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W Down Ln, Sandy Bay, Exmouth EX8 5BY

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So my son is 18months old and loves animals however the museum he wasn't interested in and half the fields were empty. The were the animals in the barn which he enjoyed for a short period of time. There is a play area for under 5s but basically it's a tiny soft play with a few ride ons toys. The outdoor play was all sand based (I hate sand and the fact he could have played on the park on site for free) although most of the park was full of older children so felt they were abit too rough for him to play with.
He did enjoy the cars but all he did was cry because he wanted to climb on them. The electric cars were not suitable for under 3's again he cried to go on them.
As for the animals, they all looked hot and fed up.
There was no staff around to ask questions seemed to be no staff around looking after the animals either, other than the birds of prey.
OK so I didn't pay for my son but I did pay £22 for me and my husband so if you want to pay £22 for indoor soft play, a park with sand and look at a few animals that looked fed up then this is the place to be.
I could have paid £22 for a picnic at the park, fed some ducks, took him the beach and played on the car in the arcade and probably have had a happy child with some spare change.
Really wasn't impressed. On complaining I was told he didn't feel my reasons warranted a refund.
I wouldn't say it's the best place to go if you have a child under 3

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Rain or shine this is a fantastic place to take children age 1-7 years (of course depends on their interest). There's so much to keep them entertained, there are farm animals to view, cuddle and even get involved in events throughout the day! Ferret racing is our personal favourite. Cuddle time with guinea pigs and if you are lucky hedgehogs! Goat walking and bottle feeding baby cows.
There are two huge soft play areas under cover with different areas for all ages.
Large play areas outside, trampolines and a giant slide!

As you enter there is an indoor museum of farm life with fansinating machinery from the past. You can walk through a mock street of shops, pubs and a thatched cottage also filled with antiquities, lots of fun to explore.

Food is available, an indoor resturant (a little bit pricey) and the option for take-away which you sit and eat under cover by the indoor pirate ship sand play area... Service is slow and can get very busy.

The absolute highlight of the day is the Deer Train! You pay an extra fee of £1.50 (with an allotted time, book in advance as it sells out quickly) to ride on a tractor pulled train through a deer and lama filled field, the train stops and you get to hand feed the animals!

5 by Rannia Glaridis Review source

We visited 'Santa's Grotto with our 6 year old Great Grand Son and 27yr old grand-daughter. We all had a great day out! 1st - ride on John Deer Tractor train to fed Deer & llamas first time I had fed deer! - at this time having as much fun as the children. 2nd - Stopped off at indoor activity centre greeted by Angus the reindeer! elves and entertainer, together with hot chocolate and sausage roll(s) - All had a good sing-song with children actively involved. At this point able to visit museum of old Victorian shops.
3rdly - off to another area where you could fed llamas & goats, children could colour in Christmas cards whilst adults could look at a display of Rural life(very interestIng) . 4thly Visit to Santa - Children taken off individually firstly family able to wait in an atmospheric room then Child taken to a room with Santa who was able to speak to, not at, and was able to have a good chat being presented with, after Santa looked in his 'Good List' book with an individual present, Did we enjoy it - YOU BET. IMy wife and I will certainly go again - no matter how old the children get. To top it off just around the corner was a pub selling great food! Best Christmas visit ever. Gerald, Christine, Helena & Alejandro

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It's great they let you take your own food.
The bird shown is entertaining but in reality if you have seen one you seen them all.

Bit of a kicker that you still need to pay for some things after the entrance fee.

The soft play and playground items are great for the kids. I did find some outdated, the pedal karts are rubbish and on a hill so no kids can use them. The large really fun looking slides are made of anti slide material and while they look fun you just look a twit shuffling down the slopes in a sack.

Food was OK but as with all places expensive.

Animals were kinda lacking apart from birds of prey. They have some farm yard animals, goats sheep cow pigs etc. 2 ponies alpaca and some ducks. It's no zoo and the animal bits are a bit dull.

Overall, it's not a bad day out but it's only 3 or so hours of fun and most of that is walking between things for the kids to jump on.
As most of it is in open faced barns if it's cold you will be cold.

