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Last Sunday was my first visit ever here. We booked tickets online for me and two members of my family and we set off. We showed our tickets electronically and there was a path to walk on where we could see fishes and all. That was quite good. We then kept walking and it was a bit unclear as to what was available and where we had to go but that was partly my fault for not getting a guidebook. We then visited the 4D cinemas which was enjoyable but nothing special at all, and then we went in the aquarium but which was quite visually appealing. There were lifts, toilets and stairs for convenience as well as a gift shop but I feel like this attraction was missing a lot of things.

When I visited before which was quite some time ago, there was a mirror maze which was absolutely amazing. I mean there's not much entertainment or things to do here and it isn't really worth the money. I feel like they could possibly add more features to their attraction to make the experience more better and worthy because at the moment, I felt quite bored at times and found myself going in circles and running out of things to do. The entire tour took me less than an hour and for the remaining time I was looking for something to do. I feel like even if I booked a tour with someone it wouldn't have really been worth it because there was a lack of things to do. Wouldn't really recommend but it wasn't all that bad.

3 by YouTube Intro Makers Review source

We planned a visit on the 2/6/18 We had a party of six adults and two special needs children. We had quite a struggle to get to the sealife center, as we had planned to travel via metro but on this occasion they had suspended the service to Birmingham due to a police inccodent. So after a lot of stress we ended up traveling via bus this is something we don't do very often and had no idea where we were actually going. When we were approached by a young woman called Sammy, who informed us she worked at the sealife center and usually caught the metro herself but due to the service being suspended had to travel on the bus. Where she had over heard us talking about not making it there in the time slot we had been given with the tickets, and offered to speak to fellow staff members once we arrived and also offered to show us the rest of the way. We caught the second bus with her, and walked the 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the center with her. I have to say what a lovely kindhearted thing to do she went out of her way outside of her work place to help visitors a true credit to the company! Thank you again Sammy!!!

5 by Review source

My partner and I visited sealife centre Birmingham for our little boy's first birthday. After horrendous journey to get there we hoped to have a nice day but this was not the case. We pre booked tickets and a time slot. Not sure why they bothered with a time slot as it was let everyone in a once. We were squashed and shoved by the large volume of people in there making it feel claustrophobic and hard to see any sealife or animals. We were left stuck in corridors due to the amount of people there. This became so stressful for our little one we decided to get out but that was a hard task for lack of signs and ended up exiting through the stair way carrying our pram down 5 flights of stairs. We were told this was pram friendly but there was too many around and very narrow walkways. Next time we want to view marine life I will go to a fish shop or stick my little boy in the sea. We have visited sealife at Alton towers and that was a much more enjoyable experience. I wouldn't return to Birmingham sealife if you paid me and chucked in a free penguin.

1 by Review source

Do book tickets in advance as you flow right through to the ticket office.
Parking, loads around and will cost at least £10+.
Food, plenty of eating places. Do try the platter in the Slug and Lettuce (filled 3 of us)
Lots to see and do in the sealife. Nice rockpool which you are allowed to handle star fish and shark eggs and also use the underwater camera to find the fish.

Like all sealife centre's you are able to see some amazing sea creatures up close and personal.
The staff will ask for pictures as you go round the centre which are picked up before you reach the shop. These can be expensive if going on a budget. One added bonus as you are about to walk into the shop you have a little soft play area for the kids to burn some more energy off.

Do remember to turn your flash off when taking pictures (signs everywhere) and if possible buy something from the shop as it does help the wildlife.

5 by Lloyd Smith Review source

Lovely place, smaller than you'd imagine but they fit a lot in. Staff are very helpful and polite and seem eager to pass on their knowledge which is nice. Waited around for some of the 'talks' though none of them started on time. The upper floor was closed when we went and a large middle section was under construction as well. They did give us free entry for another time when we handed in our tickets, but when you've already paid online as many do, it seems rather sneaky to not put notice of closures on the website so guests can decide to wait until areas are open to visit.

Overall, closures aside it was a nice visit. We took advantage of getting a 'stamp' so we could pop out for lunch, then came back in the afternoon for a behind the scenes tour, which was actually quite good as well (the baby rays are very cute!).

