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Had an extened falconry experience given to me for my birthday. Decided to choose the cotswold falconry centre. WOW! What an amazing day. The best experience ever! I will recommend it to everyone. The centre is amazing, the staff are very knowledgeable about all the birds. The centre is really clean. The birds have so much room to fly about. The shows which were available to all in the center went on throughout the day. They fly different birds of prey in every show. No show is the same. In the experience I got to handle and fly all sorts of birds from small American kestrels to big bateleur eagles. Its was an amazing day and suitable for 18+. With a garden centre and arboretum next door it's a great day out for all.

5 by Dan Jones Review source

An amazing collection of a large variety of Owls, Vultures, Eagles, Hawks and Falcons from around the world. These birds were in very good health and were being cared by experienced trainers and keepers. The birds are flown daily in shows. A must visit place when in Cotswold alike for kids and adults. The trainers and keepers are very friendly and take keen interest in explaining about various birds. Apart from the birds at display, the area is serene and makes for a perfect weekend getaway with breathtaking landscapes.

5 by Harshit Agrawal Review source

My son received 2 hour experience Groupon Voucher for Christmas. It was very easy to book and very quick. Neil and Jenny are very friendly and make the day a great experience, even the weather wasn’t so nice.
My son used various bows and equipment.
The place is easy to find and the indication was very clear.
Plenty of parking space and Batsford Arboretum is just two minutes away waiting for you with a hot chocolate or a coffee.
The best weather is in the summer time and the view is amazing!

5 by paula Review source

Exciting airshow, many different birds

We have watched with some beautiful birds of prey in falconry two air shows. In falconry there are to look at many other birds, such as many different owl and vulture species. The animal trainer, who carried out the air show, was very knowledgeable and much more information is conveyed to those shown birds. was a highlight for my wife that they serve and with glove and a tree for an owl so keep this allowed. We would certainly come again.

5 by Patrick Bättig Review source

Fantastic! A good selection of birds to see, and frequent flying displays where you can see them in their full majesty, together with interesting talks about each species. The weather wasn't conducive to impressive flying on our visit, but the handlers did their best to get you up close and personal with the birds still. Well stocked gift shop too. As an aside, some of the enclosures appeared rather small to me, but I'm happy to be educated accordingly on this if necessary?

5 by James Howes Review source

A fabulous evening with the owls not spoilt by the snow. Staff really informative . Got to hold owls and watch them fly.
Following our evening we had car trouble and a member of staff gave us a lift back to our caravan. If that wasn't enough the following morning before they reopened we were back with the car and were offered hot drinks and shelter in the warm. Service above and beyond as well as a superb experience thank you all

5 by Clare Jacobs Review source

This is a truly breathtaking day out! If you have the slightest interest in nature I can highly recommend a visit, Geoff, Mark Mick and Chris have so much knowledge and their displays are very educational with a hint of humour too which adds to the whole experience. The excellent work behind the scenes on the conservation side is also very valuable. There is also the chance to handle some of these amazing birds throughout the displays.

5 by Review source

Treated my husband to have a go holding the bird's- totally worth it! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, passionate about what they do. Great passion also for vultures, who are sadly dying out in the wild. Great to watch the birds train also. Tip- best to go on a warmer day to see the birds at their best, and see them use the thermals to be at their most awesomest! Really worth asking questions and getting involved!

5 by Review source

Absolutely amazing falconry centre, with all kinds of birds of prey, vultures and owls. It is spectacular. The demonstrations are fabulously interesting and show the birds well, which also allows room for some stunning photography of the birds as they stand on their perch or swoop through the air. It is also clear to see that the birds are well looked after, and the staff are extraordinarily considerate and kind.

5 by Finlay Bowler Review source

A fantastic day out and to experience what were a close up view of the most rare and exotic birds of prey that you could wish to see, it’s a phenomenal experience and one the whole family will enjoy. The people who run this centre are committed, knowledgeable and passionate about the birds, ensuring you leave with visual and educational learning. Go and enjoy!

