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We wanted to like it. Really, we did. We had high hopes from the reviews and a glowing rec from a friend who has similar taste in restaurants. We tried the chili crab + avocado wonton bombs (£8.75), black cod tacos (£10.50), salmon sashimi pizza (£12.50), roasted scallops (£11.00) and duck leg (£13.75). The only dish that was memorable and good was the scallops. Cooked perfectly and the sauce made of soy, truffle and butter was a great accompaniment. The pomelo added a brightness and bit of acidity to lighten the dish. The next best was the duck leg, flavorful and tender. Unfortunately, the rice never came out so it was very salty. Not sure why they wouldn’t come at the same time... our server was the one that suggested we accompany the duck with rice. The bombs were bland. The tacos were meh with a salsa that was also very bland. While the salmon on the pizza was fine, the base was slightly burnt and flavorless. The truffle ponzu drizzled on top didn’t taste of truffle at all. For the price, we expected more.

2 by Vivian Chen Review source

I was fortunate enough to be the first customer when they opened on Friday. It was my anniversary so my partner and I decided to go for some pre dinner snacks (we thought it was only open for one night) the food was incredible and we were thrilled to learn after having the first dish that they were open for 3
months. I went back again last night and had the same dishes from the first meal with 4 new dishes. All of the food there is very interesting and delicious...great cocktails too! I look forward to dinning there more and more over the next 3 months and I'm hoping it will become a permanent fixture in the area. Dishes I think are must haves are the Tuna sahshimi pizza, crab wontons, fish tacos and beef tataki.

5 by Review source

We loved Freakscene! After peering through the door and worrying if I'd booked us in to a takeaway, we stepped inside and were transported by this fabulous Asian fusion pop-up (soon moving to permanent digs in Soho). Every single dish was so thoughtfully put together, with an amazing balance of flavours. I've really missed food like this! I'm a bit worried, as I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and think I might be hooked!! Try the black cod taco, the Aubergine, the Salmon sashimi pizza, the scallops, the...the... try everything! Service is wonderfully friendly but a little ad hoc - but who cares when the food and atmosphere is so damn good! This place is going to become VERY popular!

5 by Review source

A cracking venue with food that punches well above its weight! We have been here at least 5 times now - a few visits as a couple, and twice with larger groups to celebrate special occasions!

The restaurant is in a great location, and the dining room is lovely - simple, clean and welcoming!

The food (smaller / sharing plates ideal for a couple or a group) are packed full of flavour, and unlike dishes you'll find anywhere else in the capital. The chicken-fried-chicken with cucumbers is a standout dish!

Friendly service and a top soundtrack finish off the experience - hard to believe it's only been here a few months and is technically a pop-up!


5 by Review source

New place on the spot where Barrafina was on Soho and it might be early teething problems but it was ok without being amazing. Decor is interesting - kept the bar seats but have added a huge mix of music posters covering all the wall space, from NWA to Japanese stuff to metal. A projector plays a silent Japanese game show on loop. Food sounds great on the menu but never really hits the heights - house chips for. example were basically chunks of deep fry. Fish tacos were good and many other dishes fine, but it was pretty empty on a Thursday lunchtime in Soho and with so much competition they'll need to step it up

3 by Matt Bush Review source

A friend and i went to Freak Scene to catch up after not seeing each other in over a year!
We were so wowed by the food and the vibe of the place.
The service was great - really friendly waitress.
The blackcod dish, crab meat in wontons, chicken fried chicken and the sashimi pizza were our choice of dishes and they were AMAZING. Absolutely delicious!

Cocktails were yummy and the music was on point. If you want a food-gasm and a great place to hang - Freak Scene is the place to go!

5 by Kazz Kumar Review source

This place is fantastic...! We went a couple of days after the opening, the food is amazing.

We had six dishes & they were ALL excellent (my only slight negative feedback is that the aubergine dish, whilst great, is a little on the expensive side vs. the other dishes).

Cocktails are really well made & definitely worth a try. Service was also excellent!

Notcheap but worth it. Wholeheartedly recommend.

5 by Review source

I would come to Freak Scene for the great cocktails, BUT, for the amount of food you're getting at the price point, it's a disappointment. We ordered many small plates, and still left hungry (we are not big eaters, I will add!).I would recommend going here for a fun happy hour - they play great music - and getting a few small plates to share, but it's not at the right price point and quantity for dinner.

3 by Gina M Review source

I don’t usually write reviews but I think London scene should know this place. Went there last weekend for a private party (closed the venue), tried food and cocktails. Ever since then, can’t stop talking about it to my friends. All of them booked tables. I can’t describe the burst of flavours and attention to details provided by the one and only Chef. Thank you for this and we will return!

