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actually can't believe arzoo we eat from them once a month and normally is our favourite Indian in town I have my birthday meals there etc.. ordered our Indian at 6.25pm so I called them at 7.40 and asked where our food was and they told me they left 5 minutes ago (it takes 10 minutes from bic to heyford tops with no traffic at this time of night) so expected them to be here by 7.45! so waited until 8 and called them back saying 'hi I spoke to someone at 7.40 and he said the delivery driver left 5 minutes ago and that was at 7.40 and its now 8 and its still not here, then the manager came on and said I called 5 minutes ago not 20 minutes ago'! (baring in mind phones do tend to say the last call time!..) and then he started shouting and calling me a liar which wound me up so I said 'i'm not fricking lying i know what time i called' and he hung up on me!.. (yea maybe i shouldn't of said frickin but he was shouting at me calling me a liar and i'm a pregnant hungry woman! lol..) so my partner called back and spoke to the managers son and asked what time the food was coming etc.. and he said I dunno, so my partner said 'well I need a time has the delivery driver even left?' and the guy said yea I think so I'm not to sure and then started talking about discount and he said i'll let the delivery driver know a price!.. delivery driver gets here at 8.30 and knows nothing about any discount and asks for the full amount so my partner calls them again and gets £8 knocked off which is ridiculous!.. if we wasn't so frickin hungry and my toddler wasn't eating with us I would of sent it back!.. so angry waited over 2 hours for it and it was luke warm and the chips was freezing, am never going to eat there again the manager was soooo rude!!!.. so nice one arzoo you lost a valued customer who recommended you to many people.

1 by Charlie Mcloughlin Review source

Went to do shoping at bicester village so stoped at arzoo to eat. staff's are very welcoming but food was very blunt orderd a lamb shank and when it arived after some time it looked red and brown it didnt make no sence but i didnt think anything of it so i broke a pice of it and put it in my mouth. It was cold and ice was still stock on it they just defrosted it and put hot source on top very poor i didnt make a big fuss about it just told the waiter they took it back and were very sorry also biryani had very less rice tarka dall was saltless. I can see most cutomer were english may be they dont understand the spice in indian food that they served there but i have worked in indian resturant for 16years i know my food. I wouldent even rate this food it was very poor and yes they gave me a egge rice free wow and didnt charge for the lanb shank. NEVER AGAIN SAVED MY SELF FROM FOOD POISOING LUKY ME!!!!!!!!!!!

1 by Samir Ali Review source

We just had dinner here. I was excited from reading all the reviews and now I have to question where these people had dinner. The food was flavorful, but the onion bhaji was too oily compared to another place we frequent. Portion sizes are quite big and prices are very reasonable. However, there seemed to be a lot of tension in the restaurant. I don't know if there was a fight among the staff before they opened, but it was not the warm, friendly environment so many reviewers claimed to experience. Maybe we just caught them on an off night?

3 by Angelique Mechel Review source

After ordering some cracking takeaways from these boys we went in one night for a table for 2.

Curteous and polite staff, nice calm quiet atmosphere. The food was second to none, I always try a vindaloo at least once in a restaraunt and it was exactly how I was expecting. The chef certainly didn't tone it down for the masses! Reasonable prices combined with overall experience keeps us going back.

5 by Ben Walker Review source

Terrible service nearly 3 hours for poppadoms and starters! Got fed up left not happy and hungry. Grumpy response when you ask what's going on and can we have another drink.Take away flying past us as we Sat in limbo. Table next to us had been in nearly 4 hours and got over charged on their bill. Shame really as I have eaten there before and food was good and took friends. Waste of a night.

1 by alex taylor Review source

Could not find any faults with this restaurant!
Rang an hour before to book as a last minute meal out for a birthday. When we arrived the staff had put a banner on the wall and scattered 'Happy Birthday' confetti all over the table. They also gifted flowers to the birthday girl.
Absolutely great service and lovely food!

