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So firstly, cost. £150 for 3 nights. Way too much. In know it's bank holiday, but I've spent a lot of time in other parts of the country camping for far less with similar facilities - if not better as the showers were too hot with no way of adjusting them.

Secondly - staff. I got told to 'slow down' on my motorbike at around 10mph. It's a 260kg touring bike, with a passenger, on gravel - slower than that I'd be burning the clutch our needlessly and potentially dropping the bike. Meanwhile, my girlfriend was driving round at the same speed as the other cars (20 ish mph) and the staff said nothing. If I've got to stick to a draconian speed limit, everyone should have to, INCLUDING THE STAFF CYCLING ON SITE. And that's my point, if the cars are doing 20mph, cyclists are doing 20mph, and I'm getting told to slow down at 10mph, that's discrimination.

Thirdly - first night was nice. Quiet. Then the staff put families around us. It was very claustrophobic trying to relax and bbq in the middle of what started to look like a refugee tent village, and even more annoying getting woken up by the three families with babies in my immediate vacinity. With a site of that size, why not segregate families with young children so the rest of us can get a good night's sleep?

So, overpriced, cramped, bad staff, showers too hot, and don't plan on sleeping because there's a fair chance you'll have a teething baby as a neighbour.

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From the start to the end of are stay here it was something that will put us off coming back here. Staff wasn't helpful on any of the days we stayed here from booking us in to trying to find a pitch which we book months in advance. When we did get given a pitch after 2 hours we were kept waiting as we went for a walk around the site and the pitch was empty for all of the 2 hours we were kept waiting. To allowing other campers set up right in front of are caravan on are pitch with staff saying sorry there is nothing we can do even tho it seems like they were just told to set up were they like even tho there was still loads of other pitches available. Kids paying football which is ok till they keep kicking the ball ageist are new caravan with the staff saying there is nothing they can do. there is no order to who pitch up were and tents seem to get out were ever they feel that want to so if your unlucky then your car might get blocked in and cant move it as the other people have gone out so you find your self suck on site for the day. The toilet blocks are sub standard and not enough for the people who come here and always seem to smell dirty and that is after staff come out after cleaning them. the wifi is so weak you move and you loose connection so best hope you don't need the internet. For the money that we paid to stay here its not lived up to what we would expect and have paid a lot less and got a better service and customer service. I say KEEP YOUR MONEY AND LOOK ELSE WERE!!!

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I went to Holmsley with my husband and two children on a bank holiday weekend and admittedly the camp site was fully booked however the facilities available are not capable of catering for the site at full capacity. I'm not even sure they could carter for half capacity. There was a queue for the ladies shower all throughout the day. The wash up facility was extremely busy at peak times too with large queues. My husband did however say that the men's toilet and shower were not as bad as the ladies.

The ladies toilets and showers were very dirty and smelly with several toilets blocked and brimming to the toilet seat with faeces and toilet paper. That situation was not resolved the whole three days we were there. The ladies toilet and shower facilities are in desperate need of improvement and could probably do with being knocked down and rebuilt.

We were lucky as we live locally so could drive home for a shower each morning. My husband even came home with me to shower!

There are no designated pitches (we had a grass pitch as all EHU pitches were fully booked) so it seemed like a bit of a free for all when we arrived.

The location and surrounding forest is lovely and the dark sky was an added bonus to star gaze, however at £40 per night I feel that is the only good thing I can say about this site. I have been to cheaper sites which are much, much better. I most certainly will not be returning.

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Have just spent the bank holiday here and we found the toilets and showers a disaster.
The camp was obviously busy but surely you need to plan ahead for this and have regular clean ups throughout the whole day. The floor was continually flooded and very poor facilities for smaller kids or babies.the whole block needs updating desparatly.
The shop too is chaos in the mornings because the queueing system is madness.
There is a stand selling new forest products right in the way of staff bring out pastries and right in the middle where people queue. Surely if people just want a tea or coffee they shouldn't have to be in the same queue as people buying weekly shops.
Great freedom for kids.
Dogs were not kept on leads and my 3 yr old grandson got dogs mess all over his scooter and feet.nobody enforces that rule.
Hence I only gave 3 stars

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Even though every time over the last 3 years I have been, there has always been a shower block closed down due to disrepair. That is both spring and autumn every year. I still love the feel of this lovely campsite. The playground needs updating but is a good size and kids of all ages have used it on every visit. To be honest they use the dell more than the playground. You will hear the shouts and noises associated with children playing, echoing around the area of forest below the playground. But the location, size and relaxed approach from the staff make this one of the rare old fashioned type of campsites. My kids and I love to come here as a staging post to travel all over the south coast. I have been told by the staff that it is very very busy in the summer though.

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The site seems to have been kept tidy with lots of bins and drinking water taps available, which are useful for when there is weather that you wouldn't walk in or if you have bad blisters.

