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Just bought a Vauxhall Insignia estate from here, overall had a good experience but not perfect.

I'm not a fan at all of pushy sales people, however Kevin was helpful from start to finish and I very rarely felt pressured. Test drove once on the weekend and he spent a good hour or so with me getting an idea what car I wanted, taking us for a test drive, answering questions about the car (the ones he didn't know the answer to he made a good effort to find out) and overall being helpful rather than just trying to push a sale.

Came back the following week to test drive once more after reserving the car as I had a problem with the car pulling to the left. That had been fixed, however there now appeared to be a chip in the windscreen... Not convinced it was there first time round. Not being in a position on the windscreen to be an MOT fail CarShop refused to fix it. Fair enough, if that's what their policies are then can't argue. Despite my reservations about this Kevin spent a while phoning up windscreen repair companies to find a guideline cost for the repair, and while the answer wasn't satisfactory (£135 quoted by Autoglass, my insurance wouldn't pay for it as damaged before I would own the car) he showed willing to get to some sort of resolution. Second blow was a pretty low valuation (£200) on my PX...but again I think they just do things by the book every time. Eventually after a lot of deliberation they agreed to add a good will amount (£70) to my PX, but I went away that day to look into my own options regarding windscreen rear.

Came back one final time after deciding to buy, no problem going straight to the price agreed the precious time and from arriving to leaving in my new car took around an hour and a half.

Bottom line - Kevin was very helpful and never really pressured me, but set up everything he could to make the sale. CarShop do not budge on prices (purchase or PX valuations) so don't expect to haggle much unless there is genuinely something wrong. I found this a lower price than I could find anywhere else for the same spec, only time will tell if this is a legitimate bargain or a well-disguised banger!

Oh, and they have lots of free coffee.

4 by Review source

Fantastic place to buy a car, highly recommend. Nice and friendly staff with a relaxed atmosphere.

Myself and my husband were looking to add a 2nd car to our household and it was to be the first car I’ve ever owned.
After weeks of looking on the website I finally found a couple of cars I was interested in test driving (Audi A3 and Mercedes A Class).
I made an appointment for the Saturday and on the day arrived 20 minutes early. We didn’t have to wait for our appointment time, we were seen to immediately.

Greeted by a friendly man named Mike P, he offered us a drink whilst he sought out the keys for the vehicles and away we went on our test drives. He chatted away to us on the drive, answered all our questions and explained everything he could about the vehicles. There was absolutely no pressure to choose one vehicle over another despite the difference in price.
When we finally chose the vehicle we wanted (Audi A3), he sat us down and went through any additional options and of course the T&Cs. He took his time to explain everything to ensure we understood what we were purchasing, then kindly passed us over to financial advisor, Paul.

Again, a really friendly guy, who made us feel at ease. He discussed options for finance with us, and found us a brilliant deal with his price matching skills! I hadn’t expected to drive away with the vehicle the same day but Paul, was fantastic. When we finally ‘signed on the dotted line’ he passed us over to Collections.

We were greeted rather quickly by Ella, who went through the documentation, ensured the vehicle was registered in my name and continued to sort the Tax. Although the spare key and sat nav disks were not available on site (as the car had been transferred from another branch) Ella ensured me they would be sent to me as soon as possible and took all my details to keep me updated.
Before driving away she took us to the car and showed us where all the buttons and gadgets were located inside and how to use them and she even set up my phone with the Bluetooth.
Finally I was able to drive my new car home!!

Brilliant experience overall. Thanks to all at the CarShop, Swindon.

5 by Review source

Looking around for a reasonably priced second hand quality car the name CarShop came up several times while searching.

The first visit was good, met at the door by a very polite friendly and clearly intelligent young man, not effusive or patronising , practical and down to earth, he offered his services of help and guidance, giving us the opportunity to be independent, however his seemingly genuine interest and engagement gave us confidence that we were being helped and guided without pressure to buy.

A number of selections were made, one vehicle which seemed ideal was reserved for review when it would be available from the service and examination centre. Two other garages were visited which were not matched in interest and courtesy, the quality and price of vehicles were not comparable.

Returning two days later, having seen another vehicle on their website, the staff were again consistently helpful with out being pressuring. A test drive was immediately available with a member of staff, again he was very personable and had no problem answering questions, there was time for an inspection and careful examination of the vehicle, which we decided to purchase.

The rest of the visit was efficiently managed, time to review our options, and again plenty of time to ask questions, have explanations and make our own decisions.