3 by ross malyon Review source

Had an amazing day here today and would totally recommend to anyone looking for a good day out this summer holiday! The animals look well cared for and lively, the park is laid out very nicely and there is lots to look at. We took our 10 month old here and there was so much for her to do! I was very pleasantly surprisedas it can be hard to find places that cater for younger ones! Lots of animals upclose, bouncy castles, soft play, birds of prey displays, goat walking, museums, cars and the amazing deer train! Can't understand why anyone would want their money back, it's extremely good value for money. Ignore the bad review like I did, go here and have an amazing day out just like we did P.s take a camera!!

5 by Holly Review source

OK, so staff were great at least the ones we had interactions with. Deer train was great fun, And the goats take you for a walk was brilliant. (Only place I've ever seen this). The bird display was great. Play areas were great for the kids. Nice museum of older stuff to look at. And some nice old vehicles to look at.
The price for adults to get in is too high as there is almost nothing for them to do ( unless you like museums), unless you pay extra on top i.e deer train ect. And if you want to eat in there I suggest you do it b4 4pm as they had stopped serving food when our group wanted to eat, or just take a picnic. Shop over priced, but hey they always are.
Other wise a great day out.

4 by Lee Best Review source

We visited yesterday with all my family 10 in total with four grandchildren under 10 years old we had a fabulous day so much to do it was great unfortunately it was let down by tractor cafe went in for food paid £86 which would have been fine if food was OK children's meals arrived and they had 7 chips each with there meals when my meal arrived I ordered chicken and mushroom pie with chips and peas I couldn't cut through the pie it was rock hard, when it cracked the gravy had completely dried our and was black. I complained to staff the manager followed us out and was just plain rude to us. A brilliant day was spoiled by this sorry to say.

5 by Review source

Weren't sure about the place at first, however proved to be hours of fun, our 2 year old was spoilt for choice. He loved the in and outdoor bouncy castles, the softplays, he even enjoyed the - in my opinion odd - agriculture themed exhibition. We had a laugh at trying to feed the sheep and goats with no success as their eagerness scared us away. The train to deer feeding looked great too however he wasn't willing to board it..Firm favourite was the pirate ship. A very eclectic collection but there is something for everyone, recommended for a visit.

5 by Várkonyi Andrea Review source

Omg what a lovley place deff value for money loved the ferret racing and meeting Angus and dancing with him.... the animals are amazing you have to plan your time and visit but deff worth going we will be going back... museum was intresting and loved the costume and diffrent eras we had so much fun and spent 5 hrs there. We also had lunch a little pricey however the quality of food and service were top, so was worth it. Staff amazing friendly helpful... just all in all well worth a visit. Forgot to mention you must do the deer train its fantastic...

5 by Jo Issa Review source

Found this place in Google thought we would give it a go after nearly spending £100 to get in I was expecting a bit more.we all loved the animals expecially hand feeding them kids loved all the indoor play areas what we didn't like was queuing for half hour to then be told there was half hour wait on food it is easter holidays and there was only 1 young boy trying to do everything he asked for help but was refused I don't think that was thought through very well it put a downer on the day.

2 by Review source

A great range of attractions to see and do. Inside there are life sizes exhibits showing history of various aspects of life. Classis vehicles. Outside Petting area. Farm animals. Birds of prey. Large Pirate ship play area for kids. Tractor train to feed the deers. Although an extra cost it's worth it. Regular hosted activities. Various places to get food and drink or picnic. Prices inside quite reasonable given you are captive. Our son enjoyed it and we will go back again at some point

5 by edward hole Review source

We had one of the best days out there last week, we were staying on the Haven Holiday Camp next door, so it was just outside the entrance to the park.
Our 3 and 5 year old grandsons absolutely loved it, they had so much choice of things to go on, and look at it was lovely to see them really having so much fun.
When we return to Devon again, it's a definite we'll back to visit again with them.

