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31 Jamestown Rd, Camden Town, London, NW1 7DB

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This bar was great if not a little busy on a Saturday night.

Unfortunately after ordering a drink (had ice cream in it) I noticed something very hard / crunchy - glass like - assuming it was sugar or ice from the ice cream I swallowed the pieces as they were tiny and I didn't think much of it until I found a larger piece pulled it out and realized that it was in fact glass! I went to the bar, and when I had finally managed to get the bartenders attention he just said 'yep - I'll make you another one the other girl that ordered [the same drink at the same time] had glass in hers too'. He did not apologize. I asked if I could just get another cocktail instead and he refused and said it has to be the same drink. I'm sorry but this is poor customer service.

In my opinion if a bartender learns that a drink he has just poured may have glass in it:
1) Find and inform the other customer (I was 'the other customer' above).
2) Apologize
2) When the customer asks for another drink, given that he has just swallowed bits of glass and is obviously not going to want the same drink again. Perhaps you should let him have a different one.


Update: I've been back since and my experience was a lot better..

2 by Reuben Bell Review source

After a boozy Sunday evening in the pub we came here to “wind down”. However, that changed when we realised they offer 2-for-1 on all cocktails all Sunday night. Goodbye decent Sunday night bedtime, hello ice cream cocktails and starting the working week with a hangover! I remember the drink prices were good (about £8.50 for each cocktail) and they have an extensive menu, so I can’t actually remember how nice (or fast) the service was. The bathrooms are downstairs and (considering my condition) I did have a bit of difficulty finding them right away - so I’d suggest thinking a bit ahead on this one (or not drinking as much as I did that night!). There are several shelves filled with different types of spirits behind the bar, so whenever they needed a spirit from the highest shelves they sent their shortest staff member up, and to get down she had to sit on someone’s shoulders. It was surprisingly entertaining.

4 by Katherine Poole Review source

Bad food and awful service. Came here for the burger night before a gig at the Roundhouse - big mistake. Our food order took 45 mins to arrive and the order was wrong, we told the waitress it was wrong and she she simply said 'well how am I to know'. After making her check, she took it back and when asked how long it would take to replace we were told 'well, we'll have to cook it all over again now wont we'. Once the new food arrived it wasn't great, I only ate a few bites of my hot dog. Also confused by the prices as it was a special burger & dog night but my meal cost more than it would have normally. Overall a really bad experience, I definitely wouldn't eat here again and have no intention of returning. Maybe try it for a 241 cocktail then go to the diner over the road for a decent meal.

2 by Review source

I use to love this place. I'd hang around in Camden waiting for it to open at 5 for the best HH in the area.

Now the menu has stunk from a glossy 'Bible' to 4 sticky, dirty pages.
You'd think having shorten the menu the bartenders would be perfecting these chosen cocktails.
I was served a caprioska with no limes. When I question it I was given the dirtiest look as if I was a cretin.

I was dismissed by being told 'Of course. We use juice because it's quicker'

It's quicker, sure.... but so is not wiping your arse.

1 by Mandy Mandy Review source

Happy hour is an experience! If you want to see good bar staff working very hard then come to Fifty Five for happy hour. You'll be lucky to get a drink though as the bar is usually five deep and everyone is doubling (or quadrupling) their orders. The bar itself is cool and a bit quirky with booths along the sides and leather sofas lining the rest of the walls. There is a large menu to choose from and they don't short change you on the measures. Prices are below average for a cocktail bar at around £7-8 so not a bad place to stick around once the mania of happy hour has died down...

3 by Peter Gates Review source

Happy hour is happy indeed :P The cocktails here are off the chain! Happy hour is 2-4-1 cocktails (but note, it's 2-4-1 of *the same* cocktail). You *have* to try the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. It's just beautiful. It will make grown men cry. (Unless you're allergic to strawberries.. in which case you'll probably cry for a different reason...)

The staff are really nice and really quite accommodating. We got a bowl of chilli cheese fries for our table. If I could live off of it for the rest of my life I probably would :)

5 by CJ Bruce Review source

Although we have made a reservation we got bad seats in the middle of the room, it was really loud and nearly impossible to have a conversation. The alcoholic cocktails were really good and due to the happy hour on sunday (2 for 10 Pound) quite cheap. There are no alcohol-free cocktails on the menu, so I had to go to the bar and ask. Sadly I wasn't even asked what kind of taste I'd like but just got the juices and a glass of crushed iced, which was not my taste at all. I won't go there again!

1 by Review source

It was my first time visiting this bar and it's definitely somewhere I'd check out again but only during happy hour.

2 cocktails for £10 is a decent deal in anyone's book and a few of the cocktails definitely packed a punch but most were slightly on the sweet side.

Biggest downside was how busy it gets although that was to be expected. If you want to visit on the weekend make sure you phone ahead and book a table. You won't regret it.

4 by Mark Taylor Review source

cocktails were expensive but the happy hour & 2 for £10 makes it worth it. cocktails taste amazing(the zombie one is strong!), made expertly, the bar staff are really warm and friendly, making conversation when it wasn't busy. ordered the fries and the portion was huge, enough to share between two. great atmosphere but gets quite loud when its busy. the toilets are down a bit stairs if accessibility is an issue, but they were really clean

5 by Alison Grace Review source

FAR too noisy when I went, even in the early evening (7:45pm). Difficult to have a conversation with the person next to you. Although they have a few draft beers they are sold as 2/3rd pints, and 2/3rds of a Meantime Ale cost £4.80, which is the equivalent of £7.20 a pint. Ridiculous! They were giving away some free pizza (great) but the server was a bit rude to me when I took the second slice he offered, which seemed rather unnecessary.

