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13 Stadium Way W, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1ST

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Okay so booking/buying tickets is pretty standard, you do have to pick your seat but it's honestly not a problem (we'll get to this in a bit). Snacks and stuff is what you'd expect, pick'n'mix, packet sweets and standard cinema popcorn/drinks/hot food. The prices are pretty standard cinema prices, they do have some okay deals but again a lot of cinemas are the same. What makes this cinema a triumph over Cineworld, for me personally, is the seats! In cineworld you rush in to get the best seats possible, to late and you're likely to spend the whole time with the back of someone's head obstructing your view. Odean have out done themselves by making 1 simple alteration to this design! Each row of seats are stacked a lot higher than the ones in front of them. The gap is so great 1 you feel there's more room and 2 you get 100% view of the film no matter where you sit! It's pure perfection! Don't just take my word, go check it out and see what I'm so hyped about!

5 by Pedro Hammondo Review source

clean and comfortable cinema, they need to re-organise the buying food and drinks set up. this part of the set up is awful and so slow. They sell tickets on line and have self serve ticket machines at the entrance of the cinema, so what always seems to happen to me, I get in a queue and the customer in-front gets to the till and then says, 'what films are available' so to keep the story as short a possible, the customer then buys tickets. then they say what drink deals are there and then cannot make there mind up what they want to eat. sometimes 2 or more people queue together and buy there tickets and drink separate. All I want is my popcorn and soft drink. please provide some express lanes for those of us who just quick service. you could have self serve like in supermarkets with drink to fill ourselves and popcorn ready to grab and go! Simple I thought?

3 by Stephen Lester Review source

Lovely and clean,have taken the children to see a couple of films so have sat in normal seats which are comfy enough. My treat however is the gallery, wide seats, your own table and unlimited drinks popcorn and nachos, and boy or those nachos good!

The only disappointment is no order button so you can top up your nachos or drink during the film (did I mention how good the nachos are?) That would make the gallery experience superb but then I am a bit partial to their nachos so I have to have more than one serving! Oh and the soft drink is Pepsi or tango and I am afraid I only drink coke.

Top notch service from the staff and free parking, plus restaurants and fast food very close by.

5 by Corrinne Hargreaves Review source

I love this place.... The gallery is the place to be... All you can eat popcorn (several flavours) Nachos and dip with jalapenos, if you like it hot... All you can drink soft bottled drinks from fridge and bottles water.. All free There is a bar where you can purchase alcohol but you do have to pay for this. You can have food and drink served to you in the cinema whilst your sat in your very roomy seat with big arms for your food and drink, legs stretched out, as there is so much room you don't have to stand up if someone needs to pass, watching the most amazing 3D you have ever seen and sound quality that will amaze.. Absolutely Brilliant

5 by Review source

I only ever go there if there is a film that must be seen in 3 D imax. I have recently watched ghost in the Shell and it was superb at this cinema. The screen is very big ,the sound is great and the seats are very comfy. I have never found difficulty in booking a seat online. The food experience is a bit slow and way too expensive,but i think that's just standard,whichever cinema you go to.The vip area looks great though. It's also handy as there are plenty of restaurants outside so you can go to the cinema and have a nice meal too. Overall,if you have enough money for everything ,it can be a great experience!

5 by Review source

Good cinema and would get five stars if grab handles were installed at the end of rows. Older people will now not go, because, although a great modern design and very comfortable, with nothing to hang on to going down the steps at the end of the film with dimmed lights due to running many minutes of credits, it is truly dangerous. One elderly lady fell. Luckily not hurt badly, but the cinema is definitely dangerous and open to being sued. Probably designed by a young architect with no idea of how to look after people. I complained to cinema management, cinema head office and Health and Safety. Naturally I was ignored.

2 by Review source

Good quality cinema with friendly staff. The the usual cinema fair is available popcorn, sweets amd drinks, plus frozen yoghurt, a few alcoholic beverages, and a Costa.
It also has 'The Gallery' upstairs a higher end experience, with private access to the screen, upgraded seating, table service, food and full bar.
Never had a bad experience here (choice of film included). The only real let down is the parking, which when it's busy can be a nightmare! But as is shared with the stadium, shops and restaurants I can't really blame Odeon for it.