5 by Review source

My 4 and 7 year old really enjoyed it, and they also enjoyed it the previous year, when they were 2&5 as well! Feeding the goats and deer was an experience. Although the number of different play areas they have, could keep them entertained for practically the whole day, even without all the animals to see. Pack a picnic if you like, although the restaurant/takeaway was fine, albeit a bit slow.

5 by Bruce Lowe Review source

best thing about this place was the vintage cars and the displays of days gone by. My daughter enjoyed the soft play area. worst thing about this place is that the animals don't seem to be that well cared for and are kept in small spaces with little for them to do. i would not return to this place unless they drastically improve the animal welfare.

3 by Review source

Great facilities for the kids, plenty to see and do there the birds of prey event is fab and our kids spent ages in all the ball pools and trampolines.

The animal selection is excellent again plenty to see and the vintage car collection was good to look at too.

We went on Star Wars day when they all dress up as the characters.

4 by Sarah May Review source

Its great even for big adult sized kids too. Just wished we lived closer too it.all of the attractions get you involved and a very interactive. We love the sheep and goat pen. We spend a fortune on animal feed but its a small price to pay. Highly recommend but would also aim to go in the quite times as i imagine it gets very busy in summer.

5 by Neil Carr Review source

We passed this place every day whilst on holiday and thought it looked really small and there wouldn't be much to do, but decided to go on the last day of our holidays and it was brilliant! Staff were fantastic, the feeding of the deer and lamas was fantastic for the kids and enough things to do and see to fill a day!

5 by Jamie Barrington Review source

Brilliant day out for the kids and the classic car collection was great for me. The Memory Lane exhibit is very interesting and really well put together. Very easy to spend a whole day. Farmer Lee's Restaurant does a great lunch. Don't miss the deer train or the birds of prey displays.

4 by Lee McAllen Review source

In all honesty it wasn't that great. Considering the prices being fairly high, we expect a bit more than a few farm animals and some old vintage displays. We also ordered some food which took over an hour and all we ordered was some chips. I would not recommend this place at all

1 by Ryan Scollon Review source

Possibly not helped by a miserable day? This place is poor, a glorified junk yard, dark and depressing, and food service Extremely poor, as we were indicated another restaurant. The pasty shack where we were ran out of pasties!!!! Not a place I expect we will be re visiting.

1 by Review source

Fantastic day out for the kids. Lots of opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals. The deer train is great fun. Only downside was the price of entry for adults, works out very expensive for two parents to take a 1 yr old there as price per adult is £12.50.

4 by Ed Dark Review source

Brilliant day trip with 5 and 2 year old boys. Bouncy castles, soft play, trampolines, slides, animals, climb on miniature steam trains.. We spent X2 days there at 6 hours a day, and the kids still weren't ready to go. We'll be back!

5 by Review source

Fantastic. My 2 year old loved the play areas and feeding the goats. There was a great mix of things to suit all from old cars and agricultural museums, old motorbikes to farm animals and kids play areas. Not the cheapest mind.

4 by Rob Mayor Review source

Loved it here great place to take the kids it ticked all the boxes. Animals to see and interact with, soft play and other activities for kids to do and a museum area to see things off the past. Brilliant day out.

5 by Review source

Great little theme park and the dear train was very enjoyable feeding the animals. Was a lot more to do than I thought in all weathers as there is an indoor children's soft play area.

5 by Paul Mullins Review source

Would have been better if we could have taken dog in, one person could have sat in grassy area, while rest of family walked around, would have spent the whole day instead of just an hour.

2 by Review source

A great place for family of all ages. From soft play to vintage tractors, small animals to birds of prey, steam engines, Victorian street and many other attractions

5 by Dave Etheridge Review source

I enjoyed the museum, the classic motorcycles, steam engines etc. The grandkids loved the Birds of prey and all the animals. Had as fabulous day with the family.

5 by Fred Weimer Review source

Great day out for kids. My 14 and 2 yrs old had a great time. Plenty to do. Food in cafe pricey and bit rubbish would take a picnic next time to sit on grass.

5 by Review source

Love it. Easy to go back again and again. Perfect in all weather. Loads to do. Great for families. If you live close it's worth getting a membership.

5 by Wendy Wedgery Review source

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