Overall we found the CarShop gave an excellent all round service. The staff were friendly, engaging and very personable, never did we feel there was pressure to buy. Overall the choice available was surprisingly wide, all the cars were quality vehicles in excellent condition, the prices were very competitive and less than expected. Thank you Ryan Wallace and Jack.

PS another purchase will be made in the near future, we will look forward to returning to the CarShop.

5 by Review source

My husband and I came in to Swindon Carshop today looking for a second car and were greeted by Jay Parkinson. He was really helpful and friendly and it didn't feel like we were dealing with the stereotypical car salesman. Although we did end up purchasing a car, neither myself nor Nick felt pressured into doing so, neither did we feel pressured into signing up for any extras (though Jay explained them all thoroughly and we did actually end up opting for some). It was a pleasure dealing with Jay from start to finish. Marc Adair, who we were passed to next to do our paperwork, was also great. It can take quite some time to complete it all but he made it as easy and painless as possible. Could not fault either him or Jay. The only slight let down was the final part of the process where the car was registered and handed over to us. The gentleman dealing with us (we didn't get his name) didn't seem like he entirely knew what he was doing and another lady in the same department was rather short with my husband when he asked what the hold up was. He was also told, after having been at the showroom for at least 90 minutes, that he was looking at another 40 minutes before the car was ready because we had agreed to have the Guardex treatment, which we were told would have been done (or at least almost finished) by the time we had finished the paperwork. As it turned out, this wasn't the case, but it was frustrating nonetheless after having had excellent service up until this point. All in all though, we had a good experience at Carshop Swindon and would return when we are looking to purchase out next new car. Just be aware, that is does take quite a long time from start to finish once you have decided to buy a car, so be prepared for that!

5 by Review source

I still can't quite get my head around the level of service. We went in to look for a car for my other half, Alex was great at helping us identify some contenders. After running through the options and narrowing them down, we were given some time with the cars we'd shortlisted to get a feel for them, and then offered to test drive those of real interest. We settled on a car, and went through with Paul to discuss funding. He was very informative and took us through what finance would look like, the implications and different options. I was relieved that he was very down to earth about this and didn't take a traditional preacher approach to discussing finance. Both of the guys showed us extreme patience as I was determined to translate into Italian every few minutes to ensure the OH knew what he was signing himself up for (it turns out he knew without my help!); but the guys didn't bat an eyelid despite it being late on a Sunday afternoon.

Testament to their service, when I went back to pick up the car he'd bought, I ended up getting one to replace my faithful but failing car myself!

If you want to buy, I can't recommend going to take a look, just know that it can be hard to resist taking the plunge! (Aside from service, we were very impressed with the car pricing and the options for adding warranty were very reasonable. They also do something of a 'price match promise', but they can explain that!)

5 by nadine hicks Review source

This place could be so much better. All those cars under one roof. Finally you could compare the bootspace, the legroom, the seats on the cars you're interested in, except you can't. They're all kept locked, and it takes *an age* to get a key, and that's once you've found the car which can take a while. Given a good percentage are indoors there has to be a better way than this.

If they've got exactly what you want, make and model, then its worth the fight. I bought a car about 8yrs ago from there and it was what it claimed to be, a well maintained fleet car with no issues. Not a bargain but not outrageous.

Going *looking* for a car is a whole different experience, the fact you're not sure what you want means you don't seem to be taken as seriously as a customer, and in general they just don't seem to want to do anything quickly or off script. I appreciate they might waste 20 mins getting me in and out of three or four cars (or an hour and a half if they keep doing it at the current pace), and not get a sale, but they definitely won't if they don't. The following weekend I testdrove and bought a car at an independent in less time time than it took to get to the testdrive with Carshop. Its a place to 'buy cars from' but not to 'shop for a car'.

2 by Karl Thomas Review source

I bought 2 cars previously from the carshop and found them to be competitively priced even though service at times has been poor but I guess that's what you get from these car supermarkets.

I thought I'd go there once again as I am after a new car and the car I chose was over priced by £2.5k when we compared the price on AutoTrader. as Carshop advertise price match gaurantee we thought they will match the price of other dealer who is 60 miles away but after speaking to one of the managers we found out the price match gaurantee isn't worth the paper its writren on and the managers would do everything possible to get out of it.

We can buy exactly the same car 60 miles away for £2.5k cheaper so will take my business elsewhere. Word of advice, always compare prices on AutoTrader before purchasing anything from there as price is the only reason anyone would buy from this place.

1 by Review source

Found 2 cars on autotrader that they had. Very different to my previous car so wanted to compare. Gary got both out for me (got one then got the other while I looked at the first). Took both for a good 8 mile varying condition test drive. After that asked if they had any more similar. Gary got another couple of options out one of which I drove as well. Compared all 3 engines on at the same time to compare. Bought one. Didn't haggle as already low compared to other auto trader deals.

