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Nothing short of shocking, worthy not even of the one solitary star.

Staying at the hotel next door (to be clear, they're not related) so it was a natural to take ourselves and our two young children for a bite to eat at the Warwick Harvester.

Immediately upon arrival it is evident that they're short staffed as the place is probably at 20% capacity yet there's a queue to be seated.

A miserable member of staff takes the order of four drinks and has an expectation that we order at the same time, eventhough we had literally just sat down. So, we politely ask for a few minutes and Ms. Misery leaves us alone looking a bit more miffed than when she arrived to take our order.

Ten minutes later, three of our four drinks arrive with a grunt from Ms. Misery that the fourth will follow. Good job I wasn't planning to swallow a couple of headache tablets as my drink never surfaced.

Ms. Misery never bothered coming back to take the food order, as politely requested. So, after a bit of waving the hand and requesting the order be taken (I mean, why else would we be sat in a Harvester?) we finally gave our preferences to the more helpful member of staff. He shall be known as Mr. Nice.

After about half an hour, Ms. Misery slides over to check-in with us. Great, we thought, a spot of customer service. Great, Ms. Misery delivers the news that they 'can't give us two of our four meals'. What does that mean? Well, i asked that and what Ms. Misery meant to convey was that they'd run out of that particular microwave meal. Remember, that news was delivered half an hour after we'd initially ordered.

So, being British, we start to have a little moan (a polite moan, of course) and Ms. Misery evidently has no lights on, probably didn't hear single word. Well, that's perhaps an exaggeration as she realised we were residing in the hotel next door and asked if we had a car (ie suggesting we go elsewhere). I know, how to retain business and all that...

So, we ordered two alternatives, which made Ms. Misery no more or less miserable than any other point during her miserble shift serving the valued customers that keep her employed.

As you can imagine, our two young kids now are royally hangry so now the wonderful family evening is going proper belly up, all of us starting to hate each other more and more with every tummy rumble.

After an hour and a half, we had finally had enough so my wife informs Mr. Nice who remains nice by trying his best to apologies, make everything right and do what he can etc, while Ms. Misery lurks in the background, gutted that the spit she will have doubtlessly deposited in our micro-meals will so sadly be fed to the bin and not to our hollow bellies and eager taste buds.

So, we proptly escaped, gutted about the hour and a half lost we will not get back, and made use of that car to go find something to cure that raging hanger.

So, bottom line is that this isn't a place we would recommend. Ever, folks.

1 by Review source

We read the reviews just as we drove in and not knowing where else to go we thought we would still give it a chance as it was a Harvester and we've had ok meals at them before.

From the outside it looked pleasant enough and to be fair first impression inside was good. We waited to be seated as staff walked past and a queue grew behind us. After almost 10 minutes a guy came and seated us with no apology for the wait (I had asked a passing waitress if anyone was attending the front desk while I waited).

We were sat next to a really dirty table that stayed dirty for most of our meal. It wasn't that busy but people kept walking past. The girl who served us couldn't have been less interested in her job if she tried. Our drinks were ordered then sat on the bar until my husband went and got them.

The server then came back for the food order and pointed us in the direction of the salad bar. It wasnt amazing but fairly standard. But when I went to get a bowl nearly every one was dirty. I had to pick up at least 8 to get a non stained one. My husband then went up and came back with a bread roll and balsamic vinegar. He dipped it in and brought out not just the roll but a long oily hair as well.

Our food arrived and I took one look at my toddlers vegetable stick side and sent them back. They were wilted and hot....looked like steamed veg used as veg sticks. The carrots weren't peeled on all sides which is fairly normal for a toddler veg stick and certainly the reality didn't match the pic on the menu. What came back was cold at least but still fairly unappealing. Our mains were average although overpriced.

We didn't bother getting the toddlers pudding and left as soon as we could.

