San Marino Brixton - Stockwell, London

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413 Brixton Rd, Stockwell, London, SW9 7DG

+44 20 7978 8417




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San Marino is an absolutely staple in Brixton where locals will be found at all hours. When the rest of the area is adapting and merging into predictable over-priced under piled portions and smaller coffee cups, or simply getting closed down to become another boring chain, San Marino thrives on. They stay popular due to their consistent great food well and generously portioned at affordable prices and wonderful choices. They open ridiculously early and the team, always rotating with panache and hard work, are not only fantastically efficient but also friendly and amenable. The breakfast is all day and there are pastries that would make your mouth water. If anything, avoid going at peak times since you probably won’t get through the door. It’s a relief to have at least one place left in Brixton that is traditional, easy, consistent in their service and quality and situated so helpfully as to make it everyone’s favourite go-to coffee and brunch spot.

4 by Review source

Poor service! And a lying manager. This place doesn't deserve a 4* rating on Google Maps.

First, no acknowledgement whilst waiting to be served. The server was rude and unwelcoming.

Later I asked a staff member if I could have some more hot water for my tea (YumChaa, Costa and pretty much every place I've been to does this for free). She asked the manager, came back and said I'll have to pay another £1. Not impressed.

In response to the managers false comments:
I was outside for 20 minutes, and it got cold so I went inside. This was when was when I asked for the hot water. And I paid the £1, and stayed 1.5 hours - not 3 hours! See proof (image uploaded) from my phone which timestamps where I have been and for how long. So next time you respond, please get your facts straight.

1 by Review source

They use to be good, now days they are too busy they start pitting frozen sandwich inside Microives to worm it, then toeste for 3 second and give you bread that is like a plastic when you bite. The letous they put inside is gone brown, we use to eat there nearly everyday but not anymore. I sent for sandwich and coffee this morning I was so suprise how bad a its getting to, I called them to inform them, it use to be nice Italian cafe but now it's factory. Coffee still good, today will be my last day to spend my hard earn money. Stay original please don't lose your goods. Sandwich toasted in Microives ??

1 by Review source

Came by for a quick lunch, following a friend's recommendation, and had some paninis. Overall food was OK, if a bit dry, and nothing special. The whole place is a little too busy for its own good - lots of leftovers and trash everywhere, difficult to walk between cramped tables. Service generally competent, though a little pushy. Weird we couldn't get a printed receipt - just a few scribbles on a loose sheet of paper.

Overall the place is OK, especially at these prices, but don't expect any delights.

3 by Michał Paluchowski Review source

If you are a Brixtonian you know this place is the best family run coffee house in South London. Long -term Sicilian origin family who have had the place since 1993. Coffees and wide selection of Paninis are the best. There are fresh juices, breakfasts (halal options), cakes, croissants etc. Seating outside, inside and downstairs. Staff are polite and courteous. Wifi available and toilet available. Crowd is mix of multi-cultural London. If you come to Brixton you have to have coffee there.

5 by Review source

For beverages and cake or snack at a fair price and family run I can't believe I haven't found the San Marino cafe before. I had an informal interview to attend so wa early and at 6pm found a quiet corner to consume a lovely latte and rather good piece of carrot cake (generous portion!). Good mixed crow of people and friendly staff made my 20 minute visit interesting as well as the view on to one of the busy Brixton walk ways. Must try some lunch there next time.

5 by Steven Suckling Review source

Can't say I was happy with the place. I came in unsure whether to order at the counter or the table. My question was responded by recieving a menu and told to sit at the table. 5 minutes later a waitress came took the menu away and did not acknowledge or speak to me. I decided to go somewhere else as time was not in my side so a bad impression is all I had for my first time.
Also the paper menu is different from the online version as they haven't updated it.

2 by Review source

Good coffee, friendly staff, and quick service! My favourite coffee place in the area by far. The full English here is really good as well ( i usually can tell when a full English is good when the baked beans don't taste like a tin, the beans here are very good and they make the eggs just how i like them!). When it's a quick morning i usually get a coffee and almond croissant. The staff are always attentive and conscientious. Very happy with San Marino!

5 by James Review source

Great Italian styled cafe with excellent sandwiches, breakfasts and coffee. In contrast to other more equally excellent ‘hipster joints’ (which this is not) the pricing is really reasonable here; less than £5 a sandwich and c£2 for a coffee. The pasta dishes look good too, however, I’m usually there for breakfast so haven’t sampled one yet. Always excellent and attentive service; order at the counter and they will give you a table number.

5 by Stephen Jones Review source

The best coffee in Brixton. Brixton has its share of trendy coffee bars selling overpriced mediocrity, and chains too, but San Marino stands above them all. The way the staff seem to move around like parts of a machine is impressive to watch. The nice extra touches, like putting the coffee cup in your hand and wishing you well, contrast massively with the snobby indifference of some of the hipster venues. Forget the rest: drink the best.

5 by Benjamin Clarkson Review source

Such a wonderful cafe. Super busy at times but always worth the wait. The coffee never disappoints but for me the spiced chai latte is second to none and the food just delicious. The staff are very welcoming and if you are a regular they always remember what you order. Can't recommend it enough. If you are new to Brixton or you've just never visited San Marino then do it, I promise it'll be worth it!

