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44 Old St, London, EC1V 9AQ

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I came here with friends for some serious drinks and it was amazing. This old world art deco styled Bar serves top quality mixology-drinks with exotic twists and royal presentation. Along with an oxygenated atmosphere and mood setting chill music.

I must warn you that you'll probably takes 30 minutes to figure out what you want, as most drinks are complicated (if not questionable on print). After several hours of thought, I started with an 'Electric Earl', which is Gin, Earl grey liqueur (yes you heard right), grapefruit juice among other citrus and a dash of bitters. I then went with a 'Loch, Stock and Barrels' Since it starts with Glen and somehow meets 'Tabasco smoked honey', 'Ginger Wine', and Grain Ash flavored Cacao butter. Which its complexity had me searching for 'Bamboo #2' to get the taste out of my mouth. The Bamboo went down proper and gave me a good head. So I went for another.

One thing to mention is their limited Scotch selection. Nevertheless, there is plenty here to keep everyone excited and stimulated.

The Gibson is definitely a must visit for Mixologists and others passionate about drinks.

5 by James Gordonsman Review source

It's a nice atmosphere, but the drinks are ridiculously over the top, far too complicated with too many ingredients and unnecessary garnishes. I don't know who invented the idea of putting chocolate on the OUTSIDE of a glass, but it has to stop!

Drinks on the menu typically have 10 or more ingredients listed, and it's impossible to tell from those if you are going to get a highball, coupé or something on ice. Or in a giant coconut. Invariably, what you get is a muddy mess of conflicting flavours, bits of dried fruit, flowers and fir cones.

If you avoid the menu and just stick to classic cocktails, they will make them well. But be sure to make it clear that you want the classic and not the bartender's signature take on it.

If you like Nightjar you will probably like this place too. They have clearly been inspired by Nightjar, borrowing everything that is detestable about it, but amplified by 10%.

The staff seemed nice. So there's that.

3 by Review source

The Gibson has been on our list for quite a while and last night we finally made it. The cocktails are amazing in every way.

Each of The Gibson’s cocktails has a long list of ingredients, most of which you won’t find in any other bar. Often, less is more, but not in this case, because all ingredients go masterfully well together.

The bar is very small, the seats were slightly uncomfortable and the bartenders, while very friendly and attentive, where a bit understaffed. Yet, I still give this place 5 stars. Because you shouldn’t come to this place for a quick drink. You come here for the beautifully crafted, delicious and surprising cocktails.

There was live music as well. The (English) pianist had a wide repertoire of songs, and we were surprised by his excellent pronunciation of Portuguese when he sang Garota de Ipanema (the girl from Ipanema).

We’ll be back for more!

5 by Lennert Onkelinx Review source

The staff is great. The bartenders are super capable. The drinks are just fantastically over complicated. I don't want to festive novelty with the complexity of a self-winding watch. I want an amazing cocktail. The place specializes in the former. My drink included truffle oil-infused white chocolate, berries, matcha powder, an inch of chocolate around the rim, lemon zest, and smoked bourbon. The whole was much less than the sum of the parts. That said, the staff picked up on me not enjoying it and swapped it out for me at no charge. In short, great place if you're really careful what you order (from their 50-drink Quo Vadis of a menu).

4 by Jackson Gabbard Review source

Unparalleled cocktail bar in London - there is nowhere else like it. The 1920s art deco front and brass tables create a class atmosphere. The presentation is amazing - from smoking brass dragons to cocktails served with a side of crickets (!). Very complicated flavours - the menu will take you ages to peruse - with lots of vinegar and sours to create the flavours. Of the cocktails I've tried some even trip my tastebuds the wrong way and I get a musty / mould flavour - but it is still absolutely a must visit experience. Around £14 a cocktail but so worth it.

5 by Pip D Review source

Unique and amazing cocktails with detail given to flavour profiles and appearance. A 'must' for cocktail lovers. Prices are reasonable given the cocktails uniqueness and complexity (11-13£/each)

The menu is long, separated in months, telling a journey through time with the drinks.

A nice atmosphere, friendly service and if you are lucky live music.

Insider's tip: Book in advance, as the space inside is limited and it can be really busy- especially if you are going Friday or Saturday life.

5 by Evangeline Z Review source

Truly exceptional bar experience! You will get a state-of-the-art cocktail menu prepere by Marian Beke himself. Bar is small but yet very elegant and just the right size for the excellent service you will receive. Staff is looking after you and try to make you experience as joyful as possible. Well, this is what I really enjoy in the newly opens places- free flow and pure inspirations combine with a dedication from the heart and soul that makes a difference!
Go and have a try :)

5 by Boris Sekulskii Review source

Seriously the most incredible and unusual cocktails we’ve ever tried!! The cocktails list is huge and it’s so difficult to choose among all this goodness!
The cocktail presentation and combination is absolutely creative and unexpected yet totally worthy !!
The staff is nice, can give you good advice and the ambience is atmospheric.
Definitely recommend and it stands out the many cocktail bars around. We loved the concept and we’ll definitely come back again!

5 by Eleonora Ferrari Review source

Went to the Gibson with friends on Wednesday Night for a couple of drinks :)
Top quality cocktails with exotic twists and gracious presentation.
Very pleasant atmosphere and chill music.
Definitely a must visit for bartenders and people passionate about drinks.
Marian Beke behind the bar, a mixologist inspiration to many, knows his stuff :)
Thanks for the treat and see you soon.
Martin S.

5 by Review source

Tasty, interesting cocktails at £10-12 each served by exotic European hipsters. Well chosen nibbles. Spanish guy knocking out ragtime and Rachmaninov on the piano in the corner. Thick hashy clouds of flavouring oils and essences. All good right? But... my god how slow! Both of my cocktails took over 25 minutes (no exaggeration) to arrive on a moderately full Wednesday night. Could have been an off night but it was very disappointing.

