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Me and my four friends went to eat to The Ivy purely for the experience on 01/08/2015

I have just read the article in Telegraph from 05/06/15 and I am just going to copy one paragraph here:

' The menu itself is rather more adventurous than before – with even a nod to Asia – but The Ivy has never been about gourmet cooking: simply what people actually want to eat, done extraordinarily well. So all the old favourites are here: the signature shepherd’s pie – beef, lamb, amazing jus, and as good as ever. You can dine frugally on sausages and mash or fish and chips with a £19.50 bottle of wine, go nuts with Dover sole, share a whole roast Devonshire chicken … or have what we did: for my guest, an excellent thick sirloin, cooked precisely rare as requested; for me, the the finest veal chop I have ever eaten in my life – large, tender, juicy, very deeply flavoursome … it left me breathless, not to say full. Top rate chips as well'

So, I am not sure if the person who wrote this article, has NO good taste buds in possession, as mainly 80 percent of the restaurant, but definitely there is not something right! Their 'Top rate chips' have as far away from potatoes as I do from Kate Moss!

'The Ivy has never been about gourmet cooking'

If the restaurant never been about gourmet cooking, why your chef do not improve your classic/traditional food?

I highly agree with previous comment from year ago that fish and chips are nothing special,just average. Plus two of my friends had to complain, because their 'top rate chips' been served late. They order medium cooked burgers and both has been undercooked in a middle. They had to wait for their new food for about 10 minutes, when again both burgers been served exactly as previous. Burnt on top and undercooked in middle. It completely ruined our experience at the Ivy.

There are far far better restaurant in London than the Ivy.

I will rather sit in stylish quite unknown restaurant somewhere in London or out of London, but the food will satisfy my taste buds. Rather than next to some “celebrity”, eat expensive food equals to cheap pub food, and pretend how everything is perfect and tasteful!!!

Oh, no, no thank you, never ever The Ivy again!

2 by Martina Skokova Review source

Was invited to watch the England vs Uruguay match by friend who was member, who himself was 'invited' to watch by The Club. From the start the whole affair was a shambles. No proper seating arranged, no installed tv, (one had to be brought up for the bowels of god knows where) and in the end was just a standard 40'.

The management thought it a good idea to keep non-football watching members happy by allowing The Pianist to carry on with his kitsch repetoir as we watched a silent Adrian Chiles in our make-do tv area. As the game was about to start, the sound was finally turned up but to the chagrin of the non-watchers, and then watching members proceeded to argue about the angle of the tv so they could all see - a few extremely rude to the staff.

Yes, the members... That night a bunch of overweight, drunk, chip-guzzling media bores who you'd normally go out of your way to avoid. Unfortunately, I was stuck with them as they refuelled on gallons of red wine and carbohydrates. Quite grubby the whole affair, and the service was slow, mismanaged and ridiculously amateur for a club that charges £10K for life membership. I had the fish and chips which was average, (nothing healthy and fresh on the menu - apart from water) - but you could have a stroke inducing bucket of chipolatas or ham and potato croquettes...

Was so relieved to get out of there, with Groucho's words on Clubs and Members ringing in my ears...

1 by M Minalis Review source

The Ivy is a well-known restaurant in London, but the Club at the Ivy is a private, members–only club which can only be accessed via a hidden entrance through a flower shop.

Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum invate me for diner in this totaly secret place , years a go !!!

The Club consists of 3 floors, located above the restaurant.

It has a dining room, bed ,library and entertainment space.

It’s also known for its heated benches and seats.

The only way to become a member is to receive an invitation and pay the annual fee of $1400 plus a $700 joining fee!

The Loft at The Club at The Ivy | Private Dining VIP Rooms | Caprice Holdings
the loft at the club at the ivy theatre style by paul winch furness **

5 by Ευαγγελος Αδαμακης Review source

A monday lunchtime meeting was spoiled by a less than average meal. The steak and kidney pie I ordered was an unappetizing affair with a weird smell (not the kidneys), and a doughy crust which tasted slightly 'off' as well. Not a pleasant navigation. The blended mash potato, although cutely served in a copper mini-pan, had no flavour and was sickly with too much butter, and way too gooey. All very drab and disappointing. We had to ask for English Mustard too.

