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74-76 Tower Bridge Rd, London, SE1 4TP

+44 20 7237 2247




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Easily one of the worst restaurants I have been to in as far as being treated like absolute dirt from staff members and the food fairing just as bad. So bad that after sometime I still felt compelled to write a review. Taking a look at other reviews and seeing with no surprise that I am not the only one to of had this pleasure at the Tower Tandoori Restaurant. My experience began when a group of 8 of us entered the restaurant after deciding not to go to the Chinese next door. A really bad mistake.
After being bossed to our seat the waiter upon taking the order from the first in our group began to argue about something to do with starters and not being able to order in a certain way, then he proceeded to argue with the 2nd in line about something else. Me being 3rd just thought they were unlucky. I was wrong. The waiter began to tell me that what I would like was not on the menu.. It didn’t exist in fact. My jaw dropped, was this a comedy act? Wrong. I had spoken to another waiter who took our drinks order earlier and I had asked him about the dish he said yes its good and they have it. So after explaining this to the argumentative waiter and actually pointing to the menu at the dish.. I simply got told a bunch of fertilizer; I was then lectured on various other things. Listening to the waiter flabbergasted I signaled to the other waiter who could confirm my story and suddenly hey the dish was back on the menu. This proceeded to happen with a few others on our table. At one stage it got so ridiculous a few of us wanted to leave as it had spoiled what was supposed to be a nice evening.. a reunion. But we didn’t, another mistake. We just couldn’t believe someone would sink so low just to cause such a pathetic and petty upset. The chip on this particular waiters shoulder must be one large burden to carry. The fragility of the ego. Maybe he thought everything in there was beneath him. Including the customer that pays for the wages.
After deciding to sit it out and being assured from the manger everything was ok our food had finally arrived after some wait. Great! Not really. Two of the dishes that were ordered were asked to be just a little spicier nothing crazy. What we got was every single dish that was ordered was now spicy.. not just a little but ridiculously hot. The penny had dropped.. Ok we got it. The joke was on us.. we were only just customers after all paying with money so why should we expect customer service? Rather then continue and argue.. we just payed and left. Which when we looked back at the bill we were over charged as well. We weren’t yobs or drunks. Just a group heading to dinner for a reunion but then treated like absolute scum.

The real joy and the most concerning didn’t finish there. Four of us in the group fell ill the next day. Myself included. Not only ill but I broke out in a rash all over my body as well, without a doubt the food.

I am not on hear looking for an apology or an excuse but to just simply warn others. By looking at the previous responses from the owners I wouldn’t get one anyway. Their responses are dismissive, unapologetic, full of excuses and reek of plain old-fashioned arrogance. Their right your wrong what their telling you its rain on your head is actually....

It says it’s a third generation restaurant probably built on integrity at some point, which is a shame. If this is true the current generation of tenants have lost their way and doing their best to close it. Which in its current state I hope it does.

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After going to this restaurant a number of times, I am sorry to say that it has taken a particularly poor path of late.

Upon recently attending the restaurant, firstly we were served by someone with incredibly poor English who could hardly take our order. He was very pushy to try and up sell which was a mild irritation. However, when they served one of our courses of food, which was barely edible for consumption, we quietly mentioned this to the server first who said 'well other people like it' and then at the end of the meal to the owner.

We were presented the bill with the course remaining on it, were offered no alternatives and then told rudely by the owner that 'it must be you because I got this frozen squid in only yesterday'!

Finally and most importantly, a meal for over £100 for 3 people drinking water and having only 2 courses is ridiculously expensive.

Over the years we have been loyal customers of this restaurant, pushing people to go to it and even Tweeting about the place. However in recent years the two young owners have become arrogant, expensive and I am sorry to say complacent in their standards.

We will not be going back again and would advise others not to either.

