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Well what can I say, an experience never to be forgotten. We booked for a table for 8 of us at 7.15. We arrived promptly and waited for a waitress who said she'd be with us shortly. It wasn't long before she was back but rather than a cheerful welcome we got 'Right!' In a curt tone. Our table wasn't ready so we were told to get a drink at the bar. Not easy to stand at the bar with an elderly disabled Mom. We managed to find one chair and seated her in the doorway. It didn't take long for them to put another table together and we were seated. The young lady that then took our drinks order explained that the dishwasher was broken and glasses were being washed by hand and may not sparkle. This was unavoidable and the glasses were watermarked but clean so no problem. We went to get salad at the salad bar to find only 6 bowls and one filthy one. We asked the barman who was walking by for more bowls to be told there weren't any as the dishwasher was broken. No offer to go and sort some for us. One of the women went to the toilet and they were filthy, unflushed toilets, dirty seats and urine on the floor. When our main meals came, despite the sage and onion fries not being available for two of our party, the food was good. When we were asked for our dessert order we were informed 'the Easter holiday has wiped us out, if you tell me what you'd like I'll tell you if we've got it as the list is too long!' Some puddings and sundaes were unavailable and some sundaes were only available with ingredients substituted. Underneath the table was dirty and so were backs of chairs. When we went to pay the bill I was asked if all was ok to which I replied 'well we won't come back again!' She asked why and when we explained she took 20% off the bill, which was at least an acknowledgement of poor service. On the way out my husband stopped to speak to the manager who was rude and balshy to say the least and everything was someone else's fault! Apparently they only couldn't provide sweet potato fries and some dessert ingredients as they don't ever get a delivery on a bank holiday!! Here's a little tip, bank holidays are always on the calendar so be prepared and order extra!! The toilets couldn't possibly be dirty as they are checked half hourly, I think not!
So in future Beefeater, Brewer's Fayre, William Henry, Trumpet Major or in fact anywhere but a return trip to Harvester Weymouth!!

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Arrived at 7:15 to be told our booked table wasn't ready. When we were taken to the table the chairs were in a disgusting state with the fabric backs covered in black marks, obviously not cleaned in some time (and on my way out I noticed that nearly all the chairs were in this state).

When we ordered our meals we were told that they had run out of the sage & onion seasoning for the chips, and therefore we had to have plain chips.

After ordering our meals 7 of us went to the salad bar to find there were only 6 clean bowls (and one still with food stuck to it). When I asked a member of staff if they could get an extra bowl I was told that they had none left as the dishwasher was broken. There was no offer to go and clean one for me, so I was unable to have anything from the salad bar.

When we came to order dessert we were told that they were out of half the menu, and some of the ones that were available had substitutions (e.g. the millionaires sundae had chocolate buttons instead of Munchies). Apparently the bank holiday had come as a surprise to them and they'd not ordered in enough ingredients to cope until their next delivery. Of course if we'd been told this when we came in we could have arranged to go else, but instead two of the party went without as the few desserts they liked were unavailable.

When we left my father hung back to complain to the manager, however she seemed unwilling to take any responsibility for the problems, just making excuses (broken dishwasher, no delivery on the bank holiday etc) and expecting us to be grateful that they'd moved two other tables together for us when ours wasn't ready.

The only two positives were that they deducted 20% off the bill (without any questions, or consulting the manager, suggesting we weren't the first to complain), and our waitress who was very friendly & apologetic. The rest of the staff however didn't seem bothered by the poor service.

Individually most of these problems would be forgivable, but together they show a clear lack of management, and judging by other reviews online this isnt just a one-off issue.

My family and I certainly won't be going back, and I'll be recommending that my friends and colleagues avoid it too.

1 by Review source

Highly disappointed in this outlet.

Arrived at 3.30pm for a table of 5 + a highchair to be told an hour and half wait. I went out to my car to explain to the my family who agreed to book n come back. Reentered to find the manager on the host who stated I could not make a booking. I asked if I could book online to which she replied 'you can try but it will be at least 4 hours on there'

Outside I checked the website and booked for ONE HOUR later.
We arrived at 4:30 to most of the tables being empty and the manager avoiding looking at me speaking to my wife and even wanted to check If it was 'a double booking' . Directly behind us was a family of 6 including a wheelchair user who were told '2 hours' for a table. After sitting for 25 mins someone took our order.

The food came and was nice enough, but not very hot. We ate and continued our view of a lot of empty tables which 'are all booked up'. We hadn't our plates cleared at 5:45 and an empty table for 6 people next to us still was empty along with another further behind. Why the family with the wheelchair couldnt have Sat on either of those I don't know.