3 by Pete Morrow Review source

Lovely little intimate speakeasy style bar. Cocktails were just incredible - so much detail and finishing touches on each drink. Our hostess was incredibly knowledgable on all drinks and was able to make great recommendations to our group. As with all cocktail bars - it does take a while to get the drinks as they are all made fresh, so you need to be a little patient. As long as you're not in a rush - it's totally fine!

4 by Mariam French Review source

Fantastic tiny cocktail bar with a lively atmosphere... when I visited there was live jazz courtesy of a pianist at the far end of the bar. The decor is really simple and homey, which is a contrast from the cocktails which are really creative and out there... my drink was actually glowing from the inside out! But in terms of the taste I have to say it didn't blow me away. Still, its a really nice and fun place to visit.

4 by Colin Kwan Review source

Cocktails were creative and imaginative, and service was really good but we found the menu too extensive making it hard to make a choice. It's a very small bar, which is not an issue but you will be close to the guests next to you. Luckily, we were sitting next to a lovey couple so that was OK, but may be an issue if you want privacy. I found the backless stool uncomfortable. But they finish late!

4 by Rebecca Linnley Review source

It's a very unique cocktail place. Don't come here expecting simple cocktails or to get hammered fast. They do some amazing, intricate cocktails that are a visual treat on itself. The place is small and the environment is cozy, usual place to bring a date and impress. It's not cheap but not as expensive as one would expect given the amount of work each cocktail requires.

5 by João Ascenso Review source

Amaze-balls cocktails. I love being surprised by unusual combinations and this place delivered. In spades!

I loved the atmosphere and the decor added to it. The servers were exceedingly knowledge about their drinks and could really recommend based on preferences.

The bartender(s) knew their trade and plyed it well.

Highly recommended!

5 by David Elliott Review source

Great cocktail bar nearby old Street. Great vibes , great cocktails and very tasty as well, definitely one of the best prepared we've seen. In peak time might be a fit of a wait for the coktails to come but worth it. Not adding a five star since seating is a bit tight and you might be seating next to someone else. They have live piano music every day.

4 by luislukas Review source

Really strange service. Arrived for a friends pre-booked birthday. Asked me to look in the door to see if they we're there. They weren't, I was first to arrive so they said I had to wait outside as they were busy. No drinks offered not allowed to chill at the bar. Took out party elsewere. Ludicrous policy!

1 by Review source

Super inconsistent - it's either fantastic if the main bartender is there, or so so if someone else is working. Also the floor staff tend to ignore you - not a good venue for a romantic evening if you're trying to talk to your companions ratherthan spend half the nigth chasing down someone to serve you.

3 by Mike MacCana Review source

A great find - I recently visited and it was brilliant. Staff were super friendly, knowledgeable and chatty.

The cocktail list is extensive, and of the 6 we tried, they were all amazing! Lovely atmosphere too :)

Will definitely visit again!

Well done guys - keep up the good work!

5 by Review source

Quite unexpected find, looks like a pub outside, but it's a cocktail bar. Designed as a Speakeasy, with elaborate cocktail presentation, but totally mediocre drinks. There is so much better you can get in London for the same price (£12 at least per drink). Try the Zetter Townhouse, if you book in advance!

2 by James Millen Review source

Best and most innovative cocktail place in London right now, particularly if you do not like overly sweet cloying cocktails (and want to actually be able to taste something other than sugar in your drink!) Went on a Saturday night and they had a great boogie woogie piano player. Cannot recommend enough.

5 by Becca McKenzie Review source

A recent discovery, and I will be going back.

Yes it has really inventive and exciting cocktails, but for me there is only one reason.

Finally a place that understands that the Gibson Martini is the king of all drinks. They even pickle their own onions. Wow.

5 by Toby Behrmann Review source

One of the best cocktail bars in London. The cocktails you get here are like no others you get anywhere else and watching the bartender make them is mesmerising. The bar snacks they offer are delicious and they have a live pianist most nights. Great atmosphere and amazing drinks!

5 by Jim Jam Review source

It is one of the most innovative bars in the uk I was so impressed from the verity and garnish that I wished I was a London born and raised the service could of been more casual and friendly but if u love mixology and you haven’t been there u’r missing out!!!

4 by Liav Horwitz Review source

Superb cocktails, delicious and delightfully inventive. The ambience is cool and subdued matching it's eclectic and hipster clientele. The venue is smaller than I expected but this is a minor footnote in light of the treats that await within.

5 by Walter Gichia Review source

Wow! This bar and this cocktails are impressive.
Super talented Barkeeper and of course also friendly and courteous service.
I've never had a cocktail experience like this!

Try the Electric Earl! Flower first...

5 by Review source

Brilliant prohibition bar. Very extensive drinks menu and the staff really know what to recommend. Great for your more experienced bartender types, but also lovely for something new and classy for all else. Pricey, but worth your money.

5 by Jack Williams Review source

A great little space with innovative drinks and knowledgeable staff. Try the drink with the peppercorn bud, it makes your mouth tingle. It's a proper cocktail bar serving very high quality drinks. A new favourite drinking spot.

5 by Tom Smith Review source

The cocktails are delicious, creative, and visually appealing. There is a wide selection to choose from. The staff was very attentive and friendly, accommodating us even though we did not have a reservation. I highly recommend it!

5 by Review source

This is the bar of one of the bartenders who originally opened up nightjar. Slightly quirkier and more characteristic than nightjar I'd say the cocktails are just as good but the food is actually even better here.

5 by Giacomo Joshua Brunelli Review source

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