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Vile is the word for a truly atrocious experience at this establishment. The fish and chips were ordered today 19.05.2018 and was brought to the table after what seemed an eternity despite the pub being not particularly busy. The food served was tepid in temperature and served on a cold plate and we were presented with something resembling a burned brick. It was also brick like in texture, density and size and the portion size was so meagre one would think we are iving in a time of rationing. A vinegar bottle was also plonked onto the plate with a thimble full of mushy peas in a large ceramic container placed there to compensate for the poor amount - very crafty. Biting into this, and minding ones fillings and tooth enamel, it resulted in a flood of bitter grease filling ones mouth with motor oil flavoured with a bitter turpentine taste. It seemed a minnow or goldfish had been placed amongst the unsavoury batter and the fish, once found (you could have made a game of finding it) was a grey mush of no texture or flavour - as though it had been chewed several times already and spat in a small cavity placed inside the layers of batter. The burgers served were edible but the accompanying coleslaw, which is what we identified it as, was a very sorry affair and was also grey in colour and looked as though it had been re-animated from many months past. As the fish and chips were so inedible this was swiftly returned. The waitress then came over and seemed genuinely apologetic - which is by the by as such inedible fayre should have NOT left the kitchen to the customer in the first place. When asked what was wrong the waitress looked uncomfortbale as we demonstated the issue and to do so squeezed the burned batter which , when finally giving way, excreted viscous globules of grease that was the same colour as brown wood stain. Although the waitress did apologise this was in complete contrast to the rude upstart who served us at the bar and the man whom, when asked for the bill, all but threw it on the table and left with not so much as a thank you or any communication at all - inexcusable behaviour. After this deplorable experience I have concluded I would never eat here again and will inform others not to do so. When visitng Burley, which has it's charms, eat elsewhere and visit the place for cream teas only served in other places along the high street. The Queens Head should be utterly ashamed of itself for the way it expects the public, the PAYING public , to put up with such ghastly, foul slop in the first place and have the audacity to serve it. I would also advise any gentleman wishing to spend a penny to buy some water wings as the gents toilets were so flooded in urine one would be expected to paddle to the urinals in order to relieve oneself. The place. especially the toilets, seemed completely neglected and unattended with paint peeling off the walls to add to this sorry affair and poor excuse for a public house. With such a bad experience, which I have never encountered for many, many years I would advise this to be avoided at all costs. The one star goes to the waitress who was pleasent enough and proved to be the only salvation on the day and plus the fact you cannot give negative ratings on here.

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We called in this pub in September for a pub lunch on a day off, we had eaten here before a long time ago and remembered that the food and service was okay.

I felt I had to write this review after reading what others have written, as I am just not quite sure what they expect, I am sure some must use the Ritz, as I have never encountered any of the issues they have come up against.

The meal was so good in September, that we now regularly go at least monthly for a meal. The staff are very friendly,and the service good, even when busy. We went in just before Christmas, and even though the service was slightly slower than normal it was still okay, and what would be expected anywhere at that time of year.

Food is, and from our experience, always has been good.

I agree with one of the reviews below, this is an old pub with plenty of charm, you want the smarm and clinical appearance of the new branded pubs, go there, and don't expect the same from a fast dying breed of traditional pub.

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A reasonable bonus is that the Queens Head allows dogs in the gardens and in one section of the pub inside (where there a a stone floor rather than carpet). This was handy as my dog was rather wet and mucky after a walk in the forest.

Visited on a Thursday in November, so was not too busy and food served fairly quickly. I had a main and desert which came to £8 for the 2 courses, which I thought was reasonable.

The food was OK, not going to blow you away if I am honest. The batter on the fish that I had looked like it had been through some very old oil in the fryer but thankfully tasted better than it looked.

If memory serves me correctly I am sure I ate here before and had a better meal, which is a shame, when the food could potentially been of better quality as the pub was not busy.

The pub has a car park but you will be hard pushed to get a space there are 2 other car parks very close by though.

3 by Jon Love Review source

Diabolical. We went out for my birthday lunch, a group of 7,pre booked table.
The food is atrocious and massively over priced. We complained to management who said no food it actually cooked on site. Its all made off site by another company then reheated on site. All food was cold steaks raw, even the chips were raw in the middle. I have never had such disgusting food anywhere.
In total the food would have cost £110 for 7 dishes that are pathetically small and not even cooked fresh.
The worst bit is the vegetarian dish for my wife total cost £12. A few baby potatoes,2 peices of soggy broccoli,a bit of onion and half an under cooked aubergine. How the hell this constitutes a mean is beyond me.

My advice to anyone thinking of eating here is to run as far away from this place as possible.

If I could give minus stars I would.

1 by Two Wheels Review source

Beautiful setting! Visited this pub with my Dad for nostalgic reasons. I was pleased that the pub welcomed dogs even tho' mine had stayed at home!
Staff were initially welcoming and fairly friendly so we decided to stay for some lunch. We ordered two steaks, Dad wanted Rib Eye .... unfortunately it took them about half an hour to decide that they didn't actually have that so we had Rump and Sirloin.
Both were really tough! Presentation wasn't great and despite asking for plain rump with no peppers etc at least 3 times it still arrived (eventually) with all the peppers!
Wouldn't recommend the meal to anyone particularly. Service was slow despite it being a quiet afternoon. Shame because it is a beautiful pub in a great setting. All in all not a great experience.