What suprised me was how happy and ready the manager was to turn away customers while she stood at the host stand LITERALLY playing with a child's green spring toy.

I work in a hotel in Leeds and the LAST thing we do is turn away customers or be rude to them.
The manager spoiled our experience and we won't return.

1 by Will Shearer Review source

The first time me and my partner visited this restaurant we got shown to a table but no one came to take our order for 25mins (not even a drink order). When we asked a waitress who was collecting cutlery she replied in a snotty manor ‘yeh al be one minute’. Moments later she walked Straight passed us and took a different tables order (that had just been seated moments before) then walked away from us. We were sitting their quietly waiting being no disturbance or nuisance to anyone (pleasant customers) so we was displeased and spoke to the manager who sorted our order out and had a word with that waitress who came and apologised but made excuses however the food was nice compared to the s*** customer service.

I’ve just phoned the restaurant to make a takeaway order, the woman on the phone went away and came back to tell me we can’t make a takeaway order as they have no containers to pack it in. I’m glad I phoned as I would of been able to make the order online (the website didn’t bring up any flags) but wanted some specific changes to a burger. Constantly poor customer service which annoyed me enough to make this review.

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My family 2 adults and 1 child attended this morning for breakfast and was served by the most rudest manager i have ever met, that says alot as i work as a retail manager and her customer service was appaling. We ordered our 7 year old the kids breakfast which states 5 items from the list which included Pork Sausage, Scrambled or Poached Egg, Baked Beans, Hash Browns or Chips, Tomato or Beans so we ordered 2 sausages, 2 Hash Browns and Beans as our child does not eat the other items. The manager then went on a massive rant at us that its only 1 item per selection as its a set breakfast and we are going to effect her stock count amd he should eat what is on the menu as its states choose 5 items, i explained that we ho Harvester all the time and that has never been the case, she went on to say that all the other branches are doing it wrong and it effects her stock. I said that an extra sausage and Hash Brown isnt going to do anything and it does not state that it is a set breakfast or only 1 item of each to which she said 'Ohh whatever' then walked off. Ive made a complaint to H/O, never again will we return here.

1 by Stacey Cutts Review source

Contrary to every persons understanding of what 1/4 of a chicken is we were served a chicken wing with part of the breast.
I took it back and asked for the missing part or a leg piece that would have the missing breast piece attached to be told that it’s harvester spec and a 1/4 chicken to them means the chicken is cut
Into 4 pieces ( aparently the size of the pieces isn’t relevant so long as the chicken is divided into 4)

We also ordered 2 build your own ultimate cookie....
the cookie wasn’t a cup, it was raw cookie dough shaped in the plate and apparently this is also ‘harvester spec’ of half cooked dough ...(it’s wasn’t even half cooked)

SO IT WOULD APPEAR THAT MENU DISCRIPTIONS AND THE METRIC SYSTEM doesn’t apply to harvester and menu descriptions are irrelevant.
The best thing was the salad bar which wasn’t that great...

Anyone ordering food our advice would be to ask for menu specs before making your choices. Personally, I won’t be back!

Although the toilets were clean the corridor outside the toilets smelt really too

1 by Review source

Was in Weymouth for a short holiday and decided I wanted a harvester takeaway and was craving their salad! My partner went in to order and was told by the server that there was no rotisserie chicken so he came back to see what I wanted instead. I picked something else for him to be told, rather rudely by the woman, that nothing was available on that part of the menu. Eventually, I found something that was available but there was no Jack Daniels sauce. My partner spoke to the manager, after the womans rudeness, who said the rotisserie chicken could be ready in about 15 minutes but the woman had not mentioned this. He found the salad bar to be missing a lot of items, obviously not being replenished in time and only 3 bread rolls. There was no honey and mustard dressing which he had to ask for and only a tiny amount of crispy onions left. It wasn't very busy either. The food I had was tasty enough, as was the salad available but there was no sage and onion seasoning on the chips which they had not mentioned. Seems like some work and customer service training is needed here.

2 by Sharon Hudson Review source

My time at The Harvester in Weymouth was one of the most lovely restaurants I've have ever been to, the staff at The Harvester were very friendly and helpful.
I ordered the mixed grill, medium rare steak, overall the meal was absolutely exquisite. The review of my meal: there were to many chips, the chicken melted in my mouth, it was so delicious, the steak was absolutely gorgeous, even though it is a bit thin, the gammon steak was divine, not salty at all , I didn't eat the black pudding because I can't stomach them. The tomato went beautifuly with all the articles of meat, and so did the mushroom. The sausage was my favourite part of my meal, absolutely out of this world. On a downside, the ice machine gave out pieces of ice that were too small, and the drinks dispenser worked lovely, although I asked for cherry Pepsi it gave me normal pepsi. So in summary if you are looking for a divine meal, I highly recommend The Harvester.