5 by Review source

A must visit! Fantastic presentation-- learn so much and be entertained by the magnificence of raptors and other birds. We spent the entire afternoon there and each 'show' was unique and interesting. A great value in a beautiful setting. Can't wait to visit again!

5 by Review source

This was a really great centre. They have lots of birds onsite in 'cafe's to view and the flying displays were excellent. The knowledge and talking whilst flying birds from the staff was excellent i.e. funny and engaging even though it was a scorching day when I went.

5 by Clivey VM Review source

Good selection of birds. Flying demo great with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Some snacks but full cafe at nearby garden centre. Quite a lot of slopes for my manual wheelchair but manageable and they opened a side entrance for me to avoid the steep main entrance.

5 by Kevin Knowles Review source

I was amazed how many different species they had from around the world and the flying show was fantastic! Getting up close and personal with birds of prey was well worth the trip.
Just keep in mind all the exhibits are outdoors so bring rain gear if it is wet.

5 by Review source

Excellent. I'm not generally a fan of such places but the birds were free to fly and come back as they please. The information/presentation was great and the birds all looked healthy. Nice place to visit for a close up of some really awesome birds of prey.

5 by peter wood Review source

Exceptional experience and birds. Lots of information and background in the issues they are facing in the wild - very sobering. Staff friendly and engaging. Experience days available from £40 or £60 for two. Didn't do this but wish I had known in advance.

5 by Andy Lockhart Review source

Amazing centre! And wonderful staff full of knowledge and we'll versed on all the birds and the plights each one faces in the wild. It was wonderful to see them flying and so well cared for, a definite must for any ages and for any bird lovers!

5 by Review source

Had a flight experience day, led by Kelly. Really interesting and informative. Went away feeling I knew a lot more about actually keeping birds of prey, but just as important, what the Centre is doing towards conserving endangered species.

5 by Gill Wallis Review source

A must visit if you're anywhere near it. Fantastic scenery and amazing Birds. You get to see falcons fighting over food in midair and Eagles soaring up to the clouds of vultures circling overhead. Absolutely brilliant!!

5 by Review source

Fantastic information and insite to birds although bit disappointed that it was for tourists fee not just for the love of birds ! Seemed very staged ! Staff care and knowledge was amazing though

4 by Mandy Curtis Review source

Fantastic time, staff were brilliant and very informative about the birds. The displays were wonderful I would definitely recommend people to visit if you are in the area £10.00 well spent

5 by Review source

19.04.2016 An absolutely outstanding day out . Displays awesome and the narrative by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic handlers extremely informative. Highly recommend a visit .

5 by Review source

Great place with passionate work team who truly care for all their charges. Would recommend a visit to meet the owls up close but very respectful of there needs & environment.

5 by Review source

Great centre. But no dogs permitted which meant one of my family had to stay outside with the dog. Not a place to go if you are on holiday with your four legged friend.

3 by Steven Dawe Review source

This place is within the Batsford Arboretum which is what we went to see. Saw this place but no time to visit. Looks ok from outside but low stars as didn't try.

2 by Kim Evans Review source

Great day out, good selection of birds with regular flying displays. The handlers are knowledgeable and entertaining. It's also right next to Batsford Arboretum

5 by Robert Grigsby Review source

Surprisingly enjoyable with lots of interaction with birds of prey, including feeding them. Handlers are knowledgeable and experienced with a wry sense of humour.

5 by Review source

Fantastic day, very informative, really care for their birds. Highly recommended, and it's right next door to Batsford arboritum with its excellent cafe.

5 by N Forman Review source

Beautiful drive and a lovely place to visit with family. Cafe serves good food and there is a nice shop to buy stuff.. the walk is amazing. Beautiful birds

4 by himansha singh Review source

Knowledgeable staff with a large array if different birds. Regular flying shows with expert commentary on the birds' diet, hunting style and habitat.

5 by Eliot Collins Review source

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