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They have to be the most unprofessional lot in UK. First they did not call me before the delivery. I live in a flat and the conveniently left the 'sorry we missed you' card outside the building, which I just happened to pick by incident. To top it all, they had put the wrong postcode on the delivery card, even though they had put the card in front of the right building. When I tried calling their automated service, I had to key in the wrong post code to get to my parcel. I called up the helpline and the representative cut the line in the middle. I am furious at their behaviour. I would make sure that none of my friends or family members, ever use their service again. There is better service in 3rd world countries

1 by Abdullah, Ibrahim & Musa Review source

The worst service I have ever encountered. Left a card, but with no details on it, so we didn't know who it was for. It went back to sender. They sent it out again, but UK Mail went to deliver on the wrong day. Luckily I managed to spot it and said I would collect from Depot in Croydon. Went there to find that it had been sent to Dartford Depot as they had had a Postal Code change. Apparently they should have informed me, but they didn't. Couldn't collect again, so asked them to deliver. Promised today, but nothing. Cannot speak to anyone anywhere - just automated crap. Will now cancel my new phone (as that is what it was), as i'm not going to pay for something I cannot get my hands on.

1 by Dave Cox Review source

Conveniently located off the busy roads near the QE2 bridge in Kent. Service is a little slow though given when one hands in the consignment number they don't ask for anything else (e g. Name or Address), which could aid in searching for parcel. This was my experience recently. The elderly gentleman took 10 minutes or more to find my parcel and kept coming back to me to check if he had the right consignment number. Once the parcel was found then he checked name and address via ID or passport or driver's licence. Friendly staff, chairs in the waiting, plenty of parking outside, parcel was in good condition.

4 by Mike Bowen Review source

Very horrible service, I do not know how they still get customers. I waited for a parcel delivery 14 hours but driver just turned around to depot, 2nd day I was promised like 1st day that parcel will arrive and now again no parcel. this is a joke. you sit wait all day for delivery, and to talk to someone is taking for ever you need to be pressing numbers like lottery, so machine do not recognize the number before you can get thru to them. Next day delivery turned into 3rd day delivery now... its jokes. even had a cheek one lady to say for me to drive 40 miles to depot to pick my parcel up.! what a rude lady.

1 by NWM GB Review source

absolutely awful experience, company and customer service- avoid at any cost! After i was on a business trip and not able to pick up the parcel within 5 days, called them to check what to do and was advised that my parcel is still in the depot (after 45 min on the phone) - went to the depot (super far away for me) the same day just to find out that they picked it up to be sent back (abroad). They did nothing to help to get the parcel back, kept blaming everybody else plus i spent 20£ on transport to get to the depot that i will not get back. Would never, ever use them again!! Avoid at any cost!!

1 by Christina Pranter Review source

UK Mail are the worst company to even try to get your parcels from they don't like delivering to flats and just leave a sorry i missed you card, so you try to rearrange the parcel to be delivered and 2 days later pasted that date i am still waiting for my parcel, i guess ill have to find the depot myself, UK Mail should sack all the drivers and have a self pickup service instead as this seems to be the normal process for this company........have had to give 1 star rating just to post this really should be a 0 star rating......

1 by Darrell Hyde Review source


1 by Haji Nazir Review source

They left a card with a 7 digit reference which was not recognised on there painful automated system, they leads to them simply cutting you off. To make it even worse you can’t speak or contact a human to explain the problem or even worse workout where they took our parcel because they don’t recognise the code you can’t proceed. Shocking and unbelievable that a company supposedly this large have no communication stream other than an automated wind up.

1 by Phil atkins Review source

Staff here are friendly although the delivery drivers aren't that great...waited in for a parcel they said I was next to be delivered and then 10 minutes later said they can't find my address even though their vans are round my road pretty much every day. Then I check my letter box downstairs (I live in a flat) and the driver leaves a card saying I wasn't in!! the end I went and picked it up myself which was much easier!

4 by Naomi Davison Review source

Service that does not deliver on time, rearranging deliveries do not work, and you will end up going to pick up your parcel to their depot centre without knowing if you will get it...
Also i guess UKMail has changed their call system to be fully automatic so that staff wouldn't hear the complains from the customers all the time...
Would give a star review below 0 if I could...