5 by Review source

Ate here last night with 3 old friends. Every single mouthful of everything was just superb.
Top draw modern cuisine. Scott is an incredible foodsmith and a lovely bloke.
Great energy, amazing flavours. He seriously knows what he's doing and is really passionate about it.
Loved it! Thanks so much and good luck in the future. You're gonna go far.

5 by Nick Ullmann Review source

Umm yeah, so I don’t usually post bad reviews but making an exception here.

The food was abysmally bad. We tried the avocado crab tostada - flavourless. Then we tried one of the chicken dishes. Again a disappointment.

Honestly I find it hard to believe the chef is ex Nobu, the standard of food being served here really doesn’t reflect it.

1 by Faisal Khalid Review source

Excellent Food - Japanese junk food apparently but so delicious. Unusual combinations - pork and mussels anyone? - but they work incredibly well. Service great, atmosphere buzzing. make sure you have a Sake Bomb and fun cocktails. Weakest disk IMO was salmon pizza thing but best was squid and broth, fried chicken and crab wontons.

5 by Elliot Daly Review source

Polished the menu off.... Fantastic Asian popup with some great flavours. The black cod in particular was beautiful.

Beer selection not the best (Tiger), but when the food is this good you can forgive.

Hopefully this will settle somewhere more permanent once it closes as a popup.

5 by Michael Devlin Review source

We were the only two people in there for most of our meal and the service was quite slow and not very friendly. The chef seemed more interested in selfies for social media than chatting to customers. The food was very nice. My favourite was the pork. But it's a bit too expensive for what it is.

3 by Review source

Such a little gem of a restaurant, the chef prepares the food by himself, and apparently has written a fusion food cook book. The dishes are not typical combinations of ingredients but the flavours work so well. The staff was very friendly but can be too busy to notice you are asking for attention.

5 by Xinye Li Review source

This has the vibe of somewhere trying to feel like a pop-up but in a semi-false way. The service was slow, wine prices a bit too high and choice limited but food was fantastic. Would recommend trying as many of the dishes as you can. Our meal came to £47 each including wine so it isn't cheap

4 by Kathryn Newman Review source

We tried most things on the menu, it was all very nice. Particularly the crispy cod tacos, pork meatballs, duck curry, ... it was all good! Hope to come back soon to try the rest plus any new dishes. Plus great music playing all night (as the name suggests; a Dinosaur Jr song)

5 by Duncan Cumming Review source

I want to like this place, maybe we hit a crazy busy moment for them but the welcome wasn’t great and it was stressful. It’s a small cramped place but after we got settled the food is very good and the Aussie/Pommy banter with Scott was fun.

4 by Rupert Exists Review source

Really chilled atmosphere, super friendly staff and incredible food! Scott the head chef prepares everything at the counter so really intimate feel. Highly recommend the beef tataki and the miso aubergine Definitely going back!

5 by Review source

I would highly recomend this place to any of my friends, the food was awesome and we were so well looked after. Great food, friendly staff, good atmosphere, nice vibe. Worth a try for sure

5 by Review source

Amazing food, fantastic service with a genuine smile, very helpful staff and the food was all incredible. Couldn't recommend this place more highly - go before the crowds discover it!

5 by James Ferretti Review source

This place has incredibly tasty and fresh Asian inspired tapas. The food was all executed superbly. The fit out of the venue is a little flimsy but the tastiness of the dishes offset that.

5 by Robert Sciberras Review source

Awesome awesome awesome! On paper the food doesn't always make sense... But in your mouth it's a completely different story! Try the chicken fried chicken! #yum

5 by Adam Garrett Review source

Loved this place - amazing and original food, friendly and chatty staff and great atmosphere! I can’t recommend more highly and I will definitely be back!

5 by Review source

Went with a discount, which made it okay - the concept is better than the execution, unfortunately. Some dishes don’t quite work...

3 by sara moreno Review source

Food was excellent, the chill crab and avocado wontons and the black cod tacos were especially memorable.

5 by Review source

food was delicious. had the quail, duck and the nasu dengaku. liked the atmosphere. quiet and quirky.

5 by Review source

Very slow service. The food was not fresh and quite expensive. Not highly recommended.

1 by Review source

Very average food. Extremely expensive for what was served. Will not be going back.

2 by C H Review source

Wow, wow wow! Crab was awesome. Staff are friendly. Food was just the best.

5 by Deepash Shah Review source

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