4 by James Round Review source

Disappointing, currently part of it is under construction so I felt it ended pretty promptly.
But more importantly, I feel sorry for the animals.
Penguins - Although they look like they are having fun, enclosure looks small and not very stimulating.
Otter - WOW what a shock, a big enclosure, We couldn't see any inhabitants, so asked staff to point them out. She replied there is only ONE. One? this huge enclosure for one, he was curled up in a ball against the wall half asleep. Poor guy on his own.
I came away feeling sorry for all the sea life kept inside. Even the turtle in the ocean tunnel looked extremely sad, lying still against the window, same story with the sharks.

We did receive a free admission for a return trip due to the construction, BUT i highly doubt I will be returning.

2 by Honest John Review source

What a fantastic day out! We visited as a family on a weekday with our 4-year-old. In addition to the main experience we also booked a 'behind the scenes' tour. The main exhibits start with the Gentoo penguins with clever glass positioning meaning you can see them swimming underwater as well as on top at the same time. Following sections include British coastal waters, rays, octopuses, seahorses, cute otters, and an incredible underwater walk through a Hawaiian lagoon complete with sharks and a green sea turtle. All along there are fact boards and activities for kids along with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Adding on the behind the scenes tour made the day extra special and the 4D movie experience (included in the ticket price), was with catching as well. Recommended.

5 by John Godsland Review source

Amazing range of underwater life. Never seen penguins, turtles, sharks or stringrays that close. A bit put off when one of the ladies asked us if we wanted to watch a 3D showing of Octonauts. We are adults? Some staff were having conversations between them.. wasn't very proffesional. Other than enjoyed being left to look around. We sent an email noting we would be late but they didn't send a reply; however they were okay with this. Also my phone died and we couldn't access our online ticket- But they were able to retrieve our details from their computer system. Some advice: if your staying at a nearby hotel try to leave shopping bags it is more enjoyable if your handsfree. They don't hold onto it due to security.

3 by Review source

from all of the photos i have seen you are keeping all the animals in very small spaces :( they need room to move about if they are going to be kept like this. please dont come here unless you want to enchourage animals being squished together in small spaces, giving them no freedom. feel free to correct me with proof because i havent been here.. it looks clear from the photos that they are being kept in too small a space though. especialy the picture of the snakes. if you are going to keep two snakes that size together in a vivarium they need atleast 3 times the size of the viv that they are kept in in the photo. The photos of the penguins aswell looked like a very small environment for the amount of penguins in the photos

1 by Review source

Had a great day out here with my friends and their young children, lots to sea (pardon the pun) it was great showing the children all the fantastic sea creatures and learning abit for myself, when we went it was rather busy and it did feel a little claustrophobic at times. The tunnel is the best bit, I would recommend having a look in advance of the feeding schedules and talks times and planning your visit around this. There are pubs and bars just across the canal so you can get refreshments once you’ve been stamped you can go in again later in the day. I wouldn’t pay full price to get in, but you can get loads of offers if you have a look online. I would recommend it’s somewhere you should go to at least once.

4 by Daniel Hamilton Review source

We went here to celebrate a 3rd birthday. It was lovely to experience this through her eyes, everything was so exciting and she just loved seeing the penguins. It is certainly set up for the younger child, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. On our part, it was OK but seemed quite tired in places and could do with some touch ups. The fish and mammals didn't seem to have much space, though they did look well looked after.
The staff were helpful, pleasant and approachable if we needed help.
Being near to the centre of Birmingham we would have been walking distance from most things, which was useful. The car park is literally 2 mins walk away, which you can prior book and pay for on line.

4 by Sara Review source

Visited here during half term with my 5 year old daughter. There were no queues and we were able to take our time wondering around the exhibits. The penguins provided a great start and my daughter particularly enjoyed the tunnel with the huge sea turtle. There was a small soft play at the end. It took us about 1.5 hours to get round. With our hands stamped we were able to go out for lunch by the canal and come back in. Friendly, approachable staff. We used a money off voucher for one free entry, so was good value for money. I don't think there's enough here to come again paying full price. The nearby car park is very expensive so park elsewhere if you can.

