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Lostock Ln, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6BA

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Hungry Horse are normally a brand I associate with fair pricing, good food and large portions, however sadly on this occasion there this was not the case.

Turning at at lunchtime on a Saturday, I was surprised to see several broken bottles and glasses outside still yet to be cleaned up. This was especially surprising seeming as they advertise a 'wacky warehouse' kids play area and having that environment for children to walk through to get there was unacceptable.

Waking in we grabbed a menu, and quickly decided what we wanted, going to the bar to order. The staff were friendly, but appeared to have no idea how to use the tills and with no one else around to help it took a long time for the order to be put though and paid.
We decided to sit outside as it was a nice afternoon, but after doing so we didn't realise that there was a major wasp problem, getting pestered by 4/5 wasps at a time. After 15-20 minutes out food was delivered, only to find I did not receive what I ordered and given a smaller sized one to which I asked, while halfway through my friend found a 30cm long black hair in his salad.

The food quality was below acceptable, and finding hairs in items screams of poor food hygiene in the kitchen.
The pub itself was unsuitable for the public with glass everywhere and a wasp problem which is out of hand.

I would not recommend going here.

1 by Graeme H Review source

1 star because you can't give no stars! OK so the drinks were ok...can't really go wrong on a Stella and 2 j2os ..however, although there was a very perky member of staff serving, we really didn't need a billion decibels to let us all know she needed a wee...so the place itself looks lovely and I admired many aspects of the decor, but the food....WTAF! We have a teenage boy that would literally eat a scabby donkey...he was cringing...my husbands meal was so greasy he has been rather poorly today (the meal he orderd has never seen pUlley bloony chicken)..as for me, well, after having our food chucked onto a very sticky table, after a terribly long wait, was slightly perturbed by the fact my fries were cold yet the 'borrito' was scalding hot...now don't get me wrong...I'm not adverse to uncle bens Mexican style rice, but when you asked for pulled pork and the protein that was added was totally non descript and lacking (thankfully) apart from a tiny bit that I had that tasted odd....or off....have been very ill today...think it's safe to say we will not be returning after leaving three full plates of 'food'...definitely the vilest crap I've ever attempted to devour

1 by 0 Review source

Visited after it had been refurbished for the first time
and didn’t have a pleasant experience
Ignored at the bar for a while when I did finally get served the waitress was i’ll mannered the bar was sticky and didn’t look clean.
When the waitress come to “serve my pint” she did such a poor job of it! I am sure that was not the way she would have been trained ( then slammed the pint down like it was a free one ) her attitude was shocking, I was so shocked! I literally had to wait till all the foam finished from spilling over then it was half full with froth ha!
Great job I dont know who she thought she was serving certainly not a paying customer who is keeping her in a job.
needless to say, I didn’t spend long in this place afterwards and left for beers in a pub elsewhere and had a cracking evening

1 by Review source

Took my wife for a birthday tea.... Wow it's gone downhill since changing over.
Waitress asking if all was well with our food as I was putting first forkful in my mouth.
Food quality really poor, I had scampi which squirted across the room each time I put a fork in it. It was also very gritty. Chips were very cheap oven chips. Wife ordered the chicken New Yorker which should have come with a still saw it was that tough. Even my eight year old daughter left the majority of hers, which speaks volumes.
Cookie dough cheesecake is inedible

Such a dissapointment as it is local and was half decent, now expensive and very poor

Management need a reality slap if they think that this is value for money

1 by 0 Review source

Super Breakfast Great Price

Popped in to try their Big Plate Breakfast today, well worth the trip, tasty and plentiful consisting of Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms, 3 Hash Browns, 2 Toast, 2 Large Fried Eggs, 2 Breakfast Sausages and 3 Rashers of Bacon Served with your Choice of Drink from Tea, Coffee, Juices and bottled water.

The faculties are well maintained and clean, with super friendly staff. Making for a casual relaxed atmosphere.

The total for my meal today (03/05/2018) a mega reasonable £6.69

Will definitely be going back again soon.

5 by Paul Hayes Review source

Unclear offers caused confusion. Food did not come out all together. One meal came, then 5 others and one of the children didn't get theirs until 15 minutes after everyone else. A free scoop of ice cream was offered as compensation. Kids didn't go into the play area to play as they had to have an adult with them and it was too noisy in there to eat. Food was good. Bar was under staffed. Took ages to get served drinks. No table service, but then they started taking orders from other tables as we were leaving.

3 by Review source

Called in for a late dinner as on the road two female staff behaviour was disgusting and the young waiters nails where disgusting to be handling food.... the female manager was totally vile
We requested a refund and left after the sauces being thrown on or table after raising a few issues with other staff.
The place was nice the food was totally disgusting.. and the staff where vile
Avoid if u wanna eat in a friendly atmosphere with decent people...!

1 by Review source

Arrived hungry and ready to eat. Ordered our food and waited for it to come. It was whilst waiting that our ears were assaulted by the quiz which we had to endure at the same decibels as a fighter aircraft taking off. We couldn't hear ourselves think. People left due to the noise. The food when it came was of a good standard.In particular the puddng was very nice even though just ice cream for 4.I recommend that you don't go on Wednesday (quiz nite)

3 by Review source

It's no different than any other larger chain pub/eatery. Just catering for the masses. Food cooked from frozen, not fresh. The usual 2 for £10.
It's good if you want to take the kids out for something to eat, whilst you sit and have a couple of drinks.
Not exactly cheap though, and could do with a regular clean.
In two years time it will no doubt have another revamp and be known by yet another name.

