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Went for my better half's birthday lunch. Wish I had chosen more carefully.
It was cold throughout the pub. The food arrived very quickly and no wonder. The veggie paella tasted like packet food and the ''fresh rocket salad'' must have spent at least two weeks in a dark corner of the kitchen, It was dry and tasteless. When the customary ''is everything OK?'' was asked I pointed out the state of the rocket. ''Oh,....Sorry'' was the response with a half-hearted ''do you want another one?''. There seemed no point as obviously the chef was happy to send out what we received.
My beef/ale pie was good but the mash and veg came from the same part of the kitchen as the rocket salad.
The apple and fig crumble arrived in an white enamel dish - this is not gastropub level service. The apple was tart and basically undercooked.
On paying and pointing out these shortcomings the barmaid had the chance to make some amends (not that I was looking for a discount) but she said nothing. I made it clear that I would not be returning.
They will continue to give poor service to tourists and locals will steer clear - a great business model.

2 by Mr M Review source

After having had the best experience visiting Avebury Manor and Gardens, as well as the stone circle, we wanted to grab a bite to eat in the local pub. The weather being fine, the place was quite busy. So it took a while before we could order our food and drinks, and even much longer before it was finally served. Although we had mentioned that we do not eat meat, my husband's Ceasar's salad came with chunks of chicken, which as per the menu was a chargeable add-on. By the time the meat-free salad was served, I had finished my grilled Halloumi with roasted vegetables, which was actually quite good. Our sparkling water was only served after having repeated the order - and came in bottles without glasses. The waiters were friendly enough, but obviously not up to their job. The food wasn't bad, but I don't think I'll return. The lovely little village of Avebury deserves better!

3 by trisgod2011 Review source

We visited on an overcast/misty September weekday and the food, prices, bathrooms, and service were great. I can understand many of the negative reviews as it was half full and groups of tourists appeared to filter in regularly, even on a shoulder season weekday. I can imagine it being nearly impossible to elbow up to the bar or find a table in high season.
With that said, the fish and chips I had here was a good value after trying various places in London. Chips, I would rate 5/10, and fish 9/10. My wife had the ribs and they were a good value as well. Great place for tourism tourism as you can see the primary area of stones from the patio. Would absolutely recommend, if it isn't Visibly packed. The one main entrance was heavily trafficked and there was a short line for bar service.

5 by Review source

From the outside the thatched roof gives an expectation of an historic interior but sadly it's been modernised in a very bland way. I ate the beef and ale pie which was nice enough but the vegetables were very bad. I think they'd been sat around being kept warm as the mash had developed a crust. The broccoli looked anxious. The ales seemed to be limited to Greene King and Belhaven IPAs, neither of which are actually IPAs. I think there is usually one guest available but the pump clip had turned its back whilst I was there. The pub's claim to fame is that it is the only pub in the world within a neolithic stone circle. No other options in the area other than to bring a few bottle and sit amongst the stones worshipping the Sun God.

2 by Matt LeMesmer Review source

Visited this place because on the website it stated Vegan friendly. Only choice was a starter or a bowl of veg with tomatoes. Went for the starter as main meal. It tasted nice at first but was oozing so much oil that filled the plate and made me feel sick.
Very disappointing and was still hungry.
I did appreciate the polite staff who honestly informed me that the chips were not vegan as they use same oil to cook chips as they do with the fish and other foods.
Finished with a vegan pudding, which was very nice.
Table of five and one meal was finished prior to rest of meals brought out. Separate order but only ordered minutes between.

2 by Review source

Horrible smell of loos when you walk in. Bad service, understaffed although they were polite. Very slow service. Food poor and hardly warm. Manager unbelievably bad and clearly needs more training. Just sat on his computer whilst staff struggled. Tables not cleared, customers waiting forever etc. Loos were a disgrace - had to ask bar staff for loo paper. When I told the Manager he just said ' I don't do the toilets ' Other customers equally annoyed at the terrible management. When I complained about state of loos, bad service etc he told me I was being abusive. Thankfully one of his own staff agreed I hadn't been.

