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Although the bird show was very good, the reptile house was extremely poor. They had four royal pythons kept together and a poor animal educator. As a reptile keeper, I can tell what's right and wrong most of the time, and most of the things the 'educator' had said was that you can catch all sorts of diseases. That's completely false, outdated information about reptiles. The reptile educator was also very rude, when she was asked about size of big snakes, I said, 'The size of a large species of snake depend on genetics, age and amount of food.' which is true. But the extremely rude woman butted in saying, 'NO! THAT'S COMPLETELY FALSE.' in an aggressive tone. She was also holding the boa constrictor there very poorly, constantly putting him on the floor to relieve the weight. When she did finally hold the boa again she would just hold its tail, stressing the poor animal out. So unless you're going to learn myths and nothing about reptiles, DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS PLACE.

2 by Review source

Check Groupon or Kids Pass for discounted entry.

Really good and close up talks and displays of reptiles, spiders/tarantulas and birds of prey. Informative and captivating. The talks/displays last about 30 mins each (indoor option for flying display, apparently, so should be on even when wet). Our nearly-3-year-old was fascinated by the reptiles close up and our 5 year old loved the flying displays.

Lots of birds to see, all seemed well looked after and flown. Many of the reptiles, and some of the birds, seem to be rescue animals.

Three picnic areas (by the cafe, slide and party room), but only a few tables under parasols. There is a cafe, but we didn't use it. Toilets clean and the accessible toilet had a toddler step and seat.

We happily spent 4 hours there, seeing two flying displays (noon and 3pm - different birds) and the reptile talk (2pm), the only downside was packed lunch during the most rainy part of the day!

5 by Stuart Poole Review source

Absolutely fantastic day. I received a flying experience day as a present from my wife. This isn't a place where you join in with a large group. It was three full hours of private amazing experience with the handler. In this case Maxine. Extremely knowledgeable.. and do actually handle and fly the birds. Everything from a small owl, a gosshawk right up to handling Liberty the bald eagle. I was even involved in the afternoon show. This experience was above and beyond what I thought it was going to be. I don't do reviews normally but this is an exception..well done Maxine and all the staff. One of my best days ever.......

5 by M E Review source

When we first arrived here we felt really sad for the birds because their cages weren't very large and it seemed more like a zoo. However, a small notice in the sanctuary explains that the current owners took it over in a state of disrepair and are in the process of improving things. We were reassured by one of the Falconers who explained why the birds were there and made us feel a lot better about the place. The flying display was brilliant. After a first bad impression we left feeling a lot better about it and would recommend it as they rely on paying visitors to fund their good work.

4 by Holly Oconnor Review source

The place is run by friendly staff, the cafe is fairly priced and the food is good and the gift shop is inexpensive.
The birds are all very well cared for and you can tell the handlers really love them. We watched a show and were allowed to touch the baby owls which was an absolute privilege! I would strongly recommend this place to any bird enthusiasts!
As for the reptiles, they're very well kept and seem content. The room they're in is a little dim, but I think they prefer it that way...

5 by Erica Renton Review source

I've been coming here for several years - although I feel like it now needs a massive update.

If I could donate a large sum of money to this place I would, mainly to build a bigger complex, fully kitted out to attract more people and to allow visitors and animals to get closer and to expand/improve the demonstrations.

The wide range of birds are amazing and the reptiles are impressive. The demonstrations are informative and the animals appear to be happy within their enclosures.

3 by Michael Hardy Review source

Great small place to take the kids out for a few hours. Lots of different types of owls and hawks on display. There is some shows 1 letting the birds fly in an arena which is good and another in the reptile house where you get shown some of the snakes reptiles and insects.
Came away with some really good photographs so happy. The staff are friendly and helpful and it's got a good free car park

4 by Chaz Clark Review source

This is a great day out, especially if you have a camera. Able to take fab photos of some truly stunning birds. Only sat in on one presentation, but loved having the birds fly over our heads. Highly recommended.

Why only four stars? The place needs a bit of investment, a bit shabby in places. Hope they can find an investor to pour some cash into the place - it has loads of potential

4 by Kevin Ahronson Review source

It's one of our favorite animal parks to go to especially in summer, have an ice cream while you watch all the birds in flight.
The reptile's at the park are very impressive to with a wide range of them to, so if you keen for a good day out with the kids this is one of the best one's to go for.
provided the kid's are being good on the day ;)

5 by Richard Thomas Kisogloo Review source

Really good day out. Very educational and a wide variety of birds and reptiles. The flying display was fantastic. The birds flew all around you and allowed you to get up close to them. I would highly recommend it. They need more funds to get the aviaries modernised but despite this they do excellent conservation and rescue work.