3 by Simon Henderson Review source

1 of the worst ever food very bad asked for stake well done it was still mooing at me on the plate so I sent it back and got the same 10 mins later so I said sorry I'm not playing for it the manger came over and was very rude and said you asked for it like that I said no sorry I asked for it to be well done he said O well sorry so I walked out and went to the walton fox cross the road lovely place their food was spot on

1 by Review source

I have eaten here a few times over the years and found the meals are okay. The recent change to Hungry Horse had changed the menu but it's still not as good as other pubs I've been to in the same chain. Good offer for families with 2 children but if you join the website newsletter you will get voucher codes to use at the till, which helps when it 20/40% off etc. Gluten free menu available.

3 by Sue R Review source

Just ordered an all day breakfast and it was foul. Looked disgusting and Didn't taste any better. The sausages were clearly reheated, the fried egg had shell in it, beans were cold, bacon and hash browns were dropping in fat. Think we need to find a new place for our family meals out as poachers is no longer a decent place to eat. Pity because it used to be brill.

1 by Review source

We went to the Meatloaf tribute night Friday 9th December,from the minute we entered we were made to feel welcome all the staff were excellent service was 5 star,we had a 3 course Christmas meal which was great value for money very good great night with entertainment followed by a live dj and light show ,VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER.be back soon.

5 by DOUG WOOD Review source

Went here a few weeks ago before Christmas. Service was great and staff were very accommodating to my 1 year old nephew who loves to wander round and get in people's way. Food was good too however i had the mini mixed grill... it was nice, but the chicken tasted like it was microwaved. Good for the price we paid though.

4 by Jacob Snape Review source

Went for the quiz night and it was fixed with two teams constantly scoring highly and with the fastest ones too answer. Too the point the host noticed after they answered the questions with in two words of his question. Then had the cheek too chant losers too everyone as we all left.

Will not go back again

1 by Review source

Said it was open at 10 online. It wasn't. Went a few weeks back and food is just terribke microwave rubbish. I don't expect a lot for the price but at least be edible. Potato skins were burnt on outside and frozen solid in the middle. Not a bad place for a pint especially in the sun but the food is terrible

2 by Paul Jones Review source

Rubbish ..... only go back as the mrs's family like it i truly dont understand why though we have had a mayo wrapper in a dessert and dishes sent stone cold or missing whole parts of the dish and when you question it get the reply WE RAN OUT OF THAT no actual apology !

1 by Bren Don Review source

Our local when we visit family in Bamber Bridge.
The extensive menu / deals suits a group of varied ages and tastes. Service is always excellent, and I have found any issues are dealt with graciously and immediately.
I would recommend it to groups, families and those staying in the nearby Premier Inns.

5 by Review source

Very good service from the staff, polite and nice, plenty of seating but some could do with some lights so people can read the menu`s.
The food is very good but my only criticism is that the onion rings were a little soggy and could do with being a little crispier, apart from that well worth a recommend.

4 by Motherwitch Review source

Very busy on a Sunday evening - but with massive portions at such a great price, it was easy to see why! Food quality was very respectable for the volume of plates we saw coming out of the kitchen, and service was prompt & courteous. Would definitely consider returning next time we're in the area.

4 by Matthew P. Woodhams Review source

the staff work very hard, it is always full. there is also a small play centre. this is really good, for keeping the kids something to look forward to, there is also a outside play area. the food is good, if you do have a problem they do fix it without a problem,yes i would go back so i hope you try it out.

5 by Review source

I always enjoy going to hungry horse restaurants. The staff are very friendly and helpful. There is a good menu with lots of variety- kids menu, suitable booths with tv's for young children to be kept occupied too. There is also a wacky warehouse which is attached to this restaurant .

5 by Emma Davies Review source

Waited 20 minutes at the bar to order food (in a queue, there simply weren't enough staff to cope). Food came quite quick though, and waiting on staff were pleasant, if a little vacant. Standard pub chain food, nothing to write home about, but left me full, which is what matters.

3 by Review source

We popped in on our way back to Coventry, lovely & clean! Lovely polite & helpful staff! Food was lovely, I had Gammon & there was not one bit of fat on it had it before in Coventry hungry horse & it was mainly fat.
Thumbs up from me Poachers

5 by Review source

We go in 2 or 3 times a week love it, but last night my dad had fish and chips which he loves fish was a lot smaller than normal but very over cooked he wouldn't send it back as it was very busy for the first time very disappointed may leave going back for a while now.

2 by 0 Review source

Always enjoyed it, couple of times the service was a bit slow but I'd put that down to how busy it was. Staff are always polite and friendly. Decent amount of space between the tables. Family friendly too.

I really rate it, excellent choice on the menu too.

5 by Review source

The service was atrocious we had to queue for ages to order only one person serving both bar and meals. We gave up queueing for sweets as we would then have to que to pay. We had arranged to go back on Saturday but NO CHANCE . To post have to give it a star not deserved.

1 by Review source

Large menu, very popular with the locals. As such there is usually a wait. The chain would benefit from an app that let you order from the table.

Good quality hit and miss. Till staff could be friendlier. Menus are incredibly sticky and could do with a clean

3 by G Hemmings Review source

My 70th birthday meal with family. The atmosphere was good although they'd got our booking time wrong and we were not served our meals at the same time.... they did though take time to bring my cake and send birthday wishes. Overall good experience. Will go again.

4 by Review source

Play area is good for younger kids. Food was average at best. Children's meal was the worst. Rice not good and congealed beans that I wouldn't have fed to a dog. To be fair though when I complained about this, they refunded the child's meal.

2 by 0 Review source

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