Good chat with the money man jake who went through various options and even bought a basic reduced cost service.

All very human happy to talk about themselves and not just there to sell.

Only criticism was even though they had serviced just noticed one of the day running/fog lights was blown so will see what their after sales is like now

5 by Review source

Carshop swindon branch

When selling the car to you, car shop was extremely helpful, friendly and full of promises and guarantees!!
After 2 weeks of having the car.... the engine management came on. I took the car back as they said if anything went wrong within the first 3 months they would fix it without question.
I have since been back 3 times in which they just kept clearing the fault code only for it to return the next day!!!!! The lady on the car service desk was rude and reluctant to help!!!!! I am extremely disappointed and would not recommend this place to anyone!!

My car has still not been fixed! Apparently they will contact me when the part arrives.... still waiting....
I have had the car for nearly 4 weeks now.

1 by Review source

Went here with my partner and already had a couple of cars in mind, was greeted by a friendly Customer Consultant called Tim Nott. We were both offered, by Tim, a hot drink whilst he went to find the two cars i was after. Within 5 minutes one car was ready to have a look at, he wasn't pushy at all and gave us all the time and space so we could really get to know the car. After being very happy with the car and the service he was giving us, with a nice long test drive, I had no doubt that it was the car that i wanted to buy; and from the right place. Thanks a lot Tim you were extremely helpful and took away any worries I had, would definitely recommend him to anyone who has worries about buying a new car.

5 by Sam Orchard Review source

Came in today with my girlfriend with her so she could buy a car, as soon as you come in the building you are greeted straight away which is very professional. We were greeted by Adam Brown, he sat down with us and started talking about her options and what cars she was interested in. From there, you then get shown the cars you’re interested in. Got to test drive it and make sure everything was okay with the car before proceeding.

She ended up buying a car today and is very happy with the purchase. Overall it is a very easy process, very professional, and a very friendly environment.

Overall very happy

5 by Review source

I have just bought a car through car shop and at first I thought the service was great. However! I was lied to during the service and I am now furious. I was told there was nothing they could do with the part exchange price they could offer me! They told me the reason for this was because the car has to go to auction so they can’t adjust the price. I have just been online to see as I was curious and I had a reason to be! There is my car up for sale at over double what they gave me. I understand they have to make a profit but I didn’t think they would rip me off completely! I won’t be buying from them again.

1 by Review source

I recently purchased a car from the Car Shop. (Swindon Branch).I personally received a great service from the start through to collection of my new vehicle. Special thanks and appreciation to Martin Vevey who initially identified the right car for my family and I with the budget I was looking to spend followed by Marc Adair who was also very helpful and knowledgeable and professional and finally Emma Smith from the collections team who was also very friendly and professional. I would certainly purchase from The Car Shop Swindon again and recommend you to others. Thank you once again! Richard

5 by Review source

I just bought myself a new car and received the best quality service at Car Shop in Swindon. Staff were great from the beggining, Joe Excell showed me a variety of cars before I made a decision. He was very polite, super helpful and knowledgable and took me trough all details about the cars and offers and allowed me to test run a number of cars. At the collections desk we were very happy with the service provided by Emma, who sorted me out with MOT, car service history and other paperwork needed. Definitelly recommend Joe Excell and Emma'sservice at James Hawley Car Shop in Swindon!

5 by Review source

This is the 3rd car I have purchased from the car shop. This time I chose to drive the 350 miles to collect the car from Swindon. Met on arrival by Jason McAree who sorted everything for us and was very patient while I considered vehicles different to the one I had reserved. All staff we dealt with during the process were very pleasant and helpful. No hard sell, browse online and reserve the vehicle(s) that you want to see and they are ready for you to inspect on arrival.
Totally happy with my purchase and with the service provided.

5 by Review source

Been in a few times. Pot luck with the rep you're assigned. We've been lucky up until this latest visit. Rep was completely uninterested, and when I asked to try a car, he sent me outside to look for it. I couldn't find it but eventually found him outside having a cigarette. The car was inside the whole time and on the test drive he stank of smoke. He only let me drive the car for about 5 minutes too. Plus it was an electric car and he told me he doesn't like electric cars. Rubbish.

2 by Lee Oades Review source

I would stay well clear from this group. Car's look good but always have issues and not little one either. stuff in the shops are too pushy. I went to test drive 2 cars and they knew I was coming down to do so but only 1 was ready and I couldn't test driver the other one.
then once I brought the car went back to get it repaired as it had issues they took 3 months and a real battle for then to pay for it.
I would give this no stars but it has not option for that.