Setting up our tents, we vere given a vaigue area to set up in, so we had lots of freedom on where to position ourselves. Unfortunately, the site had very hard ground so it was extremely difficult to get the pegs in. I think this might be because the campsite is positioned on an old airfield.

The toilet blocks seemed to be well kept and clean so was quite nice to use. The shower cubucals seemed packed together, not giving much soace for movement. They were on a really short timer with kne temperature, which was ok for me but could annoy other people.

4 by James Akehurst Review source

Before me and my family decided to camp here me and my partner read the reviews people have put and then booked 3 nights here. We have extended are holiday anouther 2 nights the weather was poor on are first night and got water in our tent the staff tryed there very best to help us out and were happy to help us the camp site is a friendly camp site the shower and toilets are kepted very clean and tidy the shop and take away service is at a reasonable price (same as you would in the south buying) staff are very friendly and the camp site is ideal for anyone that likes the Dorset coast line. All in all me and my family are very impressed and will be returning here next year and would recommend this camp site to anyone

5 by Review source

I stayed at the campsite for 5 days over the bank holiday weekend with my 9 year old son and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilities are excellent and checked and cleaned regularly by the hard working staff. There's so much room for he kids to play and ride their bikes, it's a great place to relax while your kids play safely. The shop is large with a variety of stock available. The staff are very friendly and will go he extra mile to make sure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable. There are washing machines on site and a takeaway if you don't fancy cooking. I would recommend this site if you are looking for somewhere to relax and escape from everyday life.

5 by Review source

Holmsley campsite offers the opportunity to camp very close to the new forest. It is located between Lyndhurst and Christchurch therefore offering amenities such as supermarkets, shops etc close at hand. There is a shop on sight but with only limited stock and prices are considerably higher than local stores. With 3 good size shower/toilet blocks queuing for the amenities is not a frequent occurrence. Each block also has washing up facilities.
The site itself is spread over several acres and although pitches are not marked out, a number are dedicated for campers/caravaners requiring electricity. As a courtesy you are required to pitch up 6 meters from your neighbour.

4 by Roy Clark Review source

The postcode on their website isn't correct, the location on the map on their website is also wrong, the place is chaos, it's miles from anywhere and the walking directions they give to get anywhere are baffling.

On the plus side the loos are clean but the shop has minimal stock meaning a five mile round trip to the village is often needed, but due to the complete lack of organisation you have to walk (or hope you can catch one of the six buses a week) or risk losing your pitch.

Too busy to be a peaceful retreat but too far from anywhere to justify how busy it is. Avoid if possible!

3 by Mat Hall Review source

Big camp site, very busy feel. Shop pretty well stocked and good prices. Very family friendly and plenty place for kids to play. Good ablusions but men's toilet cubicles always had wet floors and often wet seats. No demarcated pitches and don't expect much from the hard standings as they feel more like you are parking on an old concrete car park. Our section of concrete wasnt level and offered no privacy or seclusion, with pitches pretty much all sides of us. The grass adjoining the concrete was sloped too. Great walks and activities near bye though, and would recommend for big groups.

3 by Damien Botha Review source

A nice open campsite set in the heart of the new forest. The facilities were very clean and well maintained by the very friendly and helpful staff. Set on and old world war 2 airfield, the campsite consists of plenty of hard standing making use of the original airfield roads and what we assumed were parking areas for planes. There is also lots of open camping fields to choose from if you bring a tent. Electric hook up is available on both types of pitch. It only looses a star because it was quite pricey for an XL pitch suitable for an American RV was £35 per night.

4 by Touring with Dan Review source

Great place for the family, set in the beautiful new forest on an old airfield, which in itself is interesting if you like our history. Amenities were good and there are plenty on places to walk around/explore. Park wasn't up to much, but the kids only went in it twice. Good to have the 'true' camping experience with just a filed or alternatively if you have some mod cons the electric supply to the pitch is perfect. Note, you need to take your own adaptor and cable, although they did lend us a cable as we asked nicely!!! Would definitely go again

5 by Steve Waldron Review source

This is a large campsite set on a wonderful ww2 air field full of history. I do recommend rock pegs as the floor is quite hard in areas. But what made it for us was the staff, Kevin the owner will go more than above duty to help his campers and they have fantastic staff who just make and complete the whole memorable experience. We will definitely be going again. But do bare in mind this is a family campsite so with all respect if your after total peace then maybe a smaller site would suit better. Many thanks to Kevin Simon and his better half.

5 by Review source

This is a fantastic place to go rural camping you can choose to use electric hook ups but you can also just go and pitch whatever you like. There is a shop there where you can get takeaway food as well toilet and showers there. There is also a small outside play area for the kids to go to. But when you're there it is best to make your own fun get in touch with nature and explore the surroundings. There are horses cows roaming free and you see lots of other wildlife if you just take the time to look.

