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Basic small town shopping centre (or Mall as Americans and anyone in UK under 20 call them). No closed units at time of writing, prerequisite fastfood chain (McDonald's), clean, toilets and big uncovered carpark (although with Preston Road system it can take several hours to get in/out of the car park.. this is no joke so best avoided on weekends especially if football or major event on nearby that would ensure higher than normal traffic at the train station, which uses the same one road for access as this does and lead to waits of upto 2 hours just to get out..).
Should be noted that half of centre dominated by Debenham store so if you want to shop there and on foot perfect (also a big Primark on site if you value cheap clothing made only by the best 3rd world child labour.. to be honest that is probably the same for Debenham but they have the cocksureness to charge more.. capitalism gotta love it)

3 by ANDREW BRIDGES Review source

Friday 04/12/2015. Do not go to this shopping center as the parking is the biggest miss managed joke ever. I never write reviews but seeing as I have been sat on the car park for 3 hours trying to leave I am doing (since 2:20pm, now 5:30pm and nothing is going to change now until rush hour has passed). Basically there are 3 car parks all trying to leave via 1 roundabout and there is also the trainstation drop off/ pick up, this combination is just creating gridlock on the carparks. We have literally only moved 2 car length in 3 hours and we have been told that this happens most days, we have had to make arrangements for our children to be picked up from school. I will NEVER shop in preston again.

1 by Review source

It's nothing special and should have more smaller independent retailers . Look at Afflecks in Manchester as a model. Preston is a good place too shop , has some lovely tea shops , eateries and has a relaxing feel too it . Oh ! It has a Lush shop so visit with haste , you won't look back . But sorry this centre isn't for me and reminds me of every other sterile shopping centre . The highlight of the visit was a young homeless lad with facial piercings trying too grab my bag , unfortunately he picked on the wrong chap and ended up on his boney backside . I don't hold anything against the lad , we all have too live . I still think Preston is a good place too visit .

3 by Dapper Chappy Review source

I didn't park close enough to the token machine ,on the way in, and dropped the token. Got out andlooked for it but couldnt find it. I asked an attendent for advice who said I may be charged but he will look himself while I go to my appointment. He couldn't find it. He referred me to the office where another attendant gave me a token so I could leave free of charge. Both were very polite and well mannered. Couldn't fault the service.

5 by Review source

This place used to be great and we used to use it often. But lately theres not much reason to go. Quite a few shops have closed and their replacements are as good. The parking is expensive given the shopping options. Its also a nightmare to get in and out of the car park given the one way systems and train station next door. They do have free parking for 30 mins to help with Click and Collect shops.

3 by Andrew Noronha Review source

Nice small indoor shopping centre. Prestons shops are mainly spread out between St George's and Fishergate shopping centres including the Fishergate high street plus other outside ahopping areas. The Fishergate centre is always clean and well presented and there are security patrols too. It's not the size of place you could spend hours in but it's decent enough.

5 by Wayne Gillions Review source

Excellent and modern looking salon great services offered at very very competitive prices. You can visit their website and find a price list. You can call and make appointments. Staff are friendly and great at what they do. Plenty of different treatments offered and they have salons all over the United kingdom . I would 100% recommend. Great place great value great service.

5 by Mohammed Imran Review source

Way to inconvenient visiting here and wanting to leave due to the councils rules in road use, basically have a great idea to make Preston look nicer more pedestrianised, so who foots the bill? The people who visit Preston in there car foot the bill for it. On that I won't be visiting Preston city centre again, business should blame the council

1 by Review source

It's a shopping centre in the middle of Preston. Not that big and not many big shops inside as many are out on the main road on Fishergate. It's clean and tidy though with some cafes, toilets and lots of shops. Think there's parking attached to it but I've never used it.

3 by Chris Walton Review source

I have never been here. I don't even know where it is but it keeps popping up for me to review. So here it is.
Great place. Really cheap and expensive. Nice food and great selection of trainers. Also staff are friendly and mean. I will come here again, never.

