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This has been my go to vape sho for a while now, their customer service is great and the quality of the shops layout and design is far superior to any vape shop that I have been to elsewhere. i recently bought a Wismec Reuleaux rx2/3 and limitless RDTA Plus from them which I love. Unfortunately the screen on the wismec stopped working and i took it back to the shop to see if they could help me get my set up back up and running. after trying everything and finding no success they gave me a replacement mod, exactly the same but in an even cooler colour (red and black, I originally bought the black but they didnt have any in stock at the time). The service at this shop never disapoints and i must congratulate the staff on their comprehenisive knowledge and ability to be friendly and approachable. I have never been unhappy with the service from any of their staff who are always happy to have a good chat and a laugh about vaping when I pop in. Couldn't reccommend more highly.

5 by Liam Campbell Review source

Very poor customer service. I’ve been there several weeks ago for my first purchase of an e-cigarette. First of all: I wasn’t allowed to go upstairs, where they keep the expensive things... once they realized I was a first buyer they kept me downstairs, just to buy toys which probably, give them more income.
I bought my useless thing then I had to come back several times (six) to have my problem still not sorted.
Basically they don’t give any warranty on what they sale and if something is wrong with your useless machine is just your fault because you didn’t have the experience to choose something different. That is just crazy!!
Don’t go there if you are a first buyer (I won’t go there anyway).
They just tell you a lot of lies and excuses to don’t solve your issue.
I sent an email to the company which made my useless thing, Jwell, but they didn’t reply; that tell who are these people’s partners.
Very bad.

1 by Andrea Piscitelli Review source

I've been a smoker for over 10years and thought I'd never give up. I went to these guys back in December and have not had a cigarette since. They talked me through everything, as I had no clue. And even let me try out loads of flavours.

The customer service is incredible and they now recognise me as a regular which is really nice. They now know me so well they will recommend new flavours that come in that they think I'll like. Love the loyalty card as it gives me free juice every week.

I can't begin to explain the impact flavour vapour has had on my life. And I've saved loads of money as well as feeling great. If you need to quit smoking these are definitely the people to go too.

Thank you flavour vapour!

5 by amy Review source

I've been using Flavour Vapour liquids for almost 2 years now and love them. This store is really convenient and the staff are always really friendly, and happy to offer suggestions on new flavour liquids to try and give you tasters on these as well.

I am a little disappointed that it seems like they've discontinued their own brand liquid. The Flavour Vapour cherry was my absolute favourite liquid I've found so far, and it's no longer available; and the replacement is nowhere near as nice.

5 by Nick Halden Review source

Outstanding customer service today at Flavour Vapour Bristol. I'm brand new to vaping and all the choices are pretty daunting. The lovely Jack really listened to what I was looking for and made great recommendations. He patiently went through various options and explained everything in terms I could understand. I didn't feel rushed or pressured. Once I decided on my kit, Jack very kindly set it all up and showed me how to use it. I feel confident that I will kick the cigarettes! Thank you.

5 by Helen Jones Review source

Overall, exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable staff, with 5* customer service.

Recent visit was due to a fault I had with my mod. They tried to fix it with a software update, but when that didn't work they simply swapped it for a new one. There was no messing around, they clearly wanted to resolve my issue as quickly and effectively as possible. Couldn't have asked for better service.

Great bunch & a great store.

5 by Gareth Edmunds Review source

Needed to give up cigrettes & popped into this shop in broadmead was welcomed by jake who was really helpful but what was great,he not only sold me a kit but also asked me about my cigarette habits so he could sell me the best product possible ,do recommend this place to all customers cheers jake

5 by mabz hussain Review source

Miserable, rude and can't be assed attitude upstairs where the oils are located. They also sold me a bottle of liquid which was was nearly empty, assuming they used it to top the testers up.

If you want a helpful friendly service, Gloucester Road Flavour Vapour are fantastic.

1 by Review source

A great shop that caters seperately to smokers looking to quit, vapers with more basic kits and a whole seperate section for advanced vapers and high end kit.

Staff are great and would definitely recommend over other shops in the area.

5 by Mehmet Altay Review source

Fantastic customer service. All staff are unbelievably helpful. Easily the best shop in Bristol to buy all your vaping needs. Literally everything you require these guys have. Don't hesitate to check it out. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

5 by Matthew Smyth Review source

Great shop. The folks who work there are always proper friendly and sound. They go the extra mile where they can. Products are on point. The Purple Rain is a great drop. I can't recommend this place highly enough. 5 stars all the way!

5 by Marcus Michalis Review source

I've had a good experience I am looking to cut down how much I smoke and Emma was really helpful she was letting me try all of the different menthol ones to make them be like the cigarettes that i smoke very helpful

5 by Rob West Review source

I have been served today by lady with name Emma. I can give her a 5+star for product knowledge and customer service. She helped me i choosing device expained how I have to use it in Detali. Many thanks

5 by Krzysztof Wawrzonkowski Review source

Came in for an upgrade. Quick, friendly and professional service from Ash who took me through the process of rebuildable tanks. Will definitely be recommending to friends and returning in the future.

5 by Jamie Reynolds Review source

Its like a vaping mecca. From amateur to experienced thid is the best vape shop (information and product wise) i have ever been to. Its like the Harrods or Fenwicks of vaping.

5 by Karl Redden Review source

The guy here really know their stuff. Good advice, reasonable prices and a constantly good selection of flavours. Highly recommended for the noob or experienced sqwonker!

5 by Gwithyen Silk Review source

Emma was extremely helpful as my wife is new to vaping and needed help choosing everything. We would recommend this store to everyone as they were all very personable.

5 by Andy Peters Review source

Was served by Emma, as a beginner she really informed me well about how to use my vape, and nothing was too much of a bother for her, would 100% recommend

5 by Lauren Dennehy Review source

Have been buying vape liquids from flavour vapour since they've opened and have bought a selection of tanks and never had any issues!! Thanks! :)

5 by Sophie Greenwood Review source

Great service all around. The biggest variety of E-Liquids and Products I have ever seen in a Vape Store. Would highly recomend a visit to this store!

5 by Jacob Flurry Review source

Amazing vape shop, the best in bristol. The customer service is fantastic as the team really take time over the definite products that you want.

5 by Ben Coghlan Review source

Helpful on hand staff to assist with any questions and allow you to test the products. Probably one of the better places for e juice in Bristol

4 by Richard Crosby Review source

Fantastic service and very friendly staff. Connor served me and gave me all the information I needed! Would deffo recommend this store

4 by Eilish Dennehy Review source

Would recommend these guys they are very helpful. I won't go anywhere else know to buy my liquid or kit. They are spot on

5 by Emma & Paul Cooper Review source

Sold me a faulty starter kit and refused to refund the next day. Robbing liars my advice would be to avoid this company

1 by Review source

Love the place, if you need any information about vape they have it! Best vape store and advisory in the UK so far!

5 by Lloyd Williams Review source

Friendly staff, good service, knowledgeable staff... Try before you buy and all the latest stuff... Awesome shop.

5 by Chris Franklin Review source

Good experience, very helpful with the different juices and suggestions, ask for Adam next time you visit

5 by Ryan Puddy Review source

Just came in to flavour Vapour to to get some coils built

Adam does really good coil builds.

5 by Matthew Little Review source

10/10 super helpful staff. Great flavours and all round best shop in Bristol. Connor was amazing help.

5 by Jay Pearson Review source

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