1 by Arnoldas Karpavicius Review source

Didn't appreciate the service, the delivery man didnt even wait for me to come downstairs to collect the parcel , just left and considering it was a small item he could of posted through the letter box or the front porch. But he did not, considering I paid extra money for next the delivery. Was so unstatisfied and stressed my day out. Tried contacting , and the service was also poor.

1 by caroline davindrarajan Review source

Absolutely and utterly disgraceful service.The most rubbish delivery company out there now.This is the second time I have been put in a messy situation with my delivery.They use to be good when they first started with prompt and timely delivery but i guess they've lost their heads now, probably made good money and don't care about customers anymore.Will not recommended at all.

1 by Dannie Adebomojo Review source

Wouldn't even give them one star. Worst possible delivery service. Complete lack of flexibility and customer service. There is no way of contacting anyone, they won't deliver to a neighbour, they won't deliver on your chosen delivery date, they don't deliver on a Saturday. I have no idea where my parcel is at the moment.

1 by Elena Popa Review source

if you paid me I wouldn't touch this place. They lead you round the houses with 'We tried to deliver x amount of times' when they clearly haven't and then when you phone up(after being hit with a robot message for ages) they accuse you of lying! Makes me sick!

1 by chris key Review source

They royally fluffed up my delivery several times. However when I visited the depot the staff were friendly, the process quick and simple and I was reunited with my parcel. The company I ordered from even gave me a discount on the product so walked away a very happy customer.

4 by Dan Edwards Review source

Waited all day got a text to say i was the next delivery but no one came.

I guess they do not like to deliver to flats, Also there is NO customer service number to talk to someone its all automated.

absolutely rubbish lies and waste of my day and time.

1 by David tattam Review source

Can't believe it, booked for Saturday delivery paid extra money and still not delivered and also no contact on phone, nobody is picking up phone in office, Ridiculous service, don't trust them, and don't book the parcels specially in weekends with them.

1 by Eng Digital Review source

absolute shite operation no contact number just a waste of space time and money the worst mail company ever better post from hong kong never in all my years as SELLER OF GOODS HAVE I NEVER DEALT WITH A SHAMBLES OF A COMPANY DO NOT USE LOOSE YOUR GOODS DAMAGE THEM

1 by John Smith Review source

haven't delivered item for past 4days expect me to just wait in everyday with no contact of whats actually going on unless i persistently call them as they very rarely answer the phone also lie to you would avoid at all costs

1 by Terry Carver Review source

Waited 10 days now for a next day delivery.gave uk mail directions a map and phone number. At 17:09 yesterday I was the 2nd to last drop but miraculously the driver delivered it at 19:07.2 hours into the future.avoid avoid avoid.

1 by Leslie Capper Review source

The worst service. Tells you the time you have to be home and never show up. Only after received email you find out that you just missed the parcel. Business who cares about their customers should never use this service!

1 by Tautvydas Civas Review source

The visitor or people who goes there to pickup their parcel will need to wait around 5 to 7 mins max(personal experience). The staff was friendly. The visitor sitting lounge is just after you enter through the door.

3 by rai x Review source

4th day that my parcel leave every day the depot and it never arrives, also the driver lied saying he tried yesterday and left a card, I was waiting home, and no card was left... just ridiculous and unprofessional.

1 by Manuel Cancedda Review source

Cant believe it ....3 days i been waiting in and they have apparently come!!!! cant contact no one by phone its rediculous actully am fuming with them going down there tommorrow to prove there lies wrong

1 by Anne Review source

Terrible service! Asked them to leave my parcle witj a neibour twice as i needed it and they didn't!! And i can't talk to an actually person. Worst delivery service ever!!!!

1 by Carly Steel Review source

Bad experience, the courier stole my delivery and claimed he delivered it when I was outside my house all day trading. The staff at this depot tell lies, especially the Supervisor.

1 by Brown Sugaful Review source

Avoid they tell lies ,I waited for my parcel all day it never came ,I rang the company they said the driver came I wasn't around ,they never left a card total waste of space

1 by phathiwe ezenwere Review source

Awful service. They tell lies. I was on the phone to a customer service and he dropped the phone as he couldn't answered my question.

1 by adeclit Review source

Sony assigned them to deliver my order from black Friday. Almost new year now but they still didn't find my address or me @ home(they didn't decide).

1 by Pufniță Review source

i would never give any stars my items was meant to get delivered by the 28th march 2017 and still am waiting and now its the 4th April 2017 this is a joke

1 by SJS KARAOKE Review source

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