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I have visited this pub a few times.
I have been let down a few times buy the size of the meals
I am not a big eater. but when my son took me for lunch again there this week. i have never seen a jacket potato so small in my life
The jacket came with about a teaspoon of beans and also of cheese
A teaspoon of coleslaw and salad to.
For the price very disappointing
This pub used to give very good value for money
But now gone down hill
Shame as the staff are all very nice
service could not fault at all
I do visit alot of food places with my family and we just like an average meal to fill us this did not do so
we will not be visiting here again
This place used to serve a good portion what went wrong

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Four of us booked for sunday lunch. Eaten here before and the roast dinners were superb. The waiter very helpful and friendly. However, the food not so great for the price. Massive portions but carrots and cabbage way too undercooked. We ordered a side meal of dauphinoise potatos which were awful. Tasteless and dry, looked like yesterdays leftovers heated in the microwave. We sent them back. In return we were brought a small bowl with two sausages sticking out and a bit of stuffing. Looked like it was the chefs way of saying two fingers to us! We were still charged for the dauphinoise.The table next to us was full of six mouthy women screeching and shouting which ruined our meal more than the hard carrots. Guess we were just unlucky today.

3 by Review source

Stopped by for lunch with my family while visiting from Canada. We waited for approximately an hour for our basic orders to arrive, with no warning about a delay or apology from the staff. While waiting, I notices that other people who ordered after us got their food before us. On multiple occasions the waiter brought out wrong orders, or became confused as to who ordered what on which table. When the food did arrive, the chips were lukewarm\\u200b although the food tasted decent for the price.

Overall I would not recommend this pub to anyone due to the comically poor service and organizational skills. The only enjoyable part about my experience here was the story I was able to take away from it.

1 by Review source

We came here on a Thursday lunchtime in December, food took 50 minutes to arrive, was just about warm enough to eat. No apology and no warning there would be a wait. We were the first to order in our area of seating and were served 10 minutes after others. Waiter (male) was friendly but had no idea who had ordered what and when. Female waitress who brought the food out was abrasive and looked like she didn't want us there. Food was ok for the prices, but service so awful that I would avoid. Sad to say it feels like another place where making profit has been put above everything else and because there is little competition in the area they continue to get away with it.

1 by Review source

The resturant are was very dimmly lit, do dim for dining really, the menu looked quite promising with the choice of food. I was very tempted to choose one more extravagant dishes but played safe and when for the burger and chips, how difficult is it to do that well? It turns out very hard, so hard infact they didn’t bother they just bought in frozen burger and chips and the same with all the other meals. We were a group of 12 guys who had been out cycling all day and there were a lot of meals only half eaten and that is very rare.

Give this place a side step and try somewhere else like the White Buck Inn, the food was much better there.

1 by Paul Review source

We went in to order food for 3 adults and 4 children. We waited for 15mins to be served at the till, the staff could see us behind the bar and chose to ignore our presence as if to say if we ignore them they will go away. Once we had flagged the staff down to serve us, our meals arrived. The portions were really small, we had ordered large child portions and got given small children portions. We had dirty cutlery and dirty glasses to drink from. We ended up having our dersert in the Burley Inn which is 5 star and was lovely. Only advice is don't waist your money in the Queens head. Poor poor service! We will never go their again!

1 by Review source

Disgusted at the reception from their clientele. Described as a dog friendly pub, well someone should tell the customers. Visited twice in less than 24 hours, whilst socialising our puppy. Was subjected to such rude behaviour from so called customers because he barked a little. It wasn't excessive and we dealt with it. First time it happened staff apologised and asked us to return. But the people there were narrow minded, rude and disgusting. We will not be returning. Don't advertise as dog friendly if a puppy isn't welcome. Very disappointed in the people. Pub ok, I suppose but spoiled our visit.

1 by Review source

Food ok but service slow....even at 5pm when it was pretty empty inside... WARNING...if you park in the part of the car park just off the road, there is no pay and display machine visible and no signs telling you where it is. The one you can see is at the bottom of some steps. DO NOT use this one (as I did). It will cost you more and you won't get the cost taken off your meal. I wasn't pleased. PUT A SIGN UP! YOU HAVE ONE SAYING YOU MUST PAY AND DISPLAY BUT NONE SAYING WHERE THE MACHINE IS. The correct one to use can't be seen as it is hidden by cars if it is busy.

2 by Robert Nemeth Review source

Popped in here on our way camping.
Chap behind the bar was very nice, extremely professional and I was pleased with the service. (The beer was jolly good too)
Our young son fell off a bench in the rear garden and cut his head, the staff could not have been more helpful and sympathetic and even came out with a first aid kit.

