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WARNING: This review is not for the faint-hearted!

This seems to be a popular cafe and it's always quite full, but over the years I preferred having my brunch etc at a cafe called Vicky's across the road which used to be the in place until they closed down and then Baker & Spice, so this was never our first choice.

However I used to get my cakes, on route takeaway coffee and occasionally bits and pieces from Raoul's Deli (next to the bus stop) which is across the road from their other food venture Raoul's cafe (restaurant?) and one day me and my girlfriend really fancied one of their cheesecakes, only to be told that they had sold out. However the girl working at the Deli sent us across the road to their cafe in case they still had any cheesecake left. It sounded like a good idea so we popped across the road to Raoul's cafe and indeed they still had some cheesecake left.

The staff at Raoul's cafe told us they didn't do takeaway but that we could take a seat and have it there, which we did. The place was almost empty that day yet we somehow wondered to the back of the cafe where it was somewhat dimly lit and ordered a coffee, a tea and the cheesecake we came in for. It arrived after a while and I started tucking into it straight away at which point my girlfriend noticed something odd looking. Upon closer inspection we found mould and things actually growing out of the other side of the cheesecake. I spat what I had left in my mouth out instantly and was overcome with a sick feeling. I went to wash my mouth out and came back utterly outraged calling the waitress over immediately. We showed her the cheesecake and demanded an answer. However, we were completely stunned by her response. She appeared to get angry at us instead for some bizarre reason and proclaimed in a raised voice that she only worked there and that it wasn't her fault. The person claiming to be the manager who came over next wasn't much better and they didn't seem to be bothered that neither the person behind the counter cutting and placing the cake, nor the manager who passed the cake on to the waitress who then took the cake and carried it all the way to us failed at any point to notice the mouldy growth. I don't know how this was possible and can only wonder about the commitment to food standards and hygiene, but to say that they weren't responsible for what happened is completely unacceptable.

Needless to say we never went back and every time I walk past the place nowadays I still get a dreadful feeling and can't help recalling the horrific experience. In retrospect I really should have reported the establishment to the Food Standards Agency.

This is my first and hopefully only 1★ review. Clearly it didn't even deserve this based on our personal experience. However judging from the fact the place is as busy as ever, not to mention the other reviews on here which don't seem to be all that bad, I would simply say that there are also other places in the area to consider and if anyone reading this review still decides to give Raoul's cafe a go I would advise to proceed with caution.

1 by Wes Nine Review source

I was a big fan of this place, and a regular customer, until a manager was really rude to us a couple of weeks ago. It would put me off going back, which I regret. My boyfriend and I eat at the cafe quite often and shop at Raoul's deli across the street all the time. We were meeting for lunch, he arrived first and I asked him to order for me. He accidentally ordered a salad with an ingredient I'm allergic to without realising, and when I asked whether I could possibly change it for another salad we were treated really rudely. Of course the mistake was our fault, but the attitude with which we were treated made it an unpleasant experience and seemed an odd way to treat faithful customers.

2 by Eimear Nolan Review source

Not many vegetarian options. I think there were 2 starters and 2 mains. The food was ok. The main portion was very large. We spent 30 for 3 courses. I liked the brownie dessert but I think that's hard to get wrong. We did want to order the Burrata starter but were told it was not vegetarian. The waiter did try to explain but couldn't understand why. I had read the service was not that good but I can't complain. The waiter was a bit abrupt in his manorism but was more than accommodating when we asked if he could check if we can get the tiramisu from their bakery. We even got praline chocolate at the end because they ran out of some of the dishes on the menu we were interested in.

3 by Kishan Patel Review source

The food is good and for every palate but what strikes me is the restaurant policy. First time I came with my baby and ate outside I was told I couldn't give her any food that was not from the restaurant, even if it was a biscuit or a chunk of bread. When I came back, without the baby, I asked for the table by the window and was told I couldn't sit at a table for 4 people although the restaurant was fairly empty and I had offered to move if people were coming. Lastly, I saw a woman with a baby who was not allowed inside with her pushchair. This is shocking and snob. I think the owner should get a better sense of customer service.

1 by Review source

Arrogant and rude. Avoid. Don't deserve any business and I will have no hesitation in spreading the word to boycott this place. Refused entry with my granddaughter who was fast asleep in the pushchair despite only three tables being occupied at the time. Wanted me to leave her outside in the buggy. Company policy they inform! Shocked and appalled at this kind of attitude. Baker & Spice opposite gained our business and couldn't have been more accommodating.

1 by Review source

A classy place. Great service and nice surroundings. It's a smallish room but they have decorated it well. This is a great brunch place with everyone always satisfied with their meal. I stick with full english with a pot of engish breakfast this omes to about £12. It's not cheap but you can tell the meat is sourced from a high quality place. I have heard the firtattas are amazing. Great for brunch always bustling.

5 by Anuj Nayar Review source

If you seek out conviviality, this is the place you should go to ! In the heart of Notting hill while quite hidden in a quiet street, this restaurant is one of the best one for week-end brunch! Mostly frequented by families of the surroundings, be prepared to eat near noisy kids. The food is well prepared and presented and you will find great value for the prices, which are affordable to everyone.