5 by Miss Kotecha Review source

My partner and I pop into the Arzoo, (without making a reservation), one evening and had a great meal. Lovely food.

Great bunch of guys.

You'll be please to learn that I stupidly wore a white shirt........AND IT WAS STILL WHITE WHEN I LEFT!!!

Phew! ;)

(Bibs available upon request).

4 by Greg Little Review source

Amazing food, amazing staff in the restaurant currently under new management, defo recommand them, food selection & drinks selection is very good... warm welcoming place food quality is wonderful never disappointed me... try it believe me you will love it Roshun Jhinga Nizami With A Peshwari Nan you will not go wrong.

5 by Kinng Mobziie Review source

Best Indian restaurant in Bicester. Arzoo is my favourite Indian restaurant. The food has always been delicious. The staff, attentive. Been here many times and will keep coming back. The only thing I have against the place is that it's shut some week-day lunchtimes which has occasionally led to a change of plans.

5 by Alex Eames Review source

We used to visit here all the time however we returned after not visiting for a few months only to be left feeling a little disappointed.
It's not the same, as the meals had less meat, didn't taste how it used to & they got the meals wrong, somethings changed bring the food down.

3 by Chris Brown Review source

The Arzoo did not disappoint. Beautifully spiced dishes and excellent service. Staff friendly and attentive. Busy on a Thursday night at 6 which is a testament to the popularity of this place.Will definitely return when in the area again.

5 by 4276bradderz Review source

The best indian restaurant, the food was Devine and served on unique dishes, service was excellent and good value, and we are from Yorkshire. We would recommend Arzoo to anyone, you must try it and see for your self.

5 by Jason Place Review source

The best place to get a real curry and a few good Beers and the service is out of this world I would give it a 20 out of 20 for good service will certainly come erckme here more often

5 by Julian Keen Review source

Poor. Food arrived late, naan smelled off, tandoori Meat was pitiful in quantity and was under seasoned..therefore bland.. shame..arzoo used to be great... now it's poor

1 by chris bosher Review source

Fabulous food, excellent service, beautiful restaurant & great value for money. So impressed with the cleanliness. The best restaurant by far in Bicester.

5 by Pat Cartwrght Review source

A really elegant looking restaurant. the team are very friendly and welcoming. A great place to enjoy top quality Indian cuisine. Good value too.

5 by Steve Henderson Review source

Excellent. Eaten here on many occasions in the last 5 years and it's always been quality. Service is very good too. Would recommend.

5 by Ben Norman Review source

I had dinner with my partner in Arzoo restaurant.The food was test less and cold. The manager was very rude.i will never go there again.

1 by Momena Latifi Review source

Had very good food the chef cooked somthing different for us witch we all enjoyed definitely recommend to go and try arzoo's ..

5 by Ashraf Ali Review source

food turned up late, cold and staff was extremely rude on the phone. never again. what a waste of money.

1 by andrew Pugh Review source

Always lovely food were always very reasonable priced. Prices gone up a bit now though. Competitive

4 by Sharon Lum Review source

Really great food and good service as it always is every time. Definitely recommend.

5 by Simon McTaggart Review source

Absolutely stunning dishes, perfect service , all in all a fantastic experience.

5 by Bob Nicolescu Review source

Went here a couple of months ago. Still the best curry that I have had to date!

5 by liam leighfield Review source

First but definitely not the last visit, excellent food with service to match.

5 by Graham Galloway Review source

Lovely meal tonight. Great atmosphere and brilliant food!! Just a little cold.

4 by Lorna Gow Review source

Nothing but the best of service and great quality food - thank you Arzoo

5 by Bob McLeish Review source

Nice staff but I expected more from the naal and the curries

3 by claudia bada Review source

Was not happy with my order and the food made me feel sick.

1 by B.O.B Fundraising Review source

Excellent food, good sized portions and friendly staff.

5 by Nicholas Smailes Review source

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