1 by Review source

Hey there....come here ALOT! The food has really improved over the years (been coming for 20 yrs) and is now brill, and excellent value for money...most staff super friendly especially a young man by the name of Daniel.. sad not to see his face when he is off! At times seems short-staffed and am sorry to see those that are on pretty stretched...difficult to get the right balance I guess...can be absolutely heaving at certain times of the year. Normally enough space to squeeze everyone one inside and out...the only draw back is the limited parking. Have not come across the ghosts I hasten to add!

4 by Review source

I do not normally write reviews but looking at the reviews on this page has prompted me to do so. I visited the Red Lion in the Summer of 2013 and found the establishment wonderful. The staff were courteous, polite and very helpful. The food that I was served was superbly cooked, well presented and tasted wonderful. The ale was well kept and was just what was required after a long walk. The Red Lion is way beyond a normal gastropub and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone (indeed I have recommended it and hope to return in 2014, wish they 'did rooms')

5 by Review source

A good pub for a quick bite.
I had the burger here, which was a pretty good, satisfying pub burger. However, my boyfriend ordered the roast, and when it came, they were quite stingy with the meat. Also, the roast was advertised with roasted apples and crackling, but came with neither. When he brought this to the staff's attention, they did apologise and gave him more meat and roasted apples, however the kitchen had run out of crackling. The staff were very nice about it and apologised profusely. They did have mulled cider though, which was very delicious.

3 by Chinua Chidi Ilobi Review source

Don't be fooled by the chatty staff. Ordered gammon steak listed on menu as £6.50 We were charged £8.49 because the same item is listed in another part of the menu. When we realised and asked the manager he went on about how the menus are confusing but the pricier version of an 8oz steak is bigger!? 'Just like the fish and chips which is on both menus... It has more batter'. After a while he agreed to give us the difference back which was a real effort. Tip: go for a pint if you're visiting the henge. Make sure they don't overcharge you!

2 by Melody Ablola Review source

Really very good fish and chips, large portion of fish and perfectly fried, excellent chips as well. The Red Lion has always been a sweet pub, with its historic location and large numbers of cheerful tourists and hippie stone-worshippers mingling on the benches outside. The interior isn't as nice as it once was - there used to be quite a large, smart dining room which was busy all day, which must have gone - and the bar area was a bit shabby. However, these are minor quibbles given the marvellous location and the lovely food.

4 by Review source

Went for dinner Saturday 23rd September. Table booked for 4 people at 7pm. Was told at 6pm there was an hour wait. On arrival at 6.50 it was pretty empty. Service was mediocre as had to ask for puddings. Bar service very slow. 4 people waiting, only 1 server. Meal ( pork belly) was under cooked, veg was minimal and overcooked. Dessert fabulous. Toilets very disappointing, very dirty and something very unsavoury had been placed on top of the toilet roll holder. On the whole very disappointed. Won't be rushing back.

2 by Review source

Chef was a fish and chip man cant cook anything else save ya money standards have realljy dropped bin going twenty years to avebury shall not visit red lion again food ruined a really nice day crap starter worse main tinned mash disgusting how hard is it to boil sum good quality potatoes mashed with butter and a splash of milk or cream vegetables undercooked and poorly prepaired poor couldnt careless attitude from staff good job red lion gives the americans ammo to say our foods crap

1 by Review source

A busy Saturday lunch time, pub looked nice, lots of people eating, food smelled good. If i was out walking i would enjoy a lunch and drink here, the environment and atmosphere were good but its not really what one could call a family pub, outside eating area is next too busy main road and no garden. The toilets are the biggest down side, we used ladies and baby changing /disabled. Both had no soap in dispenser and they could have been cleaner and better attended too.

4 by Carolyn Fernandes de Abreu Review source

Wonderful food and great atmosphere! The Red Lion has a fairly large gluten free menu but doesn't have a dedicated area to prepare the dishes unfortunately. However, my daughter, who has celiac disease and is very sensitive ate her meal and had no issues. In fact, she wanted to go back there! They are also very dog friendly with a section outside the pub for our furry friend. It was very busy and touristy but also very enjoyable!