I did raise our issues with a waitress who asked how everything was (after swapping the veg she said our food had been sitting for a while on the hotplate as if that was meant to make things better!) and as I was talking she was nodding as if she agreed with everything. Management need to do something as I've been in this chain before but it was never as bad as this. Not many places are!

2 by Review source

Where do I start!!! We got there and had to wait 30 minutes for a table which that was fine. We went to the bar to get a drink the lady behind the bar her bottom shirt buttons were undone so it showed her stomach off, on serving us my partner had a kopperberg she never ask he if wanted a glass. The shelves were unplenished so you didn't even know what bottles they had.
When seated at the table the waiter took our order, which was fine I went to the salad bar, it looked tired nothing looked fresh half empty dishes and mixed stuff in them so wasn't even clean!!!!
We had a starter of garlic bread. And then had a long wait for our main meals our starter plates were not even cleared, when we did eventually get our main meal my Diane sauce was cold I had a 10oz steak which was just full of fat the chips looked old. After being very disappointed by it the waiter came to take our plates and we told him how awful it was my partner refused to pay for my meal which the waiter didn't even dispute which was a good job. Out starter plates were still on the table after we left the table to leave.
The staff looked unprofessional by half uniforms wearing trainers, shirts untidy.
Was VERY DISAPPOINTED especially when we have visited other harvesters and the staff and food were amazing.
i am being kind by rating it a 1 star but unfortunately couldn't go lower!!!!!!!

1 by Review source

What the hell has happened????? What an awful meal we have all just had!! I don't even know where to start as there were so many errors.......... but the worst by far was our children's meals, they came and the carrot sticks were absolutely fithy - half peeled mud covered filth. I can't comprehend the thought process of kitchen staff that would think this acceptable. On one childs meal, the sausages were not cooked and were lukewarm - when sent back they never returned, leaving a child with no meal for the entire time. In all honesty, I am glad they didn't reappear as I dread to think what may have happened. When asked the kitchen replied with, it wouldn't have harmed them as they come already cooked and we just heat them up - well clearly they didn't even do that! There were no bread rolls and no potatoes at all - no jackets, boiled potatoes or proper chips - the only offerings were frozen fries. We have been here many times before and always had a good experience so what on earth has happened??? I sent my meal back as the sight of the manky carrots made me question the cleanliness of the kitchen and I just couldn't eat it. Thank goodness for a really lovely waitress (I am so sorry I didn't get your name) who was so helpful even though this clearly wasn't the first complaint she had had that day.

1 by Nikki Whiting Review source

Well i have to say this was a tempting place to eat, i am normally quite attracted to the harvester places with nice food for a reasonable price. We originally went into the place after a long day of driving and ordered our food. After an average wait later our food arrived, it was on par in some cases with some of the food okay and others unimpressive. However when we got the bill we found that we were charged for an extra salad on our meal because i gave my salad to a relative and didn't eat any of it myself. We were then later charged for an extra salad, after explaining this to the so called 'manager' who blatantly denied this and assured us that we could not do this and that he would not remove the extra charge. This service was disgusting and the manager position should be given to someone more competent and someone who cares about the customers. When we then tried to record this lunacy he then proceeded to not answering our questions and walked away which was appalling since he knew he was wrong. He then disappeared and then reappeared standing at the entrance when we left. We WILL report this to higher management because this is appalling and should be addressed as soon as possible. I hope to hear from someone from management regarding this establishment to hear what they have done about this issue.

1 by Zach Pepper Review source

My partner & I visited this establishment this evening we arrived at 18:30. To be fair we were seen to a table reasonably quickly however, that is where the good night ended.

We waited 25 minutes for the waiter to take our drink & food order, which he took while Sat on a chair on the table next to us. We then waited another 25 minutes for the drinks (1 zinfandel & soda & a pint of shandy) so nothing complicated, there was a guy standing behind the bar doing nothing until I enquired where our drinks were.
Shortly after the King prawn starter arrived, an hour later we were still looking at the empty bowl wondering how long it would be before we got our food, understandable if the restraunt was busy but it wasn't.
By the time I got the waiters attention my partner & I had had enough despite both wearing jumpers we were cold. I again got the waiters attention and asked for the bill for what we'd already had, in fairness he said there would be no charge, judging on other feedback I do wonder how the place is still open I definitely would not recommend this place to anyone & will never be going back.