4 by Factual Gnome Review source

There is a lot of clothes shopping and furniture shopping to be done here ... Which isn't my cup of tea. Speaking of Tea; there is a very nice yet extremely expensive cafe.
... go to the Mc Donald's whenever I can, and the toilets are always clean.

4 by Daniel Talbot Review source

Glamour forever
Most awful experience ever... clearly are not qualified to do lashes as I had to go through a whole hour in which the lady insisted I keep my eyes open while putting eyelashes on very painful and dangerous and will never be going again

2 by Review source

Quite an old shopping place without much good retail choices. Some of the areas are pretty run down (probably refurbishing but no signs of it).

Could do better considering this is the town's shopping place.

2 by WenPeng Yong Review source

Had eyelashes done yesterday, one eye lashes fell off after an hour! The other set cut my eye so had to take that eye off too! Not good after spending £25 there! Out tonight with no lashes now, upset isn't the word

1 by Review source

Good range of shops and accessible. Could be better although improvements are proposed.
Parking is free for the first 30 minutes (go straight to the barrier, don't attempt to pay at meter for this).

4 by Paul Anthony Valentine Review source

They do their best to keep the place clean and well maintained, and it's not a bad place to shop away from the main grimy atmosphere of Preston town centre. Gotta love the TK MAXX and Debenhams.

4 by David Kelsall Review source

Brilliant shopping centre leading to a beautiful street of shops with little side streets of which most are independent retailers and lovely little coffee shops and bars/restaurants.

5 by Review source

Nice clean shopping centre....for me the massive plus was a chap selling local farm fruit and veg....this is something all shopping centres should do....absolutely amazed....filled the car!!!!

5 by Brian Colyer Review source

Good range of shops and cafés inside, huge Debenhams department store and good sized pay and display carpark. Natwest cash machine on lower floor. The cafe on the upper floor is very good.

4 by Darren Hunt Review source

Hawkins bazaar is great. Centre has a cafe mocha and primark. Plus a large Debenhams tk maxx and argos, other than that the centre is a little run down and smaller shops are forgotten.

3 by rexatron Review source

Good shopping centre, a nice mix of shops in to suit a lot of needs. The car parking situation can be very difficult though at peak times so make sure you factor this in to any visit.

3 by Chris Smith Review source

Medium sized shopping complex with ample car parking plenty of shops to visit and a few eateries including McDonald's happy to visit as always generally quite clean.4 stars.

4 by Dj! Review source

This isn't a shopping centre it's a collection of warehouse style stores with a god awful cafe upstairs. Spend a little extra and catch the train to Liverpool.

1 by Review source

Great car parking, much easier than St George's. Always clean and tidy. Decent selection of shops but it's easy to venture into town if you need anything else

5 by Jack Jones Review source

Decent shopping centre, anchored by a large Debenhams. Usual Lancashire range of cheapo shops on the ground floor. Lots of parking but does get busy at leak times.

4 by Ben Hewes Review source

Nice shopping centre with a range of shops and cafes. The car park is a good standard but difficult to exit at peak times due to the central location and traffic

4 by Jeremy O Review source

Had my eyebrows threaded by a lady who had been doing 24+ years she was amazing hardly felt it and have had lots of comments on how nicely shaped they are.

5 by Lorraine Turner Review source

If there was an award for the naffist shopping arcade this would be the front runner. A collection of cheap awful shops along with Debenhams & TK Max.

1 by Chris Gregory Review source

Good place. Next to the train station in Preston. Cafes, pubs, McDonald's and Debenhams cafe, Starbucks. Clothing shops and kids toy gadget shop.

4 by Roy Pearson Review source

The only staff with any manors were the cleaning operatives! Poor customer service,bad attitudes,especially in some of the retail shops awful place

1 by Elettra Norton Review source

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