5 by Review source

I've just moved to Brixton and San Marino is my closest coffee place. I feel like I've struck gold. The choice here is incredible and it is so reasonably priced. It is comfortable and warm - I feel at home already. We tried the cinnamon and apple spiced chai tea and my cousin practically fainted with joy. It was like being kissed my Christmas.

I love this place.

5 by Ayesha Casely-Hayford Review source

After coming to San Marino no other cafe/coffee shop matches up to it, I am yet to find a place in London or even the uk that does better paninis than this place, amazing food, it's always busy in there so that speaks for itself! Staff are always busy but are still polite and friendly, I love it here and everyone I bring here also falls in love with the food!

5 by Review source

Absolutely lovely place and favourite place to have breakfast with the family. I think the seating arrangement could be better but I know there's additional seating available downstairs which I haven't used yet. Only place where I eat hash browns and the halal sausage is yummy. 4 stars because of the seating upstairs. Please try to fix if possible

4 by Oladapo Alapafuja Review source

Nice place, with great pastries and very good coffee. The only thing that dissapointed me was the atmosphere and interiors, it didn't feel cozy to stay and chillout. The armchairs showed great signs of usage, and the tables were positioned in a way that reminded me more of a fast food place than a coffee shop. But overall a good place

3 by Alina Lisiecka Review source

Went there with a few colleagues for lunch and had the spicy chicken jacket with salad and slaw. Good sized potato and the chicken was spicy, but not too spicy. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Gets quite busy at lunchtime but not sure about other times. Good selection on the menu. I did notice that the paninis were quite popular with other patrons.

4 by Ronnie G Review source

I really like the food and have frequented this cafe for a few years now.
I was disappointed today however when I ordered the spaghetti bolognese take away for £7.95 and was then informed that it would be an extra £1.50 for a small amount of coleslaw with it or a tiny bit of salad. This is always complimented with the sandwiches.

3 by Review source

One of the best Italian restaurants in the middle of Brixton area in London, the food is simply excellent, the portion is fair and reasonable price is as well, the variety of dishes is not so big however the recommend dishes are ALL a fantastic selection of Italian dishes I recommend: Tagiatelli Pollo e Funghi and a good aperol spritz

5 by Nico P. Batista Review source

Visited for the first time this morning. The coffee was absolutely incredible!

The sandwiches and cakes looked amazing. The full English was very reasonably priced, but the sausages could have been better quality to be honest.

I really enjoyed my visit, and would highly recommend the cafe. I'll be back!

5 by Review source

Great coffee and almond croissants here and you can usually find a place to sit. I like that it has outdoor space too, even though it's in the face of the traffic fumes of Brixton Road. So far I've not found it at all friendly, so haven't given 5 stars, but to be fair it is very busy and I'm not a regular.

4 by Maya Kar Review source

This popular coffeehouse has been around this corner of Brixton market way back in the late 80s, as a simple cafe..and did not spill out onto the pavement. Now it's a very busy place, charging a better price for drinks and food. Still has the feel of a working man's cafe, but the coffee's better elsewhere!

4 by Giorgio T. Review source

The coffee is fine, nothing spectacular. Pastries were pretty good. The staff are surprisingly unprofessional, and not in a charming small time coffee shop way. More like an unwelcoming, inconsiderate, and just plain bad service way. And they had the TV news playing, whether this is a plus or minus depends on you.

3 by Sarah Fortune Review source

Great food... Really good portions and their v Full English is a fantastic weekend hangover tonic... Price is really reasonable for Brixton too and sitting outside lets you see all the 'interesting' life of the locals... Friendly hard working staff , family atmosphere too. San Marino is an absolute gem!

5 by Review source

The cafe's always busy, but it has a great atmosphere to it, you feel like you're transported to Italy once you step in. The coffee is really lovely and San Marino offers a selection of snacks and cakes as well. Their paninis are absolutely delicious and there's many flavours to choose from.

5 by Piotr Włodarczyk Review source

This place is great for food options. Halal, normal and vegetarian full English breakfast available, great selection of healthy smoothies that taste great, fantastic coffee and, perhaps most importantly, excellent service.

Very clean. Highly recommended!

5 by Ahmed Zaman Review source

The girls were either hungover or just rude all the time. Their customer service wasn't great, food was bland and their coffee was horrid.
Their opening time also isn't 7am for breakfast. It may open at 7 but doesn't serve food till 7:30am.

2 by Kate Crawford Review source

Wonderful family run, independent.
An excellent range of coffees, teas, juices, other drinks, hot and cold food.
Friendly staff, great service, and plenty of tables outside.
Miles ahead of the multinational coffee chains - cheaper too !

5 by Stewart Nutt Review source

The items are at a reasonable price, the customer service is excellent. The staff are very friendly if you haven't tried chicken coriander sandwich you don't live. It's one of the best local cafe in Brixton if not the best.

5 by Review source

The perfect pitstop for my caffeine fix before heading to the gym, and the perfect pitstop afterwards for one of their massive omelettes! Can't recommend this place enough. Great atmosphere and hard working, friendly staff.

5 by Stuart Sanderson Review source

Nice full English breakfast. It's a cheap place where to have some Italian oriented food, full English breakfast and some deserts. The English full break fast is specially popular here. They do good sandwiches as well.

3 by Pablo Costa Tirado Review source

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