1 by Review source

A little disappointing to be honest. We arrived mid-afternoon and the restaurant was quiet. We were quickly shown to a table and menu's provided. There were lots of uncleaned tables and food all over the food... not nice at all! We had a Groupon voucher to use up and explained this to our waIting staff. They showed what was avaialble on the menu and what wasn't. We selected drinks and food and waited. 5 minutes later, whilst drinking my pint of bitter, I was told that my drink wasn't covered under the voucher and I would have to pay extra. Obviously not happy I requested the Manager who eventually agreed to waive the extra charge. The food arrived as was of average quality... one steak was good the other tough abd chewy. Salad bar was okay. All in all a pretty average experience I wont be repeating. If you have Groupon vouchers ensure you don't get charged extra due to their lack of knowledge of what's included in the offer!

3 by Stephen Cotterill Review source

Terrible. Long wait, disrespectful, uninterested, lazy, ignorant and obnoxious waiters. Especially the Scottish one. He's rude, confrontational and very obnoxious, I refuse to go here again simply because of how uncomfortable he's made it when I've been there, I've witnessed him having a full blown argument with customers in the middle of a packed restaurant on a Saturday, how unprofessional can you be? Management clearly needs to be changed as they're incapable of running a team. Chef was horrendous, always something wrong with the order and always poorly cooked, only thing I've had that hasn't had something wrong was the burger. Whether you're getting paid minimum wage or 50k a year, you're getting paid to do a job, and if you're too lazy and incapable to do that job or simply just aren't interested in it, then get a new job? Avoid this place, staff treat it like a doss house.

1 by Rob GnasherNoob Review source

We arrived on time for our 7pm booking and was seated within 5 mins - this was the only good thing about the visit. We ordered drinks straight away but then had to find the waitress 20mins later to ask about where were our drinks and no one had taken food order. Told she would check and waited another 20mins for only 1 drink to be delivered. When asked about the other, the bar didn't know about it but then delivered within 5mins. When I took a drink of beer it didn't taste right so we called over the waitress to say and she looked at it and agreed. We also asked about our food as 2 other tables who arrived after us were just served at which point we also said we were tempted to just leave.....the response to us was 'well I would'......so we did. We have loved Harvester at all other locations we have been to but this one might put us off for good.........poor poor service

1 by Review source

We visited last Friday at 5pm. Although the restaurant was not particularly busy and there were plenty of available tables, it seemed that there were not enough staff to provide service. We waited several minutes to get seated and then another 15 minutes to have our order taken. We then found that there were no plates available at the salad counter and whilst waiting for about 10 minutes for clean plates to arrive, we noted that a lot of the salad choice was depleted. When the plates arrived we had to wait further for lettuce and tomatoes etc to be made available. Our hot meal was tasty enough but we then waited ages for the waitress to return to our table and by then, we decided that we didn't want to order any dessert and Wait any longer. The staff there were pleasant enough and having read other reviews there does seem to be a recurring theme of long waits for service.

2 by Review source

Outrageous!! Arrived with my partner and 2 children to be told there would be a 10 minute wait even thou we could see several empty tables. 25 minutes later I had to go to the bar and ask when we would be seated. 5 minutes later we was!! After ordering our meal half hour to 45 minutes had gone by so I asked someone to see how long it would be until we was served, I was basically told she wasn't going to help and would fetch the lady who originally took our order. Finally food arrived which was dry!! But couldn't risk sending it back as we had already waited so long. We ate paid and left. I'd suggest better organisation when you clearly have little stuff!!! WILL NOT BE RETURNING.