5 by Ben Smith Review source

It's a good campsite. Other guests were friendly. Was warned it would get busy. Hasn't done yet. Guide showed us to the pitch however we kept looking and found a better one. It's expensive tho - £30 a night that is more than double what I'd expect to pay but it is the new forest!

Toilets and facilities are clean. No more or less than I'd expect really. Hand dryers in the gents are either broken or rubbish!

Bring rock pegs. You will need them!

4 by Jon Hardcastle Review source

This is our second visit here as we were so impressed with them last year we decided to return. I removed the 2 stars as we were disappointed as we were told off on night one this time for being 'too loud' at 10.30pm when we were playing a game of cards. No music, no shouting, just a card game. So from there on we had to have lights out at 10.30pm! Not much of a holiday! Other families were outside their tents laughing, drinking and having fun but we were on a curfew!

3 by Nicola McElwee Review source

Very clean and quiet environment, plenty of space, mix of grass and concrete pitches. We booked a premium pitch (with electrics) near the toilet/ shower blocks which was also very clean and well maintained. There are also plenty of bins for different types of trash. The location is a bit remote but would still recommend. Reception was very useful recommending routes and the shop is well stocked with a wide range of food and toiletries.

5 by Ly V Review source

Lovely campsite. Clean toilets and showers. Decent shop. Only two washing machines and dryers, but even on a busy site we didn't have much trouble using it once. Had a nice quiet spot. Nice safe, kid friendly place for kids to explore with new friends made around the camp. Very family friendly. Surrounded by open space for runs, bike rides, and loads of wild horse just outside the site. Definitely want to visit again.

5 by laura prowse Review source

First rate camp site! Great location in the New Forest.
The staff are very friendly and helpful.
The shop and services are excellent. If you've forgotten to bring something, chances are they've got it in the on-site store.

The shower and toilet facilities are very clean and modern, and very well maintained throughout the day.

Overall, very pleased and will definitely be going back.

5 by Review source

Cancel at 4pm the day before because there booking options gave no option for electric hook up even tho we booked a camper on hard standing with an extra car & 2 dogs. It gave the options for those but not hookup. They were rude & very unhelpful, thats the manager. Called back to ask if i can use a generator to find out its all cancelled. Thanks for letting me us know. How to ruin a holiday the day before.

1 by Review source

Had a great stay. Lovely family campsite with small on site shop. Despite the site being fairly busy it was almost silent from about 9:30pm which is nice when you have kids.

Staff were really friendly and helpful. Loads of beautiful walks straight from the campsite all around the New Forest. Facilties were clean.

Our pitch was quite stoney so would recommend rock pegs.

5 by Chris Stavrou Review source

rude staff! if you have any disabilities avoid it the manager (si real nice guy) was helpful but it was all a little to late at that point. if you do go do not camp near the shop as the air con units will keep you awake all night. the site has gone down hill no money is being spent on improvements it is now just run for pure profit my advice go some were else in the forest

1 by Review source

Only stayed here one night as we was test running our new caravan. We couldn't of picked a better place! Wonderful staff that couldn't be more helpful! Even offerd us a lend of their chairs after ours broke. The showers and toilets were very clean and weren't that far from our pitch. Can't wait to go back again. Thank you!

5 by Review source

The site needs a bit of TLC after its winter closure and the recent heavy rain on my visit. But, it's position with direct access to the cycle trails & paths of The new Forest is great. The reception and shop have been refurbished, and the takeaway gives you an alternative to self catering. The site wardens are helpful and friendly.

3 by Christopher McAuley Review source

Don't come during a bank holiday, the place is packed and facilities become disgraceful. Other than that during the rest of the week a quiet and beautiful place, with great scenery and nice bike rides. Only problem are the facilities, even when it is not busy. Needs to be addressed by management as the state of them are unacceptable.

3 by Review source

Just returned from a long weekend at Holmsley with my partner and 3 year old son, it was a great experience and the camp is very beautiful and child friendly,facilities where cleaned regularly,showers ok lovely hot water running.Staff friendly and helpful.All in all was a beautiful campsite and will definitely go again.

4 by Review source

Great place in a great location, backs on to some beautiful forest walks. The site has a shop and take away serving breakfast baps and evening meals at a fair price. The shower and toilet blocks are well maintained.The staff here are extremely helpful and pleasant. Would reccommend and will be coming back for sure.

5 by ssmokey911 Review source


We've just spent 5 lovely days at this campsite, the staff are so helpful, the facilities are always clean. We had a great pitch looking straight across the new forest countryside.The shop is well stocked and quite resonable.
We will definitely be going back.

4 by Review source

Great with okay facilities. They allow tents as well as campervans which is nice. The staff were a bit clueless and didn't listen to us though when trying to explain we already had a car permit. However I would still go back because there is a lot of space on each pitch.

4 by Harvey Ives Review source

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