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After seeing the overwhelming reviews, took the plunge to try this restaurant. Namesake Indian restaurant and nothing in taste.
Ordered chicken biriyani and mushroom pilau rice. Biriyani was not biriyani, it was some masala rice tasted as if cooked by a novice. Couldn't eat more than two spoons of that thing called biriyani and hence opened mushroom pilau rice box and got a surprise. It looked exactly the same as that chicken biriyani with chicken being replaced by mushroom and this restaurant didn't fail to impress. It was that same masala rice and they have just added some sauteed mushroom pieces to it!
Threw them in the bin despite my hunger and walked out, grabbed some sandwich from local stores.
Guys giving good reviews, if this is what the taste you're after, then you people are seriously tongue dead lots.

1 by Raguraman Ravindran Review source

The decor of the place was nice and the menu looked promising. Me and my friend wanted a quiet night to catch up but unfortunately there was a party booked which slightly ruined our experience but that was no fault of the resturant. The only slight annoyance was that we sat down first and then the party got served first and we waited a while for the food. If you are looking for authentic Indian food this isn't your place. I am a veggie and the food is more catered for the meat. The food was pleasant (I had the veggie tali) but not the best I have had. The manager was lovely and spend alot of time with us at the table which was appreciated. I would recommend people to come and try this at least once...the chilli paneer and mango massi were great! My friend had the meat tali which she really enjoyed.

4 by reena lal Review source

After reading reviews on google plus, i was quite shocked. However, for a girls night out, my friends and i decided on a curry. We took our chances after reading other review sites, which were good!?

The staff, atmosphere and the food were five star! We ordered the works, starters, mains, sides, desserts and even a few cocktails. My fave was the calamari starter and the gulabjam dessert. The waiter who took our order was v helpful and did not oversell and also recommended matching drinks.

The decor even continued into the loos. Probably the best looking restaurant toilets in London! We even took pics...sad i know!!!?@

Its no wonder that even on a sunday night the restaurant was buzzing with customers, we cant wait to go back!

5 by Review source

Going to Tower Tandoori was brilliant and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dining experience. The service from the waiters was excellent, polite and they all looked happy to be working there! The decor of the restaurant was attractive, eye catching and it worked well with the surroundings. The food was excellent, well presented and not to mention tasty, they got the spices just right the flavor I was getting from the meat was beautiful!
I've come here before and I didn't think they could beat the service they gave me previously, boy was I proven wrong. Tower Tandoori is a wonderful restaurant that is more than deserving of the 5 stars I've given it and I will be more than definitely coming to eat here again!

5 by Review source

Had a Bad experience about 2 months ago, can't believe the customer service - pushy pushy pushy - wanted to choose the meal for me -

FOOD Poising also!! like the other people on here- I was sick badly -

I am reading the owners comments - really? really? that's service????
What planet are you on???? Stop wasting time replying and get some cooking lessons - maybe your reviews would improve and another tip stop poising your customers!!!! 2 or stars on scores on the doors - wish I read that!!!! poor hygiene across the board.

The others on here that have said the food was good, I don't believe they have ever tried a good curry....

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2 stars for the food, 1 star for the service - constantly trying to sell us more (suggested my wife get a bottle of wine rather than a glass). Service charge included and then the credit card machine prompted you to tip. To make matters worse, because I paid with a US-based credit card, they automatically put the transaction through in dollars, at a 1.35 exchange rate (when today's rate is 1.26) plus a 3.5% transaction fee. When questioned on this they insisted there was nothing they could do about it, and when I requested they void the transaction so I could pay with a UK card they refused, saying it had already gone through. Obviously we won't be back.

1 by Review source

The service was bad. We thought we would give this place a try on a Saturday. For the two of us, we ordered two starters. We thought one main and two breads should suffice (as it does in most indian restaurants). The waiter refused to take our order as he insisted that we should order at least two mains, since it is a weekend. This was awkward, and felt like they were insinuating us of being cheap. We would have rather preferred if they said that these portions won't suffice. They include a 12.5% service charge, so no not tipping for a poor service doesn't seem like an option. I am not going back there.