1 by Review source

We went here while staying at the holiday inn hotel next door. We ordered the mixed grill and so could try out all their meats. The food was freshly done, and they were all juicy and tender, nothing was too dry nor hard, so thumbs up there. However they were a bit tasteless and hence nothing special. They have a 'sauce station' where you can mix and try out your own sauces which is interesting, but I would have preferred if they had marinated the meat before cooking. Saying that the portions are big and good value for money. Staff are also enthusiastic and friendly. So to sum up, food is nice and good value for money, but just don't expect anything special.

3 by Alan Chan Review source

Absolutely awful experience yesterday, waited 15 minutes at entrance to be noticed to get seated 5 members of staff walked past us and didn't acknowledge us! Finally got seated and order taken! Waited almost 2 hours to get our food had two very hungry kids! it was only when my partner asked where it was it came out, food clearly kept under Heat lamps for a considerable amount of time! Beans had gone hard. Food has half Luke warm and half cold. Totally unacceptable. If i could go lower than 1 i would because i do not rate harvester Warwick! It is the worst experience i have ever had in a harvester. Completely ruined an end to a good family day!

1 by Charlotte Hodgkinson Review source

Really not good at all. So disorganised with poor service through out. 4 members of staff asked for cutlery before we got them for the kids to eat there salad. We had booked a table pre arriving with 4 hours notice. Waited for an hour and a half before food was served to us cold. Some birthday treat this was. Not at all satisfied with this place we had such hi hopes for. Sorry guys you need to put your heads together and hire some managers that are going to get you back upto standard as other harvesters we have visited have been very highly rated in comparison to level of service we received this evening. Unlucky will not be back.

1 by Review source

Second time I've been here and the food was much better than before where the burger was dry, the wings were unimpressive and the salad looked as if it had been there for a couple of days. Chicken seems to be their forte more but the breast still tasted really rubbery. Fine gourmet food this place is not but it's never trying to be be. Large portions.

Service time was appalling taking approximately 30 minutes to clear our plates and over 20 minutes just to get our drinks in the first place. Out of 8 desserts, 6 were brought out and the last 2 came 5 minutes later.

Price was decent though

2 by John Pankhurst Review source

Went for a charity event for local Special Care Baby Unit the other day. Great that they agreed to host the event, but they locked the baby changing facilities with no sign o door, so I ended up queuing outside them for 25 minutes with a frantic 3 month old who urgently needed changing, thinking someone was really struggling in the toilet as it was engaged for so long. When I finally got hold of a member of management they opened up but with no explanation as to why they'd locked it nor any apology, though I must admit I didn't hang around long waiting for one, as my little one needed changing.

3 by Kate Chidzik Review source

Staff very friendly and helpful but food nothing to write home about. We have used Harvester Restaurants for a number of years and this is probably the worst one I have been to. Ordered the fish and chips. Chips were hard and overcooked (surely not been cooked twice?!) while fish was only just so (some of the batter very crispy, with other parts still runny). Also felt it was a little pricey compared to nearby alternatives. Won't be visiting again and certainly wouldn't recommend to friends and family. Come on Harvester, you can do much better than this.

2 by Mike Review source

Had a terrible experience here, ordered steak and eggs for breakfast, wanted steak blue, it came out well done/cremated. The chips were stone cold, the eggs were ok though.
My friends both ordered a create your own breakfast, both stone cold, one had a dirty cup, the other had items missing from his order.
We waited over 35 minutes for our breakfasts, not one of the party could finish our meals as it was inedible. All left hungrier than when we started. Wouldn’t go back and wouldn’t recommend

1 by Dan Bothwick Review source

Service was disgraceful , Menu choice today Sunday the worse I've eaten in any restaurant . cold peas fish and chips where cooked in hot fat and raw in middle The chef walked through the restaurant in dirty clothes . Sat 10 minutes until I realised I had to order at the bar . Staff looked unwashed and no customer service . Didn't even ask if we enjoyed our meals . The lady filling the salad bar was holding the roll basket under her arm pit. The worst Harverster I've been in

1 by Review source

Very good customer service from Eilom
Very attentive to service.
I went yesterday with my family
Chicken nice and cooked to perfection
Only one thing to work on is the welcoming
I was put near the door with my children and when asked the girl she said we have bookings
I then told her that I came earlier then spoke to Eilom.
After this she moved me to the other station
Mind to put family in a nice area when they have children.