4 by Review source

Extremely disappointed with the service, food and general experience this evening. The 12oz steak was luke warm and thd key lime pie had a base twice the size it needed to be. Onee steak was brought out and they said 'medium' we said 'no, we ordered rare' and they brought the exact same steak back out TWICE! Waited over 20 minutes between main and dessert... proper muddle on our party of 8 with the ordering. Really disappointed with this experience which is a real shame as we always use a Harvester for special family occasions... in this case, a fantastic baby arrival in a few months. To think of this as a one off is extremely hard considering the table next to us had their main completely forgotten about and left. Upon paying the voucher we had (which they took the code for before we even ordered) could not be applied even though we had met all the terms, absolute shambles. Really sorry state of affairs Harvester. Poor, very poor.

1 by Murray Dixon Review source

If you are a true Harvester fan I would not recommend this Harvester in Weymouth. It wasn't very busy and we were not enterily happy with our table as it wasn't very clean and when we tried to change table we were advised in a rude manner that it's not possible even though it wasn't busy. Before we left we saw a different waitress offering other guests to pick where they would like to sit.
With regards to food salad bar wasn't at it's usual standards. We ordered burgers and buns were cold for both of us. No one checked up on us during the meal and when plates were cleared again waitress didn't ask how was our meal. Unfortunately our waitress didn't wear a name badge. We won't be returning.

3 by Review source

Turned up on a Sunday 5.30pm with my 2 children only to be ignored by person on the 'wait here to be seated desk' after 10 mins i asked about being seated only to be told that (even though the whole restaurant was almost empty!) We 'couldn't have a table' as we 'would have to book' and the earliest we could book for would be 7pm! Kids would be in bed for then! Not accommodating. Disgusted at (lack of) service. Won't be going back on principle. They obviously don't want to sell their food if they're turning local families away. We were not the only local family feeling disappointed either. God help any tourists!

1 by Daniella Darling Review source

When we got it was busy and sounded more like an adventure playground than a restaurant. It looks like a a ran down cafe. Underneath the salad cart was alot of blue tissue paper so I am guessing this is because the unit that's meant to keep salad cool is leaking...... So is the salad being kept at the right temperature. There was alot of dirty tables waiting to be cleared. The greeter was wearing such casual clothing that she didn't even look like a member of staff. We decided that there would of been a long wait for food that would probably be cooked in a rush, so we left. If you're looking for an overpriced cafe this is an ideal place.

1 by Review source

Absolutely disgusting! I do not recommend anyone to eat here. We are local to the area with family visiting. Son in law booked over the phone for 6 adults 2 children plus 2 babies this was confirmed in a text. When we arrived the girl on the reception desk said there were to many people to go round a table and the highchairs could not go on the ends due to health and safety issues. Daughter in law said we would hold the babies on out laps, we were told you are not allowed to do that. While she sat with her chin resting on her hand totally uninterested or apologetic and with no intention of trying to accommodate a family who had booked.

1 by Hazel Pinnock Review source

I have been using the Spyglass for several years when I visit Weymouth to see my elderly mother. Although the food is usually average, today it was unbelievably poor. The simple fish and chips we ordered was dismal. The chips were strip-like cold overcooked crisps and the fish was a breaded plaice replacement for the usual battered cod. What has happened to the place? I noticed other tables were also leaving the chips. Where are the hot, thick chips of yesteryear? Where is the vegetarian tartlet that was so tasty? We were given a 20% discount but sadly that does not compensate for a very disappointing experience.

2 by Carolyn Anand Review source

Sitting here at the Harvester and our food finally arrived - my husband's cheeseburger fine but my boneless beef ribs stone cold as well as the beans but chips very hot. Sent food back advised by waiter did I want a new meal or a refund - opted for refund as my husband had almost finished his meal. Always had my reservations about eating out at a Harvester- confirmed today by the poor food quality. No coffee in both flasks at some called bottomless coffee table. Went home hungry and disappointed- please do not go here

1 by sue short Review source

Only got a 3 star from me today.
Think we got a bit unlucky. Went late afternoon, like 5pm
They run out of (a fair few) items.. Like you know, the important stuff..
Didn't have atleast 12 items on the menu which seemed a bit excessive. Then having no bread rolls / sauce kinda tipped me over the edge a bit.

The place is pretty bit, has a pretty sizeable garden that holds some spectacular views out over Weymouth Bay.

Staff were friendly and attentive..