1 by Review source

I personally love this place - it is my staple Camden go to pre dinner. Happy hour is 2 cocktails for a tenner served up by enthusiastic and educated staff. The menu is a cocktail loves dream book - everything from your classic old fashioned through to your weird and wonderful fruity numbers. Gets very busy and a bit loud (as you can expect) from 5-9pm but well worth a visit. I have been many a time and have yet to be disappointed.

4 by Hannah Salisbury Review source

This is my favourite bar in London. Every night they have some sort of deal on and everyday you can catch a bargain on two for one cocktails during happy hour. Great for after work summer drinks. The cocktails are beautifully crafted and so delicious. The music is cool and there is a great vibe. If you are going to go on a big night, like Monday night Mojito madness, get there early, else it can prove difficult to find a seat!

4 by Review source

My favourite cocktail bar in London. Happy hour is amazing, specially on a Monday where Mojitos just seem to keep on coming. Bar tenders are great at making and serving even when the bar is really busy. Not always a place to sit but you can reserve tables. There are tables outside although when it rains the awning doesn't quite seem to cover the whole area.

5 by Aida Rodriguez-Vega Review source

Brilliant on any occasion. One of the most impressive array of cocktails in London. Rumour has it they have their own secret list which they make on demands. Always packed but never too full and the wait at the bar is very reasonable. The way they make their cocktails is entertaining in it's own right.

Best cocktail bar? Probably!

5 by Review source

If you live/work in Camden and want cheap drinks (ie 2 for 1 cocktails) then this is undoubtedly the place to go. However you will need to fight hand and tooth for service - at times I have had to wait half an hour, and witnessed a few shouting matches as a result. The cocktails are average, but the price somehow makes it worthwhile.

3 by Christopher Phillips Review source

The cocktails taste delicious and I've been here a dozen times and LOVED the place, great service and amazing cocktails... But tonight... Tonight was awful. They opened late and the staff were rude, spilled my friend's drink everywhere and charged hon for it without eye contact or so much as an apology... #Mondays..

2 by Review source

Beautiful, popular cocktail bar. The card is large, the range of possible cocktails is greater. And if they do not know a cocktail, the bartender show the recipe. Then the Mixmaster makes it to you. Happy Hour ... Two cocktails for £ 10. A star I pull off because the store was full of good and half the tables reserved.

4 by mechy26 Review source

Great Happy Hour Cocktails! 2 for £10! Very extensive cocktail menu so plenty of choices! Really lovely place have been here twice now, once for paddys day and another just for cocktails and each time was great. The staff are super friendly and very good at what they do! If you come here you will not be disappointed

5 by Sinead Guidera Review source

Really enjoyed spending Halloween in this bar! The happy hour goes on till 8 o'clock and you can have the same 2 cocktails for £10. The bar really knows its cocktails and have a great cocktail menu, organised by the type of spirit you want. If you like sweet cocktails, the Mai Tai is delicious, but lethal!

4 by Adela Kacorova Review source

Incredibly rude staff. My friend was highly intoxicated by the time she left and the staff were mocking and laughing at her, especially a blonde lady called cassie or Kathy (??), Patrick, whoever else was working on the 13th of July. Definitely will not return or reccomend. Horrible experience.

1 by Review source

Went here for a friend's birthday drinks - unfortunately their service lift for the glasses was not working so by the end of the night glasses were falling off trays and breaking in the dozens...Feeling bad for the staff. Cocktails were OK - the skull big jug tasted kind of like salami :P

3 by Starving Banker Review source

If looking for 2-4-1 happy hour cocktails in Camden you will not be overwhelmed with choice. This bar swings between heaving and empty depending on the night and time of year. The cocktails are mediocre and the ambience is pretty average but a fail safe in Camden amongst a medley of pubs.

3 by row dyson Review source

Amazing cocktails, and the 241 offer makes everything so worth it! Perfect for classy pre-drinks or for after work drinks and weekday birthday celebrations. I would recommend booking a table if you want to be guaranteed a seat, however, as it is always insanely busy in the evening.

5 by Review source

Good for Happy Hour. Nice drinks, nice food.
Need to book if you want to sit down on a Friday or Saturday evening though and not all of the cocktails on their website are available on the menu there which is a shame.
Highly recommend the Chocolate and Tiramisu martinis

4 by Review source

New to london ans found this bar, amazing food and lovely cocktials. Be sure to make sure you ask when then 2 for £10 cocktail offer ends as the bar staff dont tell you and just put the prices up. Bar staff are a bit all over the place they like to do 4 peoples orders at once

4 by Review source

Nice exposed brick interior and ample outdoor seating, with enough space to have a private conversation. Fantastic cocktail menu and even friendlier staff. Amazing daiquiris that really do quench your thirst.

I will definitely be back for more.

4 by Kate Rushton Review source

Great cocktails for good price and on Sundays there is always happy hour so you get 2 cocktails in price of one! Service is entertaining also. If you are looking for nice place to spend good time while enjoying nice cocktails i would really recommend it.

5 by Magdalena Drzewiecka Review source

I really like this place: great tasting cocktails at a reasonable price (especially when happy hour is on!). As anywhere in the area, it can get busy during the weekends but the atmosphere, staff and great drinks make this place worth a visit.

4 by Richard Allen Review source

Came here about 2 weeks ago can't remember the name of the chap on the front door but was a big Chinese looking guy with slick hair!! I must say excellent service so polite yet professional! Had a lovely time thankyou

5 by Review source

Inventive cocktails, went at happy hour and their 2 for £10 offer was great! Loved the atmosphere as well, didn't get too crowded at first. I'm a fan of this place and plan on visiting again with more of my friends :)

5 by Anoushka Bhatt Review source

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