after bingo starts far to late 10 pm is to late.

3 by Review source

Booked for 2 families as had son coming from barnsley i personally will not be booking to stay there again on arrival told can not take car up to caravan to unload we asked for caravans close together they were miles apart atm machine no cash till next day children entertainment very poor 'club house ' very scruffy tables chairs broke seem they only interested in taking money dont get me started on cleanliness of caravan my advice avoid this park

2 by Review source

This place is disgusting if you stay with a Motorhome. There is a field way at the back of the park where they put you. Its uneven and disorganised with no evident parking spaces. Motorhomes mixed with tents is not good either. You step out of your van and trip over next door's guy ropes. The toilet/shower block is a disgrace; blocked shower drains and that awful smell of stagnant waste water. We will not be going back.

1 by Paul M Murray Review source

Not the best caravan site I've been to, not very clean and not much to see or do. Swimming pool changing rooms had three tiny cubicles all of which were dirty. Club house is tired and old (they are building a new one atm) the 'beach' over the (busy) road is all large breakwater rocks, nearest sand beach is Dymchurch up to the road (15 min walk). Won't be going back in a hurry, would not recommend

1 by Christian Phillips Review source

Great bank holiday weekend away .nicely refurbished clubhouse and amusement arcade .onwards and upwards .bar is now smaller and due to being sold out this weekend very busy .staff coped well.perhaps a queuing system should be used at busy times to help run more efficiently as you do get some frustrating customers who feel they shouldn't wait and push in .Looking forward to returning next year

4 by Mark Jury Review source

Caution! To any would be holidaymakers, this is not the place to stay! The caravan was filthy, black mould in the smelly bedroom, blind was broken, all the cutlery, plates and cups were filthy, hardly any utensils. The sofa was broken. Staff were very rude. The pool was freezing and not very clean. Dymchurch itself has nothing to do, everything's at least an hour away. Don't waste your money!

1 by Review source

Caravans good, quite spacious and clean. Felt sorry for chalet holidaymakers, something out of Auschwitz would be a fair description. Facilities and entertainment good, no play area for kids though. Not much in local area but Hythe and Dymchurch a short drive away, Hythe having some nice restaurants/shops etc and Dymchurch with the beach. Very windy the week we went but overall nice place to visit.

3 by Sherman Tank Review source

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