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9 \\u0026 10 Storey's Gate, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AT

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I went out of my way to find this pub after spotting it on google maps as it is slightly out of the way (not bang next to Big Ben) and therefore void of selfie taking tourists (which was nice). My fried and I made our way downstairs to the restaurant and seated ourselves as it seemed there was nobody there to seat us (which was fine). The moment we sat down we were rudely told to move seats to a very small booth as there was only the two of us (there were very few people in the restaurant and so shouldn't have mattered that we were sat on a larger table). I am very tall and was very uncomfortable throughout the meal. We ordered the fish and chips. The chips were good but the mushy peas were a very strange texture and there was very little of them (which was a good thing in hindsight). The fish seemed almost mummified and wasn't hot. The batter was so tough and brittle that I struggled to carve through it. My friend left half of his fish. It seemed like the sort of place that surfs on it's location and the fact that 90% of it's customers are tourists never to return and feel they can do a mediocre job and get away with it.

2 by Review source

Quaint but nice pub located in Westminster District, modelled after a traditional saloon with oak / heavy wooden counters and mirrored back panels.

Beer is good quality but nothing special, Staff always friendly and professional on visiting. You can drink outside on the pavement but it is a small area (but well maintained) The inside has a decent sized ground floor with another area downstairs.

Would prefer to rate this 3 1/2 stars as its better than average but lacks something notable to push the score to 4 or higher, worth a visit if passing and you are a fan of older traditional saloon pubs

3 by David Gilbert Review source

No idea how this works. So you have three cases there. The Henry's Wine pub (in the basement) The Westminster Arms (ground floor) and The Red Lion Restaurant (floor). We were inside the Wine pub, but since you're not in London with kids in a pub should they escorted us via the Westminster's Arms upwards at The Red Lion. The food itself was ordinary. But for England, who now again are not really known for their cuisine I thought it was reasonable. Another small note perhaps. In England they have so no children's menus.

3 by Review source

If an extremely drunk, grey-bearded guy is indeed the landlord of this place as he claimed to be, avoid at all cost. Encountering him and his extreme unprofessionality has made this the poorest pub experience I've ever had and that's saying something. I wouldn't expect the food here to be good, and from what I've seen from the reviews, it isn't. I would give it minus stars if possible. You can't possibly do worse.

1 by Review source

A pub upstairs and a wine bar downstairs. Service was fast, and the pale ale in good condition. Prices are the low end of London's figures, so more expensive than even in most south-eastern towns. My white wine wasn't particularly great. On the positive side, the booths downstairs allow some privacy for conversations. Food is available but was not tested on this visit.

3 by John Warburton Review source

Ground floor is the typical London bar, food is served on the second and underground floors. We tried to sit upstairs, but it was full and so we settled downstairs. The menu is poor, but on the other hand it is fast, there is a strange service organization, cozy but close. They let people wait for free tables in the room, and I felt like somebody would sit on the plate.

3 by Ивайло Чаушев Review source

A pleasant Shepherd Neame pub tucked away from the tourists. For a nice pint in Whitehall you can do much worse.

The staff were welcoming, and there were enough to get good service.

Standard Shepherd Neame beers on tap, and well cellared. Lovely pint of Spitfire :) If they had a few more snacks than Crisps and peanuts would be a 5 star review.

4 by Mike Sheridan Review source

Food was all right but very disappointed there was very little choice on the menu (burger options were 1 beef and 1 vegetable). Brought my sister and her boyfriend for a very typical English lunch but not much to show (more different burgers, fishcakes, etc...). As for the beer, they did not have much choices either. I asked for Peroni but they did not have it...

3 by Miss Zepherine Review source

We ordered and waited and waited. I think they lost our order. When I asked what happened, they went back and then about ten minutes later they brought our food. They did not take any responsibility for their error and even made a rude comment about me asking about our order. The food was good, but the service was poor.

