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Visited the day after it opened so expected to see plenty of shoppers, but, it was chaos.
Cars were vying for parking spaces and zig zagging across each others paths to get in and out of the car park, whilst also trying to avoid pedestrians who were walking in all directions. A shambles.
Perhaps a separate entrance and exit (front ans side) would have made things easier.
Trolleys were stored near plant racks next to the front entrance, but it was a free for all to get one,
and difficult to get in the store once you aquired one. Trolleys, or racks, need to be resited.
Other reviewers have commented on the clean, bright interior. True, but it really should be as its brand new!
One other moan. 75% of shoppers were in the first aisle, which was stocked with fresh produce eg meat,
deli stuff etc. Most people want to peruse these goods, check use by dates etc so this aisle was crammed with customers doing just that. The rest of the place had free movement of shoppers. Not sensible.
I always do most of my shopping at Aldi (Seacroft mainly), and am constantly extolling its virtues.
In my opinion, Seacrofts got the best layout of those I have visited.
The staff are friendly, speedy and efficient and always ready to search for something if its not on the shelves ( though staff at Wetherby were lovely too).
I know its early days for the Wetherby store, so I'll wait a bit longer and try again.
We live between both, so a bonus for us if it compares.

2 by Review source

We regularly shop at Aldi and very rarely shop elsewhere. The products are great and the staff are so friendly. We tend to shop at the Harrogate branch on more occasions but we do shop at the Wetherby branch on the odd occasion. We used to shop at the other big supermarket stores but we have been converted to Aldi and the savings have been amazing.

5 by lrycroft Review source

Cheap prices, however the check outs staff scan your items through the till like a bunch of hooligans, piling it all up on the small space in front of them like they can't wait to get you out of the door. They all do it so it must be a management policy. If you are reading this Aldi, pack it in..! Show some respect

3 by Review source

Good branch of Aldi just off the main road so easy to find with a large selection of stock and friendly staff. Plenty of free parking with lots of trollies of different sizes available. Large lanes around the store with stock easy to find with prices easy to read.

5 by Rich music Review source

After some doubts I have been shopping at Aldi. Absolutely delighted with a sweet cure ham l bought, in the freezer a fruit dessert in pastry and also Salmon Wellington. All lovely but would like more salmon. However at £3.99 it was value for money!

5 by Review source

I think Aldi is amazing and everything is at a low price but I couldn't find everything I need, so I was disappointed when I realized I had to go to a different shop to get everything, but for a quick shop , Aldi is perfect.

4 by xoluluxo 123 Review source

Fabulous, Fantastic, Wonderful, Brilliant, Great, Supberb, Staff Ace, Friendly, Courteous, Helpful, Prices Out of this world, Amazing and any other superlatives I can think of xxx Thank you

5 by Review source

The information contained within this text box and click on the phone it's factory sett activated automatically when you dial in the UK and Ireland and Wales with company number 945am

1 by Review source

Typical Aldi. Don't buy veg unless you're using it within 48 hours. Meat products are good and the Greek yogurt s are so good!

4 by Review source

Its a store in Wetherby its new but excellent all round always seems busy when i go by on the bus car park always full service pretty good too

5 by Michael Anderson Review source

Great service at the shop and, I spend half the amount of money on my weekly shop for the same groceries I would get from another supermarket.

5 by Review source

Read an article about Aldi recently giving bad review. I have found the staff in all the branches I have visited very helpful and friendly

4 by rita beadle Review source

It's ok some nice parking . selection so so only two staff on tills people waiting felt rushed through check out been to worse.

3 by Mark Baker Review source

Big and bright new store. Plenty of choice. Seems to be busy all the time, so car park often full. Will probably calm down in time.

4 by Paul Froes Review source

New Aldi in wetherby is lovely really lovely to walk round nice stuff too set out really nice wish all Aldi.s were like this one

5 by patricia smythe Review source

Really lovely, nice cup of coffee. Beautifully decorated with nice artwork. Looking forward to trying it out for dinner.

5 by Review source

Very busy most of the time and the car park is a nightmare. The shop itself is quite small but a prices are competitive

3 by Caroline Watson Review source

Stock levels on basic items are regularly at zero. Namely fresh fish, brown rice, cottage cheese. Very frustrating.

2 by Review source

A full weeks evening meals for £40 where else can you do that? Certainly not in the UK big chain supermarkets.

5 by Steve Varley Review source

Love this place. Great quality goods, from food to a variety of special offers. Friendly and efficient service.

5 by clare shutt Review source

It's a refreshing change from morrisons and it's quite modern the car park is a bit of a nightmare.

4 by Review source

It's Aldi, what can I say, great prices, great quality. Saving me a fortune on my monthly shop.

5 by Paul Barraclough Review source

Fan cheap beats certain other arrogant supermarkets that have wiped out too many tiny buisness

5 by Adele Carr Review source

Good old Aldi.. Lots of health food at affordable prices. I love my Paleo Bars from Aldi!!!

5 by Charlie Chan Review source

Well managed store with considerate customers. Fruit and veg stocks were of a good quality.

4 by Dan Turner Review source

Can't. say anything wrong about it very. good service don't have to wait to long.

5 by Review source

Very good, the tall blonde lady at wetherby is always very cheerful, friendly and helpful.

5 by Review source

Great product range. Quality merchandise and noticeably cheaper than the bigger chains.

5 by Robert Davidson Review source

Absolutely brilliant store had far more in it than I expected and such great variety!

5 by Lyndsey Ellis Review source

Fruit and vegetables aren't always there. Very efficient at the tills though!

3 by Alex . F Review source

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