They used to do the basics here very well. But the food has lost its lustre alas, and will be dining out next time - especially as in this area you are spoilt for choice. I just feel sorry that my colleague has forked out for the lifetime membership, as he feels behoven to eat in.

1 by Richard Rees Review source

Membership or guest entry only.
The coffee, and by that I mean the black stuff, not the milky varieties, is amongst the best I've tasted. Almost rivals the Monmouth Street Coffee establishment.
Food good, as you'd expect, and the service very friendly, again, as you'd expect in a private members club.

5 by Gavin Whatrup Review source

Had a great evening at the club - great meal for my sisters wedding reception . We have 2 young children and the staff were fantastic at keeping them amused and even brought out some cake on there own initiative .
Also great valet parking service was provided - would highly recommend and I will be back .

5 by Piers Aerial Review source

I have not been to The Club at the Ivy but have been to all the others. I have never had a bad experience pre-refurbishment and look forward to seeing the NEW Ivy. Covent Garden and The Market were not as good as original and hope newly opened Ivy has kept the standards high as before.

5 by Hamilton Dryden-Hall Review source

Perfect place to have a couple of drinks after the Theatre with beautiful piano being played. Sadly the service was awful during the night. I would still recommend if you are able to get in. Think we were simply unlucky to have a member of Staff who desperately needs training.

3 by Richard Everett Review source

I was a bit non plussed by my visit to the Ivy Club. I found the door staff cold. Bar staff lovely. Decor a bit cheap looking like an airport business lounge. Really not a big deal.

3 by Emma Davidson Review source

Felt inviting from the moment you arrive great decor, atmosphere and service they really look after you, everything is so well presented with a nicely balanced menu.

5 by Tony Caesari Review source

Wonderful lunch! Friendly, attentive staff and a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. Absolutely recommend if you get the chance to visit.

5 by Mark L Review source

Horrible service and they tacked on a 12.5% 'service' charge above what we left as a tip! Really, laughably horrible!

1 by Ku Str Review source

Nice atmosphere. Great food. Beautiful wine. Not rammed like Soho House. A bit of a cut above with a more exclusive crowd.

5 by Andy West Review source

Food here is always perfect. And they mix a mean cocktail. Just need to find a member to invite you

5 by Gavin Stirrat Review source

Smart but not uptight; attentive; friendly. (Third floor / Library great for quite breakfasts.)

5 by Hector Proud Review source

Fantastic food and relaxed vibes with great service and superb wines. What's not to like?

5 by TJ Moon Review source

Great food and wine, friendly staff and cool restaurant. You need to be a member though...

5 by Marcus Wikars Review source

Great exclusive place, staff is nice and welcoming and the atmosphere is one of a kind.

5 by Laren Agius Review source

Friendly staff, great cocktails and a charming and eclectic membership. Always good fun!

5 by Andrew Cowles Review source

Fantastic place with lovely food. I was there for an event and it was great.

5 by Dominic Daly Review source

It's my club. Well run and hosted. Excellent food and music. A must

5 by Nick Morris Review source

A wonderful restaurant, one of the best experiences in London

5 by Paul Hood Review source

Wonderful. Well worth the visit if you get an invitation.

5 by Hannah G Review source

Nice place for conferences or business meetings

4 by Sanchit Khandelwal Review source

Fun atmosphere and a great cocktail selection.

4 by Morgan Martins Review source

Overpriced and naff - trading on the name

2 by Alison Hodgson Review source

Love the events here and the team there!

5 by Sheikh Asif Mahmood Review source

Nice pretentious place with weird people

3 by Peter P Review source

Great food, amazing function setting.

5 by Mick Fraze Review source

Great event space. Friendly staff.

4 by Marios Morris Review source

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