Bradley's Spanish Bar - Fitzrovia, London

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44 Hanway St, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1UT

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¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro! That’s Spanish for ‘cheers’ and a long-winded way of saying ‘get it down you son’. And there’s no better place to sink a few Hispanic cerzevas than Bradley’s Spanish Bar.

Senor Bradley’s (Tiny) Spanish Bar is a remnant of the swinging sixties, since the visionary William Bradley founded the Hanway club. Tucked away just off Oxford Street, it’s a sight to behold. The décor’s the same: shabby not chic, charming not bleak. It’s got some of the worst toilets in London. But we see them as a ‘feature’.

Made in Chelsea this is not. Made for Fiesta it is. So to get the party started get down to the basement bar and try their signature Tequila Sangrita. Kicks like a mule in a china shop. Last but not least, it’s got the best jukebox this side of the Camino de Santiago. Vinyl only of course ladies and gents, so you can say goodbye to Miley Cyrus.

5 by Great Little Place Review source

I can't believe it to find Bradley's Spanish (Tapas) Bar, as it was called almost 20 years ago, in the internet - because in 1995/1996 I used to work there for a couple of months! I was there behind the bar and used to serve beer to very friendly guests (like the staff of the Tottenham court Theathre).
The bar belonged to an elderly man, I think he was greek or something, he had white hair, and he was very polite to me, I cannot remember his name, but he spoke around 5 languages (maybe somebody can remember him?). I came to London as an Aupair and after leaving the family I found this job with the help of a friend....
We had lots of fun there, good music, I think the jukebox is still the one from 20 years ago! Many greets from Austria and all the best for this bar - I had good times in there!

5 by Review source

This place is literally one of the hippest and unassuming 'hole in the wall' bars that you will find in Central London. It has a tiny upstairs, but ample space downstairs and it has a very, very good eclectic mixed coin operated jukebox on both floors. The staff are friendly, the lagers on tap are good and it oozes character, as it has remained relatively unchanged for many years. Central London is always changing, but this place is a stalwart for cool indie and un-indie types alike and only changes the records on the jukebox, because if a good thing isn't broken, then why fix it? A great bar right off of Oxford Street that is definitely worth a visit.

5 by Veronica Speiser Review source

This bar is seedy but in a good way - it's certainly not the best place to bring your mum (but the best bars never are). I went to Bradleys after work on a weekday and it was pleasantly busy. We even got to play on the jukebox!

It's very small, not particularly clean and there's little chance of getting a seat at popular times. If that kind of stuff bothers you than Bradley's isn't for you. But there's tonnes of atmosphere and the clientele aren't nearly as dodgy as the location would suggest.

4 by Alexandra Sheppard Review source

Scruffy, messy fun bar - come here at the end of the night and you'll be guaranteed a good time, if not a seat, especially if the great jukebox is free (full of classic indie and 40s-50s hits). Don't bring anyone prissy as the walls are plastered in posters, the crowd are usually plastered, the music's loud and the bar queue can be tough but, if you can brave it, you'll love this characterful place. It's also usually quiet early in the evening if it's busy elsewhere and you're stuck for somewhere to go

3 by Sarah Drinkwater Review source

I went there almost by chance for the first time in 2001 on my first visit to London. I've now been living in London for 10 years and this is one of my fav bars and it represent all that is sacred in terms of vibe. The staff here is ace, the crowd is always interesting, the look is quirky and unique, drinks are good, the old juke box is a favourite. This place is a gem with a unique soul.

5 by andrea nonni Review source

An old-school bar that has not changed since its inception - the old jukebox is the reall attraction here , that and an eclectic, friendly crowd which spills out on to the pavements from time to time.
If the upstairs is busy, the downstairs bar is equally enticing with the added bonus of being able to request your own songs on the sound system for free.
A genuninely brilliant place.

5 by Evrim ERSOY Review source

One of my favourite pubs in London. This place has the best jukebox ever. A great place to take a date or go with mates. A large selection of drinks and a massive amount of atmosphere. The staff are always friendly and you never have to wait long to get served no matter how busy they are. I think this is my favourite pub.

4 by Kevin B Review source

One of my favourite bars in London, mainly due to a beautiful old school juke box, collection of 60's/70's music, and a low key mouth eaten vine. It can be unbearably crowded though and downstairs can smell very strongly of toilets. You have to want to live this place, but if you do there is much to love.

