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We went to jungle jungle before on random play dates, my son like it so we decided to book he's birthday party there. On the day of the booking I was at not point invited in to show the party room or the play area. They didn't ask me any security question for photographing, they Didn't mention anything about security in case of a fire, no person was assigned to look after the party. I requested no pork as my son is vegetarian (smell of pork disturb him) but allowed some chicken nugget for the other children they ensure me that even without ham sandwiches and pork sausages would have been planty of food.
On the day they were under stuffed, guest waited ages at the entrance, the queue at the Bar for food and drinks was endless. Especially I was ensure that drinks would be provided for the party guest during the all party, they didn't tell me though, that I had to queue each time a child needed a drink. A simple jug with squash at the table would have done it but didn't happen.
No assistance was given to the kids at the party just a annauncment when the food was ready. The food consisted on chicken nugget, carrots and cocumber sticks cheese, jam, and MARMITE sandwiches. Of course no one eat the marmite and the other sandwiches weren't enough I had to ask sandwiches and drinks again and again.
On a plus point the kids had fun and the overworked stuff was polite. I would not book there again.

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We had a party here today. We had an hour to play in the play area. Then we moved into the eating area the food came 5-7 mins late, so the kids ate there food, but the staff kept pestering to say how long we were going to be, for the cake to be lit baring in mind 10 mins into eating. When it came to the cake it was lit even before my wife was in the room we said happy birthday then cake was headed out. Then shortly after the kids were eating the cupcakes that came along with cake. But half way through the kids eating the cake the member of staff ( white afro) came in and started throwing away the cakes which I rightfully paid for. Started cleaning the plates away whilst the kids were still eating then we were hearded out the room like sheep. But that was the party if you like getting rushed like a prisoner this is the right place to be

2 by Christopher Harvey Review source

This is the first time I've been here and I've been to a few soft play centres up and around the country.

My daughter loves it here, it's a great size that's split up into three different sections and it's designed well enough for kids to get lost in for a good few times.

As an adult, I love it here too. I like to get in there and play adventure with my little love bug. The steep slides are new for both of us and they're brilliant.

It's quite good value for money too, I've been to a few places that you have to pay the same but here you really do get alot more value for your money.

5 by Dennis Waites Review source

A good place to go for little ones for a cheaper morning/afternoon. Food and drink is available to purchase (own food not allowed). There are a couple of slides as well as a ground floor area with building blocks, ball pool etc. Staff generally stay behind the counter but are helpful with food and drink orders when required.

It is a shame that Finkley Down has opened their own soft play recently. Although they are considerably more expensive. Due to the rest of the activities available.

Would choose this for a quieter activity for a couple of hours.

Parties are also accommodated here.

4 by P Webb Review source

I find jungle jungle very dirty the toilets were clogged up so couldn't use them untill someone came to clean them bearing in mind they took half hour after I told them about it to come and clean them which my son had already wet himself by then staff are always miserable especially the younger ones its as if they don't want to be there!! Won't be going there again

1 by Review source

There needs to be a separate area for babies and toddlers to play safely and if there already is it needs to be enforced by the staff or at least signs up stating its for todlers as my 2 year old has a bruise from a 6 or 7 year old running and dive bombing in the ball pit. Shouldnt have to confront parents that are too busy playing with their phones than observing their kids.

2 by Pamela Mcneill Review source

Mainly because the kids love it here (6 & 10). I like the coffee & tables to sit at. We had an after hours party here for our 6 year old, about 22 kids with disk lights and music. The staff were very pleasant and helpful. Even put our daughters favourite music on. All 22 kids loved every minute of it.

5 by Review source

Worst place to go around Andover, it's always dirty, no soap or papers in the toilets, tables are rarely cleaned, old equipments. Price is unacceptable for what you get. Wasted money every time when we tried. Oh and the food, do not try them. Pricey and not even close to be nice.

1 by Review source

Quite a large area which could be used better. Equipment was dirty and the seating area was not much better. Toilets were not clean and messy. Spent 40 mins there and left as we wanted food and didnt want to eat there. On a positive note the slides are good.

1 by Review source

Cheap fun for babies and young kids, kitchen oil can overwhelm the place at tines and could do we a tidy a bit more regularly but for it's cost it's a good distraction for the kids for an hour or two.

3 by Matt Jones Review source

Great place for the children to play and off load some energy... We went when it was raining and it was heaving, it totally needs to be bigger to accommodate more people

4 by Rebecca Richardson Review source

Over priced, cost £11 for a 1 year old and 2 year old and was £1 for half a cup of weak juice not very clean and equipment is old and tacky.

1 by Review source

Fab place for both todlers and older children nice food. Although a little cold in there lots of space for little ones to run off steam

4 by Review source

Needs more staff. Also unlike the others they don't seem to care about the different age group play zones.

3 by Ben Rose Review source

This place has no staff supervision. Kids run riot. Watching children throw balls into the ceiling fan.

2 by Review source

Brilliant. My daughter absolutely loved the giant ball pit and the slides suitable for toddlers.

5 by Hannah Crane Review source

It's very good and does what it says on the tin but it's not the cleanest of places

3 by Michelle Kirk Review source

Lovely staff. Great play area for both my 11 month old and 3 yr old. Good value cafe

5 by Charlie Sampson Review source

My two daughters love it here. Good soft play centre. And quite cheap to get in

4 by Review source

Good place to wear the kids out for a couple of hours, when it's raining

5 by Review source

Great indoor play centre, with fantastic staff. Love the new drop slides

5 by Review source

Noisy and staff pretty unfriendly, but good for kids to let off steam.

3 by Oliver Fryer Review source

Good range of play equipment, also food portions are very generous

4 by Alex Becker Review source

Nice place for young kids but quite cold for spectators.

4 by David Lewis Review source

Messy and very tired! Needs a make over and cleanliness.

2 by Review source

Great value, food freshly cooked and the kids love it!

5 by Mike White Review source

Kids play centre , can get busy , can be very noisy

5 by Simon lansley Review source

Quite small for the money, though clean & tidy.

3 by Jamie Cameron Review source

Not much to say. Kids seem to have a good time.

2 by Review source

Good value for childrens parties

4 by Peter Acres Review source

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