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It's a bookshop. I love books. It has a coffee place inside. Not sure if it's Costa or Caffe Nero or what. I guess I don't drink much coffee now. Not while reading or shopping for books, certainly. I guess they serve tea. I drink tea and read sometimes. And sometimes eat ehike reading. Noodles especially. Then the books get flecks of noodle soup on the pages. This is at HOME, obviously- I already OWN the books. ALTHOUGH... I guess if they DID have a coffee and noodle bar in a bookshop, that WOULD be pretty weird, right? I mean... You can imagine LOTS of the books just being read or part-read by some entuisiastic noodle-eater (this is NOT a racial/cultural slur or stereotype intended to cause offense) and get its pages flecked with soupspots. So I guess THAT'S why theu don't have noodle bars in bookshops. At least, HERE in Oxford at Waterstones. Hmm... Inspired by the cafe/bookshop/boardgames places I've seen, pehaps my largeish selection of books could come in useful if I ever manage to open a café/noodlebar. Many of them already having soupflecks and smudges on various pages as I ate having read books to various stages, and, holding them open with a toe, attempted still to continue reading as I enthusiastically ate noodles. Anyway, Waterstones is still an OK bookshop. It's where I tend to go. I don't much like WHSmith. Waterstones sell books. And usually have a good selection. It's Waterstones. I like Waterstones.

5 by Jon moonbeamsyndicate Review source

Waterstones is the most racist conservative biggoted place I have ever worked for. One team has been desecrated by one new person and you never guess it's the ethnic males I'm going to put all docs on a blog, they don't realise I have recorded everything. And I am talking about attitude of head office

#waterstones Sarah Houlton most outdated hr officer in the world yes Jane McPhillips I am talking about you who's next the last black person on the team

We started the team you came in a year in and two ethnics have walked or been sacked because of you. Bet you can guess her ethnicity. No need really no need have not felt this type of prejudice since school.

Name n shame that's what I do, it's no coincidence

Your a beast of a woman and the team is maintainence at Solihull head office as you can see she calls it janetenance now on her facebook, I've worked in this sector for 10 years her 6 months. Naughty very naughty. Waterstones shame on you

1 by Review source

I went into the Oxford shop this morning to buy a copy of Tim Spector 'The Diet Myth'. On the ground floor a friendly assistant looked it up and told me it was listed in Health and Beauty (should that have been Wellbeing?), but she thought it might be on the first floor on the diet shelves. I explained that it wasn't a diet book but she insisted on coming up with me to look there first. No luck. I suggested that she go back to her post downstairs and continued to the third floor where another friendly assistant showed me to the appropriate section. No Spector to be found. More computer checking but no luck. I had to leave as I had a bus to catch. The Spector had turned into a Spectre. I am very disappointed as I made a special effort to buy this book from a real bookshop rather than using Amazon.

1 by Review source

As you would expect from a bookshop surviving the particular needs of Oxford City centre this branch of Waterstones provides a vast range of books in a well kept and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are knowledgeable about their catalogue and very helpful. The cafe is well provisioned and always clean and welcomes a trial read of the books you are considering for purchase but beware at certain times you'll not get a table with tourists and other readers so swallow your Britishness and ask to share a table with another reader.

4 by Simon Canter Review source

I love this store. The building itself is beautiful (stand outside and look up!). The staff always seem happy and friendly. The selection of books and extras is really good. The Staff Picks cards dotted around are cute and helpful. The cafe upstairs is a nice pace to sit and watch people wander around outside. Great place to wander around and actually read good old fashioned dead tree books. The comics section at the back is good too!

5 by Kurtis Garbutt Review source

I like the bookshop - it has a good selection of books in the fiction, non-fiction and children section. The only problem is price. If you are buying something new or popular, you can probably get it for half as much at WHSmiths next door or at the Supermarket. You can also get everything cheaper online even from Waterstones! Worth asking your friendly shop assistant to check the online price before handing over your money.

3 by Simon Barnard Review source

Really good selection of books.
Some of the books on sale here are very difficult to find elsewhere. There's is also a nice cafe with good tea and coffee, but it's usually quite busy and fairly pricey (similar in the prices to Starbucks, but better coffee and tea). They have a selection of sandwiches and cakes to go with the coffee.

5 by Yana Demyanenko Review source

A pleasant location, several floors with a Costa cafe upstairs. They tend to start closing quite a while before time, so don't buy a coffee too late, but they have a lovely stationery section. The staff are helpful when they're not chinwagging, and the children's department is good, as are the usefully dotted around armchairs upstairs.

4 by Review source

The book shop is great, helpful pleasant staff. The coffee shop is ridiculous, full of students on laptops clearly 'camped' for the day with a glass of tap water. Difficult to find a table. One had his head on the table and eyes closed! How the cafe is viable I don't know. That said the coffee was very good and the cakes delicious!