4 by Review source

Service was ok but the quality of the food was pitiful. The salad bar was pathetic the ribs overly chewy and bland. The chips were good to be fair. The special sauces awful. I don't understand how a company that large can fail at such basic level food. Shame. Apparently the steaks are good but I won't be returning so will never know. Hopefully I went on an off day. One can't blame the staff, one has to blame the company and management.

1 by Review source

Well where do I start? Famous Salad Bar!!!! So famous it turned up late & hid in the kitchen!!!!! Harvester used to be good value restaurants. Not this one! Prices not good value! Food very average. Waiter tried hard but as we (& all other customers) kept nagging him about the un-replenished salad bar, he was not getting an easy ride. We got quite friendly with other customers while standing & waiting over HALF an hour for more salad!!

2 by Review source

We went here for a family Christmas lunch gathering. It's in a great location for all of us to meet - travelling from Woking, Cheltenham and Wolverhampton. We had pre-booked a table which was fortunate as it was so busy they were turning people away. The food was standard Christmas fare and the puddings were particularly good. We all had a lovely catch up and weren't rushed at all even though it was a very busy afternoon.

5 by Sarah Keddie Review source

We came here Saturday night after booking into the hotel next door. Didnt expect much as have had issues with other Harvesters previously. We could not have asked for better! Food was excellent (including very early xmas dinners :) :)) Service was outstanding! We were served by Andy who engaged with us and our kids, including various magic tricks throughout the evening.
I would add a couple more stars if i could!

5 by Nicholas Tunney Review source

Went last night and was amazing!
Me and my wife are visiting Warwick castle for a long weekend, and loved it at the Harvester so much on Saturday night we're going again tonight!
The staff were brilliant, especially the lad who looked after our table.
Very welcoming and relaxing environment, and we're looking forward to another good meal and drink tonight.


5 by Review source

Hoped to enjoy a family meal on Tuesday 30th May as we were staying next door in the Holiday inn. Sadly we were greated by an employee that the grill was broken and therefore were operating a limited menu. Yes it was very limited indeed. Wraps and a small selection of chicken with a wait of at least an hour. Not impressed ending up jumping in the Car to the local Frankie & Bennies in Town.

1 by Emma Morrison Review source

Exceptionally slow service - waited over 30 mins between starter and main taking a total of 1 hr 20 for two courses. Pretty sure they'd forgotten my order until I went and asked after it.

Big portions but low quality. Very overcooked salmon and defrosted vegetables.

The server had mastered the art of ignoring every table but the one he's serving at that moment.

1 by Jenny V Review source

I came here because I was after a more healthy option than a McDonald's.
Just don't bother.
Food was way below 'good', service shocking, bill was someone else's.
Total fail.
Won't be in a rush to come back.
I'm sorry you're short staffed, but you've overstretched yourselves and damaged your reputation today.

1 by Review source

This was a great place for us to stop as we needed to charge our electric car. We had lunch which was very tasty and the children enjoyed thier meals. There's a salad bar which was okay but could be improved. We had a lovely experience and the staff were very helpful and friendly.
It would of been a bonus if they had a park as the children would have liked to play.

4 by Wendy Toon Review source

Nice clean and welcoming environment, better than the average harvester. Food was tasty and well cooked. But when i asked for the chicken and prawns i was told the prawns had run out? Could have the chicken but they were unable reduce the cost to compensate (not helpful) staff were knowledgeable and very helpful. I would return on another occasion.

3 by keef Burton Review source

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