4 by Review source

It seems a shame that just because you have a guaranteed customer base because of the location and lack of competition that you should stop putting any effort into the standards you keep. Food was poor/average at best, toilets had mould growing in them and it felt that they had just given up trying because they knew customers would come regardless. Really wish it could have been better, a waste of a heritage pub.

2 by Martin Ward Review source

Stopped there for luch after a visit to the stone circle. Seems this establishment is resting not on their laurels but the location. The establishment, food and the service do not merit the location and Greene King do not deserve to own an establishment that is as poor as this in such a lovely location. My advice? Avoid.

The place was dirty and an insult to such a beautiful location

1 by Review source

Great friendly pub. Maybe a little untidy but what do you expect from a trvellers/visitors pub. Can't see why the negative comments. Food was great, staff friendly & yes it smells like a cow field or is that the people?
Right on the door step of a wonderful mysterious stone circle
It is what it is expected a little untidyness as it is a busy place.

5 by Jimbo theTraveller Review source

Very reasonable prices for the value menu, which is available until 10pm on Monday to Friday. Food is quite okay, but the service was poor. The self-service area was nearly empty and no one took care to tidy the tables. If you want to eat there you should use the pub car park instead of the large car park of the village to save the 7 Pound parking fee.

3 by Bjoern B Review source

the meals here are 5 stars, the steak was just perfect and I am very fussy how I like it partner and son also were very pleased with their meals ( sausage and mash ).I had Eaton mess for pudding ,lovely. had a lovely long walk around stones after. love the history about the pub as well. perfect evening out.

5 by Review source

Given its location this place must be able to make money without trying. The lack lustre beer offerings, average, at best, food menu and truly atrocious service suggest the management have realised this and so haven't bothered to.
Two stars as the prices aren't a rip off.

2 by Review source

We love the Red Lion Pub. I've been there six times in the last year and they are always super friendly and helpful. Big thank-you to Freddie for remembering who I was and making me feel like a local! Superb service and incredibly sweet, friendly and very helpful!

5 by Review source

After waiting 15 minutes in the queue they gave us a menu without said that the kitchen was nearly to stop. When we ordered they said that was alredy stopped. For such a tourist destination (not just English people) it would be nice to have a more flexible time to eat.

1 by Review source

Looks inviting, pretty on outside, nice hanging baskets.
Food mediocre.
Only macaroni cheese as Vegetarian offering on lunch specials----boring.
No local ales.
Not a single flag flying for St George on April 23rd!!!
Wouldn't recommend.

2 by Review source

Very nice meal; fish and chips was really excellent, gammon was good. Peas hard but that's how I like them. Scotch egg thing that came with the gammon was very nicely done. Menu perhaps trying too hard. Prices were reasonable. Would eat again.

5 by Ashley Tuck Review source

Traditional pub grub, very busy, family friendly. One table is a converted haunted well. We were lucky enough to get this table in our visit. Story is the landlord caught his wife with another man and killed them both and threw her down the well.

4 by Review source

Really helpful staff and the pub has a great atmosphere. The food was delicious and hot and was served promptly. There is a free car park attached and of course it is situated in the centre of beautiful Avebury.

4 by kev packer Review source

A lovely thatched pub in the middle of Avebury stone circle.You can get a decent meal at a reasonable price washed down with a drink of your choice from the bar,Decor a bit dated but overall a pleasant place.

4 by Ivor Humphries Review source

Lovely atmosphere, for the number of people who were turning up to the bar, it would have been a logical business move to open the second one and serve more customers but overall a nice place.

3 by Mikaela Bell Review source

Not bad quality and the service was polite but i paid £13 for a burger and my freinds paid £5 for the same burger - the only difference is i got a flurry of coleslaw bit of a scam tbh

3 by Outspoken Majority Review source

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