4 by Paul Handzel Review source

Free parking but avoid match days at nearby stadium. All the usual features of a modern multi-screen cinema in a purpose built complex fronted by numerous restaurants either side of the entrance foyer with ground floor cinema and imax screens off to either side behind the restaurants and more above in the gallery set along the apex of thenk roof. Good clean accessible toilet facilities with airblade v hand dryers. Premium seats are fairly comfortable for two hours but not much longer. There are better so only four stars

4 by Neil Brown Review source

Really great cinema, IMAX is my favourite ever, massive screen and loud! Is rather pricey for tickets and food, especially with premier seating on top (can't choose anywhere else to get a decent view (i do only choose the middle seats) though either, so praying on the film lover to splash out even more), but that's how all cinemas are. Ive had great conversations with some of the members of staff while waiting for a film or deciding what to have. And plenty of parking, although be careful if it is a match day

4 by Matt Di Niro Review source

Went to see a film on the IMAX in 3D was brilliant. However the seating for the cheaper seats is quite limited.

Unfortunately the customer service let them down. Due to a disability, I use crutches so it is visible, I struggle to bend over. However as the machine I collected the tickets from spat them out on the floor I did my best. Three feet away a member of staff, stood watching me struggle over the top of her tablet until a member of the public came to my rescue.

3 by Review source

I love the gallery experience they do there. You get a nice private bar with free nacho's and popcorn. When you get into the theatre (through your own private entrance) the seats are larger, more conformable are at the perfect viewing hight with no heads blocking the view. You even get a table to put your free food and drink on! The tickets are more expensive, but when you factor in the free food and drink, it actually works out about as much as you would usually pay.

5 by Rhod Evans Review source

I can visit this cinema up to 4 times a month because I invested in Limitless and I couldn't be happier. Apart from football match days parking is easy and free! There's a good range of screens from 2D, 3D, iSense and IMAX. Viewing times aren't normally too bad and there's something for everyone. I especially enjoy the Gallery experience, brilliant place to relax before seeing the film and unlimited popcorn and nachos and soft drinks! Great cinema!

5 by Review source

I went to see Blade Runner in 3D premier seats on 9.10.2017. I spent most of the movie with my hands clamped over my ears. The volume in all but children's movies is TOO LOUD. Please please odeon enough, I am 54 and have loved to go to the movies ever since I was old enough. Now I have come to the sad conclusion that all the pleasure is taken away by the volume. What's the point of good chairs extra big high definition screens when I just can't relax.

1 by Review source

IMAX screen is absolutely awesome and well worth the money. The food though isn’t great, so I wouldn’t bother unless you’re really hungry or just want popcorn. The gallery seats are Ok and while not up to the standard of the Wonderful Vue VIP and gold seats, do the job well enough. The only thing that lets this place down is the parking and access times if there’s a game on at the Dons - If you time it wrong, this place can be a nightmare to get out of!

4 by JoCo Review source

Ample parking but can get extremely busy during MK dons match days. Doesn't have a snog yoghurt counter anymore, probably because it was always breaking down. Gallery area is very nice, but very expensive. Other standard seats and premier seats are ok, but can get uncomfortable after a long film. Prices for snacks, drinks and ice creams are extortionate! Odean should offer more affordable prices for loyal members.

3 by Tristram McNeil Review source

The place is super clean and modern, easily my favourite cinema. We usually go for the 2D iSense screen as we're not big on 3D. But we have tried the IMAX screen for Spectre in 2D and were impressed. Not as big as a full size IMAX but still.

Definitely recommend the Gallery seats as the value is really good, you get unlimited 500ml drink bottles, unlimited popcorn and unlimited nachos + cheese/salsa.

