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Firstly I would like to say that the young man that actually served us was very polite and we could see that he was trying his best.
(Taking orders , cleaning tables, serving food. It seemed he was the only member of staff working.)
He was also taking the brunt of all the complaints.
We didn’t catch his name and it wasn’t on our bill.

So when we arrived we waited a while to be seated, I even ask the lady behind the bar If we could just take a seat but she rudely said that someone would be with us.
Finally we got seated after some 10-15 mins, quite a long time bearing in mind the place was not even quarter full.
We were told it would be a half an hour wait for food which we were happy to wait.
We had two adults, a teen and 5 children.... we all ordered and the wait began, no one came to apologize for the length of time we were having to wait, not even an offer of any drinks or snacks to tide us over. We were left to wait ... we watched two tables get up and leave because they were fed up of waiting !!
After an hour and half !! our food arrived and although it was edible for the children, our fajita steaks we ordered looked like they were burgers cut up.
By this time we all had enough and decided it was time to go ... yet another wait for the bill and then when I disputed the bill after poor service I was given a 10% discount !!

I have never had such awful service in a resturtant in my life ...
2 members of staff working in the school holidays !!!!
My children & I love chiquitos but after this visit we will not go back to the Swindon branch again and I will be advising friends and family the same.

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This place is shocking.... empty tables yet told we have to wait 45 minutes for a table.
When i queried it, was told that the kitchen cannot cope if all the tables are seated ! I aaked 'Why have the tables then if you cant seat them ? '. Was told to 'contact head office as it is their policy'...

So i decided to wait it out... am sitting in the bar... 3 families of 5 , 2 families of 4 and 1 couple have all walked out after being told of the 45 minute wait.

Massive loss of revenue ! Chiquitos could hire another chef for the price of the lost custom.
No wonder there are news reports of them facing bankruptcy ..... bad management policiies !

Been waiting over an hour now.... 3 families have come in and been seated ahead of us. We are a party of 2 ...

Absolutely disgusting... its not even lunch time... it is 3pm ...

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Not overally impressed. On arriving there was no one to greet at the front of house stand. Staff had seen us but no one came over for over 5 minuets. Once seated we were served reasonably quickly but over the course of the meal this slowed down and was left a long time between courses. After our main plate were cleared it took 20 minuets for anyone to ask us if we would like a dessert or see if we would like anything else. During this 20 minuets staff were not doing much and more huddled talking to each other. The resturant was not busy by any stretch of the imagination. Staff were polite when serving. Food flavour and taste was poor for price. We had to go to the main desk area at the end to ask for our bill. Weve been here twice in the last 4 months and this appears to be the norm level of service for here.

1 by David Taylor Review source

We took in a party of 11/12 year olds for my son's birthday. The Swindon Chiquito's staff more than exceeded our expectations. The £7.95 Youth menu was fantastic value offering two courses and a large drink. They decorated the table and were so welcoming to us, thoughtfully putting my husband and I on a separate table in an alcove so the boys had a bit of independence. They accommodated the cake with sparklers I bought in and then gave my son some complementary tickets for the local Swindon Town Football club which they sponsor (worth £25 each). Apparently they try to do this for birthday parties. We were really impressed by the whole experience.

5 by Natasha Wood Review source

Not somewhere we will come again. Service is hit and miss with no immediate drink order for the table. Left with what looks like leftover popcorn from next-door cinema, starter was slightly bland and then our mains arrived, one burger with just sauce which we thought was odd for the cost so we did complain and as correct it didn't come with what it was supposed too, jalapenos, cheese, pulled pork etc, and our other dish was cold and bland. Tables not cleared quickly around us despite being quiet, toilets discusting (blocked urinal, not sure how that happens) and very over priced for our awful experience! Never again

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Had never been to a chiquitos and then went twice in one week! Not because it was that amazing or anything, just a coincidence. I had pulled pork and pomegranate soft shell tacos to begin with, they were fantastic. Followed that up with a burrito that wasn't really spicy enough for me but nice enough and finished it all off with some decent enough churros. My dining compadre kept it British and had the fish and chips and said it was really nice. Liked the free popcorn, nice touch, will probably eat at a chiquitos again, albeit get something spicier for the main.

4 by Christopher Winterborn Review source

Always enjoy going to this place as have never been let down by the food. My meal was very tasty and staff very friendly. On this occasion, I had the empalada starter and Mexican steak for main washed down with spiced ginger Mojito. The steak was juicy, very flavorsome and the habanero sauce that came with it was the icing on the cake. The Mojito was refreshing and couldn't stop myself from ordering a second. The poor waitress had hurt her hand so could only use the other but she did a fantastic job. Looking forward to my next visit.

5 by Ash Haire Review source

Went for my daughters 9th birthday for a midweek meal. Large table of adults and 2 children.
The service was good, the food was less than satisfactory. One meal had a hair attached, one meal was burnt, one was cold (and replaced) and if you order chicken breast, it isn’t. It’s chicken escalope - not even one beast per person (approx £15 cost)
The burgers were good and the fajitas were good. One meal deducted from the final bill of £140.00 and a service charge was added for that pleasure.
Will never return

1 by Debbi Smithson Review source

Went with a medium sized party of adults and kids for a lunch visit, mid week. It wasn't that busy, but it took 20+ minutes to take our order, drinks took about the same to arrive and some were missing. When the food arrived at was over the space of 15 minutes, with two meals being obviously much later than the others, for some reason. The restaurant was half empty as well, so not sure what the problem was. They apologised quickly, were very friendly about it, but I'd be reluctant to go back.

