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Love this place for all the individuals here that make it vibrant! Rebecca's Wyn & Ruby gift shop, Frank's Plain Bear print design, Jess' Childsdraw, all the sisters that run Lomond Coffee, the amazing The Box hair salon and completely unique Little Nan's Bar. There there is a multitude of caf's Archie's (toasted cheese), Mama's Jerk (soul food), Frankie Goes To Bollywood (best indian), plus florists, and more (I've forgotten someone). I've seen the yard built from the ground up over the last ten years. It's still being added to and will continue to grow and develop. It's a place where something is always going on.

5 by Hester Campbell Review source

The market has two halves. As you walk up Deptford High Street you'll find net curtains, fabrics, discount bedding and clothing, but then, when you reach Douglas Way, turn left and you'll find a flea market like no other. There are signs saying 'Anything on the floor - 50p'. Last time I visited I bought some old passports and address books, a silver tray, a few wine glasses and a massive 70s print - a lovely alpine scene - and all for less than a tenner. Possibly even less than a fiver. I highly recommend it but it's not to everyone's tastes. Suffice to say, if you love fleas then you'll love the Deptford Flea Market.

4 by stephen hepplestone Review source

This form of commerce is plainly obsolete. The stuff they sell has doubtful quality, and you can buy it via Internet easier. The streets become crowdy, so sometimes it is hard to walk through, let alone cycle. The merchants' cars occupy all the street sides in the whole neighbourhood, and sometimes pavements. And in the evening, the market leaves piles of garbage behind, which makes already not-so-glamorous Deptford look even more untidy.

2 by Roman Shapovalov Review source

The variety is its unique characteristic . As many people have said the presentation is old school for most of the shops comprising of fresh produce and brick a brac .

There are also special market days when the road is shut and pedestrianised which inevitably attracts even more buyers and sellers than usual .

Trading style here is generally laid back and very friendly.

4 by Manny Gb Review source

A market where electronics are in focus and if you arrive at the right time, it can be found. Went past Friday morning and saw a BOOSE speaker system costing about 30,000 new, where the price was £ 200. Not the first time I saw similar finds. In order to make real findings you should 1) Know what you want 2) Have researched around the used market 3) Have cash in your pocket and buy immediately if you find the right one

5 by Markus Dahl Review source

Unfortunately there are alot better market places in London.
It was not a disappointing visit but there was nothing special or unique.
Similar to Brixton open market but there are alot nicer small shops with there own identity.
If you are looking for halal food definitely you will find alot of stores and prices are quite cheap.
There are also alot of grosseries and fresh sea food.

3 by Vassilis Ipsilantis Review source

Amazing variety of bargains!
The main market is good for all my basis sewing/haberdashery needs but the real jewel is the flea market area full of all manner of junk/treasure and all for mostly low prices.
There are a variety of traders, a few got short with me for wanting to haggle and a couple of traders shouted at my partner! Thankfully most of the traders are lovely

4 by Cleveland Glenn, Jr. Review source

Deptford Market is a vibrant, muticultural shopping experience in South East London. A variety of stall and shops selling any and everything that you could possibly think of. Also boasts a busy second hand market section. Lots of bargains to be had - you do not want to miss out on a treasure of South East London. Try it this weekend. Do not miss out.

3 by Anthony Joseph Review source

A nice foil to the Brockley market further south. You'll find more tat here than you would know what to do with (throw out), but plenty of fish stalls, florists, and nick-naks that should leave you happy. On the first saturday of the month, Griffin Square has a food fair with live jazz. Which is excellent.

5 by Justin Addison Review source

OK with quite a few vegan options. Not many indoor seating options. Seems incongruous with the area, which is not for me. I've been followed, cat called and just felt generally unsafe every time I've visited. I wouldn't recommend visiting unless you happen to be or live in the area.

3 by Katy S Review source

I went to buy shoes, the woman was so rude and arogant to me. They treat people like they are nothing even when try to be friendly they refused to sale to me, just because I try to bagain price of shoe. Beside most shoes, they hold the price as same as it was in the shops. It is so annoying

1 by Review source

This place makes me so happy. The shops and cafes are fab and full of lovely staff who make you feel so welcome and part of the community. And now with the new Saturday market there’s always something fun and lively going on. Makes the area feel inclusive, neighbourly and

5 by Laura Turvey Review source

Great choice or greengrocers and afro carribean shops. There are also a couple of pound shops along the high street, which is very handy. The closes dlr stations are deptford bridge and deptford high street. Definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately it lacks cafes and bars.

4 by Review source

This place has such a great potential! Its very cute and quiet compared to other markets. There are 2 nice coffee places, 2 restaurants, a bar, hairdresser, flower shop and few gift/clothing shops but should be so much more if only someone managed it properly.

5 by Marta Pokorski Review source

Deptford Market is a nice place to shop.
You have a variety of new and antique merchandise and also food stalls.
It is very busy on Saturdays.
I strongly recommend that people come and have a look around.

5 by Mario Cunha Review source

Good use of space, some interesting little eateries and small shops... Deptford appears to be changing, some may reject it as gentrification but no business was displaced by this as far as I'm aware

4 by Mark Wareham Review source

Absolute rubbish most of which is fit for the skip!!!!
Very rude sellers shout at people it's disgusting the way people are treated here.
This market needs to be closed down.

1 by Tim Robertson Review source

Deptford market yard has got a lot of stalls. Visiting on a Saturday it is super busy, and a shame to see most cake stalls sold out of cakes. But lots of tasty options regardless.

4 by William Rogers Review source

Fabulous market. Street food, independent traders, artisan producers and an expert bar selling craft ale. Tables and benches provided with a great atmosphere. Highly recommended

5 by Russell Knight Review source

Original market. No fancy crap, just odds and sods. 2nd hand jeans/bowls of fruit for £1/tiger rugs and curtains. Well worth a visit. NOW GIVE US OUR DEPTFORD ANCHOR BACK!!!

5 by Mike Acord Review source

Nice place to browse around different kinds of items for cheap but mostly they are second hands. If you are happy to buy second hand stuff then the place for you☺.

4 by Sk TA Review source

Good selection of stuff, quite small, but odd's and end's of AV and equipment are there as well as some antiques and a small selection of Vinyl records.

4 by Mariusz S. Review source

good initiative. nice food and drink. you may struggle to find a parking. the one behind the market is not big enough. best to use publix transport(Overground)

4 by Raja Chakrabarti Review source

Great addition to Deptford. Lots of independent bars, coffee shops and restaurants in the arches. There's also a florist, hair dressers and gift shop.

5 by Emily Riley-Garvin Review source

Deptford, always a favorite market of mine for 30 years. The best 2bd hand market in london, at saff lindon not Portobello prices. Miss Lauries shop tho.

5 by Mary Rogan Review source

It's very interesting too see all the different cultural foods and stalls.The fish stalls are especially fun to look at.It has some great deals.

4 by Review source

This is one of those former horrible places, which hipsters are trying to improve. Though how a chai latte improves anything, I have yet to learn

3 by Paul Hyu Review source

Nice place to have a great breakfast or coffe on a saturday morning! Love the market, nice home made food, etc! Have a look if youre around here

4 by Timea Vereb Review source

I like the market and parking availablity. Nice place with kids for morning routine, gym, swim, shop eat! Good value for money food shopping.

4 by Review source

The markets in London show its real face of the working class. I wish these places were more regulated. Cheap, but very low quality products.

3 by v Review source

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