5 by Review source

The gallery at the odeon Bletchley... We went on a busy Saturday afternoon we got our tickets early so decided to kill time by having a drink in the gallery but apparantly not you can only use this area if you upgrade to a gallery ticket, come on odeon there were only 6 people using this area, doesn't that tell you something. Apart from that the remaining experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

4 by Review source

Gallery is great. I love watching movies here. staff is very friendly. Gallery is more expensive comparing to standard seats but definitely worth it with having free soft drinks, popcorn and delicious nachos in a great environment. Watched couple of movies on Isense and it is really good, infact I think it is better than Imax. Would not go anywhere else to watch a movie in Milton Keynes. 5*

5 by Egemen Coskun Review source

A very good cinema, excellent screens, good sound and the Gallery option is wonderful. So why not 5 stars? The unbelievable price. Whilst this is not limited to the Odeon, when you factor in IMAX, and, if you opt for it, Gallery seating, you're talking about the equivalent price of a budget day trip to Europe - for 2 hours sat in the dark, in a plastic seat, in Milton Keynes.

4 by Stu Johnson Review source

Pretty good place this and we often treat ourselves to 'The Gallery' where you can get unlimited popcorn, nachos and quality streets whilst waiting for your film to start in a private lounge full of sofas and then watch the film in extra large, extra comfy sofas. Drops a star as if you want ice cream you have to walk downstairs and pay for it. Boo

4 by Dan Nutt Review source

Very uncomfortable seating in the 'isense' theatre, supposed to be extra comfortable, no head support and no full leg support!! Had to pay extra for this and not comfortable at all, so they recommend paying extras for premier seats!! Total rip off, will go to the other cinema in future, they have more comfortable seating!

1 by 0791phone Review source

Not my preferred cinema in MK. Although the auditorium seats have a steeper angle, and therefore a better view, than Cineworld, they are less comfortable and feel more cramped. Odeon are lagging behind in e-ticket technology too. I do like that you can buy a bottle of wine if a gallon of diet coke isn't your thing.

3 by Ben Childs Review source

The sound levels of the ads and trailers in the IMAX are ridiculously and unpleasantly loud. If they turned the volume down by 50% it would make for a far better viewing experience.

And why ban mobiles but not crisps, sweets and popcorn - which are even more ruinous for other viewers???

1 by Review source

Had an enjoyable evening - the place was exceptionally clean, many choices of food - hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, sweets etc. We paid a pound or so more to have the 'fancy' seats - very comfortable and roomy. Staff were happy and welcoming, yes, I'd happily recommend this cinema.

4 by Jill Mead Review source

Great seats, nice and clean cinemas. Lovely lobby with snack stand, frozen yogurt and Ben & Jerry's.

The nacho sauce smells like feet. If you are unfortunate enough to be sitting near someone who has it, you will be getting whiffs of that throughout the film.

4 by Debbie Timmins Review source

Good cinema! Watched Hunger Games Mocking jay - Part 2 here. Big screens and good sound, getting premier/premium seats is worth it as the seats are a lot comfier. Cost a Coffee by the door is also nice but can be cold depending on the weather if you sit too close to the door.

5 by Banana King Review source

Love it staff are so helpful food great love the fact u can buy a bottle of wine and drink it while watching the movie. The place is alway clean and very tidy. The gallery experience is great xxx seats are very comfy love it so much we both signed up to the unlimited card

5 by Review source

Love this cinema, parking is great, seats are comfy. Even have Costa coffee. But hats off to the staff who, when they knew it would take a while for our Lattice Fries to be ready, told us to go to our seats and they would bring them in to us. 5* treatment. Well done Odeon

5 by Review source

The Cinema is always nice and fresh, it's pretty new which makes it have a nice feel to it. Staff always helpful. It is an iMax too which is great. Although on a Saturday £13 for a ticket pretty pricey. I'm very pleased to have this as my local cinema.

5 by Alex Jarvis Review source

It's a lovely self contained little area. The cinema has a great selection of films, with a variety of independent films and events that aren't available anywhere else locally. The Gallery is also a massive treat and something everyone should try once.

4 by Ben Howkins Review source

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