4 by Julie Court Review source

We used a voucher deal to get in but it's definitely cheaper to book a timed slot online rather pay on the door. It's not the biggest sea Life centre but they do have penguins, shark tunnel and touch pool. There was an otter display but there were no otters as one had died and the other one was being checked out by the vet because it was ancient. There were lots of displays that had kiddie size tunnels in, so they could get right in and look at everything. If you buy the guidebook you get a discount booklet that gets you money off of the photos they take at the start and also the gift shop. We (parents, 10yr old, 6yr old and baby) had a wonderful time.

5 by Gillian Cottrell Review source

Good place to visit with children. The two exhibits that generated the most excitement for the kids were the penguins and the glass tunnel where lots of sea creatures swim around you. It is a busy place on a Saturday, and pre booking advised (we didn't) to avoid buying same day tickets to then return an hour later. We got some discounted tickets, and this cheaper price felt right for what was available to see and experience. Some parts of the tour get very crowded, but they've done well to pack a lot in to a smaller (but tall) venue. We spent around 1hr and 30 mins looking around. On a quieter day, with older kids that could easily be a bit longer.

4 by Review source

Place is good, nice for an afternoon out. On the expensive side if you don't use vouchers. Spend a few hours walking about seeing endless amout of empty push chairs. Make it mandatory for pushchairs to be left in a buggy park. I was hit more then once up the back of my legs by people running the buggies into me they have the kids in their arms also empty pushchairs right in front of the windows of tanks so you can't get in for a look it's not good and the mojority of these people with the pushchairs are just plain rude they spoil it for the children that want to walk around and look but can't get through to the window.

4 by Review source

We absolutely love this place the only reason it's a 4 star is the price for a family it was really expensive I know it goes to the upkeep but we would go more often if it was more reasonable. The children really enjoyed seeing all of the animals it was quite busy so we took our way around very steadily with a few stops for snacks, they enjoyed doing the stamp trail but I found the children's packs not worth the extra as the moment my little boy bent over we lost half the contents. It was really good fun to look around and kept is busy for around 3hours looking at everything on the way around. Highly recommended as a treat.

4 by Laura Armitage Review source

We booked online (please don't buy tickets at the door! Much more expensive) and no mention was made of the ongoing building works. However once we'd turned up, we were advised we had free reentry at another time in the year. Now this is great, but we should have been told at booking that this was the case really. Anyway, onto the review, whilst the displays are dated, and many empty, and I'd question whether the penguins and otters had enough room, this is still an educational and fun day out. My 9 month old loved watching the fish fly past in the tunnel sections, and the family with a two year old had great fun too.

3 by Darren Rye Review source

We love this place! Parking is easy to find and easy to pay, it well within walking distance and the centre itself it brilliant. It can get a little packed on weekends and holidays so worth booking a time slot online so as not to be disappointed. The exhibits are excellent they look beautiful and well maintained the fish never seem over crowded or unwell. This centre as octopus which was brilliant being able to see the creatures but also having to hunt for them! The kids were rewarded with the beauty after they hunted for the hidden octopus. Quite pricey so the online savings are great. Brilliant for a day out with kids or adults!

5 by Emma Bridle Review source

It was mix of experience here may due to I already visited Dubai aquarium before this. It's very small and limited attraction while price are on higher side.

I visited 12:30 slot day time while it must be peak time as the price was also max that time but it was disappointed not all box/aquarium were filled with fishes.

Almost no staff inside the place to tell you or guide you about the speciality of different fishes and creatures. I was disappointed after visiting as it's just 1:30 hour trip with 8 min cartoons movie which doesn't add any vales in this.

3 by Deepak Agarwal Review source

We always have a fantastic day out at Birmingham Sea Life Centre. The exhibits are all easy to get around and my children love seeing all the different fish and creatures. The last time we visited it was the busiest I've ever seen it but there was still minimal queuing time and we were able to get around easily. Can be tricky for people with pushchairs, especially on very busy days. Enjoyed the 4D cinema experience although I'm hoping they change the film soon as have now seen the same one 5 times! Looking forward to seeing the new exhibit that is currently being built.