2 by Shaun McCran Review source

Extremely slow and disorganised service; drinks took 20 mins to arrive. Not great if you need to get to the cinema nearby! Some of the food was cold when it eventually came, and a few of the dishes were rather mediocre. Special requests seem to be ignored as the staff are too busy (for example, I asked for plenty of extra jalapeños in my burrito, but couldn't find even one chilli). A shame because the menu is promising and we usually love Mexican food.

1 by Marcelle Haines Review source

Came into Chiquitos Swindon today to find you have a new menu, I understand new menus need to happen I was quite excited to see the new items. However you've gotten rid of the Quesadillas main!! And the pulled pork option isn't even on the Quesadillas bites it's all just spicy! Really not impressed at all they were the best dish on the menu your staff even said so, not everyone likes stupidly spicy food. Disappointed to say the least.

1 by Review source

The food is nice when they get it right but more often than not if there are more than a handful of you eating, then 1/3 of the food won't be up to standard (ie burnt or hairy!)
Staff are friendly and the premises are nice, it's just let down by the inconsistent food. It seems like there are too many tables for the staff to keep up with, shame.

2 by Mike Smithson Review source

Was extremely busy but the staff managed to get us seated and service was quick. The starter we had was ok but the mains were were not great at all. We passed this feedback onto the waitress who wasn't interested. Could have be a nice meal but seriously let down by staff attitude and food quality.

2 by Review source

We have defected from F&B next door as our venue of choice after seeing a film. Much more reasonable prices for food that is fresher, hotter and made with care. However you might wait a little longer because of this. Mocktails are great! Good kids menus and they loved their rainbow drinks.

5 by Nigel Spink Review source

We had good service. It was quiet though!
We have come here before and it was good. So we came again. That's how it works. Hopefully they won't let us down!

Even refilled our popcorn. Which got them the 5 stars.
I like popcorn.

5 by Jay Bullock Review source

Very good service from a young man who was very attentive. Food was served piping hot. Very relaxed atmosphere. It was quite busy when we went so had to wait a little time for food but it was freshly cooked for us so that was fine - it gave us time to chill!!

5 by Review source

15min wait, for a table at lunch time. And can see at least 9 empty tables. (+6 around bar area) We waited someone else has walked out after being told that. This restaurant is loosing the chain money. Just sat down now can see over 20+ empty tables

1 by Review source

Avoid this place. The food is very poor. Some cuts of meat are old. Salmon and cod dish with almost no fish inside. Milkshakes are also very poor, Taste more like flavoured water and sugar rather than milkshake....wouldn't recommend it.

1 by Review source

Used to be a really good place, great staff and food. Sadly its gone downhill. Staff are barely out of nappies, food is poor quality now and even when its half empty you are often told 45-75 minute wait. Very sad but the truth hurts.

3 by James Franklin Review source

Very short staffed and had to wait almost an hour to sit down despite there being empty tables. Ordering drinks took ages and food order delivery was equally slow. Food quality isn’t particularly good, over cooked. Won’t come again.

3 by Review source

Food was as you would expect!! (Good). The rest of the place not so good, the restrooms are in need of some maintenance/overhaul, toilet seat fallen off, leg of cubicle hanging on by a thread, water leak out of pipes under urinals.

3 by Wallace, Reality Traveler Review source

This was my first visit to a Chiquito's and I loved it. The place had a wonderful atmosphere and the staff were efficient and friendly. The food was great, especially the deserts. The value for money was pretty good as well.

4 by Chloe G Review source

Our new favourite place to eat. Food choice is extensive, they are very accommodating with fussy awkward customers like ourselves who like to alter the menu and do swap outs. Great choice for kids and the price is reasonable too.

5 by Review source

Food and bar service very slow, paella stone cold, sent back to kitchen, Chicken very dry and not hot enough (Fajita), run out of Sauvignon wine, what a joke, toilet floor swimming in water, I would give Zero stars if I could.

1 by Review source

Food was mediocre and service was very very poor. Foods were served without any plates and cutleries, waited for a long time and then had to call someone, by then foods got cold. Staff behaviour was not upto the mark.

1 by Review source

Have been coming here on and off for years and the portions have definitely been getting smaller. The quality is a bit hit and miss. Staff are usually very friendly although service can be slow even when not busy.

3 by kev packer Review source

Service is fine and menu varies but execution of the food is not right. Crispy tacos should not be wet and patatas bravas is a hot dish. They try but perhaps too big and too many covers to get it right

3 by Oli Harris Review source

Quite frankly a shower of shite. Crap service. Constantly asking where our food was. Waited an hour so far and still waiting! Won't becoming back. Hope we get finished in time to see the film!

1 by Jonathan Cook Review source

Really impresses with their service! My partner ordered a burger but hadn't realised the mayo was spicy and they were happy to go and make a fresh one without mayo for her with no fuss!

5 by Chris Hawkins Review source

Not great, dirty toilets,tastless food and parts of the order missed off. Looked like they were short staffed, waiter did his best. Last time we there it was amazing, disappointed this time☹

2 by Christine Razey Review source

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