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There are some shops here which we just don't have anywhere else in Oxford, and importantly, it is accessible by bus from the centre and also from st Clements (the 4 or the seacourt park and ride). Decathlon and sports direct are here if you live in/around Oxford and want hiking/camping/sports gear. There is also a homebase. You are also just across the road from Aldi and a bunch of other shops - an easy 5 minute walk.

4 by Sally Salt Review source

Decathlon is the only reason I might visit Seacourt retail park, with superb prices and amazing stock I'd recommend going to decathlon to do your sports shopping rather than it at than at the grimy sports direct next door to decathlon. There is also a homebase and a DFS at the retail park which I have never needed to use but they look good. Nothing special but quite well situated.

3 by Freddie Rich Review source

Quite a simple retail park in quantity and quite buried away.
If you have a low skirted car, be very careful on the worlds largest speed bump on the way in. Almost needed ladders for it, then grabbed diagonally across it.
It's Ok, but wouldn't go out my way to visit it again, although saying that, it sufficed for what we needed.

3 by Darren Dowd Review source

Convenient for parking and good if you need any of the few shops: sports and homebase are the ones I use. More of a quick shopping stop than a destination location, there are no coffee or restaurants. This may change depending what comes out the current refurbishment of the old petrol station (March 2018) as it is all closed up for building work now.

4 by Tweed Tango Review source

Parking not great. Pointless speed bumps with one that always batters the bottom of my car, shops just ok..

Edited to reduce score. That hideous speed bump seems to have broken one of my exhaust hanging rubbers. Its now tied on with a bit of wire..

Cheers Seacourt Tower... (not)

2 by Paul Morris Review source

Absolutely appalling. One exit has been closed and the car park was completely jammed with cars trying to get out of the other exit. Took 10 mins to get in to a space and 20 mins to get out of the car park. Do not go there unless you like sitting in stationary traffic.

1 by Review source

Just a small retail park on the outskirts of Oxford City. Homebase, Decathlon and a Sports Direct and something else I can't remember. The Decathlon is amazing. Sports direct is bigger than the other one in Cowley.

4 by Alan Goodenough Review source

Two sports shops next to each other good for comparison shopping. Car park is tight but aways spots, just a pain to get inand out since they are doing construction and have closed off one of the exit routes

4 by Andrew K Review source

Plenty of parking although at peak periods it is necessary to park in the overflow car park which is a bit of a hike back if you have children or elderly relatives with you

4 by Tracey Woodward Review source

Excellent retail Park out of town plenty of parking and really huge sports direct decathlon dreams and homebase stores. Keep going back to purchase sports and home goods.

5 by Dheeraj Singh Rathore Review source

It's got shops but getting out of the car park was a disaster as petrol station was closed so access to a34 slip road non existent. Bad news. Hopefully sorted soon.

2 by Matthew Robson Review source

A little run down and no restaurants or coffee shops. There is a decathlon, homebase and a sports direct shop. They just recently closed the service station.

3 by Alexander Kurze Review source

There are two sports shops ( Decathlon& Sports Durect) plus Homebase and a homeware shop. Lots of parking plus wheelchair access in all shops.

3 by Review source

A pleasant place for a nice quiet dinner. The restaurant has an idea for yourself. The decor is impressive and makes them romantic. good food

4 by Review source

Lots of parking available. Easy walking distance to stores where you may be buying large items. Staff at all shops are helpful and friendly.

5 by K WP Review source

Got what I needed from sports direct, decathlon and Homebase but parking wasn't great and now there is only one exit onto botley road.

3 by Rich Bowen Review source

Lots of parking space. depends what you're looking for but if you're after sport gear or homebase that's the place to go!

4 by Pat Karas Review source

Homebase, Decathlon, Sports Direct & Dreams all with free parking.
A new Marks & Spencer’s food opening summer 2018.

5 by Peter Breakspear Review source

Good shops here, but quite difficult to get in and out of, also speed humps are a nightmare. Decatholon is by far the best shop.

3 by Surfing Turtle Review source

Useful shops but because of the location, getting in and getting out involves playing with traffic. Spaces are rather tight.

3 by Dave Brookes Review source

Very few shops, parking spaces too small and not enough of them. Ridiculous speed humps jolt your fillings. Not great.

2 by Jonathan Hood Review source

Great to have a Decathlon nearby but the parking spaces are far to few and way to small, even for a medium sized car.

2 by Vincent Kruse Review source

I parked here and went into sports direct to do an exchange then went for a walk up Botley Road to the other shops.

4 by Shadé Clifford Review source

Lots of parking. A bit out of the way with a long drive from the road to most of the outlets. Good for Homebase.

3 by Christopher Whalen Review source

As with anywhere in Oxford: NOT ENOUGH PARKING. Why build a decent retail park and not allow enough parking.

2 by Kevin Carter Review source

Everything in place but the service shoe in sportdirect waiting for a failure, and so always something wrong

3 by Review source

Easy to park. Only has Homebase and Decathlon but for me, finding somewhere to park for free is a big bonus

3 by MJ E Review source

Good range of stores parking can be busy but there is an additional car park by the petrol station

4 by Andrew Cooke Review source

Good shops and services. The only draw back is tight parking. I have seen afew cars clipped here

4 by Darren Foley Review source

Fuel station had just gone so nearest place if your botley/cumnor is peartree or heyford hill

3 by Anthony James Review source

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