5 by Lisa Edwards Review source

Visited with my nephew's during the school holidays. Paid a little extra for the activity pack which if you complete you get a medal at the end. There are lots of things to do such as touching the starfish, collecting the stamps and answering quiz questions on the way round.
You can now also pay for a behind the scenes tour which looks good but we were using discount vouchers which were not valid with this.
Without a discount code a visit is pretty pricey and was very busy when we went. Parking is a couple of minutes up the road and was around £6 for 3 hours

5 by Charlotte Jennings Review source

A lot smaller than I expected. Lots of screaming school children in the week. Best go of a weekend if you want to take everything in. Lots of steps once inside to take you to different levels. Souvenir shop was a bit expensive on some of the items, but this is to be expected if the place is going to survive. You can have your hand stamped and come and go as you please during the day. Grandson liked it. But was a bit upset that penguins were not available for him to see. The enclosure was being refurbished. So they were kind enough to give us free tickets to go back.

4 by Kim Anderson Review source

We have been a few times now over the last 7 years. We enjoy ourselves as do the children. It is pricey for what it is, so if you are able to get hold of money off vouchers then certainly make the most of them which is what we did this time. Busy in the half term which is to be expected, but meant that my littlest one was struggling to see some of the fish as she’s too little to reach up, no bother though as I can just take her once the schools are back. My biggest child loves going- it’s one of his favourite places and we especially love the shark tunnel!

4 by Marina Rickwood Review source

Great place with lots to see. But could have a better system in place for busy periods. At many times you simply could not move due to the sheer volume of pushchairs. We were stuck in a tiny room crammed full to get through the underwater tunnel for nearly 15mins. This would not have been the case if people were not blocking the whole tunnel with pushchairs. When we finally managed to get people to move them so we could get through we counted 15 buggys in the tunnel alone!? Why are there not staff monitoring the flow?

3 by Review source

Not worth the entry fee , was done walking round in less than ten minutes penguins looked upset and enclosure was definatly not big enough for the amount they had , also had ray pool were you can't even touch the rays advertised having turtles and oters that were nowhere to be seen if your planning on educating your child about marine life and how to help animals I would definatly not recommend sea life centre

1 by Review source

I have been to a number of the sea life centres around the UK and they are all very good. This one is no exception.
The highlights are the penguins which are super fun for the kids and the giant underwater tunnel featuring sharks and a giant sea turtle. There is also a 4d cinema. The only downside is the high price and the fact that it can get very busy on weekends and holidays. There are nearly always vouchers available somewhere.
Disabled and wheelchair access is good.

5 by Matthew Heaton Review source

Very fun and enjoyable. A great experience, it allowed me to see many creatures which I wouldn't be able to see otherwise, I also enjoyed the day because of the fabulous gift shop which had many wonderful items and sealife merchandise, my grandmother came with me and it was a great experience for her because she has never seen these creatures before as she hasn't lived in England for very long and the sealife centre has left a wonderful impression of England!!

5 by Sophia A Review source

Well organized exposition. The route is straightforward, aquariums accessible, lables and texts interestig and understanable. Bookig online in advance is worth it. We got a simple non guided ticket and went with out own pace. Its clear the whole place is arranged to please kids mostly but I am surely coming back and will buy a feedig experience ticket. I wanna feed the cool penguins. They also have a 4D 15 minute cinema in the price of entry. The cartoon was fun. Enjoy.

5 by Poppy Mustard Review source

I've visited twice last year and loved every time! The building is brilliantly designed - perfect for prams and wheelchairs. The animals enclosures are big and have plenty of enrichment for the animals. Staff are very helpful and friendly.
There's restaurants and bars near by and if you ask on the way out - you can get a stamp on your hand so you can come back in which means you can go have some lunch and then come back for another walk round.

5 by Review source

It's pricey to get in unless you have vouchers from well known supermarkets, chocolate wrappers, cereal boxes or newspaper tokens. That said its a wonderful experience for young children but be warned that not all exhibits are low enough for an under 3 to peep into (guess that's why they are free?!?!) Penguin exhibit is awesome and perfect for little person level! Brindley place car park is nearby as is Cafe Nero if you prefer a cheaper lunch.

4 by Rebecca Archer Review source

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