4 by Adam Connors Review source

Sad to see the demise of one of my favourite bars. Visited recently and the manager repeatedly verbally abused one of the girls in our group for deigning to take a sip of water from her bag after we'd walked down the road. Have spoken to the police and will be contacting the council re licensing.

1 by Review source

Great hidden jem just off the bustly Oxford Street next to Tottenham Court Road. Very small so be wary of going with a big group. Excellent music selection played strictly on vinyl donated by the bar's loyal following. Only downside is the poor beer selection!

4 by Ben Harris Review source

Best little bar in central London. It's just had another 'stay of execution' as the continued building work goes on around it. Great Spanish beers, top Spanish wines and amazing staff. What more could you want? Well, it has a vinyl jukebox!

5 by Clemency Otto Review source

Love this pub! Great place to stand outside in a tiny London alley to drink beer from Madrid. The pub is dark, dirty and noisy - which is just the way I like it. Old punk songs playing on the jukebox with patrons old and young enjoying the atmosphere.

4 by Ashley Grantham Review source

Good but unfortunately often over crowded. I took a pretty girl for a drink there and in the crowded space downstairs a fat bloke kept on doing the most disgusting farts that would linger for ages. His mates thought it was hilarious. Nice bar though.

4 by Fellow P Review source

Other reviewers are taking the Spanish thing far too literally. It's a dive bar that sells Estrella. The guy's name is Bradley. It's as Spanish as Benidorm - but no less fascinating or alluring. Curious folk hang here. Go meet them.

5 by Chris Cotonou Review source

In an evermore homogenised city Bradleys stands out with its characterful authenticity. Out on the street for summer, downstairs for winter.
As Oxford Street gets more devolved with cross rail long may this slice of unconformity live.

5 by Dan Smith Review source

Small and it looks dodgy outside, but it's definitely worth the visit. Stay in the ground floor listening to good music and having drinks. Spanish beer, good price for Central London and shots glasses are Spanish size as well!

4 by Marina Schmidt Review source

So much history in this bar. Was once owned by Tom and Johnny Milo the famous tag team wrestlers and nothing much has changed in 20 years. A true landmark bar in London that is worth having a drink in for old times sake.

4 by Ross Humphries Review source

Would it have been so hard for my party to have had the same mixologist for two hours? Our assigned mixologist seemed disinterested and bored, frequently walking away from the bar and having her colleagues take over.

4 by Review source

I love a pub with character and this has it with abundance, you wouldn't bring a first date here but you would come with your mate for a pint of Mahou and to listen to one of the forty songs in the jukebox

4 by Sam Douglas Review source

Top pub. Hidden away off Oxford Street. Not frequented by usual central London clientele. Two floors. Good beer. Friendly. All round great boozer. Highly recommend it to anyone in the area looking for a drink.

5 by Guy Courtney Review source

A bit of a rough diamond, decent prices, amazing jukebox. Space is limited and frequently people spill out onto the street. Open late on weekends and will guarantee a drink in the wee hours if you need it.

4 by Review source

We always stop when we are in the neighborhood, very small, Good drinks, jukebox upstairs and sports in downstairs.
They have a version of sangria I love and my husband can get a Guinness, hooray!

5 by vikki baker Review source

Fantastic London bar, a real Aladdin's cave. Great atmosphere, brilliant vinyl juke box. Attending a friend's birthday drink/pub crawl, Sat 1st July. I highly recommend this excellent bar.

5 by Review source

It's dirty, smelly, full of weirdos and all in all a very fun place for a bit of afterwork mischief. Don't do anything silly like order cocktails. Stick to pints and if you must some wine.

3 by Shari Solo Review source

Nice place,nice atmosfare I like going there
Dont get me wrong
too bad they dont have any basic tapas like olive and chips ,spacial when they call them selfe spanish bar .......

3 by Review source

Cosy seating but you can stand outside and drink its like being abroad although you are in central 'London'. Great place in Spring/Summer Nearby tube stations.

3 by Sami S Review source

My favourite bar in London. Hidden from the busy streets of London, great people and fun drinks. Downstairs is where you can disappear for hours and emerge into a rainy London alleyway.

5 by Review source

Nice bar! Spread over two floors, but it's a small place, there are few people inside. However beautiful the atmosphere with the opportunity to choose a song to the juke box!

3 by Marco Di Dio Review source

Lovely, atmospheric, intimate bar hidden off a side road in the heart of London. I've been going here on-and-off since 1990s. Nothing has changed and nothing needs to.

5 by Pete Rai Review source

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