1 by Review source

That was my 3rd visit to tower tandoori in london .first of all i went pased on a booking from my hotel and arrived on time and the receptionist and directly took us to our table.then the waiter was very infomative and friendly .we ordered two types of starters and two main course went type of dessert.the food was very testy and it's one of the best ever indian resturents i had in any city .top service and very attentive staff .if you are in london miss it.but don't forget to make reserbation first as the resturent is always full .i will back very soon .i highly recommend it .

5 by Md Tarafder Review source

Thought we'd try our local Indian restaurant but big mistake... yes, the food was tasty and well cooked however it was expensive and the staff pushed the most expensive meals. We were charged over £14 for chutney and sundries and even for the takeaway bag !! I was shocked ... plus a mandatory 12.5% service charge. We ended up paying over £180 for a meal with wine for four people. For that price you might as well cab it to brick lane and back .... what a disappointing experience. Avoid unless you want to pay tourist prices.

1 by Review source

Visited this restaurant on a Friday night - the restaurant itself wasn't full, but lots of deliveroos, which they could not cope with. When they finally took our order, the waiter tried to convince us to order more food and expensive starters. I asked for tap water and was brought bottled water. We got our food after almost 2 hours - food was overpriced and very average. The owner is nice but you get the impression that they are trying to squeeze as much money out of you as possible, very unpleasant.

2 by Laura Brown Review source

Their service and the quality of their food has improved massively due to their every increasing interest in improving their restaurant, which has been owned by the same family since the 70's. They have a Michelin rated chef that comes in weekly, who oversees how the menu, chefs and general restaurant can contuinally improve in their service. This is not a spot to miss by any means. Apart from actually being in India, this is the best Indian food I have tasted, thus far, in South London.

5 by Review source

Staff rather unfriendly, we were a largeish birthday group, saying hello to one another, and they we were told abruptly to sit down. They then didn't take our orders for another good 10 minutes, and everything was slow to come out.

I thought the food was tasty, but my Indian friends were not so impressed - I'm no expert! It was quite pricey though, and the drinks menu was very limited.

Bathrooms clean, reasonable ambience, and free parking outside after 7pm.

3 by Leo Spanswick Review source

Mothering Sunday Banquet at The Tower Tandoori is quite possibly one of the best I've been to in years! Fantastic choice of food at the buffet and the items were different to what you would normally expect yet super scrumptious!! There were 12 of us, so a big thanks to the team for all their help and for taking the kids torment!!

I will definitely be back and have to say we were all left extremely happy with the all round experience at The Tower!

Thanks again!

5 by Review source

Ordered takeaway. Rhubarb King Prawns. Cold. Did not look too appetizing. Only 2 of them for 6.95 with some sweaty bit of lettuce. Kurma chicken swamped in sauce though to be fair it tasted ok,... cold soggy naan, but then he was a little late. 2 onion bajis.. cold. For 22 quid I thought I should have got cheap kebabs. [EDIT 6/4/17 ] fair play to them they have emailed me and offered me £10 credit toward another meal and apologised for the delay etc.. ] well appreciated, thank you.

2 by Review source

Had my Grad party here and the venue accommodated for 50 people including a handful of crazy kids! Amazing ambience , the decor was spot on with all the intricate details. Not a huge fan of Indian cuisine but the food here was super authentic and we couldn't help but order crazy amounts only to try everything! Great night , great hosts and the waiters were very patient and served us well.

Also, the toilets were gorge! (Yah, I judge places by their toilets too!)

5 by Review source

Fast time at tower tandoori which was recommended by friends and can see why! it is now my favourite and the best indian restaurant i have been to.the service was exceptional , loved the modern decor and atmosphere created and was the best curry i have had. beautiful balance flavours and had very delicious food.lam birinui is excellent and specially thanks to dulal recommended me.dulal is very good person.thanks dulal , will be back soon..highly recommend ...

5 by Robin Gamber Review source

I m from India i come to visit london about business type .my friend recommended this resturent.then me and my friend's come this restaurant than i m order food .......when food coming very enjoy the food also very good service.look like really idian and my friends enjoyed the food.depyan writers very kind.thanks depyan also all writers .highly recommended this restaurant when i m next visit come to this of luck.............