From our short visit experience we would definitely recommend this pub and may even come for dinner this weekend.

Many thanks to the great staff of the Queens head!

5 by Ash Clark Review source

Came on a Sunday and the sun was out so there were lots of people. I understand standards can slip when busy but that is no excuse for waiting nearly an hour and food not cooked properly. Paying £10 each for roast dinners \\u003d a mouldy carrot a teaspoon size pile of mash, a awful vegetarian option and tough roast pork... because there are only two pubs in burley is no reason to serve bad food. Everyone around us left food too so if your thinking of eating here don't bother!

1 by Review source

Nice old pub, very slow service when more than a few customers at the bar. Staff more interested in chatting to one another than servicing the public or even collecting plates/glasses that have been left out for hours sometimes. Terrible food, I mean very terrible food, just don't bother!
If it is quiet and you are blessed with service it is nice to sit and watch the world go by or sit by the fire ( when it's on). But on the whole don't waste your time.

2 by gerbuk Review source

Myself and my family went there on a Sunday for Sunday dinner and I was very displeased with the service! Didn't clear the plates or ask if we would like the desert menu! My father then went up to the bar to ask the gentlemen to clear the plates and ask for desert, he cleared the plates but did not ask us for the desert menu. We were so looking forward to going to the pub again since we come down to the new forest every year but this year it was shocking!

1 by Review source

Although the pub is a lovely building in beautiful surroundings, the food was a complete disappointment. I ordered a steak which was so tough that I couldn't pierce it with a fork or cut it with a steak knife. The chef did replace it, but the second one was inedible. My companions' meals were also not satisfactory. The barman was very nice and helpful, but we will never return to this pub. Such a shame when we rarely meet for a meal and a chat.

2 by Caroline Brockway Review source

On our visit the staff were far too busy talking amongst themselves (as in many reviews!) to even think about customers and when you do attract attention they were short to the point of being rude. Don't bother looking on the website at the menu as when you get there they are not serving half of it. We left and went elsewhere. Will not return. My advice would be to give your business/custom to someone that actually cares.....

1 by Review source

The food was terrible. What we ordered from the menu was a far cry from what was served to us:
the 'red onion marmalade' seemed to be an orange marmalade with a little alcohol added, the 'Watercress', just salad leaves and the 'Sourdough' a rustic white bread roll.
It all seemed rather deceptive and left both a literal and metaphorical bad taste in my mouth.

1 by Review source

Stopped in for lunch when were in the area. Cozy, old pub with all the charm that comes with that. Has a wood fireplace (great for those cold, soggy days like when we were there) and dogs are allowed in part of the pub (bar area and outside). Staff were friendly and courteous, service was fast and the food was excellent. Menu has plenty of options. Recommend trying this one it's really good!

5 by James Davies Review source

Left waiting 45 minutes for a starter. When we raised the issue after 30mins we were told it was 'being plated up right now'. When we finally decided to leave they kept us waiting again at the till to check if they could cancel the order with the kitchen. Then charged us full price (£4.60) for the 2 cokes, and offered no apology whatsoever. Abysmal service.

1 by Review source

We went for a group dinner and most of the group said the food was ok and not bad value, some of us were disappointed though at how slow service was and how bland some of the food was.
I definitely recommend not trying the veggie burger, it tastes as bad as it looks and probably the worst burger I have ever had when eating out.

3 by Review source

Good food (eaten here plenty of times before) reasonable prices. Good location and a nice feel to the place. However, when I was there last time they had a band on and the volume was far too loud. Bar staff had problems hearing customers and I struggled to make myself heard across the table. Ruined an otherwise nice experience.

3 by Review source

All look and sadly no content. Pleasant staff and organised. Reheated roast potatoes and the roast chicken was obviously deep fried due to the fact the skin was crispy and the meat was dry as the Arizona dessert. No seasoning, really a very poor effort. Why bother running a pub when you don't know how to cook!

2 by David Foster Review source

Fantastic service and food. A wide range of seating location both inside and outside. The staff service are beyond what you can expect.
The food was great and we felt more like in a restaurant than a pub. A separate Vegetarian and Vegan food menu is also available to order.

4 by Gnans S Review source

Bar staff fine just the food was poor. Disgusting soggy, blackened and possibly recooked wedges. As unappetising as described. Fortunately while we were starving the portion was small and our misery quickly over. The kitchen and manager should be embarrassed.

2 by Review source

This pub has a nice atmosphere with friendly staff. It's very dog friendly which is also a plus. The food was so/so but affordable. Ample parking and close to other shops and tourist information in the town. Great place to visit after a hike in the park

4 by Ashley Peterson Review source

Great pub and decent menu too. Had the fish finger sandwich and terrine for lunch. Good prices and service.
Would try the game festival menu next time given the chance. The burger sounded immense.
Definitely worth dipping in for a pint.

4 by Mark Cadier Review source

Excellent friendly staff and brilliant service. We went in as a family of 6, and explained that we had 2 autistic children and 1 adult with dietary requirements. They accommodated us all brilliantly! We will return again, many many thanks.

5 by Review source

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