3 by Laura Goode Review source

I attended the harvester weymouth on the 26th August 2017i ordered a drink of beer and i got it wrong so dann Kerr changed it for me i would like to say he was very pleasant i think they should make him bar manager

Aswell not a good one they brought our starters out along with the main which we never asked for they brought it again really quickly to what i felt they were trying to get rid of us the chips had gone cold so the lady her name was thumper she got it changed for us

5 by Kayleigh Spence Review source

Dog friendly, nice enough staff, near the beach (4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Other than that, the food is very bland and certainly not good value for money. Much of the salad bar had an after taste similar to that of cleaning fluid often used in pubs/this type of chain restaurant.

Incidentally we ate here at a quieter time of day, so the food served essentially would/should have been as good as it gets.

4 stars for the staff and venue, the food experience a lowly two

2 by Review source

Always find the service here brilliant. I don't know what happens when other people go, as reading their reviews it sounds like a completely different place! It may be down to the times of day of all our visits. We have never had a problem here and the staff are wonderful and really friendly and helpful. We tend to always visit on a lunch time, maybe it's better then, with different people on shift? I have no idea. All I can say is we love this place.

5 by Batty Mouse Review source

Under staffed . But staff that was there was amazing especially Beth and her mum ( who doesn't even work there) .. salad bar horrendous missing everything and waited over an hour for food...cancelled in the end so can not comment on that... would understand if busy and was told but it was empty... im in the trade and hate bad reviews but this is so needed.. they need to sort their shite out...big up to Beth but you need to change jobs wasted here ... Marie

1 by Marie Perry Review source

My and my partner both work for Mitchell & Butlers, as such we tend to visit various establishments tied to this company to use our staff discount when going out to eat.
This Harvester was hands down the best experience we have ever had, from the greeting from the staff, the great atmosphere and the fantastic looking dining area. The food was also the best we have ever had! Will definitely recommend to friends and family, keep up the great work guys!

5 by Review source

The food was excellent! Nice & hot and good selection especially the added extra of help yourself to as much as you want from the salad bar & nice fresh rolls & butter..we also had a very good waitress that nothing was to much trouble for her with any requests! Well done..we sat outside after our meal in one of the huts with the most beautiful views out to sea & the surrounding area..Lovely spot to spend some relaxation time.

5 by Laverne Wilkins Review source

It has an incredible view of Weymouth bay! with 3 small huts to eat inside in the garden over looking the bay and if that doesn't sell it for you then I would suggest the rump steak. it is the best steak I've ever had! excellently cooked and the staff were so friendly and the manager was even able to get a table for 20 of us even though it wasnt really policy to go over 14 people. Best harvester I've been to!

5 by Tommy Shiels Review source

If my steak was once a cut of sirloin then I think it must have been kicked around the kitchen floor all day, tough, full of gristle and in my opinion not the best cut in the menu. The rest of our order was suitably bad buttered corn with no evidence of butter, salad bowls with pretty grim offerings.

Won't be visiting again which is a shame as it used to be a great place to eat before the chain took over.

1 by Phil Hession Review source

Wonderful sea views. Good Harvester food. I like the Harvester way, self serve bottomless drinks and self serve all you can eat salad bar. Friendly, attentive staff. Family toilet helpful, thankfully staff have added a free standing soap for children to reach since the room was installed with low down sink but soap dispenser out of reach (this happens too often!), look up at the ceiling!

4 by Light26 Review source

Unfortunately tonight the team was not on the ball. Under cooked food and unacceptable wait times even thought it was not that busy. Was told a staff meeting was happening in the kitchen due to the problems from the day, this itself speaks volumes. Spoke to the duty manager, he do not seem bothered or offer an apology. Not saying we will not visit again however just not for a while.

1 by Review source

Because we had an aa app we get 20 percent discount and when we ordered our food we also asked abt dessert.and we were told we had to order seperate to get the discount..when we went to order dessert we were told we cudnt use the app as we shud of ordered dessert at same time as wheb we arrived.ended up in us walking put without pudding

3 by Review source

Typical Harvester with wonderful views over the Dorset coastline and our to sea. Guess booking is needed if you want to eat in one of the small beach house style rooms on the patio when it's busy. Menu varied and average price is around £12 for an adults meal this does include a free 'help yourself' salad though.

5 by Sally Ashley Review source

I visited this restaurant a few months ago with my partner. The location is stunning the food was first class and the customer service was outstanding. Have left it to late to book Christmas dinner but will be visiting again very soon. If you want good quality food and first class service make this place your one and only stop.

5 by Review source

Very good experience. Place was big and clean. We had a table of eight, the server didn't appear to write down our orders but everything came out spot on. Amazing to see that memory power in action. Food all came out perfect, meals was large. Drinks were refillable. Will certainly come back next time we are in the area.

5 by Dan Potter Review source

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