The Sun Pub - London

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21 Drury Ln, London, WC2B 5RH

+44 20 7240 2789




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I love place. Nothing overtly special about it, but the staff are awesome and I like the beer selection. The Lagunitas IPA gets me every time. There's room upstairs too, but this can often be booked for events. Am yet to try the food but they seem pretty proud of their pies.

5 by Dominic White Review source

The food is great and the portions are good but the bar staff tend to take a lot of time while taking orders during lunch time so people end up waiting a lot and overcrowding the bar. Also sometimes the food service is very slow. But the food is delicious so they deserve 4 stars!

4 by Deniz Kayimbasioglu Review source

Great staff and loads of room with a big upstairs space along with the bar and tables downstairs. Prices are reasonable and the pies are tasty, though it's pretty much only pies. Usually pretty fast service, great for the office lunch hour. I'm always in there.

4 by Review source

This is a good centrally located pub, with few frills there is an upstairs room that can be booked and hosts a variesty of eclectic events, tech meetups, Cello recitals and a regular nights.

Its pleasant and the bar staff are nice and friendly.

3 by Ravi Motha Review source

Served us warm lager and was then rude when we informed them of the fact. The girl behind the bar said 'I'm not about to pour you another one and chuck that away as well.'

Will never voluntarily set foot in here again.

1 by Review source

Warm draft beer but that doesn't matter when your friend spills red wine all over you. The staff was on it, and gave a tip for getting it out with a salt shaker (which they gave me along with a glass of club soda).

4 by Kαren Dαy Review source

Firstly, this is not a newspaper nor is it a firey orb in the sky... it is a pub.

Excellent 'english pub' atmosphere, quality ales and they show the rugby when it's on... Top notch

5 by Jack Berry Review source

Small and traditionally decorated pub. Was very lively with a good atmosphere on a Friday night but still possible to get served quickly. Choice of beers seemed a bit limited but it was a good pint.

4 by Martin Smith Review source

Great pub with some great drinks on draft! We went to watch the Liverpool game which they were happy to put on for us! Nice relaxed atmosphere apart from when Liverpool conceded!!

5 by michael scott Review source

Nice pub, nice staff and a good beer selection. Lagunitas on draught was a real surprise and treat! Nice pies too. Will be including this pub to my regular London crawl.

4 by Damian Scott Review source

Decent old pub with good atmosphere.

Decor has been given a tasteful modern twist, which makes it feel cleaner and lighter than similar places in the area.

3 by Stephen Ward Review source

Had a great n very unexpected night here tonight. Went to see Cinderella...ended up here at a poetry reading night. What a delightful surprising evening..

5 by Review source

A tiny little pub tucked away between Covent Garden and Holbourn. There are a couple of snacks on offer as well as the usual selection of trendy beers.

3 by Tristan Corpe Review source

Decent enough London pub. Standard London prices but the beer is well kept and properly served. Nice and cold with a proper head on your pint.

4 by Richard Long Review source

Not too many seats but a great pub if you get their early. Staff are really friendly and the beers and ales are first class!

4 by Aeffas Saffea Review source

A proper pub, two bitters, Pride and another, gets busy but the landlord is all over the place and the barstaff are on it.

5 by Tynan Dean Review source

Great Pub, been going in there many years, my must pop in local for a quick half when in Convent Garden. Great staff.

5 by Review source

Excellent traditional English pub with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. Hard not to have a good night here.

5 by Sam Saltwell Review source

Nice but limited range of beer compared to other places locally. Bonus though is the pieminister pie and mash!

4 by 0 Review source

So bright, blindingly bright really. And oh god the food is hot, hot like the inside of a maccy ds apple pie.

5 by lobecast Review source

A fantastic traditional english pub. Its just far enough outside Covent Garden to be quiet. Great service.

5 by Mike Taylor Review source

Really like this pub at the top of Drury lane. Nice selection of drinks and always a good atmosphere.

4 by john mcbriarty Review source

Cheapest pub ever and it has an outside smoking area, gets packed quickly and pretty cool bar staff!

5 by Jen Review source

Standard pub with great beers and pies. Mostly full post work hours. Has good selection of beers.

3 by Abbi Stolagiewicz Review source

Beer is way too expensive. Don't go here. £5.60 for a beer is just not on. Rip off .

1 by Review source

Went there for Pieminister pies. Nice friendly service. Pies were good as expected.

4 by Lim Soon Sim Review source

Friendly bar with a decent selection of bottled beers plus quite a few on tap.

4 by Steve Tupper Review source

Great pub, oodles of character, great beer - what more could you ask for?

5 by Martin Farrow Review source

Great pub, friendly staff and lovely food. Everything a pub should be.

5 by Review source

The place was cozy, the pies delicious and the football game was on.

5 by Vitor Hugo Review source

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