2 by Review source

Asked for a half pint of Spitfire, and was provided with a half pint of liquid from the pipes which contained bleach. Nearly poisoned me. When complained about it, was told it was my fault. Nice pub, have drunk there before. However, they appear to have complete derision for their customers. Avoid.

1 by John Bagshaw Review source

Had an excellent pint of Master Brew, which can sometimes be hard to come by in West London where I live. Very limited seating though, but we found a table outside, and as it was a fine day, that was no problem. I'd be wary of going back there during inclement weather though!

3 by Ian May Review source

This pub is handy as it doesn't get quite as rammed as some other Westminster boozers and it's great that you can stand across the street when the sun's out, but the staff come across as a bit rude and the beer isn't always kept well.

3 by James Review source

Let's be clear, the tenants of this pub are authentic garbage ... Flee man mustache, pretentious, outrageous, cunning and foul ... An unfortunate dirt stain in the environment yet how pleasant in this beautiful city \\u200b\\u200bof London ...

1 by sydney ziegler Review source

The more I go, the more I like this Shepherd Neame pub. Attractive high ceilinged interior, with a division bell to boot. Can get a bit crowded with office workers / occasional tourists but at quieter times it's really rather pleasant.

4 by John Hawkins Review source

A great location just by Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. The outside of the building is beautiful but unfortunately not as nice inside.
Would look amazing if it was more sympathetically decorated inside.

3 by Phillip Reilly Review source

Great pub. Above for drinking. Down to the food. The team is super nice and very funny and attentive. We had fish and chips and steak strips baked in a pie. Really very delicious. Is very central.

4 by Susanne Brüning Review source

Early evening on a Thursday, heaving outside and in the main bar, but managed to find an alcove in the cellar bar.

Well kept Shephard Neame Spitfire and Master Brew and pleasant staff.

4 by Peter Jordan Review source

Nice and cozy place at the heart of London. Staff was really nice and I felt like I was welcomed. The location is excellent and it is a perfect place to go after sightseeing in Westminster

4 by Riku Kivistö Review source

very dry the waiter and then only have 4-5 plates of food.
Ask burger was very hard, small and also were charged 10.5 pounds.

I do not recommend it for lunch or dinner.

2 by Miguel Arrufat Review source

Unsurpassed location; fantastically friendly owner (Francois from Normandy is a delight); good beer; nice spot to stand outside in the early evening sunshine on the way home from work.

5 by Review source

Unfriendly and slow service. It took forever to get our food. The portion was quite small for the price we had to pay. (I would not have given any stars if there was the possibility)

1 by Review source

There are all too few pubs in tourist areas where you'd want to drink anyway. The Westminster Arms is one. Cracking beer, decent food and an all-round delightful ambience.

5 by Richard Geldart Review source

Drinks reasonable price for London. Had house burger was good full if flavor. Just off the main street hence was busy but not packed so could get served easily. Staff friendly

5 by Review source

It was very quiet and the beer was good. The barman is French, with the familiar French attitude. Nice but surly. Still, it's a Shepherd Neame pub so can't be wrong!

3 by Laurie Fire Review source

Favourite haunt in Central London. Near Westminster Abbey and QE2 conference centre. Small tap room but seating for food up and downstairs. Great pub and great bar staff.

5 by Review source

Fish and chips were average, and we were given the option of 'well done' on the burger only, and the burger tasted awful. Clean toilet though...

2 by Review source

Meh. Average London boozer, nothing to write home about. Good service. All the usual draught beers. Likely to be full of suits who work in Westminster.

3 by Dom Graham Review source

We sat in a cubby-hole downstairs which added to the already warm atmosphere. Friendly staff. A tad pricey but the food was good and the draughts cold.

4 by Duncan Lishman Review source

Good food and price reasonable can take a while to get to you though so wouldn't reconmmended for a quick bite to eat in your lunch break

3 by Chelle Whitlock Review source

Quaint old fashioned pub not far from parliament and Westminster Abbey. Always like to drop in for a drink when we're in London.

4 by Gavin Johnston Review source

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