5 by Review source

I absolutely loved Tower Tandoori’s atmosphere! I went there for my mothers birthday with a lot of family and the staff was amazing and made us all feel very comfortable as we also had young children with us and they was great with everyone. They also had the whole restaurant sing happy birthday to my mum which was excellent The food was great and would definitely go back again. Big thank you to all staff for making my mothers birthday special!!!

5 by Mia Jarman Review source

Visited Tower Tandoori tonight with my husband. Had a lovely meal for our anniversary. The food is always of an amazing quality. We enjoy the atmosphere here which is always enjoyable and we always leave full to the brim!
Lovely friendly staff and we have never been disappointed whether it’s a takeaway or a visit to the restaurant.
Our local Indian restaurant that never fails to deliver on service and quality.
Highly recommended!

5 by Lucia Day Review source

Terrible service trying to get us to order loads of food. The food arrived cold and then the waiters kept interrupting our conversation trying to take our plates away. When we were paying the bill they didnt even show us the amount we were paying for in the card machine and when asked for the receipt the waiter began to poke fun at us saying that technology takes time. Major dissappointment and way overpriced. Never coming back here again.

1 by Inés Cámara Leret Review source

Food was 2/5. Was over-charged in the bill. Was called stupid for arguing against bill.

The tandoori chicken was over-cooked
Chicken Tikka starter had 3 chicken nugget size pieces.

Biryani was priced at 9.95 pounds in the menu. In the final bill was charged 13.95 pounds for it. Waiter told me I was stupid when I argued against the bill.

Long story short very unpleasant experience.. Ruined my Sunday.

1 by Review source

First of all the ratings made me choose this place. As soon as I entered someone greeted me politely. It has an Authentic look. I loved the decoration. Music isn't too loud. Was given time to order. Food I ordered was not what I expected. The lamb meat was like bubble gum and scarce the tea was not to my liking. Definitely not worth £15. The Menu read £8.50 for lamb biryani so £6.50 for a tea was too dear. Avoid if possible.

1 by Ali Ozturk Review source

A lot of people have recommended Tower Tandoori to me, so a few of us thought we'd try it out. The food was absolutely amazing, everything was served piping hot! We didn't have to wait long at all between courses and the staff were really friendly and approachable. I will definitely be going back soon to try some more of their delicious dishes! It was a very enjoyable night and such a great atmosphere for dining!

5 by Review source

Quite a large restaurant for an Indian cuisine and has a good authentic atmosphere. The menu caters to both the authentic and adventurous sides of Indian cuisine. The price of the food is a well priced for the portion size. The manager approached us at the end to just talk about the food which was nice and was very friendly. The staff were nice and I would definitely visit again to try new food the next time.

5 by Nicholas Cheung Review source

Great tasting food, good portions and nicely spiced. The staff are friendly if a little too attentive which made me think they are really looking to get favourable reviews which was confirmed when getting the bill, they asked us to review them on TripAdvisor. That aside, the decor is pleasant and it was nice to have the sliding doors open on a sunny evening. Would go back if I'm in the area again.

5 by Fabrice Reynolds Review source

Not sure where all of the negative reviews are coming from honestly. Went there the other night with my family and we had a top notch time. The food was great and served quickly, we didnt have to wait around for too long. And the staff were very helpful in pointing out what dishes had nuts in (my wife is allergic). All in all we had a great time and are considering coming again in the near future.

5 by Review source

Visited Tower Tandoori with a bunch of friends. When we had entered we were all welcomed in such a polite and friendly manner.
We were given plenty of time to choose and order our food, despite the busy, yet positive atmosphere. Food was authentic and DELICIOUS! Great atmosphere, great food and a wonderful service, not to forget definitely value for money. Definitely recommended.

5 by Nazesh Jamil Review source

Proper Indian food in a really nice restaurant in tower bridge! The rann akbari which was recommended by the waiter was something different but really tasty. We also had the special dessert they had... Lovely presentation and a unique take on the traditional banana fritters! Staff were also helpful, friendly and not too pushy. Be back again soon with my parents who love Indian food.

5 by Review source

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