1 by Review source

My old car was becoming really unreliable and i had had it for ten years so i was a little apprehensive about going about finding another. I spoke to Marc Adair and he was so so helpful and lovely. He talked me through every option and nothing was too much trouble. Also Nathan completed the test drive and he was so friendly and helpful too. So pleased with my new.
Would definitely recommend here. Service was brilliant and i absolutely love my new car. Many Thanks Guys :)

5 by Review source

Tim nott

We arrived at The Car shop on the 25/07/2017 at 17:00, on arrival Tim greeting us with a warm welcome, through out our visit he helped us and gave us the best customer services with the best outcome.
Tim also gave us a test drive and was very professional and knowledgeable answering all our questions.
We received the best deal/outcome for our family.
We highly recommend Tim.

Thanks also to Nick Davies.

5 by Review source

Price Match Promise is a load of rubbish!!!

Found the exact same car only 20miles away from a commercial dealer for £1k less. Their argument not to match is because the cheaper one has 3g/km less on carbon emissions than theirs! Apparently this makes their car more powerful! Hahaha - BS!

Won't be wasting my time with this bunch of cowboys again!!

Very disappointed!

1 by Review source

I purchased a hybrid from CarShop however the charge cable was missing. It took over 2 weeks of constantly chasing customer service to finally get one. CarShop took responsibility however refused to provide any compensation for the fuel wasted during this time. My advice would be - triple check your vehicle before you buy, as once they've made their sale, you aren't a customer they value.

1 by Josh Middlebrook Review source

A pretty good experience I'd say! Ok the meet and greet us always a little OTT but it's done quite well with a smile! Well done to the salesman Adam, very knowledgeable and treated us VERY well!! The interior valet if the car was a little bit and miss. (More miss) but the staff were more than willing to put it right when pointed out so no problem.

On a whole very good!

5 by Paul Dowdeswell Review source

Do not go near, brought a car 4 weeks ago, it broke down within a week and then took a week to get a simple problem fixed then got delivered back with cracks in the windscreen and dust caps stolen off of the car that we brought. The car was delivered back to us with the same problem, called this morning to get told that i had to email to get someone to call me. Shocking customer service.

1 by Kelcey Clifton Review source

Really Great service! Provided by Mr. James Grassi. Gave us loads of information on the vehicle which I planned to purchase. So friendly and never said no/neglected questions asked to him. He gave his best to answer all my loads of questions.

Swindon Car shop store looked well organized, near and clean. Gave me a pleasant feeling, welcoming staffs with always smile.

5 by Review source

Friendly service although they can be a bit too keen to close a deal on the same day and don't like it if you want to sleep on it. I did go ahead and buy a car, as the price was competive. I arranged my own finance as they can't go lower than 4.9%. You get handed off to different people to discuss finance and collections etc but it's a pretty slick process.

4 by Dave Watts Review source

Not your average car dealership. Lots of cars in stock (700-900 i was told) so there is a very wide to choose from. Price is pretty good, the price match guarantee is good. Not much negotiation on pricing so don’t get your hopes up there. The business model is very much view and buy the same day so expect a relatively hard sell (but Ive experienced worse).

4 by Mike Breen Review source

I had a very friendly experience and felt that I was given fair, professional advice ... Once I had purchased the vehicle I noticed it wasn’t 100% clean so I asked for it to be recleaned and the hand over staff were happy to comply and Nikki was very helpful in getting this done straight away which helped with the whole service at the Carshop

5 by Review source

Was very impressed with the service received here today. I already had a vehicle in mind from online browsing and it wasn't long before the vehicle was driven round for my inspection. We followed up with a reasonable test drive and a satisfactory purchase. Returned a hour or so later to pick up the valeted vehicle. Big smiles all around.

4 by kev packer Review source

This was a terrible place to visit a few years ago. Pinned to a desk for hard ball sales.
Visited the CarShop yesterday and it was a refreshing change. I was aloud to roam around looking at the cars, the sales man was nice and relaxed no pressure sales.
The cars are reasonably priced, may actually buy a car from here one day.

4 by Matthew Zalewski Review source

Shina teniola - The car shop is a scam factory. We were told our Toyota Yaris would be want to auction and we were given an “average”price of £3900. Funny as now it’s on the website for £7700. Also tried selling us finance at 19.9% and we ended up getting elsewhere for 3.3. The organisation is a con, don’t get scammed like we did.

1 by Review source

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