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I like the comment from the last owner Barbara Clutton-Brock that 'poverty is a great preservative'. It's such a poignant comment and why the Jacobean house is in the preserved state it is. We really loved the large woodern screens passage. The great hall is super with an interesting presented stag's head it has a painted body on to the wall. Not sure if I have seen that before. The long gallery is really great with an ornate curved ceiling. Don't miss the chamber horse for keeping fit (although I thought it was a really long hobby horse ). The garden is very pleasant with the best garden standing out for me with a circular hedge with strange topery bushes around it ~ not sure what they represent but lovely shapes. Would recommend a visit.

5 by Pink Unicorn Review source

A bit of a hidden gem. Chastleton House is certainly not your average National Trust experience. But all the more fun and interesting for it.
The local volunteer guides are extremely helpful and informative - should you wish to know more about the history of the place - and exude a real pride in their heritage.
The house itself contains some gorgeous furniture. There's a real sense of entering someone's home - a huge and at times rather worn home. Definitely something real.
The same goes for the garden. Somehow lived in and loved.
As a visitor you won't find the usual NT corporate restaurant and shop. Lunch, tea, and cakes were cooked and served by local ladies in the next-door church. Very informal and great fun.

5 by Matthew Bull Review source

This is a very special National Trust property. You really feel as though you have travelled back in time to the 18th century and can experience what life must have been. There are excellent examples of Chinese porcelain and English wine glasses. I have given a 4 rating due to the long down hill walk to the house. Of course those with Blue Badge passes can park adjacent to the house and if you have concerns drive down to the house drop off your party and return to the upper car park. The guides were very welcoming and on the very cold day we visited a lovely log fire in the hearth was also very welcome.

4 by Review source

Happened to come here on a whim when exploring the Cotswolds and were so glad we did! This is unlike any other National Trust because instead of meticulously restoring the house, it has been kept much in its original condition. It doesn't have a grand garden or pristine rooms, but that what makes it so interesting. The ornate woodwork and historical tidbits throughout the house is amazing. The National Trust volunteers here were incredible! I've been to many estates and they were the most knowledgeable and passionate I've come across. Truly a hidden gem!

5 by Lindsey Irish Review source

A fascinating and very interesting property. We thoroughly enjoyed the original and largely untouched features. It is a change to see a property that has not been refurbished. Having watched the TV programme Wolf Hall, it was nice to see where much of it was filmed. My only criticism would be short opening hours on the Sunday that we visited, but in the main it was a good experience. The adjacent church is also worth a look.

4 by Review source

We had a great time at Chastleton today, the room guides were very friendly and enthusiastic about the house so we learned a lot about the family and the house itself. Would really recommend a visit (but make sure you go to the top floor, the Long Gallery is not to be missed). The whole house had a lot of character and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Just make sure you check the opening times as they vary!

5 by Lolly Wells Review source

Beautiful gardens and ponds. Recent additions are the hidden terraces for gentle walks with lovely views and places to sit and reflect on the tranquillity and stunning scenery. The tea shop offers a large selection of cakes, salads and hot meals and drinks. The house and church are well worth a visit. An enjoyable day. Allow at least an hour and a half to 2 hours for a complete visit.

5 by Mike Sanford Review source

I'm biased, all National Trust properties should get 5☆, and so should this ome, but for one thing. They haven't YET, washing up facilities,in the Brew house, so it's paper cups and plates.
Staff and stewards helpful and efficient ,
use them, ask them questions, they're so knowledgeable . Wonderful Cotswold setting.

4 by Phillip Harris Review source

Wonderful timewarp house. Very busy in July,but well worth visit. Amazing history and lots of rooms to look at. Downside was the car park was unattended and not marked out so cars were parked randomly and area's you could have parked were blocked by other cars. Overall lovely property

4 by VeccyG74 Review source

Had a very pleasant day out here. Although small, the rooms provide lots of historical value, which means you spend plenty of time wandering round, taking in the atmosphere. We had tea and a very indulgent slice of cake. Lovely place set in gorgeous surroundings.

4 by Susan Wade Review source

Fascinating Jacobean house, preserved in the dilapidated state the family allowed it to descend into over 400 years of ownership. Not as slick as many National Trust properties - no gift shop, small cafe only on Sundays, but none the worse for that!

5 by Fiona Lewis Review source

Fantastic Jacobean stately home. It hasn't been restored to perfect condition, instead it has been left as it was when donated to the trust to illustrate the struggles the family faced trying to maintain such a large property.

4 by Gavin Smith Review source

Loved this place from the ram-shackled disrepair of parts of the interior, to the quirky tea and cakes from the adjacent church ... great building , stunning views and gardens and nice cake .... that's all you need surely !

5 by Phil Clarke Review source

Very interesting house, lovely to see the house left as it would have been in its day. Our only niggle was that there is no catering facilities at all, however the church next door serve tea, coffee and cake.

4 by Karen Burrows Review source

A nice, great house with interesting history.
The guides are excellent, the garden is quite small. It is not renovated, and some 20th century rooms of the owners make the place really sad.

4 by Peter Marosan Review source

Interesting house thats been left in a time warp showing the interior largely untouched from the time the trust took it over.The Long Gallery is particularly impressive.

5 by Derek Kleur Review source

Lovely interesting old house in nice gardens. For a change for a NT property, no catering facilities on site, the quaint little church next to it serves drinks & cakes.

4 by Geoff Lord Review source

Fascinating house trapped in time. So different for NT. Smallish but pleasant, gently neglected garden. No tea room. Don't think it would interest most children tho.

4 by Review source

Diferent, interesting and well worth the visit. Very friendly and helpful staff. Lovely tea and cake in the church next door after visit. Just remember opens 1pm.

5 by Review source

We decided last minute.glad we did fabulous place full of so much History..No tea room but church next door does lovely tea and cake. And very reasonable price

5 by Mrs Pearce Review source

Not the most spectaculat National Trust property, but quite interesting in its own way as (for a change) it hasn't been restored to pristine condition.

4 by Jean Philippe Launberg Review source

Interesting house, quite a lot to see and good information from room cards and knowledgeable NT staff. Gardens not particularly exciting, cafe very basic.

4 by Chris Bing Review source

Chastleton House is a great place to visit. The TV series Wolf Hall was filmed there. Nice gardens to walk around and a tea room next door at the church.

5 by Susan Middleton Review source

Nice gardens and contrary to previous reviews there is a small tea room. Played a bit of croquet on the lawns (equipment provided). Nice day out

4 by Jonny Wright Review source

Stunning place! Perfect for a day out, but you want to have time to visit more places. Get there early as the parking quickly fills up.

5 by Christina Duncan Review source

Interesting place with some good history, but appears quite empty and in need of a bit of renovation. Nice gardens with croquet kits.

4 by Jim Cole Review source

I didn't think much of it overall. The house certainly looks better from the outside.
Not a place I would visit again.

3 by Dave J Review source

A rare insight into life 400 years a go, house pretty much left as it was then.
Also location couldn't be any better.

5 by Andrew Sheldrake Review source

Very good visit, unrestored property left in the condition it was in the 19th century. Free passes with the National Trust.

4 by Jean Lamontagne Review source

Unique time capsule NT property left as it was all those years ago when the house was first lived in a visit is recommended

3 by Peter Elford Review source

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