4 by Review source

I did an experience day today meeting a huge amount of different birds of prey. We learnt all about them and the care that they require, then handled a number of them before flying some truly amazing birds. Capped it off by taking part in the public demonstration. Great day all around and thank you to the team that hosted us!

5 by Chris Toynbee Review source

Love this place. Have been a couple of times. Spent about 4 hours here and managed to see the two flying displays and the reptile talk, all three were amazing with such friendly and passionate people doing the talks. Beautiful place in a beautiful part of the country, more people need to donate to this fund and go there too.

5 by Caroline Pelley Review source

A really interesting experience. There were signs of ongoing site expansion and development which was excellent to see. A modest but worthwhile reptile section greets you as enter through the gift shop. Flying demonstrations and talks are informative and entertaining and held towards the back of the centre. Great stuff.

4 by Greg Little Review source

Wonderful gem of a place with lots to see and enjoy and learn. Fabulous to see so many families with children very obviously having a wonderful day out. Particularly enjoyed the flying and reptile displays presented by people whose obvious passion enthusiasm and knowledge was very engaging. Highly recommended.

5 by Maria Drummond Review source

Very interesting. Lots of birds & reptiles - all in well kept enclosures. Good flying display although loud speaker could have been clearer & the trainer spoke a little too fast - but gave a lot of information. Not a criticism but a suggestion - a larger play area needed. Nice little cafe & shop.

5 by Chris Graham Review source

What a good day out. This can be enjoyed by families and couples. I also see they have a party area. All the birds are clearly looked after by some very good members of staff. The only comment I would make would be that the buildings certainly need some TLC and a bit of money spent on it.

5 by Jacques Steventon Review source

We visited this centre today with our two kids (5 and 3). The kids enjoyed the sandpit, they really liked the owl flying in the show and the reptile show was great. The tarantulas are funny in the show! The Eagles are really impressive and the snakes are big enough to eat the kids!

5 by Review source

Had a great day with my kids at liberty owl raptor centre..nice cafe..lots of birds ..nice flying show . The only things that broke my heart was some birds were chain to their feet and put on the grass in the hot sun with little room to walk or fly. Apart from that had a good time

3 by Rishi Dilchand Review source

Just enjoyed a magical 2 hour owl experience. Was amazing to be able to handle such a variety of owls and have them fly to you for a small treat. My favourites were the tawny owl called 'Twitter' and the beautiful barn owl. Plus a must see are the baby tawny owls.

5 by Nicola Gearey Review source

My husband and I went there for a day out, awesome little place to learn a lot! The staff are great! It's perfect for families, obviously there is nothing much you can do with screaming children if you want to have an adult day out but it was a great place to visit!

5 by Simonne Du Toit Review source

Not the swishest of visitor attractions but an amazing variety of birds and reptiles. Great flying shows with friendly and informative staff. Reptile show also great and you get very close too (though no touching). Under 5s free too which is a huge bonus.

4 by Sarah Talbot Review source

Excellent flying displays (we saw two). Husband said Reptile display was very informative too. All birds were in good condition. Not easy to find though. Need more 'brown' signs. Good parking and improvements being made when money available.

5 by Wendy Carr Review source

REally interesting to see the birds (and reptiles). The shows are informative and educational. Also have a couple of small play areas for the kids as well as a nice little cafe.
Well recommended and the money is used for conservation

5 by Review source

Our kids loved their experience with the owls. Really educational and informative while remaining extremely fun and exciting!!! Definitely worth the money and would definitely go back as we had to head off straight away for other things.

5 by Karim Dhamani Review source

Spent very pleasant three hours here. The site itself is quite run down but the birds & reptiles look well cared for. The staff are friendly and the talks and demonstrations are excellent. Cafe and gift shop are reasonably priced.

4 by Suzanne Millett Review source

Loved it here! Knowledgeable friendly staff, beautifully kept birds, free parking, trusting (couldn't pay by card in cafe so was given receipt to pay as left) we did Groupon offer, however I think full price is worth it also!!!

5 by Hannah Dixon Review source

Had an amazing afternoon here and both me and my daughter loved it. The birds are wonderful and you can tell the handlers have genuine love for them. We watched both displays today, both were different and really informative.

5 by Review source

Really great place to spend a few hours, not with young kids though. Birds are very impressive and staff are very knowledgeable and welcoming. It’s also worth reading the spider story in the reptile house. Highly recommend

5 by Allan Wicks Review source

From the outside I didn't think it was going to be great buy inside was a wonderful surprise. The flying displays are brilliant and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Great way to spend around 3 hours

5 by Belinda Lloyd Review source

Fabulous day out and the kids absolutely loved it. The displays are informative and the children have never seen birds of such varying breeds and size so close! Highly recommend this place for a visit! We loved it!

5 by Review source

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