4 by Review source

One of the main bookshops in Oxford. Best for general book needs (i.e. not student books, etc). Can get busy at the usual times. If you need something specific, they can order it in for you. If you have specialist needs, sometimes it may be worth going to Blackwells, as they're the specialist Uni bookshop.

4 by Charlie Tuff Review source

The cafe here is a very nice place to hang out and hide away from the cold with a cuppa. The view from the cafe was also very nice to people watch. Our server was a bit slow though, so it might be a long queue if it was a busy day. Many floors of books to peruse. The toilets here were also quite clean.

4 by Stephanie Chua Review source

This store is in a great location and has a huge selection of books on just about any topic you can imagine. The staff were friendly and though the store was quite packed, it was quiet and a great book shopping experience. I will definitely return here when in town and need a good book or five to read

5 by Benjamin Fowler Review source

I'm not a fan of Waterstone's business tactics of opening unbranded shops in towns/villages but their branded shops are informative and their staff can be helpful. There is a cafe upstairs and a toilet right at the top so good facilities. The shop can get very busy, however.

4 by Robin Gemmell Review source

Really great layout with an excellent fantasy and graphic novel section, a lovely big childrens' book level with plenty of seats and lots of local offers and events. Right on the corner of Cornmarket Street so prime location with multiple entrances. Lovely oxfordian wonderland!

5 by Scott Lawrie Review source

Great cafe on the top floor! Nice selection of cakes and the espresso makes it all worthwhile. Perfect place to work or meet. Great location.

There’s a comfy two-seater chair in the art books section on the second floor, perfect for reading.

5 by Navyo Ericsen Review source

A bit too big in my view, so it's hard to find what you're looking for especially if it is something very specific. Though currently popular books are well displayed. But well staffed, stylish, and good facilities including cafe.

4 by Arthur Nichols Review source

If you're in Oxford and want to buy pretty much any book, this multi-storey Waterstones is probably your best bet.
Never had a problem finding anything here, despite how 'non-mainstream' the request is.

5 by Review source

Ever since high Wycombe and Oxford were reconnected by train this has become my preferred bookshop! It puts Wycombe's tiny branch to shame. The building has character too- that creaky staircase! Well worth a browse.

5 by Matthew Plato Review source

Nice selection of books and cozy cafe on 2nd floor. However, I wanted to buy a book today at 05h30 pm and on three floors not a single sales person was to be found...that's how you lose clients to amazon etc.

2 by Stefan Bobner Review source

Awesome 3 storey bookstore in the heart of Oxford city center. The selection is incredible, with sections dedicated to local authors, frequent author events and personalized staff recommendations. Highly recommend

5 by Richard Cunha Review source

Fantastic place with great collection of books. They have got an entire section on J R R Tolkien. Great collection of books on wildlife too. The staff are very helpful. There is a cafe as well. Loved the place.

5 by Masud Mushfiq Review source

The children's section in the basement is a surprising Aladdin's cave of delights. Well worth a visit and good for at least three quarters of an hour's entertainment even for very young children

5 by Leo Goodstadt Review source

Great place to buy a gift, specially books, calendars, diaries, etc. Very well organised. Although, there are not a lot of film books. There is a very cosy coffee shop on the last floor with beautiful views.

4 by Silvia Munuera Review source

I was recommended the cafe as a good ave to study and I agree! I had a chai latte which was lovely, for £2.40 I got a large mug. Lovely quite bustling noise. I'll be coming back to study in future.

5 by Laura Stockton Review source

Lovely atmosphere, well-stocked, with an excellent café and really wonderful staff who are all always friendly, warm and extremely helpful. The view of the street from the upstairs café is beautiful.

5 by Review source

Great store to browse books. Often had authors visiting to give talks. Good cafe that can get very busy. Staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. Only downside, the WiFi just did not work at all.

4 by Flick Falconer Review source

This store has a really good selection of books. Lots of educational books obviously (it is in Oxford) and a small study area on the top floor. The staff are very friendly and helpful too.

5 by Deni White Review source

The books of course are legendary, and you would expect a great selection in Oxford, and it doesn't disappoint. Cafe is reasonably priced and good, with views over central Oxford.

4 by Jeremy James Review source

Absolutely fab bookstore - one of the best stocked branches of Waterstones I've been to. Almost gives Blackwell's a run for it's money and that's saying something.

5 by Noah Vickers Review source

Wonderful bookshop with a great selection, interesting displays, and a lovely cafe with good window views. They also have a great range of cards & gift ideas on the ground floor.

5 by Sebastian Elliott Review source

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