4 by Roxane Baché Review source

Nearest place to have a bite from our new apartment.
Decent in all of its dishes but with a prime price. There is a great variety.
In our first visit we have tried eggs for breakfast and a sandwich.
During our latest visit we chose pasta.
The Gnocchi with the pancheta were really tasty. Ravioli not one of their best dishes.

Excellent place to sit for a coffee during sunny days

3 by Andreas Garantziotis Review source

I found a hair in my French toast and alerted the waitress about it. She tried to tell me that it was not a hair, when it clearly was. She then proceeded to take the dish away and did not bring another one or take it off the bill, and I hadn't even eaten half. They had also run out of fruit salad when I tired to order it. Overall, it was a bad experience and the waiters are rude and lack energy.

1 by Review source

Bustling restaurant doing a brisk brunch trade on a Sunday morning. Our frittatas were pretty good, the coffee was fine, and the service was decent. I like the bright space, and we had a nice table right by the window, so no complaints there, I just would have preferred a little less judgment when two of our party attempted to order in line with their diets (no cheese, gasp!).

4 by Ira Pfeifer Review source

Sister venue of the Notting Hill, it does not resemble it. Staff won't win an oscar for politeness and food is just ok.
This place is ok to casually eat something, but I rate it on par with other independent brunch places in London and those dirty diners run by questionable owners.
Don't wait in line for it.

1 by Giorgio Rosati Review source

Nice place to grab a quick breakfast before work. Their coffee and eggs are just adorable and the decor is absolutely beautiful. The best thing about this place is that it's not getting crowded at all, except for the weekends. Totally recommend it to you who haven't been here before.

4 by Joe Morris Review source

Raoul's is a nice restaurant. It's perhaps a bit too expensive for what you get, but the food is fairly okay. I was a bit disappointed by the burger, but the other meal a had there was quite good. I also like the simple interior. On Sundays it always looks very busy during the day.

4 by Götz Bürkle Review source

The best pancakes in London. If you're a pancake fan, definitely come here for their blueberry pancakes (the chorizo, toast, and eggs dish is also pretty amazing). As I've only been here for breakfast - I can't comment on their lunch or dinner options.

5 by Dan Ville Review source

Turned up for a coffee and a light bite and was told by the (quite rude) waitress that it was 'against the rules' to order just side dishes. Shame really. They ended up about £15 down and I've ended up never wanting to visit again.

2 by James Whatley Review source

Nothing special, went for a really late Brunch. Eggs Benedict was cold, asked for an Orange juice which didn't come. Wish I made an omlette at home. Some of the prices are absurd. There is a first time for everything and a last time for everything.

3 by Dana Saib Review source

The food it is very delicious but the team is not enough professional. The girls didn't help enough each other or they don't like to work together. Thanks that comes to us a boy waiter who really caring enough for our table.

4 by Daniela Nedyalkova Review source

The staff seem to think the restaurant is much better than it actually is, they actively avoid eye contact with you when you attempt to get their attention. The Welsh Rarebit was on cheap supermarket sliced white bread.

2 by Mark Maynard Review source

Wonderful place to have some coffee and breakfast in. The orange juice is also lovely and the staff is polite and friendly. I like visiting the place on late Saturday mornings - it's not that packed.

5 by Francesca Baldwin Review source

I used to go to the Notting Hill sister restaurant and tried this one as I had a really good experience. I must say although the food is the same the service here is appalling so don't expect much.

3 by P J S Review source

We ordered full english breakfast and egg benedict. The scramble egg was quite nice but the other components weren't so good. The toast is slightly too salty and the muffin is too soggy.

3 by Pan Preeyakorn Review source

Food is really good quality. Many good options for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Very popular place as the one in Notting hill but kitchen is generally fast. One of my favourites In The city.

5 by Txelu GP Review source

Best brunch in the NW area, serves all day too. Eggs benedict is simply brilliant, wash down with an ice coffee, tastes like being a kid in Queens. Worth trying their cheesecake too.

5 by Manhattan Cat Review source

Very rude staff!! Even though the weather was not good they didn't allow the 4month old baby with the prom get inside as they don't want pushchairs...

1 by Review source

Place and service is not good but I was surprised Bmenai from using your iPad Lalai Vinnie !! Although I did not ask them to Internet service

2 by Abdullah albaidan Review source

Food is OK, atmosphere and service is OK, nothing special.
it's best to arrive around 10am on weekends to avoid queuing

3 by Erna Kindli Review source

Why would you stop someone just because they are builders you are totally wrong will never use these ever again on principal alone

1 by Sheila Fitzgerald Review source

Nice place for casual dining... Decent vegetarian options. Great milkshakes. Their banoffee milkshake is out of the world....

4 by Anusha Krishnakumar Review source

Great selection for brunch. I only recommend for brunch/lunch though. A bit over priced. Staff can be unhelpful sometimes!!!

4 by mandana mehranpour Review source

This place is ideal for breakfast or brunch. Best eggs have ever had in London Service is normally a hit or miss.

3 by Dihann Josephs Review source

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